AG Merrick Garland Disease

Devin Nunes is on about the DOJ’s appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate Trump:

“This already leaked… Think about the Durham investigation. Nothing has ever leaked from that investigation… The creation of this Special Counsel already leaked a week ago!…

This is criminal! Any Republican who is not out there tonight saying that this is enough, should no longer be held in any elected office…”

Channel: @JFK_TV



Republicans will need to refuse to appropriate any funding to Merrick Garland’s Special Counsel and defund any part of the DOJ acting on behalf of the Democrat party as a taxpayer funded campaign arm for the Democrat’s 2024 presidential nominee.


Ahhh the traitorous psycho-criminal AG Merrick Garland continues with his malignancy. One Sick Obscenity describes this Obama Styled demonic-rat! —crp

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When Was Election Day?

I forget…… when was election day? (when all the votes are counted without days and weeks delays) Where are all the belated MSDNC demonic-rat votes now coming from? This is obvious scam especially since all MSDNC demonic-rats know how to do is scam The People (citizens) and cheat the system. —crp

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The Precipice 2022

~From Praying Medic ~

The Precipice

If you’ve been aware of institutional corruption for some time, you may feel like you can’t go any further without lawless people being held accountable.

It’s understandable to feel this way but the majority of the population isn’t there yet.

The average person is comfortable with the status quo. The inconvenience of having to wear a mask, take a shot, or pay a few more dollars for a gallon of gas did not move them to the precipice.

The precipice is the point where the pain of continuing with the status quo is worse than the fear of what might happen if change occurs.

Normies understand there is some corruption in government but they feel it doesn’t affect them, personally. They’re content to continue life as it has always been.

Corruptocrats devised a system that allows them to pillage our wealth and control the thoughts of the masses while keeping us comfortable enough not to revolt.

The majority of people are not yet at the precipice. (If they were, citizens in United States would be reacting like they are in Brazil.)

One day, gas will be $10 a gallon. There will be no bread on store shelves and banks will close.

At that point, the realities of institutional corruption will hit the masses square in the face. And suddenly, millions of normies will be brought to the precipice.

As Trump pointed out last night, things must get worse before they get better. It’s the only way the masses will be awakened. And until their eyes are opened, nothing will change.

Was The Hype Necessary?

It’s unfortunate that many people got caught up in the hype surrounding last night’s speech by President Trump.

Initially, I was pissed about the hype. I thought it was unnecessary and it seemed destined to cause people to be disappointed. I expected last night’s message to be an announcement that Trump would run for 2024. Such an announcement doesn’t need hype.

But in hindsight, I realize I missed the point of the type, and I didn’t understand who the intended audience was.

Trump wasn’t talking to anons and MAGA last night. He was talking to millions of people around the world who’ve never seen a rally or heard him speak for more than a few minutes.

The hype was necessary. It was bait to get the world’s press to pay attention to the speech. And it worked.

Last night, people were allowed to hear a coherent leader explain a plan to make our country and the world a better place and compare him to a mentally incompetent and compromised globalist puppet.

The disappointment some people feel is understandable, but we can learn a lesson. There is no disappointment without expectation and we are the ones responsible for managing our expectations.

We also need to remember that not all messages are for anons and MAGA.

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The Red Wave is Happening

The RED WAVE did happen!

It was very important for everyone to vote, even if the ] DS] did steal the election as planned. The important factor is later the real numbers WILL come out and the U.S.Mil and several agencies were Watching in real time.

