Ambassador Stephens Death and the Coming Military Coup

Personally I would have expected either a declaration of WW III or a military coup before this coming election. Officers of this stature are removed from their commands precisely for reasons of executive [dictatorial] expedience. Reasons that will become increasingly clearer after the election. One must consider “who” is running this presidency from behind the scenes with a covert agenda as this president is just a puppet for these interests. If the September “9/11” 2001 False Flag Operation has not impinged upon the general mentality then one can speculate all one wants about current events and US Military posturing for this covert agenda which is ages old and is being fulfilled in our times. Even with observations like this the general public doesn’t have a clue what is really going on and there is no rationale or logic involved in any part of this election’s political circus acts and treason. Constitutionally they are all nothing more than abject traitors in support of mass genocidal crimes against US citizens and Humanity in general. All this criminally insane president needs to do is press a button to make all the criminal evidence of this agenda and its covert conspiracies over the past 2000 years disappear forever. This is the precedent established here. All that remains of a potential military coup remains in the hands of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The legislature and congress is obviously useless and has been since the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Same covert conspiratorial agenda and principals [NWO players] involved. If this was going to be effectively stopped it would have happened 5 decades ago. There is significantly more to this world’s picture then the general public could ever imagine.
I just don’t get it, why people cannot see what is factually going on around them and the critical importance knowing about this has for them. Well actually I do. They cannot see beyond the information sources that they rely on and those sources are deliberately painting an illusory picture of reality. It seems so obvious and yet all I get is resentment in return for sharing insights that should be so easily perceived by others as the truth. Insights that make all the difference between Day and Night as far as the consciousness is concerned. Well I would like some feedback simply because I feel very much isolated, and surrounded by people who do not seem to have a clue – about anything that is really going on – what-so-ever. So feel free and “make my day” by saying that it “ain’t so” and why. Go for it!
Prophecy 101 for 2012
Biblical Prophecy is generally misunderstood for what it actually is – a script for the future. This is where its power to shape the evolving world resides. It is fundamentally a social and cultural blueprint. Future events turn out the way they do because through prophecy they have been preordained. It seems that all the commentary about prophecy omits this consideration when it is essential to understanding how this works in the real world. Our sacred texts project what the future will be and then the world manifests these projections. Superstition still prevails as to the nature of causation saying that it is God or Allah’s will – therein belies the great mystery. Who is the architect of these prophetic scripts?
Let’s first look at the definition of “script” as follows:


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For computer scripts that can be used with Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Scripts.
Script may refer to:






  • A distinctive writing system
  • A set of defined base elements or symbols in a writing system
  • Scripts in Unicode, collections of letters and other written signs used to represent textual information in writing systems, each assigned to a Unicode number
  • Penmanship, the writing with the hand and a writing instrument
  • Calligraphy, the art of fancy lettering, the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner
  • Handwriting, a person’s particular style of writing by pen or a pencil
  • Hand (handwriting), varieties of formal, historic & exemplary writing styles.
  • Script (typefaces), a coordinated set of letterforms designed with stylistic unity


