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Lindsey Williams 2012

The Metaphysics of Petroleum
The Petro Dollar Paradox
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Relevant September 13th, 2012:  The Federal Reserve Announces QE3
My thanks to Fred Sternbach, one of my high school friends, who later opened a bar at the crossroads – I believe at Junction City to service the Pipeline Workers when this project first started back in the 1970’s. It is because of him that I have had a continuing interest in this project and just what it signifies to America and the World. ….Chris
 Lindsey Williams was  Chaplin on the Alaskan Pipeline Project [for 3 years circa 1970’s]
[Transcribed by Chris]

“What you are about to hear on the Jeff Rense Show tonight cannot be found written in any financial newsletter anywhere. You definitely will not get it on the Liberal Media nor on the television set and unless a person has some elitist on the inside who is willing to tell them these things it will never be known.

Now since this definitely will determine your dinner table and relate to your family in a very special manner in the next few months’ time I’m urging every person in the listening audience to get a pencil and paper – you must write down some of the facts I’m going to give you tonight. Because when you put this puzzle together you will be utterly dumbfounded!

Now you already know the pieces of this puzzle. Every person out there in your show tonight listening Jeff, you have heard pieces of this somewhere but no one ever put the puzzle together for you and neither was it put together for me until, well, let me begin where it began just a matter of a few weeks ago I received an email from my elitist friends, now uhm, Jeff knows who this person is, uhm, I can’t give his name because he is still alive, he’s retired, senior executive of Atlantic Richfield, but this gentleman contacted me by email and what he said was so simple that to the average person it would have never registered.

But what it said was the Liberty Rig in Prudhoe, Alaska stopped drilling!

When I read that it said everything to me. It was almost as if it had leaped off of the page. Uhm, it… it was so important until … it almost sent cold chills up and down my spine!

Now briefly let me tell you what the Liberty Rig is and then give you what I did at that point in calling my friend, and when I tell you what he told me you will know the entire story about Syria – yes! I know these sound like simple words but I learned, long time ago, to hear the buzzwords of “The Elite” and when I think something is that way I merely pick up the telephone and call them and go from that point.

This led to Syria, it led to the Bakken Oil Reserve, it led to why they had stopped the drilling at Prudhoe Bay Alaska, it led back to a statement that had to do with the Gulf of Mexico and the big oil spill that took place there – which you well remember that contaminated the Gulf and even into the Gulf Stream which has affected weather patterns in the Scandinavian countries. This also led to the statement that was given to me by a Mr. Ken Fromm back.. oh…  nearly three years ago – and that is – well actually about two years ago before he passed away – by the end of 2012 the dollar will be dead and he did not say it would be nonexistent – he said it would be dead.

And I have learned so often to listen to every single word that these people say because they don’t have idle words out there.

So let’s begin, first of all, what is the Liberty Rig? Please! I hope you have that pencil and paper handy. You need to write it down. Write down Liberty Rig, write down Prudhoe Bay Alaska, which is the big oil field up on the Arctic Ocean, America’s Oil Field, and then write down “BP Oil Company”.  Oh what… what a story this tells.

First of all the Liberty Rig, you will find it on You Tube there are pictures there, it is nothing that’s hidden. BP Oil Company had built the largest drilling rig, the most… should I say, to handle the most pressure, it exceeds any oil rig that has ever been built on the Face of the Earth and it came by way of flotilla to Prudhoe Bay Alaska one year ago this summer. They set it up on Gull Island and the only place you will find out anything about Gull Island is in my book “The Energy Non-Crisis” and there is a chapter there which Ken Fromm personally wrote after he was fired from Atlantic Richfield, which is a story within itself, but I don’t have time to tell it tonight, and the book is out of print but if you really want it you can go onto Amazon Kindle and get it.

Now the Liberty Rig was moved to Gull Island, read that chapter in my book “Energy Non-Crisis” entitled “If Gull Island Doesn’t Blow Your Mind This Will”.