( You have to understand the U.S. mil. And certain government org. Have three most powerful computers on Earth. In Hawaii. Florida, Denver. Cheyenne mnt. [ Seized Denver AIRPORT D.U.M.B ]>White hats in Silicon valley)/////

Do you think it was just coincidence that FTX scandal broke in the middle of ELECTIONS<

What other crypto agencies are in the [ kill box]

With TRUMP running for President.. The last of the SWAMP RINOs Will be EXPOSED and those who colluded with DNC . Big tech. > CRYPTO LAUNDERING</


Personal note;

I was never angry at the current Elections

, For Two years now it’s been revealed to you that Military Operations are in place. ( Through the world.. Hence fall of UKRAINE. Money Laundering ops. Fall of ROTHSCHILDs.Fall of Nights of Malta in VATICAN.Fall of the Queen. Fall of the FIAT CENTRAL BANKING….)////

These world operations are now getting ready to center on U.S. DEEP STATE OPS.//)))


U.S. are the NEXT IN THE LINE OF SITE<[.  ]





[ CCP]

*You were WARNED the three branches of government are foreign captured operations.

and DOJ  .fbi. and 3 letter agencies are corrupt and the only way to solve the problem is….

MILITARY is the only way.

And it’s been happening behind the scenes.

And continues to loud Thunderous OVERT ops.

You are beginning to see… U.S. Officials publicly money laundering to UKRAINE and receiving the money back in donations….

( This public information dropped is very very important)//// Everything leads to MILITARY INTERVENTION…. EVERYTHING//// THIS HAS LONG BEEN THE PLAN



Shall we play a game<

_EVENT coming up<

The scare EVENT

Q The Storm Rider

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FROGS 22-11-16

Patriots and Frog Family

Ok many are upset that PRESIDENT Trump announced he was running for president last night. Now wanna read why you shouldn’t be so upset? I frog double dare ya not to be upset after reading thru even some of these points.

• The U. S. Military High Command administered an oath of office to President Trump on January 19, 2021, extending his term as the elected chief executive officer of the American republic. That term continues in effect today and is renewed every three months.

• Under the 1807 Insurrection Act that President Trump signed in January 2021, Trump turned the govt over to the US Military.

• In a report published on January 13, 2021 entitled “Globalist Election Thieves Are Now The Hunted”, this was stated: “President Trump, with the lawful aid of federal military and intelligence capabilities, has discovered the treasonous actions which undertook to steal the presidential election and the two Senate seats of Georgia. Regardless of party, any person who knowingly aided and abetted that objective faces a serious criminal indictment. These actions appear to be concerted action in the nature of insurrection. President Trump may have signed a declaration invoking the Insurrection Act after receiving an investigative report compiled under an executive order signed in 2018 to protect against election fraud. The insurrectionists hope to evade capture and prosecution by accusing Trump of their crimes and capturing him before they themselves are arrested. That is a risk to Americans, but very unlikely to be the outcome.”

• Since that report of January 13, 2021, several additional reports published have reiterated evidence and conclusions that America is in a state of insurrection. Martial law has been invoked and continues to be administered by the Military High Command at present, even though no formal announcement has been made to the public.

• Oooo now here’s some mighty interesting info: “As POTUS on Tuesday by the DoD which happens every three months, under the 1807 Insurrection Act President Trump signed in January 2021, turned the govt over to the US Military.  General David Berger is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Commandant of the US Marine Corps and one of the Marshalls of the Martial Law.  General John Hyten, USAF is another Marshall. 

• President Trump has a secret govt since the CCP has paid trillions of dollars in bribes to control the USA and the fraudulent election. 

• Mike Pompeo was arrested for accepting bribes from China as was Kamala Harris (or double) and Joe Biden (or double) and Jill Biden for treason.  They are wearing ankle monitors.  The real Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were tried years ago in military tribunals and convicted and executed.  They were replaced with doubles as were the Clintons and others who were executed after being convicted of treason. (We knew this!)

• Think logically (and strategically) on this point. Why did Trump announce he was running for President when he is already president…millions of folks worldwide were watching. Many sheep heard for the first time what we all have come to know. In essence, Trump is forcing the media to cover him. Is that not brilliant??? The Msm was refusing to cover him or his rallies unless they could put their negative spin on it.