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  • Scrip, any currency substitute
There is a direct correlation between “scripts” and “language” or sacred “scripture” – it is a prescription and blueprint for what the future will be as it will be fulfilled by human accomplishment.
Let’s consider the definition of “language” as follows:
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This article is about Human language in general. For other uses, see Language (disambiguation).
Language is the human capacity for acquiring and using complex systems of communication, and a language is any example of such a system of complex communication. The scientific study of language is called linguistics. It is impossible to know precisely how many languages there are in the world, and the number depends on a partly arbitrary distinction between languages and dialects. However, estimates vary between around 6,000 and 7,000 languages in number. Natural languages are spoken orsigned, but any language can be encoded into secondary media using auditory, visual or tactile stimuli, for example in graphic writing, braille, or whistling. This is because human language is modality-independent. When used as a general concept, “language” may refer to the cognitive ability to learn and use systems of complex communication, or to describe the set of rules that makes up these systems, or the set of utterances that can be produced from those rules.
This in essence is how scripture works and why it is “God’s Word” and the “Truth” for all believers. Believers are following their scripture and making it happen. This is their reality. Believers and Non-believers are so defined as those who are followers and those who are not. Those who are not believers, or who believe in another script are traditionally enemies. It is a battle of whose script one is following and the conflicts are about whose script will prevail.
Let’s return to the question of authorship. This is really the biggest issue. God’s Word! Who are these Gods? Well in the first place they are the originators of the language used to express, define and manifest their visions for the Human Race. Abundant evidence exists to demonstrate that they are not Humans, not even Terrestrials as they are known to come and go, appear and disappear for long periods of time obviously, if their scripture is to be understood literally, pending the fulfillment of their scripts. In this sense they are more advanced beings whose supreme visions create civilizations on Earth as they are in “Heaven” [beyond this Earth].
 A God is a Kingly or Supreme Being with advanced, exotic and esoteric powers – not only of advanced technologies but also of advanced modes of communication [such as telepathy] with visions [to be manifested by humans] who exist in much different time continuums or dimensions and with lifespans spanning non-human periods of time and relativity [thousands of years] as described in their scriptures. This is what we now experience and know of as ancient, classical, and modern history.
 The essential sin of humankind lies in the denial of God’s existence and the validity of God’s scripture. As humans evolve and advance a host of human characters attempt to supersede their traditions by appointing themselves as Masters of our World in place of the Gods. This has been the common plot – the greatest dilemma throughout history. Many times throughout our past, even out to more cosmic perspectives, the Gods have returned to vanquish these human usurpers and re-establish our destinies as the Holy Scriptures now promise for our world today.
Our world is coveted by many extraterrestrial races and cultures much more technologically advanced and alien to our species. I can assure you they are “out there!” and actively intervening in human evolution and current events. There is an ongoing battle for proprieties. This in a nutshell is the most compelling story of religion. And this is what we are facing as the human race today. We are in the process of being integrated into this ever more cosmic Greater Community.
This is our challenge on a collective and personal level. We will need to negotiate this as it is the New Reality, the New Paradigm for our evolving race. As we continue to manifest our full inherent, God given, potentials we are going to have ever more dramatic encounters and interactions with our makers! It is no longer simply a belief system that we are abiding in – it is our Reality with a capital R. Our ultimate fate as a species is yet to be determined.
In our day and time and under these current circumstances it would be wise to consider this. We are in the process of an evolutionary metamorphosis as a species. Whether we will survive these times or not and how we are to continue to live our lives as a viable species are the most critical questions.
In the most transcendent sense of God or Allah common to all races and species human or non-human, terrestrial or extra-terrestrial, familiar or alien – what is infinite is a creative cause and potential that is yet to be defined. The mystical source and cause for our existence is beyond thoughts and words, beyond material considerations, and is incomprehensible because it is comprehension in and of itself and of all creation. Only through genuine meditation will one ever begin to apprehend the truth of this.
The biggest impediments are self-inflicted. We are born with the Holy Spirit – into our innermost mind and self which manifests our lifetimes in this world – to be negotiated against a unique set of circumstances that preceded us – into which we are born. This innermost ideal sense of self is constantly being compromised due to the enforced circumstantial realities of living and striving to survive amidst others within the existing context of this world – for which we are under constant pressure to compete for favors, success, and to conform. Initial childhood decisions are made without knowledge of the bigger picture and these decisions become sub-conscious factors in the forming of our personal sense of character and the person we are socially recognized to be by which we are reflectively experienced as who we are at the collective level and how others see us in our self-image of who we think we are.
It is no wonder that life becomes such a tangle and often times we don’t know who we really are due to such chaos and confusion! I know I am plagued by these comparisons. What is a person but just a speck of dust in relation to the greater cosmos? Yet it is the tiniest of things that evoke our human attention and concern. Take the human body for example. It is the anchor point of human existence in the material world. The magnitude of significance resides in our sense of experience and the meaning of a living conscious being in this world, in this universe – Life becomes our compass showing what it means to be alive and comprehensively defining our experiencing within the whole of God’s creation. Each living speck of life has this divine significance. As a person I need to continuously remind myself of this. In the final analysis you are the way you think you are and this is your projection – your reality.
Now if you are going to address this “self-analysis” one must start from where they are and not from where they imagine themselves to be. What is your situation and condition at this present moment? What are your current real-time relationships and feelings? Only after we have a genuine sense of reality would we then investigate what is going on in our minds and why; and then investigate the more personal difficulties and problems that we are entertaining in our mind and way of thinking.
Mental Health is all about how we are thinking! Right and wrong, good and bad, healthy or unhealthy all of this is relative to a bias of conditional thinking. What do we think about this? Or what do we think about that? Means we are also considering our decisions based on the way we are thinking as well as what we know from our experience from prior decisions and their consequences.
Self-analysis involves an informed and mature state of mind otherwise it will go nowhere but around in circles. For example if we are troubled for attempting to project ourselves into a certain social picture where everyone in that crowd is competing for the ideal scene and we feel inferior or unqualified by our self-comparison to others perhaps, intuitively speaking, we actually don’t belong there in the first place, that it would be a mistake to think this is what we want. In reality we would always feel inferior and uncomfortable being there. The mind can play tricks with this dilemma prompting one to obsess with fixing themselves when in reality there is nothing wrong with them beyond a bad decision to be somewhere where they shouldn’t be. That might be the cause of a majority of all mental problems – bad decisions! We would then investigate these decisions for what they could illuminate in the light of better judgment abiding in wisdom.
In order for our analysis to be precise it is useful to recognize that there are different kinds or levels of the mind specific to different sets of relationships – relative to specific functions that are essentially all connected in a specific line of continuity.
What is referred to as the Celestial Mind is relative to the mind of God as the Creator of all things in the universe and of existence in myriad forms and symbiotic relationships.
This is followed by the Spiritual mind through which all the myriad forms of creative and animating energy fields are manifested and reproduced in kind after kind form after form organism after organism in ad finitum.
There is a level of visionary mind that involves abstract perceptions and impressions – mental image pictures memories and intuitions.
And an analytical mind composed of language word forms and definitions in conjunction with analytical evaluations and interpretations and intellectual comprehension.
There is a natural mind, the animal mind that involves the survival instincts of the body, of the species also related to an emotional or reactive mind.
There is an autonomic mind that controls the involuntary functions of the organism also a hormonal or biochemical mind that controls the internal chemistry of the body.
There is a genetic or morpho-genetic mind that develops the organism into whatever form it is conceived to be as a function of intelligently creative energy organizing fields involving DNA or Biochemical morphic resonance and feedback or hierarchical systems.
There is a collective mind to which we are all connected and share its experiential instincts, knowledge and wisdom along with  conscious subconscious super or supra conscious minds and a mind that is systematically compartmentalized.
Each level of mind operates on its own discrete level of function. One can think of others but these examples suffice to demonstrate the point. All these minds are logically, dynamically and holistically connected. One might imagine the cosmic mind as an infinitely graduated field of distinctly creative frequencies or wave forms and phenomena that resonate and are present with every object or point of existence in divine creation and its perception.
In the Human mind one can become easily confused as to what is causing what in manifesting a mental or physical condition.  
It would be helpful to establish the relationships between what we define as mind, and the dynamics of language, meaning, learning, experience, reflection, knowledge and wisdom – for example what forms of mind inter-relate, how they relate, and the exact connection between a sentient mind, language, as well the collective mind of the entire species [or Gaia over the entire ecosystem] from which experiential wisdom is continuously being evolved and shared across the generations. Where does this mind reside? It is obviously not in the brain – perhaps in or enveloping the genes and DNA?
Scripture is a process of language, literacy and the intellectual mind so manifested as the genetic code/DNA/ is the language of life and living formations.
The way to knowledge resides in this connection through a process of communication, reproduction and regeneration. In the material world this is represented by language speech words and writing, now in the more technically advanced forms of media communications with related conceptual imagery symbols and icons.
New forms of language are evolving that remind us of ancient pictograms, cuneiform and hieroglyphic impressions as earlier or perhaps more advanced forms of multi-dimensional writing. Their modus operandi is similar to that of genetics and DNA – morphic resonance – morphogenetic field dynamics that intelligently induce creative manifestations within biochemical solutions forming organized living structures – so to it works with language, literature, experiential arts and music. All these forms mental images are manifested by means of creative energy resonance patterns and frequencies encoded through language into audio and visual symbols representing myriad concepts or “ideas” rendered in forms that can be communicated between people.
Also consider telepathy. Language involves dynamics of hypnotic effect rendered in the subject’s mind through the use of symbols or words and what they mean and the power of suggestion – although there are other more mysterious means [spells for example] of inducing these effects.
God as a word or symbol represents the a-priori /mysterious source of all creation and existence, and all knowledge and ability from which we draw our personal sense of sentience, perception and experience. God is the very capacity for understanding comprehension and knowledge in the first place and of which we share a personalized uniquely suited portion in our lives – there in is the connection. When we see or experience something the circumstantial factors for that experience as well as our understanding of them essentially come from God. Herein is our connection. The ability to learn, to become literate, to experience words and their meanings and significance all comes from God. That is our connection. To worship God means to genuinely recognize and acknowledge this truth. What we come to know is made possible by God. Knowing this is our connection. So the conscious connection always points in this direction – this fundamental truth is our philosophical compass.
And as God is infinite perfection by any human consideration – God is our highest standard of excellence and by which we measure our individual contributions [as in something well written!]. The whole universe and natural world is full of divinely created and living forms. We inherently and intuitively know within ourselves that this is so and this knowledge qualifies our personal emulation – it also qualifies our preoccupations through an understanding of the ego, what it really is as part of divine creation, as a sense of self, and why, and its purpose for being what it is. Without presence of God nothing could exist, nothing could live, and there would be no universe or world in which to live our lives in. The very fact of conscious being is proof enough for the truth of God.
A similar state of mind must consider the world in terms of human artificial creation – what inspires its manifestations – what intelligently directs its accomplishments – the pre-existing society and culture into which we are born and live out our lives. How do we transcendentally account for all of this without even a rudimentary understanding of what God is? We are called to worship God through this understanding to whatever degree our comprehension of God may lead us. We recognize God as the infinite creative source of our lives and existence. The natural world is a demonstration of God’s presence, creative intelligence and power. This understanding is our connection to God and ultimately our purpose. Through this understanding we come to know our calling and what we have come into this world to do. The same holds as the true purpose and potential for all others and those who are our neighbors. Such is the essence of The Golden Rule! God is the ultimate source of our very life and theirs as well.
God is the very source of learning as God is the source of anything that can be learned or known and is its very significance [purpose for being] and meaning. The infinite potential for learning comes from God as part of God’s creation. Knowledge is received from God and the purpose of the will is to know what it means and how it can be applied in one’s life. For example: what is this thing called curiosity? It is a desire to know and the will to find out. This is where knowledge comes from – essentially our desire and will to know the truth of God.
CG Jung summarized this portraying the role of the human being as co-creator – or “Second Creator” [of artificial – man-made – reality] which resides in the creation of objective and subjective [experiential] reality. God experiences its creation through sentient beings living in the world and universe manifested of God’s creation as part of its cosmic fulfillment – for without sentient beings to experience God’s creation there would be no objective or subjective meaning to its existence. Creation and Significance – like conceptually associating a word or symbol for what it actually signifies – its meaning – its subject – its object and what it does. This is what Knowledge is – knowing the significance, definitive meaning and capacities of God’s creation.
It is only in ignorance and self-delusion that we find ourselves in such a condition that God and Knowledge is always reaching out  [emanating like the Sun as it radiates and illuminates our experiences on Earth] and is always available us – but we know it not – in fact we even do not know that we do not know that knowledge is  the truth about our Being and existence. This is the Human Drama!
For myself I have another consideration about this situation – that knowing and not knowing are essential dynamics of this divine creative process – but at the very least we can acknowledge and appreciate that this is so. There is also a divine purpose for the “condition” or mental state of ignorance! This also applies to our personal sense of limitations. Such is the nature of finite reality generated from an infinite creative source and potentiality. Human reality is a conscious reflection, as in memory, of our sentient human experience of God’s Creation and its infinite potentialities.
Now in order to evolve and better understand this process we must understand others and learn from their experience for they are called in the same way we are and what is true for us is also true for them. My consideration always shifts to the question: how are others responding to these [The Steps] teachings. This is what I want to know. I know how I am receiving them and I feel in agreement as I have been on this journey for a long time and this Knowledge is similar to genuine teachings throughout all time and ages. What I want to know is how others are progressing with The Steps. What is the progress of their learning Knowledge and how they are applying it in their lives?
My experience in the world – as with others who are circumstantially around me – is that each person has their own unique condition and state of mind and knowledge set. Differences in the degrees and qualities of Knowledge only confuse the situation. From a position of greater or lesser Knowledge attempts to communicate only result in a sense of frustration, mainly due to an abiding state of social and geopolitical chaos amidst which genuine knowledge and personal understanding is a rare thing to find. This is the reality. One would expect those without knowledge to at least be inspired enough to be searching for it – but this is certainly not the case. Knowledge is not something that they desire. How then should those with Knowledge relate when even the promoting or teaching of Knowledge is not desired and unaccepted by them.
It is obvious to those with Knowledge that the secular world is in a state of social and geopolitical chaos. It is true we are living in a world that is in transition from what was old into what is new – but the overwhelming “city” environment is clearly offensive – yet that environmental situation is the critical problem for which Knowledge is the only rational and viable solution. Still while living in the “city” a city that is now in Ether-space with the Internet, the World Wide Web and Mass Media telecommunications – along with the most amazing technologies – is utterly in your face and offensive no matter where you look or go! It’s like seeking peace and shelter in a world where there is no place to run and no place to hide from its morbid insanity. This is certainly a dilemma for me, not to be judgmental…… but this is just the truth of current events and their reality.
I am not complaining about the world but rather feeling the emotions of it – and there is a preponderance of negative emotions that might occasion an exasperated sigh of anxiety and pain just in empathy of them. When I was a kid my imagination and expectations were high that human kind [especially Americans] was making it with Space Age science and advancing technology; that the human race was evolving and humanity was on the rise…. that we would venture to the stars and colonize the planets. Through subsequent experiences of my life came a growing disillusionment and disappointment as the facts of human reality and its more cosmic significance rendered a much different picture of reality. What I’d idealized as a child just was not so and never would be.
My attention since that time has been directed at finding out just what exactly is going on and what our future is supposed to be. Now after all these years of personal search and discovery I sense that any prospect of the future, if understood rightly, is one in which we must entirely graduate from this place and compulsory sense of worldly reality. We must seek our future through transcendence into some other realm or dimensional reality. The only valuable service we could render here on Earth is liberation from this chaotic place….. In other words – there is no “fixing” it – there is no future in it – it is just what’s here in this dimension – in this state of consciousness – and there is no fixing it beyond assisting other people to escape from it one way or another. “Do what you wilt shall be the Law” in this place and time.
This world is just the means as a threshold into another dimension place and time. It is not the place to hang around as a future home. It’s just a cosmic dream filled with symbols of what is considered or experienced as good or evil ever to be analyzed for any value of that experience. We must chart our way through a lifetime here acutely aware of our intuitions. This world is a world of illusions – it is just as it appears to be. It is not a rational thing. The only thing beneficial to change in this world is our personal point of view regarding what this experience means – to characterize it in a unique way according to our person and then bring our experience of it to a deliberated conclusion. One way or another we will depart from this world. End of the story!
The natural living world and its ecology might be the exception – but without the general madness of the human race to degrade, deface and pollute it. We definitely have critical problems as a self-destructing species. We are fortunate in the here and now if we have a peaceful and secure enough place to meditate observe and just “let it be” without compulsory self-destructive commitments. For the vast majority of the world’s people, and its populations – they do not stand a chance for even basic long term survival under current and trending conditions – and those conditions are just getting worse by the day. It is only a very small minority that lives un-afflicted in this world. It is ok to be objectively detached if you can get away with it!
I am now on Step 70 and this is what it means to me.


