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EM Updates December 5th, 2012
From Grayshell:
Chris, Thank you for such detailed answer. I see you have a good reason for you opinion…
If anyone has specific questions that they feel I might be able to clarify for the answers that they are seeking I would be more than gratified to give of my experience and what I know to assist.
And yes! Since you offered it… I have specific questions:
1. Can you tell about you personal CE-5 experience? I know… perphaps i’m asking too much… i know such eperiences may be very personal. But if it is possible… Yet it’s more of my personal interest here, becouse i’ve some vague yet very desturbing panic attacks for my entrire life that also strongly relate to something out of this world. Sadly, i still unable to finally solve this puzzle yet i think any additional information can help somehow.
2. Can you reveal exact disposition of forces on this matter? As far as you informed and as far as it would keep you out of harm ofc. I mean, who is presented here, et’s groups, their agendas and relations beetween each other, earth’s governments black projects, how earth nations deal with intervention and with each others activity on this matter? Specifically, i’m more interested in russians involvement.
3. How, in your point of view, proper negotioantions with ET’s parties must be carried?
4. How it would be best in your point of view to deal with public persons who advocate for reckless relationship with ET’s? And to be more specific, what is your exact opinion on what Greer doing?
I personally would be very gratefull for any of nformation on you part. Thank you Chris!
Thanks grayshell, I’ll work on it but you are asking for a lot of information. I have posted in my awkward way but in anticipation of your questions on my blog at:
In those pages are a hasty summary that might be of assistance.
As for any intentions to sabotage The Society…. well all I can say is that I am posting on this forum and peppered many threads throughout with various perspectives. I did this openly so there could be an open and evolving discussion on these very real issues.
I will work on your questions in more detail but I think you will find answers in all that I have posted above.
It is not my intention to brag, just to establish my credentials for sharing what information I can realistically. Just stating facts.
I don’t do this for myself.
Peace, Chris
Dear grayshell,
Answering the CE-5 question is only awkward because objectively it is very simple to describe and similar in kind to many others. It is almost exactly similar to Steven Greer’s first encounter but preceded it by at least several years. There are many different kinds of “Contacts” and contactees experience them from many personal perspectives. Mine have had all the material benefits of UFO’s being technologically advanced “flying” craft.
The first was a circular craft of huge dimensions very simple elegant shape with white lights blinking around its circumference. Hovering silently but there was a pretty intense energy in its space. Subjective contact was telepathic ecstatic ineffable impressions for which interpretation has been my lifelong focus. My calling was established at that time. It was inescapable! You cannot turn away from an experience like this because it is too extraordinary and opens up your perceptions and your mind to so many questions to be answered. I had 3 other witnesses, schoolmates, and friends. One of them, Rob Hess, passed away last year. I immediately made a police report, and within a few days mailed a full report to NICAP [National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena] this was in the fall of 1965, I was 14 at the time.
ET’s of this kind communicate in a much different way than people are accustomed and what they communicate is much more condensed in forms of mental images and impressions and comes from a much different reality and perspective. Our language is made up of traditional and cultural metaphors involved in how we interpret word forms and what they mean. Human understanding of this higher form of communication requires a different level of interpretation and many years of conscientious study and research in order to define and understand it. It requires a more profound “Way of Knowledge” if you will!
What you describe of your experience seems similar but only you can realistically define it. I can only suggest that this might be the way or at least something to take into consideration – a way to better clarify and understand what you are feeling.
As to the disposition of forces, my encounter was circumstantial. The craft was there in the countryside atop the highest point in Monroe County, Upstate New York. It is near where Joseph Smith purportedly found the Golden Tablets that became the founding artifacts of the Mormon Church and is a sacred site and the area by which I grew up in my public school years.
Just a point of interest – it is a very interesting location in many ways to the indigenous Native Americans for example and it is now developed as a major communications relay point and the Niagara Power lines run across it bring power from Buffalo into that whole region.
Disposition was benign but intensely perceptive. The “craft” responded directly to my presence and eventually moved away silently accelerating north-west off to the horizon over Lake Ontario.
There are abundant references in Internet Searching for the rest of your questions but I have also listed scores of the ones I am most familiar with on my blog site. I pay close attention to the “Russian’s” accounts as they have been much more forthcoming than the American’s on these subjects. Mexico Central and South America are some of the more intriguing regions to watch!
Negotiations are well documented on Steven Greer’s Disclosure sites which involve briefings to the US Congress and the Joint Chiefs, and of course the highest level negotiations are being developed by the elitists who operate the G20 councils as well as military intelligence NSA ONI DIA and British Intelligence and KGB to name a few of the most prominent. These negotiations are of course “Above Top Secret” but I have referenced some of them on my blog site for many of these details.
I don’t think there is much to do with recklessness in public relationships outside of the normal suspects who go crazy over these things. They do not have any real power or impact beyond what one might find in Hollywood movies portraying them. Hollywood is probably the most reckless advocate and whoever is producing and directing these mass media presentations which are all the type of propaganda that might fit the bill of recklessness. All you need to do is watch some of these movies to get the picture on this issue.
I have only been involved tangentially with Steven Greer because this is what I do and I became aware of him when he first published. I am cautious [in the “Allies” mode]. As his account was similar to mine I corresponded in the initial days and contributed but have always kept my distance and observe what he has been doing over many years. I feel that he is the #1 advocate of government disclosure and that disclosure is a very much needed and beneficial thing. As for his work being reckless in terms of the import of the Allies of Humanity I think that would be easily misconstrued. He is a decent guy with the best of intentions and the work that he is doing is work that needs to be done if not by him by someone else at any rate. No doubt it must be overseen and qualified so as not to endanger the future of the Human race and its freedoms. Disclosure is a first step in any event and he is doing the best to be expected along this line.
This may be a bit too long winded for the forum but here you go. I will be more reserved in my interactions on the forum but will continue to observe.
Best of Intentions, chris
Grew up outside of Rochester NY in the “Rockeffeler” arts crowd. Had a CE5 type encounter in the Fall of 1965 atop the highest point in Monroe County with 3 HS friends age 14. Reported to NICAP Was a spectacular encounter! Served a 4 year enlistment in the USN Air served in Vietnam. Was a founding member of the “Sea Organization” from 1973-1986. Had another CE5 type encounter by Mountain Home AFB in the Spring of 1991 small craft approached within 10 yards responded telepathically. Been involved with an Iraqi family since 2000-present immigrating various family members into the US and Canada assisting in getting e/o settled in. Now retired and putting my attention back to the Disclosure Project. Most recently investigated Marshal Vian Summers’s “New Message from God” “Allies of Humanity” messianic group and found them to be antipathetic to even the mention of Steven Greer and the CE5 Initiative – they consider me to be “contaminated” as they are actively promoting against the CSETI Initiative and seems to be a front group organized to counter it with zealos Religious fervor. Prompted me to return my attention to Steven Greers work at the “present moment” have studied and practiced meditation and am a veteran of Vipassana. Need and want to get more involved in the CSETI movement. Donated to the Sirius Project. Currently living in Downey [xSpace Shuttle Capital of the world] Los Angeles CA 1995 – 2012 +