Thirty-five years ago I watched the largest Oil Pool ever discovered on the Face of the Earth brought in, proven, and ordered classified within 24 hours. I was told by Mr. Fromm himself that, back then thirty-five years ago, [1976] to be exact, I was told by him “Chaplain, we will never release this oil until we have the price of crude oil where we want it to go”… please write that down – this is so important! “We will never release this oil from the largest oil pool ever discovered on the face of the earth until we have the price of crude oil where we want it to go”. I asked him “Mr. Fromm – where do you want it to go?” He refused to tell me and in [1976] crude oil was $32.00 a barrel.

They later told me where they wanted it to go – they wanted it to go to $150.00 [+] a barrel. This is so significant with what happened to the Liberty Rig.

One year ago they moved it there; they began drilling on Gull Island. They stopped drilling only a matter of days ago. That rig has drilled to quite a depth already – they are going down over 40,000/feet – they know what’s there – they are going into Abiotic Oil* they are not going into fossil fuel, it is abiotic oil -which Russia found with their [core ST3] wells back in the 70’s and the Liberty Rig has been drilling, they right now, BP Oil Company has [invested] in the Liberty Rig over one-billion dollars. Did you hear this! You did hear me correctly. They have already invested in the rig, in getting it there, and in drilling for one year; they have over one-billion dollars. That is not peanuts and they did not shut it down because of their health. They shut it down for – well as Paul Harvey used to say – “The Rest of the Story”.

Now you know what Liberty Rig is. You can go on You Tube and find the pictures and details of the Liberty Rig. [It’s huge –Jeff] Yeah! There is nothing like it on the face of the earth.

Now when I got that message from my elitist friend I immediately picked up the telephone and I said “what in this world is going on?” Are you ready? Here’s what he told me: he said “Chaplain, we have temporarily shut down drilling on the Liberty Rig for two reasons.”

The first reason is the most important: Folks, this is going to affect your dinner table. They do not want the Liberty Rig to go through that strata of oil so that they would have to admit that it’s there. They already know it’s there! But they don’t want to go through that strata of oil until they have crude oil to $150.00 a barrel minimum which means you will pay $6-$7.00/a gallon at the gas pump and the ““elite”” are, oh this is.. write this figure down… the ““elite”” right now are six-months behind in their plan.

The next thing that was said to me was so vitally important: Why are the “elite”’s behind six-months? Why have they postponed any further drilling on the Liberty Rig until they get the price of crude oil up to $150.00/ a barrel? It was supposed to already have been there!

Now, Jeff, I was on your show many months ago and I made the statement that the price of crude oil is going to $150.00/ a barrel and I know many of you remember when I said that and you’re thinking right now “come on Mr. Williams you missed this one!”  Ahh… no I didn’t! The “elite” missed it! No, really, ahh.. I’m going to have to put it that way because they did.

Now, some of you remember that about a year and three or four months ago, ahh, well, four or five months ago, [Break] Jeff, you always have your listeners very briefly so that some of them will understand where I am coming from otherwise they’re gonna wonder when, how in the world is this guy talking off of the top of his hat?

Ahh, numbers of years ago by the providence of God I had the privilege of being invited to be the Chaplain to the “elite” of the world and for three-years I lived with these people. That was thirty-five years ago. Over the years I’ve kept in touch with them. From time to time they tell me things that I’m able to tell to the world that can spare your household great heartache. That’s what I’m trying to explain tonight…  is the world of the “elite” as it stands right now tonight on the 28th of this month [August 2012] at this very moment: what is it that is in the world of the “elite”? 

Let’s go back now to, you remember well, when we went into Egypt our State Department, oh…this… this was so sad. What business do we have to depose any leader? We went in to this, into Egypt, deposed Mubarak, gave Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood – at the time I sensed that there’s something drastic was happening in the ““elite”s” world and I called my elitist friend and I asked him what in the world was going on. At the time he told me every plan that they had from that day forward for about the next year to two-years as far as the Middle East is concerned and I was so startled that I did a three-hour DVD series entitled “The Middle East – the Rest of the Story”.