Resolution 2012

As we progress in the 21st Century the Global Communications Technology along with the World Wide Web are generating a once in a lifetime perception of real time world events being experienced and described – through myriad points of view – all presented simultaneously to a worldwide audience. It should come as no surprise that this new perspective has utterly changed the way people perceive and think as we all converge upon this most critical time in human history.

It is not that these geopolitical currents are new – it is just that the general awareness of them is due to these technological advances. Many mistake this as a new revelation when in fact it is a very old royal secret agenda that guides the course, as it always has, for humanity and what will be its future. This secret agenda is uncompromising just as it always has been throughout the past millennia but it is no longer secret.

In the past century there were myriad assassinations committed to ensure that this agenda would go forward with the least amount of political complications – but within the last couple of decades these royal ‘powers that be’ have realized/assessed that they cannot be deterred from their ends no matter what and so all the current voices in protest will be allowed to express themselves because they are no longer considered a critical problem.

As I see it they have certainly hit the geopolitical ‘nail on the head’. Not-with-standing the inevitable consequences we do now know what their agenda is, who is behind it, and what it has planned for humanity in the coming months and years, even weeks and days to be more exact – for them now, it is a done deal, but only a matter of timing…..Chris


I don’t have much money, enough I guess, and no debts – the point being that I am a low income statistic in part due to the fact that I have been morally conditioned not to be money motivated – and although that is not necessarily a virtue – what is obvious is that most all that I see around me involves a whole lot of public/personal money on a daily basis just to maintain a current status quo which is rapidly disintegrating. As the present breakdown of the global financial system continues into what is now called QE3 with all of its insider financier technicalities it is pretty obvious to me that when the reality of an ever deepening depression finally sinks into the minds of the middle class who have been “in the money” up until most recently – how in God’s name are they going to afford all of this? The advice now is to hedge one’s assets by buying gold or any material things of intrinsic value but by taking this advice one is then subject to hyper-inflated currency values and even though there is no intrinsic appreciation the dollar will continuously lose its purchasing value leaving those who are now “in the money” expected to pay a capital gains taxes along with increasingly inflating property taxes. As the price of gold/silver and material things of intrinsic value appear to go up up up in price this is only due to the depreciation of the buying power of the dollar relative to intrinsic value. This is a fools game and is so rigged by the Fed and IRS to turn even such material assets into junk bonds which is a “lose lose” situation no matter how one cuts the cards.  Now if the hedge is into buying gold or silver, or anything of intrinsic value as an investment the dollar price of such items is going increase due to hyper-inflation – so this is a financial con if ever there was one. As it appears to financial speculators and international bankers even those investment items of material or property value will be diminuated due to an inevitable WWIII by which such intrinsic wealth will be destroyed in a holocaust of unimaginable consequences. As the banking financial corporations conspire to take away even that intrinsic wealth from the public sector – what we take for granted such as material infrastructure will simply be destroyed by a thermo-nuclear war – which also means destroying those material assets – again leaving the international bankers in-charge of financing all subsequent reconstruction of those destroyed material and infrastructural assets. Examples abound – from Iraq’s baited invasion of Kuwait, and all the material and infrastructure reconstruction contracts going to [awarded to] MIC [Military Industrial Complex] corporations who are “in the loop” [like Halliburton etc.] and who have always had a vested interest in this deceptive process. If you feel that you are prompted for basic survival reasons to make these investments in order to secure your financial future – think again – this is really not a viable action in reality as you are investing in assets that are soon to be destroyed or hyper-valued as systemic inflation of the dollar becomes the major interest. ….Chris