Ref:New School

Dear Carol,
Since 2000 I’ve been involved immigrating a few Iraqi families into the US and Canada, getting them settled, through their postgraduate degrees, and established into society here. My attention has been on the crisis in the Middle East and with Islam which I’ve studied quite extensively. Now that these families are secure I have just returned my attention to the ET issues over the past few weeks. Your group was first contacted and I checked in to see how it was progressing – getting familiar with the latest news and postings. There was a topic on the forum asking for references to the “credibility of UFO-logists” and I mentioned Steven Greer. At first I thought people on the forum were just naive so I attempted to share a little of my personal experiences. I had been involved with Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project going back decades as he had published years earlier than Marshall – but mention of him on your forum caused a hostile reaction which prompted me to investigate why? Now I see why – for example: [  ]  which is co-incident with current activities of Steven Greer’s CSETI project and the upcoming release of a feature length movie. It seems like someone is playing the “ET Two Step” here between the “CE5 Initiative” and the “ET Intervention” and the “Allies of Humanity”. 50 years of personal research and work with the ET issues along with related studies cross referencing all related sciences-  as well as direct encounters and communication with ET contacts puts me way out of the picture on your forum. If there is anything here that you find needing attention or correction – you have my details to resolve – whatever – the competing issues on this subject. I already know where I stand on it with abundant first hand facts and experiences. There is a point where the subject becomes much too dangerous to play games with. This is where I bow out of any uninformed or biased discussion.
Best Regards,
Dear Ellen and Carol,
Regarding: Forum Rules and Guidelines
Moderation should include censoring:
Homophobic Xenophobic ET-Phobic Other-Phobic Misogyny Sexism Racism Paranoiac Bigotry or any other form of the definition of what is biased, discriminatory, evil, profane and obscene.
Any and all forms of expression advocating separatism fear paranoia hatred hostility and violence toward any form of “life in the universe” or suggestion of such covertly cloaked within any forum, dialogue or discussion represents unacceptable behavior. Especially in what is touted as a genuinely religious message or sacred setting – could in no way reflect a Knowledge or Understanding of God.
Knowledge is not synonymous with superstitious beliefs, ignorance and bigotry.
Any suggestion of the above is suspect and an indication of false purposes, evil intentions, misrepresentation and fraud – especially if claimed in the name of God.
This is the essential criteria and the self-discipline that is required for addressing the most critical issues regarding ET relations and the future of humanity.
Students should be apprised of this as a prerequisite.
Dear Carol,
Some examples:
Exhibit 1:
Advocacy and preparation against the Intervention is a must and it begins here, in our “home”, so I invite everyone to listen to this:
It’s S.Greer talking about the CE-5 initiative.
It is a dangerous project that aims at putting as many humans as possible in direct contact with extraterrestrial entities.
In the best case it is an irresponsible and reckless initiative done with a good intention; in the worst case it is a specific program of the Intervention that is aimed at increasing the number of humans they can reach and manipulate.
In any case it WILL increase the number of humans that will be manipulated by the Intervention.
It is exactly what the Allies’ Briefings and the New Message warn us about.
There is absolutely no way that anyone who has read, studied and understood the Allies’ Briefings and the New Message would be in favor of this initiative.
Immediate advocacy against it needs to be taken (which I will personally do right now).
I invite all fellow students to share as many insights as possible about this on this thread.
EM Updates November 10th, 2012
EM1211103:55pm    Re: Step 17
“Today I want to hear the Truth”
Essentially this would come as an appreciation of the bigger picture beyond the limitations of self-interests. To hear the full context of an all embracing Knowledge that puts our limited self-concerns and mundane considerations aside and reveals their pettiness in light of our more sacred purpose and mission for being in this world to be of service to others not just ourselves. If we try to fit this in terms of just ourselves we have put the full import of what we are experiencing within a set of personal blinders. The very fact that we are here with a human life in this world and recognize that there is a message and understanding available to us honors the extraordinary nature of beingness and existence amidst all those natural and God given factors that make this experience possible. There is an amazing opportunity for us in this Knowledge. We should count our blessings to be able to hear this greater calling for the majority of the people in this world are nowhere near as fortunate. This alone should make us grateful no matter how we might self-estimate ourselves. We are responding to The New Message by embarking on The Steps to Knowledge that have been presented to us through MVS as the Messenger for the Greater Community Way of Knowledge. We should desire to hear this no matter what our personal circumstances and confusions. This message is as clear as it could ever be for us. How could it be otherwise once the bigger picture is recognized for what it is as the Truth? At some point it becomes more than obvious.
EM1211036:52pm    Re: Knowledge
All impressions just dimly seen to better define themselves by practicing attentive stillness as with meditation. Sensory stimulation from the world and external sources are overwhelming and just blind you to your inner truths. In stillness we quiet them and insulate our deeper perception to allow the quiet soft inner voice to speak to us and with recognition we can hear and cultivate this inner Knowledge. Once we come to realize this an inherent connection is made which prompts us to continue to make use of it. We instinctively know that we can return to this state of divine communion. It becomes the most intimate relationship of our lives.
November 22, 2012
Dear Ellen and Carol,
Sorry if I generated any disturbance on the forums. Just wanted to get a sense of where things are at in the New Society.
I am just on a “spaceship” passing through, actually.
I am not called to make judgements or to become involved in worldly expressions and manifestations. These are all illusions. Yet they are illusions that are real in the reality of this place and its people. I am here just to observe and understand them as I would other words and symbols. This is the nature of the beast!
I am just here for the experience of being human.
That I am nothing but a pile of poop (as some on the forum, like  “rainmaker” might suggest) is something I fully understand but even poop has a special purpose in God’s creation! And so does a joke and good laugh – it clears the air of the stench… What I do not like is sanctimoniousness but that is just a personal thing. 
I would caution “you” not to become the very thing that you are advocating against. This is the “infiltration” that I meant and what happens in conflicts and war. It is a dialectic process wherever and  however it is expressed – it changes both sides as well as the world but the outcome is always something else – thesis anti-thesis synthesis is the natural law and order. The outcome will not be The Messenger his Message or the New Society generated around it. It  will always be something else not even yet imagined by any of the players. That is the mystery to behold – what it will be? No one can really know until it happens. Plans programs and visualizations are for people who take this worldly reality seriously and who are obsessed with it.
I just find these prospects fascinating.
Best Regards,
October 25th, 2012
Re: Many UFO researchers die under mysterious circumstances
Dear Sawsen,
Thanks for forwarding this!
Thousands of scientists researchers politicians government and military officers have been assassinated [or attempted assassinations such as the one against Ronald Reagan] over the past 75 years under the rubric of the National Security Agency and the Office of Naval Intelligence and related agencies around the world. The whole point being censorship of this kind of [revolutionary] information. These facts alone should suggest their validity to the general public. I have been very much aware of this for the past 50 years. While working in Scientology 1973-1986, as a Sea Organization officer as a communications logistics and security aide to L. Ron Hubbard and Mary Sue Hubbard’s Guardian’s Office Worldwide, I was directly involved with this and one of the biggest cases in FBI history! The Reagan/Bush administration shut the door to [officially denied] public access through the FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] directly because of this kind of information.
It is a subject that is very real to me!
PS: This is the primary reason I am so attached and holding onto my library of books and personal notes and files! Access to the FOIA has been officially denied since the 1980’s Reagan/Bush era. Others not assassinated became political prisoners. 11 executive members of the Guardian’s office including Mary Sue Hubbard were sentenced to 10+ year terms in Federal Prison for “conspiracy” on this account. I was directly involved with them and their office of “B1” [Branch 1] Intelligence.
Dear Irene,
I am following [and contributing to] information sources from around the world and from a variety of perspectives and must leave political activism up to its professionals [like you] and the Department of Defense in that field of endeavor.
There are many critical factors involved in humanity’s future, some intimate to me through direct experience and participation that are not reflected in EIR’s and Lyn’s classical and federalist points of view.
I do not vote in US Presidential elections because there is absolutely nothing intelligent to vote for – it is obviously just a contrived mass spectacle, a pretense of democracy, a political scam, and no more.
Any informed influence that I have personally is expressed in other directions.
NAWAPA will have to wait until current events and real-time environmental eventualities run their course.
If the public were informed of the specifics it would panic prematurely and there would be only geopolitical chaos prematurely.
I’m not going to stress out over what is inevitable and will just be as prepared mentally, intellectually and spiritually as I can be.
That is my focus right now and it is a point of view accultured to a new and revolutionary reality that embraces all the probabilities and possibilities that I see.
I do understand and appreciate your commitment and activity.
I listened to Jeffery Steinberg’s talk with Jeff Rense last night and I do hope that Lyn is feeling better today!
Am constantly reviewing EIR postings as well as news sites independent of Mass Media [CNN/FOX/BBC etc. excluded] from around the world such as RT/Press TV/China/Indonesia/India/Africa/Central and South America and am actively disseminating critical news items to anyone interested related or associated with me.
This is what I do. This is my activism!
If there is anything I should know please direct my attention to it by email/info letter or website and I will direct others to that information post-haste!
On 10/23/2012 12:27 PM, Irene Beaudry wrote:
Thanks for responding.
I’m glad it is nothing more serious than that.
However, we absolutely should talk because this
is the greatest moment in history and will determine
whether mankind survives or not.
Please call me or let me know when to call you.
Dear Carol,
Thank you for responding. Your suggestions are much appreciated and well received!
It is no problem for me to write the things I do but I can imagine that it is a problem for others to read and understand them.
This is how I study and I simply make a journal of it in this form. I am just emailing a copy.
Like a test tube case for whatever it might be worth to others.
I do this anyway – the writing just flows onto the page.
And I do have a blog or two but it is very complex!
It is out there for anyone to see as my own study and experience progresses.
Have been doing this for many many years.
For now I will not do this unless someone asks me to do so because in my experience I have just ended up offending everyone I know!
Not my intention to say the least.
I am back to the Introduction and first Step.
Will follow your advice!
Worldly Plane
A human life is very short – some lives shorter or longer than others – but human death is inevitable at the end of any given lifetime. That is for each person. The collective life of a species, family, tribe or nation involves other spiritual dynamics. When a person dies, including my death, they leave this earthly plane of physical body manifestation, returning to their spiritual home – that is for certain – wherever that home may be its influence is manifested, if only in subtle ways, over their lives here on Earth.
The paradox in teaching has to do with the dynamics of language and is intimately related to the dynamics of study and practice. How this instrumentality of language works in conjunction with the mind – in this case it would have to be intellectual in format because that is exactly what it is. In study the words evoke the concepts of the study. Human beings have been programmed that way. All studies that involve literature as their means to learning and knowledge conform to this fundamental programming. Words are not the thing – they evoke their meaning as a connection to the realm of the conceptual realities through the use of symbols and abstractions.
Whenever scripture is involved as the mode of teaching this is logically the case no matter what concepts are being taught. In order to fully comprehend their meaning one must experience these concepts which paradoxically are just another level of learning because these concepts have spiritual correspondences that go beyond anything that could be expressed in words or conceptual thoughts – that is – in that level of mind. Knowledge beyond that mind is the great mystery – and will be subjectively realized by the student but could never be qualified or quantified in scripture as that is impossible – as impossibility is a factor of what is infinite and is ineffable – there could never be thoughts or words to define it.
This is the student’s paradox. This earth is just a sandbox! It is a medium for study according to those things that can be studied and this is the reality in which we find ourselves as students. The metaphysical question is “studying what?” What is the subject being studied and for what object? What reason? As the reason is expressed in words this just goes around and around in circular logic. Now it is true that a circle is a symbol for infinity as it has an infinite number of points in its circumference – but that is sacred geometry which can be defined as an illustration of Knowledge. We are still stuck with the great mystery which at the very least indicates that which cannot be known because it is impossible to know it no matter how a student might try – resulting only in an infinite number of possibilities for subjects and objects to be created and a condition where anything goes according to one’s creative abilities.
We must have faith in something beyond all of this!
Dear Carol,
I am revisiting The Steps and attending The New School and Marshall’s New Messages with much appreciation. The message has many dimensions and is circular in effect – for each time you come to the end – you find yourself starting all over again at the beginning but at a different level of appreciation revealing a new set of things to be Known. This is extraordinary as a teaching! Students can begin The Steps from any background or level of understanding. It is a universal teaching in that sense. As I do The Steps an entire universe comes alive in full spectrum effect but in great simplicity of understanding. The process is amazingly profound. What would give me hope is seeing other students responding to the teachings in this way – and expressing it in their lives. I know how I am responding to it and I would wish the same for others. That would give me the greatest gratification. A teaching such as this has to “evolve” into the students consciousness. In the beginning of teachings such as this it is so exciting but there is no qualification – no final test – to test the genuine quality of how and what one is learning at the subjective levels and understanding. It is a most subjective thing. Time and experience evolves the true wisdom. I can only imagine what divine patience a teacher must have in this respect. Patience has never been one of my better virtues. My experience makes me feel the weeping of emotional release followed by tears of joy – something to that effect – those kinds of compassionate emotions. The process induces vivid imagery from my entire life and brings it into a psychic equation. The mind comes alive! If anything it demonstrates the “right direction” for ones life. What more could one ask as a student? The teaching is subjective – accentuating the unique differences and similarities between students and other people. When you first start the study you sense something is happening but you don’t see it clearly enough to know just what it is. It becomes a mystery. As you progress the subject gets clearer until finally you actually know what its about. A faculty of knowing associated with one’s level of literacy and as one’s faculty of literacy grows along with the depth of one’s knowledge with the teachings. A potential to know opens up to you. A person will be attracted to a teaching that suggests this kind of growth and then offers genuine understanding. That is just natural – but only at the right level on a learning gradient appropriate to the student – one for which they are literate enough to comprehend to feel the conceptual effect and then find applicable to their life. In my opinion – if I can figure something out by working through my misunderstandings and misperceptions and come to know these things – it should be a piece of cake for other people! My personal experience directly facilitates this learning process and as students progress this facilitates the learning curve for others either directly or indirectly. It is a win win situation!