Now, if you’d like to back up my story please go on You Tube to retired General Wesley Clark if you have not listened to and viewed his speech in which he says he walked into the State Department one day and they casually said to him just as if it were a flippant, ahh, event “we are going to take over certain nations within x-number of years” and when I was told, after the Egypt event, what was going to happen… and when I first saw retired General Wesley Clark’s presentation I sat there literally spellbound because what retired General Wesley Clark found out a number of years ago was exactly what they told me a little over a year ago and I put in my DVD series and I had never heard Wesley Clark up until that point, I did not know what he had said but it’s almost to the letter what he said that the State Department told him was going to happen so I went to my friend and I said “what’s going to happen?”

He said first of all “Mubarak” well that’d already been overthrown. He said next “Libya”. Then he went right on down the line. He came to “Syria”. He told me their timetable. I gave that timetable over a year ago so you can’t say it wasn’t out there before it happened. And when they got to Syria – first of all Libya and Gaddafi put them back two-months. Gaddafi didn’t give in as fast as the ““elite”” wanted him to and so they weren’t able to give it to the Muslim Brotherhood as quickly as they wanted it. And every bit of this is done in cahoots with our State Department through our President. Wesley Clark was told it was going to happen. And the ““elite”” knew it because they were the ones that were doing it in order to create such chaos in the Middle East that they could take the price of crude oil to $150.00/a barrel.

Then they came to their “Waterloo”! That’s right! The ““elite”” don’t always get their way. They came to Syria and they thought that Assad would just be an easy overthrow but he wasn’t! It has been year… day after day they have tried to fight him, our State Department now is admitting that they are supporting the “rebels” – this is so sad that the United States of America is doing what we are doing and I hope you’re keeping up with some of this on the National News [where] they’re really admitting to some of it now.

The “elite” are behind six-months in Syria, two-months because of Libya; they’re approximately eight-months behind in their plan of getting the price of crude oil to $150.00/a barrel; they had to shut down drilling with the Liberty Rig because they did not want to go through that strata until they got the price of crude oil where they wanted it to go and I am very very concerned at this point because the “elite” are desperate! No really! I’m trying my best to explain to you the mindset and the thought patterns of these people as to what they are doing.

They intended to create massive chaos in the Middle East, maybe even shut down the Strait of Hormuz where approximately 30-40% of the crude oil goes through on any given day in order to create the oil crisis they wanted and…. Whenever you hear retired General Wesley Clark you are going to hear a statement that I hope you take it to heart. People have criticized me over the past year since I created my DVD Series “The Middle East – The Rest of the Story” and said “Chaplin, Saudi Arabia will never be overthrown” . Whenever you view General Wesley Clark’s presentation on You Tube you will hear him say that the last country that the “elite” will give to the Muslim Brotherhood that will be overthrown is Saudi Arabia and when I heard that it almost sent cold chills up and down my spine because this is what my “elitist” friend told me a little over a year ago.

Now we’ve come to the point that they’re about six-months behind, two or three things are happening and this is going to affect your life. The Bakken Field in North and South Dakota and Montana are well underway to production. I was up in that part of the country this summer. I heard what was going on personally… I went up and looked around. I met with some of the people who are working on the oil field. It is going full speed ahead. The “elite” can’t stop it because there are too many wildcatters up there. They wish they could but there’s one thing they could stop. They could stop the Liberty Rig until they get the price of crude oil where they want it.