The way it is

As Marshall says we live on a rare planet, one that is considered – as a jewel compared to most others in the universe – by those who know of such things. So it in reality should prompt us to experience this rare jewel of a planet while we are here living in this lifetime on Earth.

To grasp the big picture of the full spectrum “Homo sapiens” and in some sense what it means to be a Human Being – humanity must be considered transcendentally through its journey from the cradle to the grave and through its timeless evolution into who we are in this world today – in order to comprehensively understand what it means to be a Person upon this Earth and the significance of our being here.

We are born of Human parents and begin our personal existence as a newly conceived baby in our mother’s womb – to be born male or female amidst a set of unique circumstances relative to each new person’s identity and who they appear to be. Consider this state of being a new born baby – the process of growing and maturing from this state through many distinct stages of development on into maturity continuously aging until our death and what it means to die.

All through this process not only do we have the genetic inheritance from our parent’s genes, we also inherit and learn by imprinting on them in their environment, their external world, and on their distinctive characteristics and mannerisms. Our personality evolves into our unique complexity as a distinct person.

We then begin our public education within a collective state – culturally steeped in the social/ economic/ political/ status quo – as a student of the community, state, nation, and geopolitical world and through which we are gradually and officially indoctrinated into a most unique role and social adventure.

From the Home to the Nursery school, Kindergarten, Elementary Grades up through Middle school, High school, College, University, Vocational training, or Military service – we train for our professions, employment, and lives as this educational process continues on through myriad levels of personal experience into our Senior years and retirement – for as long as we live.

When exactly do we qualify as a “we” when we are referred to as a “we” – as human beings – and what this life of “we” means to us on into the future?

Who are we exactly when we are considered collectively as the Human race as if one person? Just what is this generality in relation to the individual person at any stage of their growth and maturity?

At what stage do we feel so significantly responsible as a person that our individual voices must proclaim political or religious ultimatums to all others regarding their future world and personal salvation?

I think that we are more responsible, in a personal sense, for attaining and accumulating universal collective comprehension – otherwise known as wisdom – and that is most adequate toward realizing our uniquely personal role or significance as a person in relationship to all the others who collectively cooperate to create the world and conditions upon which we live the lives that we do by embracing everyone’s contributions that comprise the collective evolution of our world and its personal and collective experiences – past, present, and future.

In a higher sense the concept of being human involves us collectively together as one genetic type with a collective mind and inspiration amidst a universe full of intelligent life composed of many different races and genetic features – each also sharing a collective mind and inspiration. It is the collective mind that generates the imagination followed by its manifestation of all things of the world. Nothing much would be artificially created if there was just one person in it – it takes many people to manifest a civilization as each person contributes in uniquely myriad ways to its construction. It all starts with a collective vision and a visionary amongst his people who then find the collective will to accomplish it.

Certain inherent traits must distinguish one type from another yet in terms of “Technological Civilizations” other inherent characteristics must be similar in accordance with the axiomatic universal law that determines [genetic and conceptual creations] that “form follows function by intelligent design in all of [God’s] Creation.” One must have the fundamental means to imagine and artificially create and re-generate the world in which they live. It would seem that any such race or type would have to have a similar body type, one with, for example hands or some extremity similar in capability with which to manipulate their technological creative processes.

Perhaps there are other ways such as telekinesis over different mediums through hierarchical servo mechanisms, or likened to a biological womb that involves morpho-genetic field dynamics by means of forming elemental chemical organic combinations to be manifested within a fluid medium in the processes of creating the molecular and genetic building blocks necessary to the manifestion of ever more complex ideations. Consider this as the mysteriously pre-eminent mode of intelligently Divined Creation as even this mode of creation is currently being artificially rendered and evolved in ever greater complexity with the most advanced molecular biologists and geneticists who are actually working with this technology in our world today.

In each case we must postulate a living dynamic energy field of very specific capacities that operates over all forms of genetic beings, related life forms, and ecologies. It is the individual racial “Collective Soul” that is so unique in characterizing any particular species – no matter of this earth or from elsewhere!

It is enlightening to list here the inherent types:

Being conceived and born into this world as a human baby involves the manifesting of biological [morpho-genetic] living energy fields intelligently operating developmentally upon coded genetic scripts through the medium of fluid dynamics – like sea water. Human bodies, as well as most other biological systems continuously manifesting myriad living creatures and ecologies that are being generated within a fluid medium such as H2O – as these forms are created [manifested] in this way.

We then come into the mechanics of artificial physical manifestation by means of manipulation, as in point humans do by means of the using their hands and manipulating instruments to accomplish their creative processes.

In the beginning of this all and onto its yet unknown end there is something that continuously generates entire universes by means of Divine Intention and it is ascribed to the very “Nature of GOD” by which all things of creation – no matter whatever their magnitude – from the first things to last – are manifested through the a-priori incomprehensibly mysterious processes of Divine Inspiration. I mean “My God!” it just seems so bloody obvious!

All of these creative factors are operative in the human being – you and me – and all others. Some scientists observe that we are using only something like 10 percent of our “brain’s” or mental capacity. I would like to point out that at least some of the mysterious 90 percent of our capabilities are deployed in order to just be here as a species objectively experiencing this life and all these dynamics of creative manifestation operating as the very mysterious essence of this living world.



9/11 False Flag Black Ops and the 2012 Election BS

These postings reveal and reaffirm the “Bright Shining Lie[s]” of US 2012 Presidential Election Rhetoric and State Propaganda. I have no idea how these covert and insidious crimes against American Citizens, the American Constitution, and Humanity at large are going to run their course but it does not look pretty! Looks like we are in for another “Holocaust” style “9/11” Zionist/Israeli fabrication/orchestration/rendition – where it will become a “High Crime” to speak the truth of it. Critical observation here involves where to and just what is the human race evolving into as its future? We see massive Geopolitical Brainwashing and utter Hegemonic belligerence in creating a Human Monster Enforcer Mentality that is being programmed to inflict absolute inhuman violence to the Human Spirit and Soul; all in the name of Globalist New World Order Self-Righteousness – with Absolute Power and Control over everything humanly imaginable creating a future world where any genuine spiritual or scientific cognitive revelation, enlightened political dissension, or non conformity to “The Rule of [NWO]Law” will be suppressed with inhumanly nightmarish consequences. This is what’s in progress and is happening in the world today.

You figure it!



It should be noted as for those who really know the geopolitical game that all American credentials including University Degrees and Legal appointments to the “Bar” pledge their allegiance to the “Crown” a British corporation that in turn pledges its allegiance to the Queen of England and her Royal Family as well as their totally fabricated “Zionist Lobbies”.