The New School of 2012
I am on Step 70 and listening to Marshall’s latest Message from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia today October 21st, 2012AD. It is morning here in Los Angeles and a cool cloudy day…..
My impressions:
Wherever there is the very spark of life and sentient intuition there within resides the Divine Soul as it is the very essence of what and who we are as a living breathing Human Being and as a species. It is our Divine Connection to God as a person. This Soul is God within us. Because it is of Divine Origin it is indestructible! It cannot be destroyed, profaned, condemned or even tarnished – as it is of God.
I have been a long time student of Emanuel Swedenborg’s writings from the 18th Century [amongst so many other teachers]. In these writings he, as a messenger for his time and place, describes and defines The Soul in this context:
“As the highest or inmost part of us, the part that is nearest to the Lord – at the very core of our being. The animating force of life, then, flows directly into our soul through a direct connection with the Lord.” (Soul, Mind, and Body: The Soul)
“Our soul is above our mind, so it is always beyond our conscious awareness. Even if we were to become a celestial angel – one living in the highest level of heaven – we would never be conscious of our soul. You can see why this is so if you reflect for a moment. If we were aware of what was happening in our soul, we would feel life flowing in. Imagine what kind of sensation that would be! It would destroy the precious feeling we all have that we are independent beings. It seems to us that we live in and of ourselves. If we were conscious of our life force flowing in from the Lord, we would lose our sense of individuality. We would no longer think of ourselves as an image and likeness of God, but as nothing more than mechanical robots. It is not simply a matter of perception: without a sense of self, a sense of individuality, there would be nothing inside us to receive and hold life from the Lord. It would flow through us unchecked. The Lord would never permit that to happen.” (Soul, Mind, and Body: The Soul)
“[The Lord] cannot act on those who rid themselves of every faculty for receiving power. It is like saying that you refuse to learn anything unless it comes to you as revelation – Or like saying that you refuse to teach anything unless the words are put into your mouth – Or like refusing to try anything unless you can be propelled like an automaton. If this did happen, you would be still more resentful for feeling like an inanimate object. The reality is that what the Lord animates in us is that which seems to be ours. For instance, it is an eternal truth that life is not ours; but if it did not seem to be, we would have no life at all.” (Secrets of Heaven 1712:3)
“Because our soul is above and beyond our conscious reach, it is impossible to pervert it. Even the evil spirits who inhabit the lowest levels of hell – who, as Swedenborg declares, were once human beings who lived in this world – have that inmost spiritual organ, the human soul. Even with these evil spirits, their human soul is always in a state of order, which is to say that it is in alignment with the Lord and receives life from him. No one’s inmost soul can ever be perverted, because spiritual action always moves from higher to lower, and not the reverse. Nor is the soul ever taken away; it is always part of our being. So from a Swedenborgian perspective, no one can ever “sell their soul” or lose it through a bargain with some devil or evil spirit. The fact that we can never alter our soul in any way is one of the greatest benefits that the Lord has given us.” (Soul, Mind, and Body: The Soul)
“The faculty of freedom means freedom of choice, the ability to choose between good and evil. We can see this in a definitive passage from Deuteronomy, where Moses, speaking for the Lord, says: “I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you that I have set before you – life and death, blessing and cursing” (Deut. 30:19)
“In spiritual terms, “Life” means life in heaven, which is a blessing. “Death” means life in hell, which is a self-inflicted curse. That is the choice, and in Swedenborg’s writings we see clearly that through our motives and actions in this world, we are the ones who choose whether we will end up in heaven or in hell. But the Lord, with his infinite love, leaves no doubt about which is the better choice. He continues” “Therefore choose life, so that both you and your descendants may live.” We are making this choice every day of our life.” (Soul, Mind, and Body: The Soul)
“The faculty of rationality means the ability to see life in the perspective of eternity, that is, to see the ratio between life here and life hereafter. This is clearly not the same as the worldly view of rationality, which essentially means the ability to justify whatever we wish to believe and do, whether those beliefs are true or false, good or evil. The faculty of rationality, in Swedenborg’s terminology, means the ability to evaluate everything in life in a spiritual light.” (Soul, Mind, and Body: The Soul)
“Although these faculties are in our soul, we use them in our mind, which is where our consciousness resides. The kind of person we are is determined by the use we make of our innate faculties of freedom and rationality. That will become clearer later when we discuss in more detail the rational level of our mind. But the essential idea to remember here is that the ability to be free and rational resides in our soul, and not in our mind.” (Soul, Mind, and Body: The Soul)
“But if our soul is different from our mind, then what is the mind?” (Soul, Mind, and Body: The Soul)
Note: Emanuel Swedenborg’s calling and work had an incalculable influence on the American Revolution, the Constitution of the United States in 1776 and the formation, settlement and development of this country….
From the perspective of the Ego it remains a mystery to us because the Ego knows it not – it is the Ego that suffers the consequences of this ignorance – for if it were to know this it would self-destruct! Yet even the Ego has its Divine origin and for this – its created purpose. It is the essential component of our personal experience of God’s creation. In order to evolve ourselves within this purpose we are called to put the Ego – our ego – self that is … into its proper perspective in our minds. By doing this we are fulfilling its role and purpose in human creation.
The New Message must be tailored to what the Ego reflects of it as the self it conceives itself to be. In order to experience and receive Knowledge [Divine Love and Wisdom] we must realize that we “don’t know” what is there to be known. This is the first and most elementary step if we are to progress. Apart from realizing this – the ego can only be a temptation, a liability, a risk and a curse for ourselves and others.
 It is most wise to consider this. It is the ego that allows us to be here such as we are and to experience the adventure of this reality and what it means. Without the ego this process of learning for humanity could not exist – and so we should appreciate it as a gift – one that facilitates our journey through this life. It is the essence of our personal reality – the game player – the role – in this cosmic movie – it is our character in an evolving story of humanity as that story unfolds to us. Realizing this as the process of “self-realization” and by putting these parts together into the bigger picture is a first step on the path to enlightenment. To the degree that the New Message addresses this reality and demonstrates its applicability to this Divine process is its measure of significance. We must realize that the ego is only a tool in this process.
In our worldly reality the ego’s Divine role has been much maligned and abused – it has been profaned out of self-imagined interests and personal “egoic” gratifications. One can see the consequences of this misperception in the conditions that surround us – in our experience we see these demonstrated before us as our perceptions of the world today – such as it appears to us. To rid ourselves of the Ego is a pointless venture! We must come to understand what it is and what it is divinely created to be – and make use of it as a tool or vehicle for this “learning” purpose.
By way of this Divine purpose we are called to share the wisdom of our personal journey – share what we are learning for the benefit of others – for we are all part of the human family. I am here to observe, to experience and learn, and to understand to the best of my abilities. I keep a constant journal of my journey. I am called to facilitate this journey for others to follow – by leaving markers along the way as a guide through this worldly wilderness. I acknowledge all others who come to guide us as I know I could not possibly find my way alone or without all the messengers and teachers who precede us and “me” – past, present, and future. As long as their beacon of Divine revelation shines we can set our own course through the uncharted waters of these present times and we can be assured that we are not lost but will always find our way through.
This is what the New Message means to me. My life is my ship – and it is “on course” ever since “I” was born into this world! I continue to maintain my course as well as my desire to see and facilitate others through the treacherous and specious waters of our time and circumstances as this New Message and as it is received and applied for the benefit of others and all  human kind – it also marks my personal progress.
I will persist and continue on this course by embracing my calling as it is intuitively revealed to me. This is what I am about and what I am here to do. I am not confused about this! This is the “way” that is appropriate to me – who I am as a person and human being. It is because of this that Marshall’s [as the Messenger for the Allies of Humanity] “New Message” and the reality of the “Greater Community” resonates with me.
Prior subject: The Vatican and Manifesting the New World Order
It is interesting to note that the historical theme runs so clear through to what is happening in the world today. New cast of players now we have Obama as an agent of the Crown and Queen’s Royal Service and Romney as an agent for the Zionist and Mossad Service. And the Vatican is the quintessential 3rd party just as it was set up to be in Rome 1500 years ago. This is that agenda continuing on through to today and demonstrated in current events. It’s the one-two-three punch geopolitically – and what’s to stop it now?….Chris
The Vatican 2012 – 2013
Would you like to see the latest news from Rome at the very Heart of the Vatican?
[ I ] have an interesting Italian Roman Catholic [occult] reporter “on the scene” in Rome covering a most critical debate concerning the Holy See and The New World Order over what will be the final destiny for the Human Race – with the culmination of an age [lasting thousands of years] that has all but fulfilled its New and Old Testament destiny – the question now being –  how best to begin World War III and seriously considering how to deal with the period of tribulation that will follow in its wake – how best to shape the things to come by 2020 AD. The Jesuits are the Hawks and the Order of the Holy Spirit [are] the Doves in these ongoing deliberations. [My] reporter is waiting “in the streets” for perhaps the most significant speaker to conclude his presentation – the outcome of which will be inescapably evident through accelerating events in the Middle East. This final Papal decision will be the most critical juncture for the RCC [and the Old World Order] since Nostradamus and his encoded writings of the 16th Century AD.
That decision is now pending on the outcome of the 2012 American Presidential Election.
It is to be observed that Rome and the Heart of the Vatican in particular are seated at the very center of occult powers traditionally enfranchised to manifest the Old and New World Orders in an evolving or unfolding transcendent extension of what was the Imperial Roman Empire transfigured into what we have today as the British/American Empire, NATO and the Western World. The occult processes that are ongoing within the Vatican manifest what has been and is happening in our world today – little is left to chance. Our world is a reflection of what is “envisioned” by the Vatican Ecumenical Councils just as the Holy Roman Empire is the product of what was “envisioned” through the Councils of Nicaea Roman Catholicism and its Holy Bible. What goes on here is reflected in what is going on in the world – in past, present, and future history. As our world has changed and evolved, through the Vatican’s agenda unfolding over the past 20 centuries we have arrived at its culminating point in our time. We are witnessing its fulfillment and transformation – its metamorphosis into a New World Order in a new unit of geopolitical and geological time – a New Era is now in its formative stages. This process is no different in principle than the process through which we manifest our personal lives – the difference being only in the order of magnitude. We manifest our lives in this world just as the Vatican manifests that world on the collective level as a culture. The word occult means to make hidden esoteric metaphysical sciences that can only be known and applied by a chosen, initiated few who have the knowledge and power to manifest civilizations. All questions as to why things are the way they are should first be directed to this source for it is from this source that most of history and present conditions as we experience them are manifested and it is by way of this source that they can be corrected. Secondary and Tertiary causes are only side distractions.
Re: The 9/11 Event
Anyone or any organization who has used this event as a photo op, or for self promotion is complicit and despicable. The facts speak for themselves…….. and any American who refuses to see what actually happened that day – who and what is actually responsible for it and why is utterly ignorant and deserves the consequences that follow it.
Dear Nancy,
9/11 is a bad season for me and I don’t think it takes a whole lot of intuition or psychic ability to know, just from the most obvious facts, what it is all about. So we have to define just what this date in infamy means based on the empirical evidence and an experiential analysis of this event, lets say from a professional firefighters point of view. It was a controlled demolition in concert with a staged “terrorist” event similar to Pearl Harbor, The Reich-stag Fire, and the USS Liberty incident. It was an inside job, a False Flag op. How you “intuit” this can be anyone’s illusion as to its cosmic significance but in reality it was perpetrated by high level psycho criminals who are fundamentally and criminally insane. The President of the United States at that time and now is complicit with this psycho fabrication. All of this faction OSS/CIA/Black Ops/Heroin/Opium War drugs for arms crowd must be dealt with in an International Criminal Court and these evil creatures brought to civil justice. I served on the USS Saratoga just after the Tet Offensive in Vietnam – The Golden Triangle. These are the players responsible for 9/11. I can only suggest one uses their inherent psychic abilities to gnoss and reconcile what is actually going on and who is responsible for it. That would be the only decent vindication of the many millions of lives that have been destroyed in the wake of this utter insanity in high places. The only question on my psychic mind is how do we bring these evil bastards to justice and I am not talking about Osama Bin Laden or Al Qaeda. I am talking about at least two Presidential Administrations and the characters that they are fronting for is complicit and guilty of high treason against humanity. This would represent the truth, intuitive, psychic, or otherwise. If you are going to commemorate the 9/11 occasion you should do it by presenting this truth. Only then will we evolve as a species….Chris
Dear Irene,
I have The British Empire’s Global Showdown And How To Overcome It
PDF Link is good and I have saved it on my PC
I do not have access code for EIR On-line mag.
And am awaiting access code for 9/11 Special Report when it is published later in the week.
FYI – I feel that I have covered the 9/11 False Flag Operation from so many sources since that fateful morning and I have continuously disseminated new information on this as it has evolved since Lyn’s “as it happened” Live Radio Talk on the [Stockton?] show. I was visiting NYC just a couple of weeks before along with my closest Iraqi friend, Sawsen, and we took some of the last pictures of the Twin Towers from the Statue of Liberty. I had dealings with the World Trade Center for many years and am familiar with the Towers and how they are constructed. I was also trained in Disaster Control, Damage Control, NBC Warfare Shipboard Conditions, Preparations, and Decon, Aircraft Crash and Rescue, and Lightwater Flight Deck Firefighting Systems. Am a Vietnam Naval Air Vet from the Tet Offensive 1968-1973 when my Aircraft Carrier was reassigned as Flag Ship of the Med Fleet to Bombing Operations in response. 24 hour a day sorties of 100+ aircraft twice a day each dropping 100 tons of bombs on designated targets – that is 200 tons of bombs – dropped on targets in North Vietnam Laos and Cambodia – per day for 2 years. I have followed the LaRouche movement since the mid 80’s along with several other perspectives on what has been happening in our world and have been actively disseminating information and donating many thousands of dollars to their causes. After my Honorable Discharge from the US Navy in 1973 I worked as a communications and logistics aide for a para military naval operation for 13 years after which I resigned [in 1986] and spent another 13 years debriefing and analyzing my experiences into a more coherent understanding of what is going on in this world. Some of my experiences and first hand knowledge about highly classified “subjects” seems to pose a paradox as far as the EIR material goes because Lyn’s perception does not take certain critical issues into consideration which is understandable from a classical historic point of view – but I certainly do [tangentially] support your work in this geopolitical arena despite my foregone conclusions which might give the appearance of contradictions – but I do understand how and why this would appear so!
Chris Pearson