• A sitting president can not be arrested. Announcing he is running for president (optics) prevents the Deep-state from arresting him. (Another brilliant play by Trump).

• Events are enroute and have to happen such as dams and other sites blown; stockmarket collapse; WW3 scare event. The focus is now back on Trump. They can no longer silence him.

• We know we are preparing to go back to the original US Constitution but not just for the USA… worldwide.

• If Trump’s base is freaking out, can you imagine just how the deep state is now celebrating? They will continue to flaunt their treasonous acts without worry. (Yes, another brilliant trap set by Trump )

• Now do you understand why Q repeatedly said “Military is the only way?

• Finally remember this is a movie and many things must be done for “optics” to wake up the sheep.

Its now time to have faith and Trust the plan… trust in Trump and the White Hats…more importantly put your trust in God for this plan is brilliantly flawless and flawlessly brilliant. So let’s just watch it all play out now. This is the “action adventure” portion of the movie. So now as Twitter’s American Patriot has posted “Do you feel you are at the Precipice? Then you know we are there. Strong Patriots. WATCH what is next. BIBLICAL. You will remember this moment forever.”

Frogs… there is so very much going on right now. We are no longer on the defensive…we have taken over the offensive. We are winning…we have won!!! So its time to buckle up and load your weapon…the only weapon we have ever needed….TRUTH….and let’s get back to doing what we have become so damn good at…keeping the enemy off balanced and confused. Its time my family. Its time that we show them all that we have evolved into the fiercest warriors…let your frog become the lion that has been held deep down inside of you. Yes we ARE Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s and will always remain Fully Reliant On God. Its time to rise up and let the enemy feel our ROAR. The White Hats are delivering their punch to them. We are one of Trump’s hidden trump cards. They never saw us coming. Stand strong! Stand tough..stand united. We got this!!! YOU got this! Show NO fear. Never let them have that power to enslave us again! ROAR BABY ROAR!!!

Love and a louder voice to all. Lets go team! Lets enjoy what the coming day has in store. We are one day closer to the finish line.

Mar ❤️❤️❤️ 11/16/22

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All right Patriots 2022

All right, Patriots…. I KNOW many of you have lost your shit tonight. I also understand it and why.

I will be working on a major decode on all this tonight, but I want to make a couple of points to make this very clear.

1. He said, and I quote, “I’m announcing my candidacy for President of the United States….”..

Period… NO 2024 was mentioned in that statement. Please don’t read something in that wasn’t there.

2. Don’t forget people…. MILLIONS are watching this that have not been watching rallies.

Remember too, the entire World’s media is there covering it. People hearing what they need to hear that the media has not covered, to the biggest audience ever.

3. Trump announced he’s running, so they can’t arrest him.

4. Events are coming and have to happen. The focus is back on him. They can no longer silence him.

And, we know the Scare Event must happen. It’s ramping up rapidly as you have seen for weeks, and in particular today in our posts.

5. In the Original US Constitution, derived from the 1777 AOC, and as discussed here again today, Inauguration Day is March 4. We know we are going back to rhe Original US Constitution after it all goes down.

6. If our movement is freaking out…can you imagine what the [ds] is doing and how emboldened they’ll be now thinking they have more time and committing more treasonous acts for all to see?

And finally – He said in the very beginning of his speech the country will not make it to 2024. MILITARY IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD.

Good grief. CALM DOWN.

Talk tomorrow.