To this authority the United States of America, its citizens and natural territories and resources is still considered a British colony and subject of the British Empire. The entire credentialing, accrediting, and legal process is subject to this “Crown”! All real estate and deeds are concessions by and as property of the Queen of England in this regard.

The actual political and legal processes are legally entitled and authorized by the “Crown”! As a matter of fact. These can be seen in the foundational documents of this institution.

With this spurious issue of “campaign finance reform” we might point out that the correct target for all of this would be to utterly eliminate the AIPAC and the CNAC which is the Zionist Lobby representative of the financial debacle that has been their creation of expanding debt levels (with the inclusion of the “derivatives” market) to the tune of about 2000 Trillion U.S.D. dollars, and a National and International Debt that can never be repaid no matter how many “Pounds [tonnes] of [human] Flesh” are offered in sacrifice.

To target any other sector as responsible is just spinning your wheels in the proverbial sands of time – like digging in the [coastal] sand with an approaching monetary tsunami. Any other target will inevitably be a total waste of time and resources.

We are currently dealing with the very same factors that have brought about the “Decline and Fall” of empires past present and future. The Zionist lobby is a malignant cancer on the hearts lungs and brains of humanity and Western Civilization. Until this malignancy is addressed all else is just imaginative folly. This evil mob has not only abducted the Sovereign Nation of Palestine – it has abducted the entire “Western World” in its wake.

To confront and attack this actual cause would certainly be a personal liability to one’s credentialed and legal status, ones personal prosperity, and well-being by, shall we say, “biting the proverbial hand that feeds” and so most will refuse to even realize this connection.




The unholy fabricated “spell” of “Holy Roman” Catholicism’s “Christianity” along with it’s Zionist conspirators is now in the inevitable process of its disintegration. The lie can not live into immortality no matter how its depraved and craven adherents might imagine in their utterly psychotic manifestations. It is coming “undone” and falling apart at the seams. The world is waking up from this ages long perverted dream. There are Celestial Forces beyond the Human senses of time and place that have been at work for ages immemorial. They are as potent today as they ever were – cultivating the course of human history to whatever ends – letting it run its course. In the end whatever has been intended for us, whatever our purpose in creation – it will be. And it will be in the light of a new day brilliant with its aesthetic and god-given goodness. The ethical and moral battles will be won and the enemies whose occult powers are drawn only in the darkness of the darkest night will be utterly blown away into oblivion where they will be forgotten and utterly cease to exist.

This is my reality, and my promise.



Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Sir Winston Churchill

False Flag Aircraft Carrier Now In Place

Mon Apr 09 2012 03:48
by Zen Gardner
Would the US military really sacrifice its own to start a war with Iran? Would the US really be complicit in attacks on its own citizens to get into lucrative wars and gain access to precious natural resources?
If this sounds outlandish to you all you have to do is read. And read.
The USS Enterprise that just arrived in the Persian Gulf, nicknamed the “Big E”, is scheduled to be decommissioned after this last tour of duty. A very expensive endeavor, especially since this was the very first nuclear powered vessel. It’s reminiscent of the old warships left in Pearl Harbor as the newer ones left just prior to the attacks, or the ultra-expensive asbestos removal scheduled for the Twin Towers before their timely demise.
They like to kill many birds with one carefully planned stone if you haven’t noticed. They also need something spectacular to jar public opinion and an aircraft carrier can sustain a lot of very visible, dramatic damage without sinking to once again shock the dumbed-down American sheeple. It will also be reminiscent of WW2 which brings up all that subconscious war programming.

What’s With the Ships?

It seems there’s a propensity for attacking ships to get us into wars. The Spanish-American war began with the sinking of the Maine which turned out not to have been attacked by the Spanish. The Lucitania was deliberately sent into German waters where it was blown up to get the US into WW1. Pearl Harbor was a deliberately provoked and allowed event for WW2, and then the non-existent Gulf of Tonkin incident started the Vietnam conflagration.
Take the US Liberty for example. Israel strafing an unarmed American ship in the Mediterranean to try to start a war with Egypt. Witnessed by hundreds and no one ever brought to justice. Seems the US and Israel like to team up, would you say?
After all, 9/11 has more Mossad and Neocon Zionist fingerprints on it than a toddler puts on a TV screen.
There was also the USS Cole bombing in 2000 that they blamed on some Yemeni fisherman. Anyone taking a look at the damage could see the explosive device had to be extremely sophisticated, many saying it appeared it came from the inside of the hull, not the outside. Surprise surprise.

That brings us to the USS Enterprise.

The video below will give you the scenario. What’s amazing and wonderful in spite of the horrific nature of such wickedness is that we’re on to them. And it makes a difference.

US Navy deploys 2nd aircraft carrier to Persian Gulf amid Iran tensions
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – The U.S. Navy says it has deployed a second aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf amid rising tensions with Iran over its nuclear program.
Cmdr. Amy Derrick-Frost of the Bahrain-based 5th Fleet said on Monday that the deployment of the nuclear-powered USS Enterprise along the Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group marks only the fourth time in the past decade that the Navy has had two aircraft carriers operating at the same time in the region.
The two carriers will support the American military operations in Afghanistan and anti-piracy efforts off Somalia’s coast and in the Gulf of Aden.
The warships also patrol the Gulf’s strategic oil routes that Iran has threatened to shut down in retaliation for economic sanctions. Source
The gall to say Iran is threatening when the Military Industrial Matrix has done nothing but provoke them! And the brain dead American public sits numbly by swallowing this swill.
Oh karma, you’re gonna bite hard.

The Very Possible Real Scenario

Something to Watch Out For

We don’t know if and when but this is a very real possibility. It has all the earmarks.
And why do they do it at sea?
Much easier to perform and get away with. How many witnesses will see it coming never mind know who it was? The ones on the ship will possibly be gone. It will probably be on some maneuver by itself or some such thing. With today’s technology though an “anonymous” missile with a mini-nuke warhead could take it out. Like the adapted and painted cruise type missile that hit the pentagon it can be made to appear Iranian if they want.
It many not even be a complete sinking but enough to scuttle the ship eventually somewhere there, distributing more nuclear debris to the area.
Don’t be cowed by these bastards. Be all over them in exposing and denouncing their perfidy and warning others.
The big lie cannot tolerate the Truth.
Be safe. Love, Zen


Life Perspective

As a young nobody you have an experience that everyone around you refuses to acknowledge or understand no matter what you say or how you say it but because of which your life is logically redirected. I guess this is a good example of the common sectors ultimate fate – utter nullification by the powers that be.

This is a good example of trickle down politics. The point being where is the top? What is going on “up there”? Our world is a very dense structure and there really is no way to “fit in” without having a clear idea of one’s place in the overall scheme of things. My place is fundamentally nothing beyond being born in a no-where-ville like so many others just part of the human crop to be harvested for whatever value I might be worth if only cannon fodder for some “higher power”.

But there is a problem in this whole equation after having such an experience in that the questions and pursuit of answers never stops. Such inquiry is intrinsic to the human mind and the mind once so primed will have its way despite what others would like to think. It is not madness when you are dealing with the facts. This issue is whether you are “entitled” to know or not. In my case it is not about this issue because it is much too late for that and I already know.

The fact that I know is the issue now. There is a personal paradox in the difference between knowing about something and being a part of it. In this sense I am totally out of place. My assumption being that others should know and benefit as well from what I know but all these others are out of place as well. They are not “entitled” to know or be a part of what that means any more than I am.

So it must remain a purely subjective experience – something between me and God. Perhaps it has a spiritual – metaphysical dimension that transcends any place or time. That is what I have been instructed. Again it is the ego that must struggle with the existential consequences of knowing or not knowing and I must be strong to acquiesce to the illusions of suffering knowing full well that I, under these illusions, do not have much time left to live in them no matter what.