EIR and NAWAPA 1964

I reviewed your video presentation focusing in on JFK and the NAWAPA project and must say that I have never seen a clearer perspective of how an ancient evil insinuates itself from somewhere in the mystical realms of geopolitical power and comes to suppress and eventually kill the sanest and most viable options as they progress up through the channels of our Federal Congressional System. One can clearly see this evil hand coming down on all such initiatives and its psychotic rationale for doing so. Pure evil QED! This secret hand represents a bloodline of Kings and Queens in a history that claims its ownership of the Earth and acts to dictate the terms on which the rest of us must submit our “little lease on life” as if we were just squatters. This is an amazing presentation and shows how the LaRouche movement has evolved to fill the void of sanity in our nation, geopolitics, and the world today. I will look to see if there are any more “all star casts” video presentations similar in kind. I am not sure how a general audience would understand this without the prerequisite education but I do know that it definitely lit up the mental lights for me!….Chris

Other Side of Life/Images of Knowing

On Transcendence and Worldviews

Knowing that our world is about to catastrophically change at an inevitable and pending “present moment” – in myriad ways that are comprehensible to only a small minority of our global population – current events come about in no small significance to those who are creating their vision of the world to be. Certainly of those are the elites who rule over our times in culturally dominant ways; and their institutions and leadership of human civilization must be dramatically impinged onto that future as is fundamental to the ways in which the human race and civilization must evolve – in obedience and harmony with God’s/Allah’s Divine Creation.
Embracing this reality through a comprehensive  understanding of each contributing feature of geopolitical history, past and present, realized to the best of one’s sentient abilities – is no small consideration. I know that for my own part it is so easy to hold an emotional bias consistent with whatever feature is currently in focus [in one’s face] at any stage along the way; but when one reaches the critical point of departure from conventional and “official” renditions, on that final day, all these features are converging and will necessarily align themselves into a new worldview attaining to the highest level of comprehension that one can personally and collectively achieve.
In these final days all of this comes together as if pieces in a cosmic jigsaw puzzle; and it is being revealed how these pieces relate and fit into the bigger final picture rendering a better apprehension of those stages in our experience where one’s personal emotional bias was conceived in any given moment as an existential ultimatum. At this time we can reflect upon and reconsider our past emotional dramatizations, not in terms of mistakes but rather as mis-perceptions conjured up within one’s mind as reasoning based upon incomplete information.
As my attention now shifts into this final mode and so does its focus. I am seeing and realizing the transcendent purpose of each relative feature of this puzzle – knowledge as it integrates into holistic imagery for which there can only be an ever deepening appreciation spanning the profound depths of cultural significance – each feature as it runs its mystical course verily contributing to and becoming an inevitable part in this Divine “work of art” that it was preordained by God/Allah “to be” in the very nature of creation.
I am uncertain about this reaction called forgiveness – just what it is exactly – but it seems to be related to this personal emotional bias – representative in its finite aspects of unconditional love which is the most sacred state of what is considered infinite – Supreme Being. Whatever happened, is happening, and what will be is meant to be the only qualifier being in the way in which  we perceive and understand as human beings.
Now armed with this wisdom one can evermore comprehensibly appreciate present participations as they involve these leading features and subtle parts as they relate and integrate in order to be better able to negotiate their future synthesis with a greater understanding of who and what we are as a person and in our relationships with others – in a more matured state of mind freer from distracting emotional bias.
What I am experiencing now is that I do not feel rushed or stressed out about these features, or the pieces of this puzzle upon which my personal bias was emotionally attached – and what seemed so conflicted at the time now makes much better sense as all these parts logically fit together. It is with curious interest that I am reviewing these things in the process of this new light so that they are becoming  evermore clearly understood for what they actually represent.
Such is the learning curve.
Now it is clearly time to meditate!
Dear Marshall,
I have been following the evolution of your teachings for many years and in fact donated what you needed for a new PC way back when. Just received a copy of “Life In The Universe” and started reading it with much interest. But I have some significant points of [long standing] disagreement with certain statements in this message that might be important to some clarification as follows: Archeological evidence abounds as well as so many translated accounts of earlier advanced civilizations on earth [at least within the last 250,000 years or so] that demonstrate the human race as homo sapiens is a hybrid race initially genetically engineered [with genetic technology that we are advancing today] as a servant/slave/worker/entertainer force for the Annunaki ETs that colonized the earth in prehistoric times. Over the course of time some of the Annunaki personnel were able to interbreed by “attraction” and created an alien/human hybrid type called the Nephilim as a crossbred hierarchy represented by later Kingdoms of Royal Bloodlines who were left to rule over and exploit human civilization on up to present times. Extreme and Extinction Level catastrophic events including the eruption of Indonesia’s Mount Toba [approximately] 75,000 years ago precipitated the last Ice Age which left only [approximately] 12,000 survivors as human breeding pairs circa 10,000 BC from which our current world history begins. I have been personally and directly in contact [similar to Steven Greer’s personal account in many ways] with two UFO/Craft encounters demonstrating clearly realized telepathic-communication capabilities which in my own experience as two-way-communication responses were quite amazing being as it was in the form of compressed mental images [not words as such] and motions compelling linguistic definition and interpretations. It is my understand that a number of ET or Extra-Dimensional races and beings are able to associate with and even inhabit the human body type due to specific genetic manipulations that have in recent decades been discovered by molecular biologists and geneticists [much of whose work was severely censored by the powers that be] but now distinguish homo sapiens as being an earth/alien hybrid genetically designed for this purpose. Travel in this universe or galaxy is not limited to space-time linear distance between point A and B physicality [which is more romantic than biologically realistic] but involves superior spiritual dimensions and “affinity” states that are non-local and instantaneous – this is how life works through non-local field dynamics interacting through holographic resonance encoded DNA structures and patterns for which these DNA structures are specifically “attributed” – the very essence of life being a non-physical cause [physicality being the effect generated] by a non-local non-linear intelligently creative process. I have to question statements recorded in your book that seem to contradict or even deny these more expanded realities. From my studies, encounters, research and realizations the above is very clear to me. Biological environmental differences are definite hazards for other evolved ET races – this is certainly true and makes perfect sense as we must always deal with this problem too IE the WHO and CDC et al – but there is so much more to these relationships. Space Travel does not require a physical correspondence as it can be accomplished spiritually and instantaneously by means of morphic resonance and morpho-genetic fields that involve the very nature of DNA and physicality through mediums, messengers, and “assumptions’ that can inhabit adaptive body types suitable to any biological environment or even physical objects and their locations. Physical technologies such as “UFOs” certainly exist as well – I’ve directly encountered two such craft [one in 1965 and another in 1991] up close and personal [and with witnesses] prompting my research into the ramification of these events and cultivating an understanding of them to the best of my ability. So certain questions remain… Each messenger or prophet has an idiosyncratic vision prompting some scripture of God’s revealed plan for the human race each within the framework of their environmental times and realities. It is not possible for me to dispense with what I know to be true when it is based upon my own experience and solid incontrovertible evidence. From what I can tell homo sapiens was set on its unique evolutionary path by specific ET intervention[s] in the past and this “experiment” is ongoing and actively being further qualified toward some end today. The capabilities of homo sapiens are as yet scarcely developed especially in creative arts. Freedom and Self-determinism are God ordained essentials to that creative process in full consideration of our species. ETs have absolutely had a very active and critical direct involvement with the human evolutionary process. Knowing this makes me just a little wary of the “Allies of Humanity” their “data”, purpose and intention for making contact – especially when there are several variations of this theme currently operative in our world today. I don’t deny their existence but must view their message, in my own opinion, as  another “program” considered as a comprehensive body of scripture appropriate for our times – but it stands as an architecture of another program by design. Our race was created [genetically engineered] to be programmable – specifically programed and trained – conditioned from cradle to the grave – but all of this is related to programming the race for specific purposes – its part of a plan pure and simple! Techniques and applications leave me apprehensive especially when one is called to commit themselves [for the duration] in very specific ways. In my opinion cultural assimilation should not be enforced and evolution [of the species] should be allowed to follow its natural course while abiding in the providential protection of freedom, freewill, and creativity. Any teaching that suggest a dogmatic ultimatum does not reflect that natural process and simply represents another “program” instilled by the means of language and teachings – which fundamentally can be anything and of such complexity as the “programmers” dictate. These hierarchical structures representing the “one and only way to salvation” have ravaged our race throughout human history as we know it and any new one, or “New Message” must be considered with a grain of salt as indicated. Still the data is enlightening and instructive. In my opinion creative imagination must be protected at all cost as it is essential to our evolutionary process and the intrinsic significance of the human race as it relates to the rest of all other races. As I understand the nature and dynamics of ancient hierarchical cultures ET or otherwise this is anathema – as if they fear that the freedom and freewill of self-determined beings and creativity especially through the capacities of the imagination represent a threat that undermines such rigid longer term social structures. Various personality types are thereby identified – such as genius, artistic, brilliant, revolutionary, commanding etc. these are regarded the same as criminal personalities that need to be “culled from the herd” so to speak in order to protect these formidable social structures from disintegration. At any rate my observations and questions should prove instructive as there are many others who would respond this way due to these facts as they have come to understand them. Perhaps my questions and considerations could be addressed and clarified as part of the process of teaching the “New Message” and its relevance to such facts.
Hello Christopher,
Yes, we remember you and your PC contribution some time ago. Thank you again for that! It came at a time of dire need,
and we truly appreciated it.
Marshall is out of town, so I will try to answer your comments and thoughts.
As I ponder all that you said, I am left with the simple fact that you are still seeing Marshall as an author only, perhaps an author of extraordinary information about the extraterrestrial phenomenon, but still, just another author. As an author, you feel he needs correction, and you have detailed the many ways.
However, Marshall is receiving this information through the Angelic Presence, directly from the Creator. The book LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE, which you have just read, was published word for word as it was received. Marshall did not change it in the least.
So it is way more than Marshall’s “opinion.” It came from the will of God.
It is pure, direct from THE SOURCE. This is the information that the Creator deemed we need to know as we face the Greater Community of intelligent life, and all of the huge changes that will bring upon us. The Angelic Presence is focused on preparing us for our future, in hopes that we will be strong enough to unite and to retain our freedom and sovereignty. Due to their future focus, they do not give details about the past. What we need to know now is what is happening, why it is happening, and what we need to do about it. They provide us that vision, that window into the future, and they provide the pathway to inner and outer freedom.
Perhaps that will explain the differences in perspective.
All the best to you,
Ellen Mitchell
For The Society
Hello Ellen,
Thank you so much for your reply and understanding. I tried to word my observations and questions in response to the “New Message” understanding that this is Marshall as the messenger not the author. I have also had similar contact and I know that this line of communication forms only the means of Angelic or ET contracts where the role the messenger plays is transcribing what these contacts are relaying and of which I have no doubt about their actuality. It is about certain aspects of the message itself that I have questions. Perhaps it is not Marshall’s position to qualify or clarify the “Teacher’s” messages in this way but I feel this approach might be instructive from my own [and many others] first hand experiences of similar kind. I have known about life in the universe and travel prohibitions out there most directly from the Lunar and Mars missions which fundamentally found that they were “trespassing” on private property! The Apollo Mission as well as the Lunar Base Mission was cancelled and all their facilities left in the desert to “rust’ after they were warned of this reality. Makes total sense to me! It is just curious why the “Teachers” would say some of the things that they have said which seem to be contrary to my experience and what I know to be facts. I do not mean to be critical and certainly admire all that Marshall is experiencing and transcribing for the world and his following. Believe me I know, certainly to a less intimate degree, that this is the way it is and always has been. This is how this line of communication works and I have no doubts about that. But people are getting different messages from different Angelic or ET parties and I have studied and corresponded with many of them. Each has its unique points of view. I am a scientist at heart and as such deal with facts to the degree that I can ascertain them.  Just so you know I really get it! For me it is not a matter of believing someone, like Marshall, it is more an interest in his capacity as a messenger and his message. I have very close Muslim friends [from Iraq] and have studied the Qur’an from this same point of view. In this case Mohammed was the messenger for Arch Angel Gabriel and this case is very clear. It is also clear that Mohammed was surrounded by Sufi Elders that assisted in guiding him to a proper understanding of his messages – for which we can see the cultural significances even more so today. There is a battle going on using prominent members of the human race as proxies. Several ET channels are operative in the course of world events today. But there are scarce resources for answering my kind of questions and I was hoping that Marshall could give me a clue! My sources have been exhausted in this respect. The readings are always pending some cognitive revelation unique to each student – that is of such significance that it is not a matter of believing in the words but rather conceptually understanding them in amazing detail. The barriers are in one’s capacity for comprehension. In Moses’s exodus his people had about a 4 year old’s education and his brother Aaron needed to reiterate the message in terms and symbols that they could understand. This is of course what we read of them in the OT which is more a recorded history [like the Qur’an] but where the NT is an obvious fabrication. Mine is just a matter of dialogue really for my own clarification and as such might be helpful to others who are steeped in their cultural traditions and biases of these realities. I have very few friends with whom I can relate as you might imagine! Communications of this kind operate in other dimensions that put the egoic personality to shame, really, and that too applies to me and is something that I must continuously negotiate. Other teachers will say “take it or leave it” or if this doesn’t “resonate” with you then it is not for you…. etc. etc. – and they won’t give you a definitive answer at which point you come to the realization that all of this is “up to you” personally – that you need to establish your own teachings and school – whatever! I am not ready to do this. There are so many things that are not clear to me.