Now, there’s another item I want you to look at. You’ll find this likewise. [Break] I am warning you the “elite” are desperate and… when these people get desperate they do desperate things.  Ahh… the “elite” are desperate; Mr. Obama is desperate. I am very concerned with what I’m hearing from my “elitist” friend that in order to get the price of crude oil where they want it to go to $150.00/a barrel they may shut down the Strait of Hormuz. I am not saying there’s going to be war with Iran nor Israel. I do not know what method they will use but I know that they must get the price of crude oil up and they need to get it up soon; and Syria and Assad have set them back because… you remember that Mr. Putin of Russia stepped in and he put a real wrench in their works. He said “don’t you dare touch Syria – don’t you go in there and bother Assad – if you do Russia will step in” and as a result the United States backed off. I’ve never known Hillary Clinton to back off like that before in my life. Great Britan backed off. The United Nations backed off. We started going in from the backdoor and supporting ahh… and this past week I couldn’t believe it I… I’m still sitting here dumbfounded.

I heard it with my own… I very seldom ever listen to the voice of the President; I can hardly stand it anymore, but this one time I ahh… I think I was driving on the road someplace back to my office and I actually heard him say “Mr. Assad! Don’t you dare use chemical weapons against your people.” Folks, does this sound like what you heard a few years ago from George Bush when he said “weapons of mass destruction” and we must go in and take them out. He knew all the time there were no weapons of mass destruction there. Now our President is using the same ploy again. “Chemical Weapons! Mr. Assad don’t you dare use…” for some reason the “elite” have not been able to assassinate this guy and Syria has set them back all these months. As a result they could shut down only one thing at this point and that’s the Liberty Rig until they can get that price up.

But the thing that so concerns me is since they’ve had trouble getting the price where they want it they may use drastic methods and what else will take place I don’t have the slightest idea. The only thing I can think of that would cause the price of crude oil to that high overnight would be if they shut down the Strait of Hormuz. Now, $150.00/a barrel is the minimum they want it and they have indicated the possibility of up to $200.00/a barrel. Ahh… as you notice gas prices have gone up quite a bit lately in fact they went up 8 or 10 cents I guess just within the past week because all of the platforms in the Gulf of Mexico have been shut down because of the hurricane that’s going through there right now so they’ve gotten the price up somewhat but they still have not created the mass chaos that they want in order to get it to the price that they wanted at $150.00/a barrel.

Now, as you remember, they [intended] the Middle East chaos to grow so great and oh… you cannot imagine how happy I was to hear General Wesley Clark say something that I’ve been so criticized about and that is that eventually the chaos will be caused also in Saudi  Arabia – it’s only a matter of time – you mark my word. This, Wesley Clark said it, I predicted it over a year ago; I’m gonna go on record as probably saying it for the first time tonight – “You watch Saudi Arabia!” you’re going to begin to see the Muslim Brotherhood do strange things there until Saudi family has some problems and Saudi Arabia will see conflicts internally – it will happen eventually as they work hard to get the price of crude oil where they want it to go.

Now, there’s a second reason why they’ve shut down the Liberty Rig from drilling temporarily… now notice that word “temporarily”. Please go to the statement that BP Oil Company made you’ll find it somewhere on the Internet because somebody sent it to me the other day in fact I think my “elitist” friend sent it to me. And in that statement there is a brief paragraph in fact this statement is so carefully worded that they even copyrighted it. And whenever you read a statement there is a brief paragraph and it states something similar to this: “we wish to be assured that what happened in the Gulf of Mexico will not happen in the Arctic Ocean where the Liberty Rig is drilling.” When I saw that I went back again and I said “what is going on?” Are you ready? They had gone down far enough already, as I mentioned to you they are going down over 40,000 feet.