It is based on this wisdom that I must establish my cultivation practice and understand that my fears are just the fears of a death that is inevitably part of being born and participating in this world as a human being amongst all other human beings that populate the Earth.

Each human life is a ray of consciousness and as such is a representative of God. It is to the degree that we realize our divine connection that we find peace of mind. By realizing this connection we also understand all others as akin to our experience of living in this world. Life is of God and so too our consciousness from any perspective. This is the fundamental realization that will carry us through to understanding our predicament, circumstances, and conditions. If we are suffering we at least know why.

The curse of this world lies in the False God of Mammon, in the instrumentality of money and what money can artificially buy for those who have sufficient access to it. Worshipers of the God of Mammon, which is the quintessential Satan, worship money and recognize this as the only power. They are obsessed with money and this is their primary source of motivation in everything that they say and do. This then is the most direct indication of what is Divinely inspired and what is Satanically inspired. Money motivation is the key distinction. How power and control over this world through money is demonstrated. God allows for this either way.

So when we define what is good from what is evil we will always come to the artificial nature of the ego and its expressions of power and control through the instrumentality of money. Money as such embodies Occult (demonic) manifestations. It is fundamentally the exercise of a compelling “spell”. Whosoever is motivated by money worships a False God and serves no other. It is only logical to see that Satan rules over this world, but like the artificial nature of the Ego – it cannot live forever for if it is born of Satan, and its creature the Ego, it inevitably will perish and die.

In God and what is Divine there is no death. This is the only true meaning of salvation – this self-realization. The Churches of this world have inverted this reality and have their constituents worshiping a Myth in hopes that they will live forever. This is the essence of Occult (secret) power. Now consider this from what is implied above. All these churches worship a false god – Satan in the disguise of a Myth. One only needs to be able to distinguish between black and white. It is no more complicated than this.

Such is the nature of this world. Such is the struggle to come to terms with it.

So when we consider what is faith and what is grace we must understand this. We must come to this realization – it must be what we do. We are not motivated by the ways and means of this world; we are motivated by a quest for Truth where God is Truth. And I might add, where the Truth is far stranger than any Science Fiction!



The Detonator

Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That it is the sense of Congress that, except in response to an actual or imminent attack against the territory of the United States, the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress violates Congress’s exclusive power to declare war under Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the Constitution and therefore constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution.”

Well now how do we get around this legality Mr. President? It is so easy really all you have to do is get Israel to start the war not only by staging an attack on Iran but also staging an “actual or imminent attack against the territory of the United States” and say Iran did it ….remember 911? Israel is an old hand at staging “False Flag” attacks. This is all that needs to be done to allow the President to “push the (war) button” without an act of Congress. So the detonating stage is being set as we speak and it is only a short matter of time before we all get to see the opening scene of this real time movie.



According to metaphysical law the only way to resolve any situation or particular set of circumstances considered as a problem is to see things as they really are. The very act of “seeing” the truth of something brings about a resolution to any problem because the very fact of being a problem involves not knowing its contributing causes. As demonstrated in the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita – acknowledging the root cause of any problem fundamentally resolves it. This is as true for personal particular problems as it is true for the more general problems such as those that are currently facing the entire human race. We might think of this as problems related to survival to a greater or lesser degree. It is all the same in kind. By realizing the true causes contributing to a problem, one comes to a solution. It is only the unknown factors, including those factors that are denied, that allows the problem to persist. In philosophical and psychological terms this can become very complex but the degree of complexity is proportionate to the degree of non-confront (ignorance and denial). To reduce this complexity requires confronting the facts as they really are. This is also critical to one’s spiritual state of being and one’s predisposition to future states of being. It is entirely a matter of self-realization and by this knowing what is true and what is false. Truth is knowing what is as it is, False is not knowing what it is as it is. The same applies to what is good and what is evil. The standard is what is of the Divine, God being, what is right, and what is artificial, being of something delusional. In this evil is qualified as being something erroneous, misunderstood, or simply wrong. So the fundamental here is that the solution to any given problem lies in the realization of its actual cause. It is a matter of cause and effect – the effect being the problem and the reason for the persistence of any given problem is ignorance or denial of its actual cause. So logically if a perceived problem (conflict or misunderstanding) persists it is because something is not known. Not knowing is an act of consciousness, it is a deliberate state and certainly part of any creative process which requires a particular and peculiar combination of knowing and not knowing in order for anything to exist. This is simply a fact of life. Undesirable conditions, problems, and so on are a direct result of a creative process. As Jung cognited that “Man is the 2nd Creator” objective reality exists by definition – in the word – which involves the creation of a finite reality that is composed of knowing and not knowing. My solution to any perceived problem lies in knowing its contributing causes as they really are. Applied to the world at large, and to geopolitics in our time – this is the only way of resolution.




Making Sense

When it doesn’t make sense to you anymore….. Read this.

It is time to take a walk in the park or along the waterfront.

The Metro will take you wherever you need or want to go.

Practice Meditation; and Observation of the Divine Nature of Life and Being.

Understand that all things come and go in time according to their kind.

Keep a Journal so that you do not lose your mind.

Philosophers and Poets have all manner of words to describe what is ineffable.

Their words too shall pass into time immemorial.

Remain in an abiding Faith in the Grace of God.

Life is like a candle that is lit at the beginning of one’s life and is extinguished upon one’s death. It consumes itself throughout the journey of a lifetime as it shines to light one’s way by expanding consciousness to see its place as itself within the nature of its surroundings.

Light a candle and burn some incense.

Maintain good health and keep order within your space.

Be respectful and helpful to others; be kind, gentle, and wise.

Practice the Lord’s Prayer.

Share your experiential wisdom in every way you can.

Resolve your fears of living and of dying.

The integrity of your person is the most valuable of things.

I believe that the existential purpose of our life is to make sense of it.

Seek the understanding of others wherever it can be found.



There is a constant theme that mystifies me in the facts of being as a child and what significance that makes. Born of parents presumably by an “accidental pregnancy” I must always wonder what that makes of me; or for all other children born of parents “accidentally”. The world is overflowing with such children, apparently, and their “causation” or “raison d’etre” is the result of spurious sexual acts for which there is no higher responsibility other than to care for them as unfortunate mistakes. Therefore we don’t believe in God or a Higher Power due to our own random acts and mistakes! What other idea could we possibly entertain being that we are a mistake and so should simply make the best of it by enjoying things wherever and whenever we can, while we can, when the vast majority of us must remain unfathomably unfortunate? As one of these unintended “accidents” this paradox of being born irresponsibly carries quite a bit of weight! How are we to account for ourselves beyond just plain old good or bad luck? What then should be our understanding and our philosophy in living within these circumstantial facts of life seemingly occurring out of ignorance? What “ignorance” and why for it? What about all the other billions of children in this world so conceived? It would be apparent that since we all are merely “accidents” that we are then equally expendable. Just what might we consider our “inalienable” rights and entitlements in a world that exists merely by irresponsibility and accident? It is of little wonder that we should exist at all, moreover that our “accidental” parents should “forgive” us for being born! In line with this line of reasoning at the collective level we become essentially just a resource to reinforce someone else’s more dominant plan where the masses exist only to be managed and exploited. How should we subjectively dignify this?

We must therefore, then, establish our rights amidst this background for whatever they might be worth by eminent domain where it remains for the society at large to say in a proverbial “tossing of the dice” and by sociological precedent. Such becomes our cause – to take whatever we can get, but such a cause is imminently destroying all life on Earth, and the planet upon which we live.