Revelations 2012

For all of my lifetime I have had a “study problem” – that of being distracted by all of the dramatic confusions of family social and political relations – all of which makes it very difficult to focus on any one object in study. My whole world today is still like that – filled with all the relative geopolitically dramatic confusions through which we at least must try to rationalize just what it is that one should focus on?

This world in real time is extremely dramatically conflicted confused and dangerous; and within this reality one must be able to focus and think their way through it sufficiently enough in order to maintain some semblance of sanity – just to merely survive, let alone evolve into a higher dimension of being!

I think, as of the past few days, I have reached my conclusion about all of this in the sense that I am not going to let it bother me [much] anymore so that I can now better focus on more pleasant enjoyable aesthetic objects including study for the sake of enlightenment and appreciation. This world is going to do what it is going to do – and the only genuine choice one has of essential value as I see it, is to survive and make a difference – wishfully for the better in some way.

One thing I know with certainty today is that I now have a significantly better and ever increasingly comprehensive point of view – along with a heartfelt desire to wisely share it whenever it is needed or wanted for whatever reason or problem in a spirit of goodwill and help.

So we shall see if I can stick to this focus now. It’s like any other condition of the Body Mind Spirit and Soul in a lifetime of addictions to the material things, emotional attachments, and social energies of this world. I have now broken myself of another one, after much practice; one perhaps the most fundamental to them all! Of course this is always going to be a very personal, private and subjective subject. But I don’t think now, under the current circumstances, I will relapse – and I know that I’ve said that before – but no, really, I mean it!

The game that I have played to the best of my native ability throughout the course of this life is to – not get unwittingly entrapped in any other person’s plan. My plan such as it is has been extremely unique and compatible with the very definition of self-determination as it embraces – sticking to a plan despite every confusion and resistance. So that has been my journey and what you see – is what you get of it – but I know, for me, that with enlightenment one can see much much further.

Now – the game remains the same even with this current resolution!… but with the above change of focus.

Love, Chris


On Islam, NAM Summit 2012, and Scientology

The point of this “momentous event” is only tangential to Scientology on a long shot. Did you read it? Do you have any idea what the “NAM” is and what it represents in the world? This address wasn’t event touched upon by the Western Press and blatantly reveals its modus operandi in a world dominated by PRAC which is a continuing fabrication. We were on the brink of an approaching thermonuclear war this very week. The NAM Summit just threw a wrench into the works of that [NATO] plan and perhaps postponed the ever ready Israeli attack on Iran and has bought us a few more week’s reprieve. I am observing all of the powers and principalities and how they play out in this culminating chapter and seeing how they will integrate in its aftermath. Scientology is only an aspect of this scenario and it most certainly isn’t the whole picture. These are observations based on myriad sources that render a jig saw puzzle where you fit the pieces together to get the bigger picture. I do not associate with Scientologists or Anti-Scientologists (my family members included) because this particular “conflict” of interest is all based upon lies from either side. I find it interesting but it is not my focus. I am just angry about the ignorance involved with all related parties as these world events unfold into their illusions of reality. I just want to make a complete a record of all of this before the shit hits the fan for real. The role of the RCC [Roman Catholic [state religion] Church] took 8 centuries to “gel” in those old world years and then it was challenged by the advent of Islam. Such things move incredibly fast today but are founded on the same principles. I think that it takes a whole lot of research and study to be able to negotiate what is truth and what is lies. Without that study how would one even know that such a precedent exists especially when the most critical facts are state secrets and considered matters of national security. As I stated I’m just sharing and pending revelation and cognition that would dispel all of this. Gets me a little anxious at times!



What I do

Cautious early on not to get “caught up in a trap” while searching for the genuine “experience” of unbiased truth in the realization of God; with so many arbitrary definitions and detours enroute –  my main apprehension being getting lost or stuck somewhere along the way.

I did not get lost and I am no longer afraid of doing that.

But not to excuse my “conventional” responsibilities I have always held that the ideal journey – and the mystery of it all – was the highest priority; my journey, my right. With whatever resources are available to me this is what I do.

The expected educational degree, lucrative job, and raising a prosperous (happy) family – these things I would have to negotiate with a sense of personal sacrifice. I do things not because of patriotism or convention but because they are a part of that journey.

For all the millions of people who blindly conform there are a few who go through life some other way. This world is constantly changing.

To watch evolution taking place within your own generation… to see how people and society change from cradle to the grave – being aware of it, feeling it, experiencing it…. first hand. There is no measure of success beyond knowing what is happening and where it is all going.

Enlightenment is “My Saving Grace!”

I have followed the trail with an appreciation of the ages, and the profundity of cultural contexts, the matrix, in the refinements of character, perfection, Art, and what it really means to be a human being and a true “free spirit” of God.

Now this word “God” drives people to distraction. But in its essence it is the most obvious “truth” that there is or ever could be. It is in fact the most “scientific” of revelations and is revealed in the cutting edge of “scientific” exploration and research into the origins and meaning of universal and natural creation. It is the prime, pre-eminent cause for all things and for our very being and existence within the “Grand Mystery” of all mysteries – metaphysics in a nutshell.

I am not interested in parochial relativity and the “ego” vanity of the masses that are so interested in “being someone” of distinction. For this game I could never qualify mainly because I do not want to be a part of “it”. My interest and intrigue lies elsewhere, as it must.

I “believe” that enlightenment is the most important accomplishment that ever could be as it embraces the infinite meaning of love. To be otherwise than enlightened it is just a waste of precious time and resources – all the while – it is to genuinely understand the human condition and to know where it [collectively not personally] is destined to go from here.

All else is just a personal oblivion within the shifting sands of time immemorial for which we can clearly see in the remains of civilizations that have come and gone before us – leaving their mark and then just disappearing. The same is true of us today.

The “spiritual essence of life” transcends matter energy space and time as well as the “universe” that we are indoctrinated into thinking is “reality”. Science has demonstrated within the last 6 months that we do not live in a “universe” but in a “multiverse” of interacting hyper dimensional dynamics – the bulk of which is invisible to empirical science and human “anthropomorphic” comprehension.

I do not agree with the “soap opera” rendition of human affairs if only for the fact that I am not qualified to act with my own life in this way. This “rendition” does not work for me. It does not make sense to me now – considering what I have discovered and what I know to be true.

What I don’t understand is why I get so much resistance from my own family about all of this. Why do you refuse to understand me? Why do you think that I am the way I am for some other reason? This is your problem, not mine.

I have done everything in my power to assist you in understanding me the way I am, the way it is – but to no avail? It is not about me, it is about you! But you will never understand that. I could care less what you or anyone else thinks about me.

My life is not about “me” me me me me me. It is about discovering the truth with a capital “T” and attempting to share that with you. All I get back in response is “you” you you you you you and you disagree with me when it isn’t even about me or you! It has nothing whatsoever to do with the “ego”.

It is about metaphysics and science – by definition. It is about discovery and enlightenment. This is not a personal but a collective reality. It is about the evolution of the human race. It is about the very purpose of [our] existence. This is what I want to know and understand before I die.


EM Prior entree:

Admiral McCain and his son John join the list of scoundrels that would leave the USS Liberty and its crew to the mad dogs of Israel and Zion. I served on the USS Saratoga and am fully aware of the treason that was committed on this day and on September 11, 2001 I was in New York City to witness this heinous crime recreated for our “New Age” by the same interested parties. The World is awakening to the reality of this implicit threat against the dignity of all sovereign nations and their people. Thank you for your posting!

I reiterate that it has been very clear since the commitment of the “9/11” false flag event that American and British Mainstream Media spin the news in the orchestration of an effect on the minds of their people to create the political illusion needed to justify the most violent operations in forwarding the accomplishment of a long term global agenda. U.S. Foreign policy is not based on the actual/existing scene. It is viewed from an “agenda” and events are fabricated to fit and serve that agenda’s purposes. It will always be that way. The “agenda” is not concerned with the real-time facts – just in the accomplishment of its objectives. Mass Media is produced like one would produce a “scripted” movie, the plot and story being whatever it is fabricated to be. That “movie” is its only reality! Such is the “Brave New World” in which we are living today.