Tironianae Z

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It’s Not Up To Me 2022

As for the “political” things well all I can say is this world and human affairs are governed by non-human principalities that fundamentally consider humans as slaves, pets, “lab rats”, snacks and entertainment. It has now reached a point of deciding who your favorite deities are! Non-human means an incomprehensible frame of reference way beyond conventional human realities. So, each person must come to the truth of this at their own pace and it’s not up to me, or even fair for me, to suggest anything in this regard. —crp

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The Obama-nation 2022 (2)

Michelle Obama is a seditious malignancy her words oozing psycho-political venom premeditated to incite race wars and social chaos stinking with treasonous lies and insinuations in concert with Obama’s “presidential masquerade” itself. —crp

The focus should not be on retribution per se, it should be on disclosure of all the facts related to this treason and where all this leads to the source of this treason. After that the public can do with these criminals what they want….. —-crp

MARICOPA COUNTY, AZ: The Chairman of Maricopa County, Bill Gates, came out a month and a half ago saying the [GOP] has to lose. This is the guy running our elections

Alaska, Nevada and Arizona and any other state still tabulating their elections are an embarrassment to the Nation. The fastest way to uncover this gross incompetence fomented and facilitated by career politicians like Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan is with a #SpeakerTrump

I’m projecting Kari Lake, Joe Kent, Mark Finchem, Abe Hamadeh to win unless they do not declare victory by Monday night because on Tuesday they will be able to fully steal the elections as everyone will be diverted to the Trump Announcement and Mikey Pence’s psyop campaign to promote his book on Tuesday. We are running out of time in the court of public opinion and if they slow roll through Tuesday they will have stolen the House, Senate, Arizona and NV and any remaining steals that can steal like Alaska with Murkowski. —Ivan Raiklin

US tax dollars went to Ukraine in the form of military and humanitarian aid. Ukraine partnered with FTX and invested heavily. The Founder/CEO of FTX was 2nd largest donor to Democrat Party, PACs and candidates, second only to Soros. FTX was the intermediary for money laundering.

Channel: @JFK_TV

A MAGA congressional candidate from TX lost 34,000 votes in 24 minutes.

Reports of this happening all over the country.

Blake Masters (R), Candidate for Senate, Arizona joined Tucker to discuss the state of the Arizona Election

Blake Masters: “… so people, when they got to a machine and the machine didn’t work, they were told to just drop their ballot in a secure box ‘We’ll count these later’. Turns out, Maricopa County in at least two occasions mixed up those uncounted ballots with ballots that had already been counted. So it’s a giant disaster… I think the most honest thing to do, at this point, would be for Maricopa County to wipe the slate clean…and do a fresh count…”


One critical key index to current world events is that principalities of The Crown (Bloodline) (Now “Globalist”) wants to exterminate the Russian Bloodline and have had this as their mission for centuries now. In this we see the “bedrock” of current Geopolitical Events. The Mass Mind Controlling Media can sublimate this truth anyway they can imagine. We must focus on who and what is the clear and present Enemy of Humankind. Prince Philip (deceased) is a “real gem”! Such a thoroughly malignant creature whose influence is a common thread throughout current era history. —crp

TUCKER: Democrats drag out election results in order to count convenient ballot harvested dumps filled with enough votes they need to win

The premeditated election / voter fraud – the experiential evidence is overwhelming. Obviously! I mean it’s so obvious “officialdom” must be living in some malignant Twilight Zone literally. It’s an utter insult to human common sense dignity and integrity. These election players represent the real criminals in this nation and on this planet! And, it seems they’re all getting their briefings and MO’s from a common source. —crp

This is the way demonic-rats think. They went to the Clinton Obama Chicago School of marxist Psycho-Politics. This the way they think. They are technically criminally insane. Psychotic. They need some form of spiritual rehabilitation. Shouldn’t hold any public office. —crp

All the Crown Globalist NWO Agendas as publicly reiterated are psycho-geopolitical ploys to take over all the sovereign governments and peoples of the world. They fabricate a promotional “crisis” as a global threat for which all the nations of the world assume subservience to a “cosmic cause” (Act of God) and with the Crown Globalist NWO “solutions” for their fabricated “crisis” as this agency infiltrates all the governmental powers to enforce they Totalitarian control over the whole world. This is what is now happening. —crp

