Converging factors in the year 2012:

Editor’s Note:  The following list includes the most significant aspects in convergence for the year 2012 and each item factors into an existential equation vital to any analysis and evaluation of current events. Unequivocal evidence, sources, and references can be found and are available for anyone at any time anywhere should you care to “look” and “see” these realities. Updates will appear at the top of the list…..Chris
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There exists a Financial Black Hole in the U.S. Federal Budget where all the missing trillions of dollars goes considering the Runaway Federal Debt as intended to be what it is for undisclosed purposes.  “with only need-to-know access about UFOs and ETs grew Black Agencies with Black  Budgets protected by classified executive orders that prevented Congress – the “Peoples Representatives” – from even knowing what those Black Budgets financed.”

“unfolds how fear of E.T. disclosure in a republican system of government posed such a serious problem that clever minds ” found a way to keep the original system alive while creating another, increasingly separate system that would be empowered to deal with the extraordinary intrusion of “others” into our world.” That clever but unconstitutional answer is a “breakaway civilization”.

List items for “breakaway civilization”:

Of special interest

Watch this movie!

Advanced Civilizations/Non-Human Civilizations/Simultaneous Civilizations/Alien-Hybrid Civilizations/Breakaway Civilizations/ Ancient (and prehistoric) Civilizations QED See Black Budget Finances


“Parallel Government/Secret Government/Federal Emergency Management Agency Infrastructure.

List items include:

Agenda 21 and the National Security State

Coming Martial Law and World Dictatorship

Geopolitical Conflicts and Restructuring

Through a dialectic process of Globalization

Global Economics

Global Finance

Systemic breakdown of the Global Financial System

Devaluation of the US Dollar

Currency Wars

Drug Wars

Civil, Local, National, and World Wars

The Art (and purpose) of War Defined

Fact of Life Everywhere in the Universe

Life is the rule not the exception

Creation of Existence is proof of Life

Form Follows Function is the Law of Creation

Artifacts on the Moon and Mars

Other Planets

ET Civilizations

UFOs and Crashes, ET Secrecy

ET Reality and Exo-politics

History of ET interactions

ET Technologies Reverse Engineering

ET and Military Secret Bases

Underground/Undersea/Outer Space

Bases and Colonies

Hyper Dimensional Realities

Technology New, Standards, Obsolete

WWIII and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Scalar, EMP

Weather Modification

Historic Conspiratorial Events

Lifting the Veil of Secrecy and Secret Societies

Astronomical Astrological Cosmic Cycles

Earth Changes


ELE Extinction Level Events

Psychic Revelations

Religion Religious Scripture translations


World Wide Religions State Religions

True History of the Human Race

Breakdown of Belief Systems

Reality of God and efficacy of Faith


Past Prehistoric Advanced Civilizations

The Internet and World Wide Web


Science Biology Genetics

Weather Modifications and Control



Everywhere you look

Every Aspect of Science

Is changing in a state of flux

Leading to a Convergence

In 2012

Geopolitical Modeling

Conspiracy Theory Realized





Space Opera


01]   You need to get it by getting it and demonstrating it, if you don’t want to get it, or you can’t get it, then you don’t get it.

02]   Faith and Trust. Ultimately I (personally) only have Faith and Trust in an incomprehensible Divine God or Allah as no Human agency could possibly be that. One needs to at least understand the Divine Nature which is not Human Nature and in its most fundamental principles is and abides in Unconditional Love, Unconditional Understanding, and Unconditional Forgiveness. If you don’t have that then you could not possibly be that as a person or organization.

03]   Truth is as is consistent with one’s word and in order to be that one must at least understand the words and demonstrate the meaning of them from the very heart of that understanding.

04]   Freedom means “being free” or through an unconditional state of being -giving and receiving freely with no contracts or strings attached; no obligation beyond unconditional acceptance. By example receiving “sunlight” only requires being in “sunlight” or receiving “air” requires only being in the “air” and breathing; so too receiving “water” requires only being in the “water” and drinking of it. These are metaphors for that which represents what is Divine.

05]   By corollary artificial, being Human creation is opposite to Divine Creation but only in a paradoxical sense because in what is Divine there are no opposites. But by Human definition (through words) and understanding if this paradox seems to be only gibberish then that merely signifies that one has not gotten the true meaning of it (this paradox) and so too, one does not get it.

06]   If one does not get it then all of the above is meaningless to them and that signifies that they most certainly are not genuine, and even though one might “unconditionally” understand them, they should not be trusted.

The above is most logical by observation and practice.

It would not make sense to anyone not being and doing so.

Reconciliation as I define it in this case is:  A process with the intention of making that which is seemingly incompatible compatible or consistent through acceptance in order to settle or resolve incompatibilities and inconsistencies resulting in the reestablishment of a close or proximate relationship between one state or condition of being (person, situation, place, or thing – singular or plural) and another.

reconcile [ˈrɛkənˌsaɪl]

vb (tr)

1. (often passive; usually foll by to) to make (oneself or another) no longer opposed; cause to acquiesce in something unpleasant she reconciled herself to poverty

2. to become friendly with (someone) after estrangement or to re-establish friendly relations between (two or more people)

3. to settle (a quarrel or difference)

4. to make (two apparently conflicting things) compatible or consistent with each other

5. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) to reconsecrate (a desecrated church, etc.)

[from Latin reconciliāre to bring together again, from re- + conciliāre to make friendly, conciliate]

reconcilement  n

reconciler  n

reconciliation  [ˌrɛkənˌsɪlɪˈeɪʃən] n

reconciliatory  [ˌrɛkənˈsɪlɪətərɪ -trɪ] adj

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

In my experience point 04] Freedom exists by way of (Divinity) expressed in miracles and/or revelations that are inexplicable in Human terms. Demon- –strably in the World unconditional generosity operates in miraculous and mysterious ways through miraculous and mysterious means. When one has experienced this, and seen it operative and true, anything that is not this is clearly defined as not being that no matter what it might claim to be. One would have to have that experience, or by the grace of intuition “believe” that that is so in order to understand and anticipate what signifies that which is of Divine Nature. Such may also require a consummate unconditional humility.

The Presence

The presence abides in a meditative state of quietude and heightened awareness. Its natural state is of a higher consciousness and within an innate wisdom of the ages. It will not be present with or abide in a semi-conscious or chaotically crazy noisy moronic space. For example when one enters a room full of randomly noisy people it is as if each one is playing their own raucous AM radio station simultaneously – like a riot in progress and it is uncomfortable yea even intolerable to be there. The abiding presence respects privacy as well and only attends where it is either needed or wanted. Such is the way it is with a benevolent spirit. It exists in a non-spatial dimension defined by resonant levels of affinity and communicates only with other spirits who are so attuned and prepared to communicate with it. Telepathy and ESP are appropriate terms to define its method and modes of non-linear communication. Thought forms and mental image impressions (beyond words) are the universal language. The benevolent spirit is purposeful with good and well qualified intentions but its holistic intentions and purposes are very difficult to understand from a human point of view because they are originating from a non-human perspective. The malevolent spirit is purposeful as well but its intentions are evil and destructive. It too attends resonant states and conditions that are appropriate to its cause. Throughout the ages and history as we know it symbolic rituals have been adopted and performed to communicate with spirits for either good or evil intentions and purposes.

PS: I am obviously being monitored and have been for years. I don’t know just how much this has to do with my accident but the details are peculiar enough to suggest that there is some connection. Type 3 I don’t think so! So for whoever is monitoring my Emails and Blog; and interfering with my Internet…… Hello to you too!

And Peace be upon you.

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