WGT is definitely an old hand on the well-reasoned points of view. What we are witnessing needs to be well understood from its exploited context. U.S. Foreign policy is not based on the actual/existing scene. It is viewed from an “agenda” and events are fabricated to fit and serve that agenda’s purposes. It will always be that way… but in this case we have so many other points of view and real-time evidence that the “agenda’s” modus-operandi can be clearly seen. The “agenda” is not concerned with the real-time facts – just in the accomplishment of its objectives. That is its only reality!…Chris



To give you an example of the “effect” attached is the full chapter in Mitch’s post on the “Galactic Season” we are currently entering, and what it means. Even more pronounced than the changes cycling through night and day, and the seasons of the year that we know so well. This data is correlated with the ancient astrological calendar dates from both East and West prehistoric civilizations going back hundreds of thousands of years and depicts celestial cycles that define the much longer term ages recorded (geologically for example) in the Earth.

Subjectively as this primal energy field from the center of our galaxy radiates on our solar system – no longer occulted by galactic masses (clouds)  we are now entering into a “galactic clearing” known as the “Great Rift” to astronomy – this orientation has an immense “seasonal” effect on life and consciousness on Earth (as well as other resonant systems throughout the Galaxy) that we experience, as human beings, an acceleration of mental activity, either realized or unrealized, by which there is a cleansing of our minds, which can be understood for what is happening to ourselves and everyone else in our world at this time, or it can cause dramatic mental effects that are not understood and seemingly impulsive or even psychotic.

I have been immersed in this study and experience for close to 40 years now and have watched this change taking place just as it has been predicted in the ancient “mythologies” (these are not originally “myths” but because they get passed through hundreds and thousands of generations removed from the original events) – what is going on in my mind is a direct indicator of how this is working. One can either attempt to make sense out of what is happening or one can become totally overwhelmed and confused by it. What is happening in our world is what is known as the “quickening” where all these accelerating factors are converging into (events) what we are now experiencing in the world as we speak. 2012 is the “mantra” but like Bob Dylan sang… “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows” and a Native American would say “you don’t need a watch to know when it is time to eat” – what is clear is that all of these factors are converging (which includes the advent of the Internet and World Wide Web) to the most momentous point in current history.

And we are there (here) to experience it whether we know or don’t know what is happening.

So, at least on a personal level, please understand and excuse me if I have offended you or anyone at this point in time.

Convergence is real as real can be and that is my reality and what I am experiencing in real terms – the “things” that are happening in my life and to others around me.

Right now I am officially retired.

Things will be what they will be.

I hope what I am saying and demonstrating makes it easier to understand.



I just think that if we are to have a real democracy (which we don’t) that it can only work if the people are correctly informed of what has, is, and will be happening. Otherwise it will not and can not work. What people are being “officially” told in this regard is a fabrication – goes all the way back to the Roman Empire actually as a classical history of how this is playing out. Without being correctly and genuinely apprised of very significant facts the people can not make intelligent and progressive decisions. This is the case now and why everybody is in such a state of apathy with these feelings that “we just can’t do anything about it” and “it doesn’t matter anyway” is how the powers that be continuously get away with what they have done, are and will be doing. The first step is getting informed about the nature of this reality and where we all are heading. I am doing the best I can in this regard – but things will be what they will be. It is just a matter of perception. The oligarchs that rule over this world know the public mentality only too well and they are setting everyone up for the final kill (off). I think we have a better chance if we know precisely what is going on. One is not going to get this from the mainstream media because it is a tool of the elite and works only to facilitate and smokescreen their agenda. Their agenda is a totalitarian new world order and police state and it is just a matter of short time now before this comes crashing down into everyone’s lives. Better to be informed so that you are better able to intuitively deal with it. You should understand my point. I don’t vote because there is no genuine choice – it is just a choice for the sake of an illusion of democracy. We are in the most critical presidential election year of all history and once the three ring circus act of this election is over reality is really going come on fast and furious – hitting everyone where they live – with no place to run and no place to hide if you haven’t already planned for it. Those who are not well informed are going to go crazy when it hits. …. this is what I expect. Things are about to get really crazy and people are going to need some kind of a geopolitical compass to chart their way through the coming storm before they end up in FEMA concentration camps or dead or both. The very least we “can do” is to be informed….. don’t you agree?



Dear Thrive Movement,

To protect yourself and your loved ones, you need to have an accurate sense of what’s going on around you. 

There are some current events you won’t want to miss – a dangerous new Executive order signed on March 16th, an invasive Supreme Court ruling, and a new spy center in Bluffdale, Utah. For more information on these latest developments, check out Foster’s blog.

As these recent events make clear, there has never been a more important time to wake up, get active, and spread the critical information in the movie, THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?.

THRIVE is now spreading around the world for free! Please share the movie and spread this blog. Thank you for helping to create a world where everyone can truly have a chance to thrive.


Foster, Kimberly, and the Thrive Team


Of Self and Others

What I express is not about myself although there are indeed selfish issues that I have to deal with. I am talking about at least 80% of the “others” of the rest of the world’s populations….. not me specifically although I have had to endure this in my life as well. It is not about you in this case, it is about the rest of humanity and what is happening in the world today and what is expected for the world in the near future. The world includes everyone everywhere in the world. I do not look at or experience the world from the limited perspective of just myself. I embrace the world as a part of everyone else by being aware of “our” collective experience and reality.

There are two metaphysical perspectives inherent in being:

STS (Service to Self) and STO (Service to Others).





As you grow older you look back and you see how the system exploits you when you are young. Now all those things that seemed so important no longer matter. They are such incidental things given such significance due to naïveté and ignorance. In this later stage of life the reconciliation of these times viewed through the acquisition of a lifetime of experience, knowledge and wisdom gives us pause to reflect on their true character and meaning. The establishments of this world exploit our youthful years and vitality, our dreams and aspirations are the energy that makes this world’s organizations and economies (profits) go round and round until our lives are spent. Having the opportunity to retire we can reminisce with fond memories or anger in the realization of how we have been used and exploited by others, how we have been tempted and deceived. Our senior years are a time for a final clarification of what our lives have been and what they actually mean.  Unconditional love and forgiveness as a genuine ideal must abide in the truth of understanding all the things of our lives as they really are.  The way of freedom leads out of self-delusions – about ourselves and others who have interacted with us in our relations and associations in this world – and into self-realization as to who and what we really are, how we have come to be and where we are ultimately going. Perhaps there is nothing more valuable worth knowing. My work is not finished yet so we shall see what we shall see! ………Chris


After a lifetime of pulling down the string on my initial encounter to the south east of Rochester in 1965 and following each intuitive lead I have arrived in a very lonely place unable to relate with family and friends what it is I now see and think constantly about. I have attempted to summarize on my WordPress blog (link below)  (this is a hasty and awkward work in progress) just to make my experience available…. whatever! I am currently reading “After Disclosure” and “Hidden in Plain Sight”  and am encouraged to sense that popular support for this information is increasing. As I grew up outside of Rochester my stepfather now deceased was Ronald Hayes Pearson a famous craftsman in metal connected to the SAC and founder of Shop One we lived out on the Fairport Victor line at the crossroads of Turk Hill and Steele Roads and had many professional and social connections to the University, the Arts and Technology, Politics, Newspapers (and the Rockefellers)  when Rochester was the Number One technology center I guess in the world! My next door neighbor was Bob Gundlach – the guy who invented the xerox copier machine. That legacy as I was told moved out to Silicon Valley. I live in Los Angeles now. I have been associated with virtually every advocate of this subject and the evolving technologies having traveled around the world in the US Navy, served in Vietnam – Naval Air – trucked 2.5 million miles throughout the United States and Canada, read and studied thousands of books kept in a personal library (some collectors items now), and corresponded and continued ongoing research with the advent of the World Wide Web (prior through the world wide cable networks), associated with and donated to rising individuals, groups, and organizations – for example I am a CE-5 (Steven Greer’s term). But it is all too much to relate at one time. All I can say is that this is not an “ego trip” but an appeal for someone knowledgeable, sane and focused on these issues and some fellowship with others who are experienced attempting to find an island of relativity amidst a world that is in a trance where ignorance is bliss and no-one wants to hear a word of this. I am going on 62 years now and currently recovering and rehabilitating from a pretty severe truck crash. Retired now. No more trucking for me! And am settling in to finish my work such as it is for posterity if there will be one after current events unfold and run their course. Talking to a psychologist is ridiculous as they are working within the “trance state” mentality and “inside the box”, when you are “outside the box” all you get is raised eyebrows and insinuations of “commitment” – perhaps a para-psychologist would be apropos but as yet I have not had the pleasure of one’s counsel. The initial contact was atop the highest point in Monroe County near the crossroads of Steele and Thayer Roads a large (very very large) circular “ship” hovering silently with a circumference of white lights blinking in a rotating pattern over what is now Bart Valvano’s (architect) custom home complex (I worked as a teenager to help him build it) the encounter was in the early evening in the fall leaves were off the trees on a clear starry night. The contact and connection was utterly amazing (telepathic two way cause and effect). I had three fellow students/friends as witnesses. I reported it immediately to the police and then to NICAP. While corresponding with that group I observed it in the following years become infiltrated by a CIA/NSA operation (while I was serving in the Navy) and I joined a para-naval operation involved with this subject but steeped in the occult and metaphysics, as a petty officer in charge of communications and as an aide to the commander for 13+ years. I know what is going on in the “bigger picture” and how the “agenda” is now evolving into our immediate future. Yet the subject and future prospect becomes incomprehensibly overwhelming and unreal beyond a certain point. Sometimes terrible to the point of madness. I don’t know. I can not evaluate this whole scenario on my own anymore. You look around to see if someone has a better handle on it only to find that you “are it” and there is no-one else beyond you to turn to in the private sector. In the MIC/NSA/ONI echelons they are organized around this reality for a long time (I would estimate even centuries or more). In the “commons” we must struggle for some kind of clarification as if there were any purpose in knowing about all of this on a personal level. As you probably know the bulk of this world’s populations are not only at risk they are intentionally compromised and expendable. Soon to be culled wholesale. So what is your advice?



After midnight my sleep full of graphic and dramatic dreams one blending into another like chapters of a most amazing story filed with characters and situations similar to people and places I have known…..did not want the dreaming to end. But like everything in this world all things eventually fade away into the ethereal leaving only wisps of memories. Allah (God) would be very lonely without the dramatic reflections of (God’s) creation. I am exhilarated when exploring – like hiking in the mountains, across the deserts, valleys and plains, along the rivers, and sailing over the seas,  gazing in awe up into the heavens filled with endless stars and ancient mysteries but there is always such an abiding loneliness about it all. I yearn to share that experience but in sharing it always seems to be reduced to a dimensionally flat photograph devoid of the real time intensity of feeling. It is only by the human connection through the dramatic relationships in all of life’s integrations and interactions that this sense of loneliness is mitigated for Allah’s unconditional love must be expressed and experienced between ourselves and others, otherwise such love would not exist. Now here is the higher purpose in living that answers all our questions about the meaning of life, being, and the purpose of human existence. I will meditate before sunrise.



Morning Meditation today.