The Joe Biden Syndrome = Malignant Delusional Criminal Dementia anyone? —crp

And Joe Biden isn’t like the quintessential “creepy old man”?? These demonicrats are regurgitating the same old malignant “projection” memes – like what they criticize and accuse others of is precisely what they are. Logic 1:1. —crp

No one in the impostor Biden admin has any regard for the US Constitution or its Bill of Rights. They are impostors hell bent on destroying the US Constitutional Republic as their mission is an Alien Agenda for the Crown Globalist Totalitarian Control of the World. Arguing Constitutional merits with these demons is pointless. —crp

What’s to believe about two genders? It’s just common sense genetically and biologically (and scripturally). Demonic gender arbitrariness is the orchestration of demons. Demons are no longer something to believe in – they are a matter of fact. The collective social insanity that’s occurring is the handiwork of demons. —crp

Aaron Carter said the FBI and his mother pressured him to make false claims that Michael Jackson sexually abused him so they could sue him for money. He said MJ was nothing but hospitable, kind, loving and giving.

I think Aaron Carter was silenced because he wanted to speak to Ye about something. How convenient he shows up dead two days later after tweeting he wants to speak man to man with Ye.

We are living in the most epic times. The Time in world history when the best & brightest of Human Kind, enlightened to the true nature of this world, effectively rise up and take on the monstrously satanic principalities who are hell bent on totalitarian full spectrum enslavement of the Human Race with a depopulation agenda for full genocidal control of the masses. I can only bear witness to The Truth of Divine Love & Wisdom with Divine Knowledge & Understanding; with a Faith in Divine Providence to cast these alien demonic principalities out of our world forever! All of this has been forecast in The Scriptures. —crp

The fake news Media and the DemoCollusion party are desperate to try and divide and conquer. It’s a type of strategy that works and they are masters of it.

Stay steady and laser focused going into the 11-8 mid-term elections (tomorrow). We are going to handily defeat this attempted takeover of America by a small group of elite leftists and globalists and start taking our country back 🦅🙏🏼🇺🇸

The left is a soulless dark and sad spirit and they absolutely can’t stand the fact that Christians are now starting to wake up all across America to the fact that the Democratic Party (that took God out of their platform in 2012) have smartened up and are now shifting the entire electorate across the USofA to regain the very values and principles our nation was built upon. And guess what lefties, Christians come in all colors and backgrounds (African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Caucasian).

To the lefties spewing hatred of God—if you’re scared, say you’re scared 🙏🏼🔥🦅🕊🇺🇸

— General Mike Flynn

Telegram is infested with impersonators solicitors and bots. Just a fact of life. These obscene little maggots find a way to infect everything. Apparently that’s their way, their MO, and in these times that means they are a malignantly premeditated DS distraction. They are a social disease by design. crp

Demonic-Rats don’t think like real people. For starters they are pathological liars and criminals (at heart). So this is the kind of non-sequitur malignancy we must expect from such psycho-political creatures like Elizabeth Warren. —crp

“Woke mind infection” is only a symptom of the MSDNC demonic-rat’s and their pet RINOs problems. How about wall to wall Crimes High Crimes and Treason as well as crimes against The People and Humanity? The whole lot of the Bush Clinton Obama Biden Pelosi Schumer etc. etc. treasonous crime syndicate “mob” that’s “infected” all sectors of government as well MSM & Hollywood along with all sectors of the national economy and American Society at large of which Bill Maher is a part. No more BS Bill! —crp

Kamala’s teleprompter script Obama styled psycho-political gobbledygook and doublespeak with premeditated cognitive dissonance, as if one could credit this moron with a coherent thought. —crp

Joe Biden’s puppet masters didn’t “bungle” the US Economy – they are premeditatedly destroying it by design. There’s no “bungling” involved just high treason. —crp

Kimberly Zapata, the deputy director of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission has just been fired for committing election fraud by obtaining fake military ballots and sending them to Assembly Elections Committee chairwoman Janel Brandtjen.

