It’s the ‘Script’ Stupid!

The [HCV] ‘Plandemic’ is a preplanned act of war against humanity with complicit [CNN MSM] ‘mockingbird’ fake news and public misinformation demonstrating it’s clearly a premeditated and deliberate psyop. Creating social chaos and public panic is operative part of the plan. [CNN MSM] ‘Fake News’ only looks like stupidity until you realize that none of this ‘Plandemic’ is happening by accident. All these players are ‘on a [DS] script’. This is a premeditated preplanned operation and these social media and public relations networks are all ‘in on the plan’. This planning has been cultivating the current scene for many decades now. There’s ‘The [DS] Script’ [CNN MSM PBS NPR] (Fake News) ‘gaslighting mockingbirds’; and there’s ‘Forensic Facts’ (Real News) reported by ‘Alt News’ networks. Stupidity (seeming) is just a tactical ‘Smokescreen’.

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Daily [HCV] stats: (Projected Turning Point)

Reported Confirmed Cases / Deaths / Recovered

< [D] (Dec – > dr) > [I] (Inc + < dr) (dr = % death rate)

2003290800 = 6.84% (US % of WW deaths) [mean]

[WW] = Reported 684652/32113/145696 (dr < 4.69%)

[US] = Reported 124763/2191/2612 (dr < 1.76%)

2003300800 = 7.33% (US % of WW deaths) [I > .49%]

[WW] = Reported 741030/35097/156838 (dr < 4.74%)

[US] = Reported 143527/2572/4865 (dr < 1.79%)

2003310800 = 8.38% (US % of WW deaths) [I> 1.05%)

[WW] = Reported 801400/38743/172657 (dr < 4.83%)

[US] = Reported 164610/3170/5945 (dr < 1.93%)

Note: China’s (‘epicenter’ of [HCV-P]) reported stats not reliable but included as base reference point in [WW] stats. Stats don’t account for those who are infected but are not yet tested or confirmed because they’re asymptomatic or have not otherwise presented or reported their symptoms. Percentage increases are in no small part attributable to developing statistical data collection procedures. Also there’s no distinction of the actual cause of death with those who had critical preexisting medical conditions. In actuality this heavily promoted ‘Plandemic’ is intrinsically no more or less consequential than a common [FLU] – but it’s getting exponential [MSM] ‘mockingbird’ promotion. The available statistical data correlated w/ forensic facts clearly demonstrates [HCV] to be a premeditated Globalist [DS] Operation (a ‘Plandemic’) of ‘Collateral Expedience’.

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Hate is what ‘they’ Do

Come on! We know [HRC] is Royally ‘entitled’. [HRC] considers every agency of U.S. Government her ‘private business’. She obviously considers Government Oversight and American Citizens have no business knowing about her ‘private business’ of state. [HRC] is a megalomaniacal psycho-political criminal ‘psychopath’ – and it’s nobody’s business but her own! [DNC] Demonicrat’s just hate the common people period; and they hate forensic common sense because it exposes the very crimes and treason they themselves have committed against The U.S. Nation and all Humanity Worldwide. Designating a ‘Target to Hate’ generates psycho-political ‘Power to these Demons’. Arbitrary ‘Targets of (their) Hate’ are chosen to be whoever or whatever they decide upon as psycho-politically expedient; especially whatever stimulates their sense of power. It’s not that ‘demonicrats’ hate President Trump or his Administration categorically – it’s simply that ‘Hate’ is what they ‘Do’ (covertly) – and ‘Hate’ is what they ‘Project’ onto ‘The People’ to power their demonic criminal psycho-political ‘modus operandi’.

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MK Ultra Puppets

MK Ultra mind controlled psychologically programmed and demonically possessed little puppets. That’s what’s now driving the social matrix today. Social products of a [DS] multi-generational experiment that’s scripted to lead humanity into a totalitarian corporatocracy of trans-humanistic surrogates and disposable people.

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Mind Control Neo-Warfare

The [CNN MSM PBS NPR] Propaganda War is raging onto new extremes. So very absurd it is to anyone apprised of any real news and forensic facts. Setting the stage for a new round of psycho-political theater. The smell of ‘Impeachment’ is once again in the air – what is it now…. for the fourth time around? Now it’s about the President’s ‘mishandling’ of the [HCV] ‘Pandemic’ based on their miscreant dramatizations put on the recent evening ‘Fake News’; leading negative public opinion with made up stuff twisted to discredit the President and his Administration. How more obvious does it get? – the real paradox is that the [MSM] public doesn’t know what the ‘Real News’ is so there’s no informed judgement to be consulted. This [DS] ‘Propaganda Machine’ needs to be shut down with extreme prejudice! It’s not about free speech freedom of opinions or a free press – it’s about corporate [MSM] being a neo-weapon of mass deception, one that’s now being deployed to destroy the ‘National Mindset’ and mind control the way the ‘People Think’.

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Bush Family Fortune

Great Grand Pappy Bush made a fortune by being the first American Merchant Fleet awarded a concession by the Queen of England to run Opium for the Opium Trade in the Crown’s Opium Wars against China back in the day. Arms Oil and Cocaine Trade were all boons for the Bush Family Fortune.

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It’s the [DS] Script Stupid!

The CNN MSM PBS mockingbird media is narrating off a [DS] script. It’s not about being biased or stupid. It’s the script stupid! You need to cut to the chase because this is about [DS] Psyops – premeditated and preplanned for the current occasion. MSM ‘Mockingbirds’ are profiled and well paid to dramatize their [DS] scripts. It’s the scriptwriters for the [DS] Agenda needing to be censored; and then prosecuted for treason & sedition to the fullest extent of U.S. Constitutional Law and Due Process. What they’re doing is intentional.

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