How my lessons in meditation and practice are progressing:

Meditation is not a panacea or medication to make things (situations etc) in life or reality go away or cover them up. It is just a foundation for dealing with them. One still needs to resolve all these things in real time and in relationships. Eventually all the dramatic circumstances of our immediate lives will fade and pass away naturally but are with us while we live for a reason. Meditation helps us to realize this. It is not a drug or intended for getting high. It is a tool that when practiced correctly benefits not only ourselves but all others we are circumstantially related to as well as all other beings in the worlds and universes. Correctly understood it carries this as a responsibility to self and others. I am not preaching here and this is not just my opinion this is what it is in reality. What is as it is and what is scientifically true. Just for your benefit and mutual understanding.




I have stated comprehensively what I mean. It is understandable that you don’t understand my personal experiences above and beyond and including my family and childhood. I have detailed this in writing endlessly. I also expect that you as well as others in my family perceive the world and me the way you do because this is the only reality that you know to be real and I might add will permit. I embrace your reality and understand it as well as my own and the reality of the world above and beyond it. I share each and everone else’s lives and stories and realities and “homes” in the same degree to the best of my understanding and compassion but I know I am not allowed to share mine to same degree because it is not allowed, not accepted, not understood or acknowledged for what it actually is and on top of that criticised, with insinuations that I continuously need psychological help and treatment in order to “be made right” according to what you believe; and I do mean “believe” because what you believe is demonstratedly not true. Yet still “they” will not permit a word of it otherwise. And I understand the reasons for this as well. I have gone to the outer limits to come to understanding yet it still seems to be of no avail. I appreciate your compassion I really do, but in answer to your continuing questions: I have already put all the answers out there for you. There is a point where I cannot do any more than that because the rest, should you care, is up to you, not by asking me further questions. I cannot breathe for you! You can digest this with a little time on your own perhaps let’s estimate, to the same limited time that we might spend together as would be sufficient, but that is a matter of perception that is up to you. As well as anyone else in my family. It is all out there for you just a matter of the will to understand it. That is not something I can “will” for you. Pass this on to the  others and when something sensible comes back from anyone – believe me I will know and appreciate it. But please no more questions…. just take this “limited” time to read and understand my answers. This is all I have to give …. my gift to you. This is where I live, my home, the paintings on my walls, the views from my windows, the leaves on my trees and the flowers in my gardens.

How you receive it is how it affects me.



When one considers how the powers that be staged the 911 events as a “New Pearl Harbor” and were able to get away with it along with all the atrocities that followed because they are the very same powers that be who also orchestrate as well the “official” public information, mass media, and news accounts – it must be conclusive that these characters mean business. It also means that what is about to follow globally is imminently being staged according to their agenda.

So it is in fact an existential crisis not only for each human being on Earth but for the whole Human Race. What happens next is inevitable – a massive man-made extinction level event. It has happened before on this planet; here on Earth and elsewhere in the universe artifacts abound to tell the tale. Perhaps this is all part of coming of age as the species that we are in the destruction of everything that was – in order to restructure a Brave New World upon its ashes.

The “Break-a-Way Civilization” has been in progress all along comprised of mankind’s best choices – the chosen (the “Elect”) being secured with in the most advanced high tech infrastructures “Top Secretly” designed and constructed – capable of surviving all the tests and trials of time. We can be assured that there will be no place for us if we have not already been chosen and if not we are very much on our own to make our way amongst the coming wreckage and collateral damage – if in fact we are so unfortunate as to survive.

It is interesting what Fidel Castro had to say a day or so ago that in the face of 25,000 high yield nuclear weapons of mass destruction (along with other high tech NBC and EMP devices) that for many decades now, speaking realistically, several billion people populating the Earth today have never really had any intrinsic rights because they have been condemned to die for at least as long as the Holy Roman Bible has existed.

What can we do now? It is time to finish writing our last chapters by tying up all the loose ends of our lives and relations and to put ourselves in order as best we can for whatever may be in the hereafter. It is Judgment Day but it is each one of us who must ultimately be the Judge as to who and what we really are, our purpose for being, and the meaning of our lives.

Our material fate has already been decided by our “Masters”!



Bet you don’t know what the most psychotropic hallucinogenic drug in the universe is?

Metaphysical studies reveal this to be Oxygen.

The #1 Hypnotic.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Actually this is the most fundamental truth of the matter.

You want withdrawal symptoms just try holding your breath for a couple of minutes.

The “Matrix” is a good analogue. But in essence this is the way it is.

Alcohol is perhaps the next in line and is a product of fermentation. A biological process in the absence of oxygen.

It produces a sort of reverse effect but just about as potent.

There should be no small wonder why addiction exists. It is just a more advanced stage of living and breathing oxygen.

And so the manifestation of this world – as we experience it.

Once you have realized this and gotten a glimpse of the “other side” there is no way to turn back.

Mentally it is un-stabilizing because it is simply the deconstruction of how we think and experience this illusion of reality.

This is certainly integral to my “problem” in relating to the circumstances of this world.

I am dealing with it and hope that I can reconcile these factors in some sensible way.

But there you have the gist of it. This is what happens when you seek enlightenment and knowing what it is as it is.

It is not an easy way!



After experiencing and studying all these things I am acutely aware that there is a root of goodness and spirit of good will that pervades the human condition throughout all history. It is quiet and generally invisible against the tyranny of evil that generates the human drama throughout all its ages. But this spirit of goodness not only pervades but prevails against all odds and is in the final analysis our saving grace. It perhaps is signified by “The Christ” but this is only a symbol of something that is vitally dynamic to the Human Race. What we see in the day to day world and news is nothing but the “Anti-Christ” in worldly manifestation. In wars and conflicts and resulting human strife. The epic battle between Good and Evil. We are in the final days of this conflict but these days involve all of the technologies so far developed. Some of these technologies have not seen the light of day in the public life and they would be publicly incomprehensible at any rate. So is the nature of our current specious drama. It is sublimated in many forms and insinuates itself into our very person, and sense of being, our sense of identity knowingly or unknowingly – it becomes who we think we are despite who we really are.

Does this make any sense to you?




I know you very well. It is because of you that all these crimes against humanity are allowed to happen. And you will carry this subconscious guilt to your grave and in your lives to come. This is the definition and meaning of Hell. Until you come to recognize the “Truth” you will forever be struggling with an answer to your situation. The consequence of your tacit approval of these demonic acts of crimes against not only humanity but against all life on Earth will follow you no matter where you go from here to eternity.

I am here just to warn you of these consequences. We are entering the time of Judgment and this is intimately connected to each one of you. What does this mean this “Judgment”? It means where you will go as a Soul from here after as your physical, yea corporeal death. Your body is just an instrument, a means to know the ultimate meaning of life. This is your chance, your opportunity to realize the nature and future disposition of your soul. How you deal with this opportunity is a measure of your future in the eternity of each Human Soul.

Each of our lives holds the most significance in terms of our cosmic reality as we are created with this purpose and meaning for our very existence and being. How we regard ourselves in these times is a measure of our intrinsic worth in the universal scheme of things. The choice is up to you. Familiar circumstances only provide an opportunity to know and a choice to abide in that knowledge from here on into eternity.  I do not condemn you but rather condemn myself according to your desire to understand these conditions. It is up to you. It is not about me, it is about you.

You either choose to understand or you don’t. That is your conclusion and my ultimate fate. I place myself as a sacrifice on your behalf. This is the ultimate meaning and nature of family relations. If you refuse to understand me then I, as well as all my family and personal relations, am/are doomed! Doomed only in the sense that you will not know who or where you are in your future birth into circumstances that require you to experience and learn the lessons that you refused to acknowledge in your previous life. The consequences of this “refusal” are severe, and their metaphysical resolution becomes ever more difficult.

Love, Chris


Dear All, my Family,

You should imagine my frustration!

It is like talking to Goldfish in an aquarium, or to pets like dogs or cats.

Do you not have any appreciation for the meaning and purposes of life?

To you flowers are just “pretty’ with no understanding of the part they play in this world’s ecology.

All the facts are right there before your very eyes, and yet you do not want to see.

To pets there is not need for Philosophy or Metaphysics. They are merely “cute” and “pretty” whatever!

If they do not appear to you as “cute” and “pretty” then they have no further meaning.

As human beings we are given the opportunity, the choice, to know things as they really are.

This  choice is a matter of “to be” or “not to be”.

I learned this distinction very early on and consider this understanding the most beneficial.

It has lead me through my life, several times in life threatening situations, that have resolved because I believe.

I believe in a “Higher Power” and a “Higher Purpose” because this has been actively demonstrated to me.

We are all evolving according to our capacity to evolve.

In this case evolving means to acquire wisdom from the experience of living in our times.

No body in my family has ever acknowledged this “Higher Purpose” or that I might presume to abide in it.

As they say in Iraq, “what kind of people you are?” That you do not understand and acknowledge the Truth.

I swear to Allah that I will condemn myself to death to the degree of your misunderstanding.

Love, Chris


Second thoughts. If things were in a perfect world, in a perfect romance, perfect, then, I would not have come to know things as I do now. There is a trade off albeit not a comfortable or pleasant one, in knowing things as they are. It can never be a perfect world, for a Human Being is not a perfect being and does not have a perfect sense of what is real. Such is the error of our judgements. This is what we must learn to understand. It was never created or intended that we be perfect in our ways – there is no perfection for that which is imperfect – only the trials and tribulations of the ego.



How can this be? That no matter what I say, or the proofs that I produce, or the evidence that I display, you still cannot see it! Your response is to criticize and pity me for being some kind of unfortunate drunken fool who is the result of a dysfunctional childhood without ever realizing and admitting of the splinter that is in your own eye – the one that makes you so blind and delusional. Being blind means you cannot see, and by not seeing means you cannot comprehend what you cannot see no matter what proofs or evidences are placed before you – their meanings remain invisible to you – and in your mind mean nothing – and you have no reality. You have before you my virtual home and you are invited into it as my guests – as I have no other place to entertain you. You are blind because this is what you will to be, and you have no desire to be otherwise and this is why you would criticize me. There is no other explanation possible. The fact is you just do not need or want to know.



No matter where you look, no matter which way you turn, or direction you might take – you run up against blind alleys with surrounding walls of illusions imprisoning all the masses of people everywhere caught up in their little personal worlds of self-perpetuating delusions of reality. Amidst this madness of self-infatuating glibness, with only a trace “blessing” by the seeming sliver of some light of reason and sanity, one finds them-self utterly alone and with no one else even remotely sensible to talk to.

Where is the gate that leads out of this place? Is it the reality of death itself? We might ask of Lao Tzu or Gautama Buddha for at least a suggestion of an answer. But still we are left alone with only the dusty relics of some past lives lived in an ancient quest for a philosophical path to be taken, and only with the very remote “possibility” of a way out of this quintessential paradox.

I should return to these classic remains of some wisdom left behind in this surrealistic world of rapidly escalating self-destruction so imminently inherent within its own increasingly psychotic weight. One thing is for certain we are involved in a time of ultimate conditions, of “convergence” and the “end of days” for all the cultural edifices erected in affectations of an overpowering egocentric megalomania. We find ourselves, in reality, just infinitesimal specks of dust blowing in a cosmic wind that forever and timelessly breathes life and existence throughout the infinite universe in which we live.

Is this not a good reason to feel depressed as a personal condition in this place and time? And when what “cures” are offered are merely masks to be worn to help us “fit in” or “adapt” to this burgeoning flood tide of social insanity heuristically framed in terms of some kind of established order and conformity to an ambiguously changing mass chaos of human behavior considered as its Status Quo; why not drug ourselves to death for what difference does it make amidst nonsensical choices of one form of personal suicide or another?