But here is the kicker… She was supposedly attempting to point out that military ballots can be requested and sent out without a photo ID or even voter registration through the public MyVote.WI.Gov website.

It seems like she was exposing how easy it is to cheat in the system? Or is that the spin they are putting on it?

—Pepe Lives Matter

That’s a good one! Mike Pompeo is accused of spying (on Julian Assange reporters) by the very traitorous criminals that break the law by spying on everyone all the time. Oh my goodness – now what?

Blue Logic = All demonic-rats and their pet RINOs know how to do is lie to the public media as this is the psycho-political marxist dialectic – inverting factual reality with malignantly calculated lies and fabrications in order to induce mass cognitive dissonance and chaotic societal conflicts that they can then exploit. This is their DS MO. They’re all regurgitating the same CIA instrumented malignant script. —crp

Hey Hillary you mean there’s a viral threat to arrest prosecute and jail you and all your traitorous criminally psychopathic clowns – right? —crp

Delay the Election Day vote count for days. That’s so’s Clinton & Obama’s Demonic-Rats can “fix” the vote. You know what its! —crp

Re: WH Resident Impostor Joe Biden in SoCal today: Good God! get this malignant criminally demented cognitively incoherent mentally disabled pathologically lying demon creature out of my backyard post haste – send him to hell where “it” belongs! —crp

Lying psychopath Obama’s malignant NLP mojo not working so good these days….. Not a word of truth passes this demon’s lips….. —crp

Demonic-Rat “New-Speak” Inverted Reality with Psychological Projection of their own malignant mindsets onto their psycho-political opponents. Clinton Obama “Our Demonicrazy” is what it is in their psycho-worldview. —crp

These “impersonators” and “bots” are all over Telegram Channels like a Social Media Disease. Just got to clean them out daily. We are living in a world full of DS malignantly psycho-politicized morons. Just a fact of life today….. —crp

Joe Biden is a pathologically lying criminally demented cognitively incoherent mentally disabled malignantly moronic obscenity. What more could anyone ask for a DS imposter puppet resident in the WH? This is what the demonic-rats have to offer….. —crp

Trans = Real life demons. All the supposed “myths” are revealing the actual truth. We are currently experiencing a “pandemic of demons” that make up the demonic-rat-ic party! —crp

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Lin Wood 2022

The Deep State (CIA & FAKE Media) creates its own propaganda to falsely accuse, smear, and destroy its enemies.

The Deep State never wants the TRUTH to get in the way of its propaganda lies.

I am an enemy of the Deep State.

I have been unwavering in my support for President Trump.

President Trump is an enemy of the Deep State.

President Trump and I both love freedom and You The People.

I will never quit this battle.

Neither will President Trump.

I am just one falsely accused and maligned 70-year old trial lawyer in South Carolina who wanted to retire in 2020-21 to write books.

President Trump is the falsely accused and maligned President of the United States of America.

Regardless of what you choose to think about me, I urge ALL REAL Patriots who want to SAVE AMERICA to remain steadfast in supporting President Trump.

The 2020 general and 2022 mid-term “selections” were designed by the Deep State (the enemy within) to take President Trump out and weaken his MAGA base of support.

Don’t play into the enemy’s hands.


Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

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It’s Time to Act! 2022

It is likely to assume that if the “military” (so called “white hats”) acted upon all the more than obvious evidence of orchestrated election / voter fraud committed by the Real Enemies of The Nation and its People; and act in the most timely fashion – the MSDNC with their malignant demonic-rat and rino psycho-criminal zombies will wantonly riot in the streets across the country causing untold mass mayhem and murder in The Nation’s Cities; one way or another this is inevitable but now so many of The People have woken up to this existential forensic reality they’re better prepared for that inevitability. It’s being stated the “The Military is the Only Way” (final option) and it must act to secure The Nation; and The Time to Act is obviously Now! —crp

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