Statistical anomalies for 2012 Intuitive Speculations

ECM Report: We live in a universe made of matter. But at the moment of the Big Bang, matter and antimatter existed in equal amounts. That antimatter has all but disappeared suggests that nature, for some reason, has a strong preference for matter. Physicists want to know why matter has replaced its antimatter twin, and this week the ALPHA collaboration at CERN got a step closer to unraveling the mystery.

Intuitive: The current disappearing trend for antimatter suggests that it is fundamental to the manifestation of matter or the physical universe as we know (experience) and measure it. As the Physical Universe comes of age to full maturity the ratio of antimatter decreases until it reaches full manifestation and then we reach the end of time (Kali Yuga). Like a cosmic hourglass – the time clock for our Universe runs out. At some point our universe will “recycle” and just what this means is anyone’s guess but the ancients defined these cycles as Yugas and describe in the Veda their beginning, duration, and how they periodically come to pass.


Hyper text book: All stars in the galaxy rotate around a galactic center but not with the same period. Stars at the center have a shorter period than those farther out. The Sun is located in the outer part of the galaxy. The speed of the solar system due to the galactic rotation is about 220 km/s. The disk of stars in the Milky Way is about 100,000 light years across and the sun is located about 30,000 light years from the galaxy’s center. Based on a distance of 30,000 light years and a speed of 220 km/s, the Sun’s orbit around the center of the Milky Way once every 225 million years. The period of time is called a cosmic year. The Sun has orbited the galaxy, more than 20 times during its 5 billion year lifetime. The motions of the period are studied by measuring the positions of lines in the galaxy spectra.

Intuitive: The winter solstice of 2012 will occur at 11:11 GMT on of course 21-12-2012 the same day the Long Count flips over. On that morning the sun will appear to rise into the patch of sky we refer to as the galactic centre or nuclear bulge. It is the location of the super-massive black hole at the centre of rotation for the Milky Way galaxy.

In itself the appearance of the sun rising here is not a particularly unique event. The phenomena can be observed for winter solstice dates of numerous years either side of 2012. The only interesting new aspect of this year will be the sun appearing to just touch one part of the Dark Rift (Great Rift) that snakes its way along the Galactic Equator. This is an area of the night sky considered important to Maya cosmology most notably with respect to spiritual rebirth mythologies. It will however take some two decades or so to travel completely through this dark region of the sky.



December 2012: If you don’t follow astrology, you may have no idea what the Age of Aquarius is. Basically, each of the twelve different astrological signs has an age associated with it. These ages change over time depending on which of the signs appears during the morning of the spring equinox. Currently, most people agree that we are in the Age of Pisces. The Age of Aquarius 2012 theory states that the new age will start on December 21, 2012, the last day of the Mayan Long Count calendar.

Intuitive: Galactic time, not to confuse with sidereal time, is the time that is described by our spin relative to the center of the galaxy. Just like the moon spinning around the earth and the earth spinning around the sun, we all together, sun, moon and earth and the other planets, are spinning around the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The Max Planck Institute in Germany produced – since 1992 – an animation that shows how the stars in the center of the Galaxy are spinning around the center. The center is situated in Sagittarius A, and is possibly a young black hole: a mass of two million times that of the Sun

The astronomical term “occultation” which is the foundational meaning of the word “occult” to hide from view we can easily appreciate the dynamics of our cosmology through solar effects on Earths daily and seasonal changes. Like the difference between day and night, sunrise and sunset, our Sun and Solar System passes through the Galactic day and night, defined through our passage across the Great or Dark Galactic Rift. The Great Rift is a region of Galactic Space that is devoid of interstellar occultation and allows the full energy “photonic” flow to “shine” on us, not unlike sunlight, this is an extremely high energy source and makes a significant difference in how it affects not only the behavior of our own sun, but all life on Earth as this high energy source is assimilated into our local seasonal environment. It is anticipated by the ancients as a time of tremendous and extreme change for all of us. One can easily apprehend in real terms in the rapidly accelerating pattern of current events in the news and in our lives.


Extinction Level Events: An extinction event (also extinction-level event, ELE) is a period in time when a large number of species die out. The normal background rate of extinctions is about two to five families of marine invertebrates and vertebrates every million years. Since life began on Earth, this background extinction rate has been punctuated by seven major extinction events.

Intuitive: Our current ecology represents less than 1% (remains) of all the life forms and ecologies in the overall history of life on Earth as the result of previous major and minor extinction level events which in some cases killed off up to 95% of pre-existing forms in a variety of global catastrophes as recorded in geologic time periods. There is a frequency, periodicity, and definitive data relative to the occurrence of these events and that can be easily charted against the geologic record, cosmic cycles, and existing geological formations on Earth in our current time. The current ticking time bombs include such geological formations as the Yellowstone Caldera subterranean volcano’s imminent eruption (compare the Mount Toba eruption of 75,000 years ago precipitating the last “Ice Age” and the subsequent “Flood”) as well as imminent systemic interruptions including Earthquakes, Solar Cycles, Galactic Cycles, and collisions with orbiting bodies that we can reasonably estimate happening in our current time.



No matter where you look, no matter which way you turn, or direction you might take – you run up against blind alleys with surrounding walls of illusions imprisoning all the masses of people everywhere caught up in their little personal worlds of self-perpetuating delusions of reality. Amidst this madness of self-infatuating glibness, with only a trace “blessing” by the seeming sliver of some light of reason and sanity, one finds them-self utterly alone and with no one else even remotely sensible to talk to.

Where is the gate that leads out of this place? Is it the reality of death itself? We might ask of Lao Tzu or Gautama Buddha for at least a suggestion of an answer. But still we are left alone with only the dusty relics of some past lives lived in an ancient quest for a philosophical path to be taken, and only with the very remote “possibility” of a way out of this quintessential paradox.

I should return to these classic remains of some wisdom left behind in this surrealistic world of rapidly escalating self-destruction so imminently inherent within its own increasingly psychotic weight. One thing is for certain we are involved in a time of ultimate conditions, of “convergence” and the “end of days” for all the cultural edifices erected in affectations of an overpowering egocentric megalomania. We find ourselves, in reality, just infinitesimal specks of dust blowing in a cosmic wind that forever and timelessly breathes life and existence throughout the infinite universe in which we live.

Is this not a good reason to feel depressed as a personal condition in this place and time? And when what “cures” are offered are merely masks to be worn to help us “fit in” or “adapt” to this burgeoning flood tide of social insanity heuristically framed in terms of some kind of established order and conformity to an ambiguously changing mass chaos of human behavior considered as its Status Quo; why not drug ourselves to death for what difference does it make amidst nonsensical choices of one form of personal suicide or another?

We must look entirely away from this phantasy, find a shelter in isolation, and return “within” to find an inner connection with the Saints who have measured this challenge before us; for the gateway to Divine Light and Inspiration cannot be found in any external place or physical dimension (or suggestion) as it is beyond any of the corporeal senses; beyond even thoughts and words.

I ask you: is that “possibility” the only thing worth seeking in this life?

And as there is only me to answer, under the “particular and peculiar” circumstances of my life –

Yes, I believe so!

PS: It was fore-cautioned by not just one scholar that if a book containing the ultimate answer to the riddle of existence were to be read – the reader would end up hopelessly insane. This may very well be the case!


Existing technology known to Eisenhower and others of our recent times is hundreds of years advanced from what we are indoctrinated in the Main Stream Media and Educational systems. The President is fully aware of this paradox. It is all a matter of Public Relations 101! To negotiate where we go from here into the future.