Now just imagine this for a moment: you’re flying in a commercial jet airliner – you’re going across America. It gets up to cruising altitude. You look down at the ground – how far is that? That’s 40-45,000 feet. That is the distance that they’re drilling to hit abiotic oil in the super deep well on Gull Island at Prudhoe with the Liberty Rig and they’ve already gone down far enough that they are anticipating pressures whenever they go through that strata the highest that have ever been discovered on the face of the earth to the point that they were concerned – that they had to close the rig down for a period of time anyway because of the Middle East – they are concerned and they are beefing up the Liberty Rig to be able to ahh… to stand 50-60,000 pounds per square inch which is almost unheard of on any oil field of artesian pressure but they’re beefing up the rig to stand those pressures. Do you realize that if that Liberty Rig had happen what happened in the Gulf of Mexico that it would contaminate the entire Arctic Ocean and would affect the weather patterns of the entire world. 

They are concerned that this doesn’t happen and that one statement when I saw it I immediately said “OK… what does this mean?” I knew it was a buzzword and basically I found out that they are beefing up the rig. And you’ll find some of this in BP Oil Company’s ahh… communiques that their putting out that their doing this in order to see to it that nothing happens.

So, in a nutshell, please get prepared for energy price increases. You are going to see them in the very near future. You may see some drastic things take place in the Middle East – I don’t know what they can do with Assad and Syria because of Russia and Russia has said “don’t you dare touch’em”  [Break]

Russia, as of last year, became the Number 1 producer of crude oil on the face of the earth bypassing Saudi Arabia. Ahh… Mr. Putin is very much involved in this and he himself is the owner of much of the ahh… oil production in Russia. I think this is one of the reasons he was reelected even though many of the people did not like him. Russia has not flexed her muscles since the Cold War. This is the first time Russia has stepped out and said “America do not touch Syria.” Ahh… if Russia has no choice but to keep her threat – she can’t back down. There’s too much at stake. Uhm… there’s been no threat made like this since the Cold War so as a result she doesn’t dare back down.

If our State Department continues to be pushed by the “elite” – now please notice these words – our State Department is the one that’s being pushed into doing this by the “elite” of the world and because of the oil crisis and many other things involved. Now, if our State Department continues to push and ahh… supporting the “rebels” and sending in, as you just mentioned, ahh… different adverse methods over there to try to get rid of Assad – Russia may keep her promise and if so …. Oh my goodness! I can’t even conceive of the conflicts that are going to be involved.

Now, since we are coming down to the last few minutes here may I tell you one or two other things my “elitist” friends have said and maybe some other time I can get into the rest of it but… may I ask you to please! It is time for your final preparation. Everybody out there in the listening audience I cannot tell you what to do. But I can tell you when it’s going to happen. Yes… you did hear me correctly. I very seldom make a statement like this. I can tell you when it’s going to happen. I can tell you all the signs that will tell you when it’s going to happen.  My “elitist” friend, not too long ago, said to me “Chaplain, do you want to protect your household and to spare yourself a lot of heartache?” he said “let me tell you what to watch for.”

First of all he told me what not to watch for. He said “don’t pay any attention to Wall Street and the New York Stock Market” he said “it’s not an indication of anything.” He said “don’t pay any attention what-so-ever to the EURO or the European Union” he said “that likewise is not an indication of anything and neither is crude oil prices even though they are going to take them up” he said “the sign and the indicator that you will know months in advance, at least weeks in advance before there is going to be a financial disaster of some type take place in the world, and it is going to happen, I’m not saying it’s happening by the end of the year. I did not say that. I saying I’m giving you the signs to tell when it’s going to happen so that maybe months or weeks in advance…” they basically said to me “Chaplain, we will tell you – you do with this information as you wish.” But out of respect for the three years I gave of my life as their Chaplain they have been kind enough to tell me how to protect my own family.

And I have taken time to make that final preparation. Here’s what you need to watch for: pay attention only to the Derivative Market. The Derivative Market was created nearly 50 years ago for the purpose of bringing down the financial condition of the world whenever they are ready for it to happen. They are not ready yet. I do not think it will take place in the next few months but it is very close. They are creating massive debt all over the world right now and here are the signs that they said: Whenever you see a crack in the Derivative Market you will need to be out of all paper immediately of every kind because you remember that I told you “if it is written on a piece of paper it is worth the paper it is written on” so I asked them “I’m not that literate about Derivatives” well I was told to do a crash course and I did.