We must look entirely away from this phantasy, find a shelter in isolation, and return “within” to find an inner connection with the Saints who have measured this challenge before us; for the gateway to Divine Light and Inspiration cannot be found in any external place or physical dimension (or suggestion) as it is beyond any of the corporeal senses; beyond even thoughts and words.

I ask you: is that “possibility” the only thing worth seeking in this life?

And as there is only me to answer, under the “particular and peculiar” circumstances of my life –

Yes, I believe so!

PS: It was fore-cautioned by not just one scholar that if a book containing the ultimate answer to the riddle of existence were to be read – the reader would end up hopelessly insane. This may very well be the case!


Since my teenage days I have dedicated my life to investigating the UFO/ET phenomena despite the resistance that the conventional and academic world enforces on such activity. From the family there continues to this day a consistent invalidation not only of my personal experiences and motivations, but as well of the whole subject involved. From my point of view it is the biggest and most important revelation of our so called modern age – one that changes everything the conventional and academic world takes for granted. The fact that we are not alone and never have been is a fact; and a reality that I have had firsthand and direct association with. For anyone in my immediate family to misunderstand this means that they totally misunderstand me as a person. To be misunderstood by my family is totally unacceptable to me. It is the most insulting and most demeaning action that anyone could inflict on me. It should come as no surprise that I am very angry about this condition of family relations but my anger is not directed to the person it is directed to this situation of not being understood with the indication that there is even no desire to understand – period. What I am presenting to you is my ongoing attempt to get my point across and properly understood. At this stage of the game, and being at this age in life there is little time left but I will continue with my message until it is correctly understood. Everything that I have done in this life aligns to this understanding, and only makes sense through this understanding. Anything otherwise is misunderstanding along with all the attendant disagreements, criticisms, arguments, and erroneous opinions that are generated within this condition. Very soon, if you live to see the day, you will be forced to realize what I am telling you is the truth and the very essence of the reality in which we live. It has been my process in life to negotiate this truth, to make sense out of it and to see how it applies to the future of the human race and my place on Earth. Right now I am in the end-notes of that process and am encouraged by the works of so many others who have come forward to address this subject and what it means to our future existential sense of being and living with this ultimate reality. It is also encouraging to see this from the “others” point of view. I have found these “others” to be non-hostile and communication with them to be extraordinary. Anyone having such an experience would want to share it with their family and associations. To be continuously inhibited from doing so is unacceptable. I indulge you for who you are, for the things that you feel are important about you and that you so generously desire to share. It is no different for me except that there has been no acceptance for what I have to share to date, only criticisms, arguments and false opinions. You must forgive me for those moments when I throw criticism back at you. You simply do not understand and seem to have no desire to. This directly reflects on me and my relations with you. My message is not complicated but it is very big, perhaps the biggest news of our time. It is time you understood it for what it is; for what is true. Such understanding will bring about an extraordinary change in your point of view, not only of me, but of everything you know about the world and universe in which we live.




01]   You need to get it by getting it and demonstrating it, if you don’t want to get it, or you can’t get it, then you don’t get it.

02]   Faith and Trust. Ultimately I (personally) only have Faith and Trust in an incomprehensible Divine God or Allah as no Human agency could possibly be that. One needs to at least understand the Divine Nature which is not Human Nature and in its most fundamental principles is and abides in Unconditional Love, Unconditional Understanding, and Unconditional Forgiveness. If you don’t have that then you could not possibly be that as a person or organization.

03]   Truth is as is consistent with one’s word and in order to be that one must at least understand the words and demonstrate the meaning of them from the very heart of that understanding.

04]   Freedom means “being free” or through an unconditional state of being – giving and receiving freely with no contracts or strings attached; no obligation beyond unconditional acceptance. By example receiving “sunlight” only requires being in “sunlight” or receiving “air” requires only being in the “air” and breathing; so too receiving “water” requires only being in the “water” and drinking of it. These are metaphors for that which represents what is Divine.

05]   By corollary artificial, being Human creation is opposite to Divine Creation but only in a paradoxical sense because in what is Divine there are no opposites. But by Human definition (through words) and understanding if this paradox seems to be only gibberish then that merely signifies that one has not gotten the true meaning of it (this paradox) and so too, one does not get it.

06]   If one does not get it then all of the above is meaningless to them and that signifies that they most certainly are not genuine, and even though one might “unconditionally” understand them, they should not be trusted.

The above is most logical by observation and practice.

It would not make sense to anyone not being and doing so.

Reconciliation as I define it in this case is:  A process with the intention of making that which is seemingly incompatible compatible or consistent through acceptance in order to settle or resolve incompatibilities and inconsistencies resulting in the reestablishment of a close or proximate relationship between one state or condition of being (person, situation, place, or thing – singular or plural) and another.

reconcile [ˈrɛkənˌsaɪl]

vb (tr)

1. (often passive; usually foll by to) to make (oneself or another) no longer opposed; cause to acquiesce in something unpleasant she reconciled herself to poverty

2. to become friendly with (someone) after estrangement or to re-establish friendly relations between (two or more people)

3. to settle (a quarrel or difference)

4. to make (two apparently conflicting things) compatible or consistent with each other

5. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) to reconsecrate (a desecrated church, etc.)

[from Latin reconciliāre to bring together again, from re- + conciliāre to make friendly, conciliate]

reconcilement  n

reconciler  n

reconciliation  [ˌrɛkənˌsɪlɪˈeɪʃən] n

reconciliatory  [ˌrɛkənˈsɪlɪətərɪ -trɪ] adj

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

In my experience point 04] Freedom exists by way of (Divinity) expressed in miracles and/or revelations that are inexplicable in Human terms. Demon- –strably in the World unconditional generosity operates in miraculous and mysterious ways through miraculous and mysterious means. When one has experienced this, and seen it operative and true, anything that is not this is clearly defined as not being that no matter what it might claim to be. One would have to have that experience, or by the grace of intuition “believe” that that is so in order to understand and anticipate what signifies that which is of Divine Nature. Such may also require a consummate unconditional humility.


The presence abides in a meditative state of quietude and heightened awareness. Its natural state is of a higher consciousness and within an innate wisdom of the ages. It will not be present with or abide in a semi-conscious or chaotically crazy noisy moronic space. For example when one enters a room full of randomly noisy people it is as if each one is playing their own raucous AM radio station simultaneously – like a riot in progress and it is uncomfortable yea even intolerable to be there. The abiding presence respects privacy as well and only attends where it is either needed or wanted. Such is the way it is with a benevolent spirit. It exists in a non-spatial dimension defined by resonant levels of affinity and communicates only with other spirits who are so attuned and prepared to communicate with it. Telepathy and ESP are appropriate terms to define its method and modes of non-linear communication. Thought forms and mental image impressions (beyond words) are the universal language. The benevolent spirit is purposeful with good and well qualified intentions but its holistic intentions and purposes are very difficult to understand from a human point of view because they are originating from a non-human perspective. The malevolent spirit is purposeful as well but its intentions are evil and destructive. It too attends resonant states and conditions that are appropriate to its cause. Throughout the ages and history as we know it symbolic rituals have been adopted and performed to communicate with spirits for either good or evil intentions and purposes.

PS: I am obviously being monitored and have been for years. I don’t know just how much this has to do with my accident but the details are peculiar enough to suggest that there is some connection. Type 3 I don’t think so! So for whoever is monitoring my Emails and Blog; and interfering with my Internet…… Hello to you too!
And Peace be upon you.


To Chris:

“I can only suggest taking some action that gives you a sense of accomplishment.  I don’t mean writing because that’s between you and the paper or screen.  I mean make some change somewhere with something or someone.  Make something better; then something else. It’s a huge task.  You can’t do it alone.  This world is really messed up.  That’s a fact.  But you are precious and you aren’t bad.  I guess you want to do something effective that is equal to the task, right?  Well, David, tackle your Goliath.  Where’s your stone?

When one is attached to this world one is subject to the plight of all its populations and life cycles. The key is knowing how to be cause, even if ever so slightly, not effect of it.  

I wish you peace, and love.”

My reply:

Good advice! My doing something has been to confront the reality of human activity in the most transcendent detail to the best of my perceptual and analytic ability. That has consumed me! The object (was) to perceive the world from the viewpoint of those who have the most power over it; also to understand their intentions.  I am not very interested in my peers because that involves very base level and fundamental understandings, as well as being chaotic, random, circumstantial, and crazy – all of which is counterproductive. The process of writing involves putting those perceptions, intuitions, impressions, realizations and revelations into words that encapsulate their meanings through language. The most fundamental analytical/scientific axiom is that form follows function in all of creation; no matter what the form there is a purpose or reason for its being. Once one reaches a certain point in that understanding it becomes a matter of metaphysics. The stone has already been cast. The “product” resides in the “collective mind and consciousness” made more accessible to each individual’s mind and consciousness through subsequent levels of intuition, inquiry, meditation, or prayer (whatever!)… and so the general state of consciousness can (have the potential to) evolve to a higher level. At that point one either becomes a “teacher” to help facilitate this evolutionary process at the mundane level of existence, or one simply detaches from all worldly things and concerns – no longer to return to this world. The most fundamental principle in Buddhism is this one of “attachment” which is a resonant function of the “psyche” just as chemical bonds are a resonant function of the “elements”. We find ourselves here in this world because we spiritually resonate with its (or a set of) particular circumstances of existence; and in the process of “individuation”, which is a Jungian concept (defined as the development of the individual from the general or universal as differentiated from LRH’s definition of introspective separation), participate with an inherent purpose as the “2nd Creator” in the creation of “objective reality” through observation and analysis of our life here on Earth as it dynamically unfolds. Fundamentally the only factor of the mind or personality that can be rarefied as “exterior” is the “ego” (self) which is a personality construct in the mind and it can be trained and programmed to do all sorts of amazing tricks of seeming causation but is entirely dependent on an external source (the programmer) for its existence. The “ego’s” raison d’etre is “survival” (The Dynamic Principle of Existence is Survival – LRH’s definition) with the projection (cause) of the “self” into immortality as an immortal being.  Through meditation one differentiates from the “ego” and its “attachments” and thereby fulfills the purpose for being here (and communicating etc….) There can be no lasting happiness in this world – it is an experience which covers the whole gamut of emotions and states of being. My problem remains as long as I remain attached to this world, a world full of a process of self-creation and self-destruction. When one is attached to this world one is subject to the plight of all its populations and life cycles. The only way to solve that problem is to resolve that attachment (dissolution of self)  which is what Vipassana (means: to see things as they really are, as one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation originally taught in India more than 2500 years ago by The Buddha as a universal remedy for universal ills) instructs one to do. This instruction is not a “suggestion” or a “program” but rather a teaching of an active meditative process that one applies to oneself – and it is freely taught and practiced by anyone – anywhere, everywhere.It represents Meditation 101 and when followed by conscientious Yoga and Cultivation Practice becomes the “Art of Living” as it is defined. The body is an instrument of experiential observation – a tool for the projection and analysis of objective reality. My desire is for understanding – so wherever that is suppressed, blocked or balked I have a problem and get a little compulsive obsessive in trying to be understood. Most of the time I am just experimenting (through feedback) with better ways to communicate so that understanding can come about. It is not easy but….this is my “stone”!


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