Here is what you need to watch for: Whenever you see a crack in the Derivative Market it will be evidenced by currency wars. Oh! Are we getting in trouble with QE3! I wish I had a whole program to do QE3 with you Jeff – this is so dangerous you can’t even comprehend the ramifications of QE3 if the Federal Reserve decides to go with it because it is going to cause animosity with other countries that will bring about currency wars that is going to be horrible between China and Brazil and the countries that have already made up a pot of bricks and that needs to be a story within itself.

Secondly: Currency wars will bring on trade wars you should be able to hear this even on the National News when it happens if you know what to listen for and you know the buzzwords you can understand the trade wars when they start.

And thirdly: they said “Chaplain a crack in the Derivative Market will be evidenced by interest rates being announced by the Federal Reserve to begin rising.” Now, if you wait until the Federal Reserve announces a rise in interest rates – which Mr. Bernanke has already said that he will not allow it to happen until 2014. That’s right! He said this… “don’t you bet on it!” They’re in dire straits right now and if and when the Federal Reserve ever announces interest rise it’s all over. It’s done for. If you’re not out of paper by that time, I have been told, forget it, you’re going to lose it.

Now, here’s what I did. I said I’ve got to tell the American people every way I can. Just awhile back we produced a three and a half hour new DVD Series entitled “Secrets of the Elite” but I couldn’t know about all of this at the time. As a result, just recently, I produced a CD that goes with that “Secrets of the Elite” DVD set and in the CD, it’s an hour and twelve minutes and I tell everything that the “elite” told me as to how to know in advance before the collapse is going to happen what I should do as the head of my household and what actions I should take in light of the times as I see them happen – they have explained it all to me, they have given me everything necessary for my household to be protected and as a result I have decided I must tell the American people. We produced it in the three hour DVD series of “Secrets of the Elite” and in the hour and twelve minute of the CD that I give you as a gift with that now because I felt that we had to tell the story as to how you can know and know it in advance before it takes place.

So Jeff basically in a nutshell the “elite” have told me so much lately that is so vitally important to the household and the family of every person out there in your listening audience and I am so appreciative that you would allow me tonight to at least be able to explain these things very briefly even though I’ve done it in about four hours on DVD and CD at least you have an overview of what the “elite” have said to me Jeff.

When Greece for all practical purposes defaulted there were many of the news writers that said the EURO is going to crash and I made the statement at the time because my “elite” friends had told me that “don’t pay any attention to it. When Greece defaults it’s not going to make any difference what-so-ever we’re not ready for the EURO to crash yet and the other countries that are about to collapse – don’t pay any attention to them” the “elite” are not going to allow the European Union, the EURO nor the Dollar to collapse until they have created more debt in the world. They want debt to be so critical in every state, in every city, in every county, with every pension fund, with the United States Government debt – they want it to be so critical that when they finally do decide to step in with their New World Order takeover, whenever they decide to do it they will have everyone in such a state that your children will be begging and crying for food because the dollar that you have will have lost its purchasing power to the point that you can’t buy what’s needed for your family and they want you to be able to beg them… folks you cannot give in to the “elite” anymore! The “elite” have your number. 

Everyone out there in the listening audience I plead with you! You let them put through the Patriot Act and you didn’t rise up and doing anything about it! You let them put through ahh… Medicare, you let them put through the Obama-care Bill and you didn’t rise up and do anything about it! The “elite” have gotten the message that they have you where they want you! So Jeff they basically are intentionally postponing the total collapse until they get such massive debt that you won’t be able to get out.

I do not expect that through the rest of this year – I’m not making this as a prediction; I do not say that my “elitist” friend told me that, I’m just saying that I kinda have a sense in what I’m hearing because they’re behind in Syria and they want to open up this North Slope thing – they want to get crude oil where they want it to go as part of their plan to be able to help them do what they want to do with the Dollar and it being dead by the end of the year – not nonexistent but dead and in all of this you have a window of opportunity right now as the average person to take time to make that final preparation to get out of paper of every kind as fast as you can and they have said to me “Chaplain, secure your assets”. Whatever you haven’t done and you feel you need to do it for your family – do it immediately. Like yesterday!

The “elite” said to me there will be no shortage of food and water in the grocery stores – there will be plenty. And I could not understand what they were saying until I asked a question because you have understand the mindset of these people basically they were saying the purchasing power of the Dollar is going to decline so greatly that even though the food is on the shelves in the grocery store you will go hungry because will not have the currency and the ability to be able to purchase it. I bought a gallon of gas in 1966 for 35 cents a gallon – today I paid over $4.00/gallon at the gas pump. It’s still 4 quarts to the gallon – the gasoline has not changed one iota it has not gone up one penny – the Dollar in its purchasing power has gone down. The only thing that has changed is the destruction of our currency by the Federal Reserve which is all intentional. You can see from this how that they can bring about the Death of the Dollar. Not the fact that the Dollar won’t exist – but when you can’t purchase what you need at the grocery store or at the gas pump with gasoline up to $150.00/a barrel [and] gas $6.00 or $7.00/a gallon this basically is the name of the game is control Jeff.”

End of talk.

See [*] Abiotic Oil

[Talk show on August 28th, 2012]

Lindsey Williams – New Globalist Revelations


Keyword “Elite”: as included in Lindsey Williams’s dialogue.

General Wesley Clark‘s You Tube spot.

*. I [Chris] don’t believe [buy into] this “Abiotic Oil” thesis although I do believe that there is abundant “crude oil” there. Abiotic Oil is a very loose [atheistic] hypothesis that has no real evidence in fact. It is just an idea put forth by a Russian [atheist] scientist during the Cold War.

It is used today as controversial and dialectic in approaching the political ramifications of Petro Power in our world today.

Oil is Oil, and it is a byproduct of photosynthesis – that is: that oil is “Biotic” not “Abiotic” because photosynthesis is a biological function and the chemistry of petroleum is definitely “Mother Nature’s Kitchen”. The amount/magnitude of primordial biomass just within primordial Earth’s oceans is beyond what “modern” science and people can grasp/comprehend even today. The Abiotic hypothesis refuses to take into account basic biochemistry and the geological history of Earth Ages; and of at least 7 major catastrophic extinction level events that demark and define it. We must expand our mental and consciousness [ESP] capabilities – to embrace what has happened on this planet over the course of at least a billion years.

In the ancient understanding of the Prehistoric “Civilization of Wu” the Earth collided with another planet whose oceans were composed of petroleum and they spilled over onto our oceans of water – because of this “collision of planets” – and then were diffused [sedimentary wise] into geologic strata as oil is lighter than water over vast periods of time they were buried into the deposits that we are developing today. It does not come as any surprise to me that we are finding oil reservoirs at 40+ thousand feet deep as well as “Salt Domes”.  Humans just cannot really comprehend geologic scales of this magnitude. But even those deposits spilled over from that other planet were of biotic chemistry and origin!

In the “Gaia Hypothesis” by James Lovelock circa 1980-2009 the biochemistry of Earth is most clearly explained into its ecologies and it is based on these most simple but profound observations through which  we can see the natural “topography” of life on earth and how it relates to the living environment and biochemistry in particular!

I have proffered my “opinion” to both Jeff Rense and Lindsey Williams receiving only a response from Jeff, stating that he is a proponent of the “Abiotic Oil” hypothesis – which I fully appreciate.

Even so, and not-with-standing all the fabricated controversy, this is what I know. Oil is “Biotic” and is synthesized within all living things.


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