I don’t expect all that much in terms of real time contacts. But this is an infinite creative potential of which our universe is one aspect and anything imaginable is not only possible but real. It is up to each of us to reflect on our own experiences and express them with all the integrity that we possess! ….Chris….


We as humans are a hybrid of earth genetic stock spliced together with ET genetic stock. A genetic implant was deliberately engineered to block/impede our psychic ability to communicate telepathically. Intermediaries like priests, rabbis, mediums, channels were introduced as 3rd party controllers over our native psychic abilities. This can be repaired with genetic technology today.

One very critical factor involved in physically “visiting” another planet or world is that the body must be compatible with that ecology. This was a critical issue with ETs visiting and colonizing our planet. The genetic “type” must be suitable to its environment. A human body can not exist in an alien ecological system. Fact.


The Human mind was created to be programmable from cradle to the grave. Just consider all the “programs” set in throughout history. What people were taught and indoctrinated to “believe” as “truth”. The only apparent difference today is that we have more advanced “programming” technologies. There is no absolute truth on the current social programming in vogue. We believe what we are programmed to believe.

As I posted in an earlier statement since the creation of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 every American became a debtor which in current status is a debt per capita of $250,000.00. Now the questions begs just WHO do each of us owe this amount to? And why? Why is our GNP almost 80% consumed in paying off the interest of this National Debt? Again to whom? Every sensible American needs to ask this question!


I will reiterate that Osama Bin Laden passed away in December of 2001. He was not involved in the 9/11 event. Everything that has been posted in the MSM has been a total fabrication. Including this latest incursion into Pakistan which is strategic because it is the only Islamic nation that has nuclear weapons. Should give you a clue as to where Obama is at.

This world will endure long after human kind have made a total superficial mess of things. A person is a very small creature with a very big “ego” sense of self importance. It is a psychological condition. Unless we assess our humility to the totality of creation we will be but a fossil relic in the eternal nature of life forms through out the universes of beingness.

There comes a point where there is nothing left to know. From everything that has been written nothing new is revealed. No more mystery. Nothing left to be discovered. We stand alone just as we are, as we have always been. No more illusions. Fading now, returning to our point of origin. Dust to dust scattering amongst the stars into time immemorial. Life to life we return again and again into a new beginning.


The underlying reason that we can today say whatever it is we know, intuitively feel, or speculate as right is that it does not make one increment of difference to the PTB and their ongoing agenda for this world. They are well past that point of no return. What now matters on a personal level is that you keep your understanding as a sacred trust. This they can not take from you.



The world is what we make it and those entities that are dominating geopolitical events make it as they preplan it to be. They fabricate the day to day events that we see on headline news and then follow the story line through in secondary effects to their intended ends. This is the artificial world of humankind. It is a world that is continuously under construction by the powers that be (PTB).

WWIII as a nuclear conflagration would be nothing compared to the post 2012 Extinction Level Events that are expected from which the global slate will be swept clean, the PTB crimes against humanity erased, whatever remaining to be reworked by those few who survive it.

The best recommendation is form into survival communities practicing democratic organizational principles but not cult figures and make preparations for surviving for many years.

The educational standard regarding life on earth and human life in particular as I was understood it at the time I was a school boy and as it was also reflected in my cultural environment was based on the Darwinian Evolutionary Model which fundamentally postulated that life and human consciousness was the result of a cosmic accident that somehow created a complex of universal principles commingling in some incomprehensible way which by evolving over eons of time became somehow self conscious; and that history as we were taught it was merely an account of random natural events for which any apparent form of human causation was merely a reflexive response dominated by the primal survival instincts and capabilities of the fittest of these life forms eventually resulting in mankind, the artificial world and its current events in our times – at least as my generation and the general public was instructed to understand it.

Do you understand how utterly ludicrous, how utterly ridiculous, how utterly stupid, and how utterly insane such an explanation of human origins not to mention life on earth this utterly spurious explanation, hypothesis, and hoax this Darwinian doctrine is? And yet this is what is taught in our “modern” educational system such as it is?

Then came the “60’s”! LSD (along with a host of other mind bending drugs) was disseminated (by the PTB – anyone ever hear of MK Ultra?) throughout all the College and University campuses as well as virtually everyone else in my generation disrupting any genuine scholastic thinking processes and allowing everyone to “turn on, tune in, and drop out” by “liberating” everyone to experience firsthand their primal “evolutionary” memories, instincts, and artistic motivations; and here we are today experiencing real-time manufactured events and virtual realities. I guess we have come a long way baby (boomers)! Wow! What a time that was….. and what a time it will be!

A world of Technologically Manufactured Events and News about them all the while moving all the Baby Boomers ever closer to a Virtual Reality World of Techno Devices synthesizing their minds into realms of the imagination that exist only in their heads.

I say talking to a tree will give you better information to live by. Even a rock for that matter. At least these are real! Turn off your LCDs and Plasma TVs, Radios and iPad Tablets and go out into the desert for awhile where you can remember your name and who you really are. Listen to the stillness and your inner voice. It will guide you to a much better place!


So the way I see it is all of you who have an inclining of what this is all about have only one significant place to turn – to yourselves. Integrity to yourselves and those you love. There is no way to challenge the status quo at this time. They have all the weapons of mass destruction and mass mind manipulation. What we have is ourselves and what we know.

Apart from “Acts of God” being natural events Human history and the present status quo are what we make it including those “elitists and royals” who dominate geopolitical events. It is not a random process. When something in the world of politics happens – it was planned to happen with only random circumstances as collateral effects. Like a real time movie it is scripted and enacted from behind the scenes.

As was 9/11 MSM manufactures the headline news in similar fashion of Hollywood movie scripts. What happens is what they make of it. Such is the technical potentials of today’s media presentations. Obama is being groomed for a second term. The world is being played like a real time movie set. Might as well stock up on the popcorn cause its going to be quite a show!


Obama Dummy

Should give you a vivid portrait of this creature of the Illuminati/NWO now President of the United States of America Obama and Commander in Chief of all of its overt and covert Intelligence Military Industrial Black Operations and considered the single most powerful man on Earth. Excuse me! Did I miss something here?

That is what was orchestrated in the CIA MSM (Mainstream Manufactured) News. Like 9/11 nothing in the MSM is what it seems to be. My intuition tells me Osama has been dead for many years now. Since there will be no forensic evidence released – this “Osama” could have been anybody or nobody at all cause there will be no body or photos to substantiate it. But what is certain is that it is fabulous PR (Public Relations) for Obama and his administration. All the Republicans have now for their presidential candidates is a Three Ring Circus! Obama is a shoe-in for another term inevitably even a third term when we go into WW III. I like Obama but he is a consummate liar and bullshit artist none to compare. That is why he was groomed for and appointed to this job. The guy is slick as shit, pardon my French!

I would imagine the Osama forensic evidence will be similar to Obama’s birth certificate forensic evidence similar to the 9/11 forensic evidence similar to the JFK assassination forensic evidence etc etc etc. All fabrications and suppression of evidence from any legitimate standard op forensic investigation and analysis.


There is no realistic basis to believe anything that this administration puts forth as official news and information. The official versions of history are as Mark Twain commented nothing but a “Mississippi of Lies”. That is lies compared to the details of actual and or imaginary events and their causations. Events, News and Information, including all subjects of Science, Technology, and Religion, Politics and History, Agendas and Policies, Financial and Economics, Medical and Health related issues, even into the actual facts surrounding UFOs and Extraterrestrial artifacts and interactions —– we have continuously and systematically lied to as a people.

So now we are to believe Osama Bin Laden was located and killed along with his household in Pakistan. His body buried at sea. With only a claimed DNA match to prove that it was in fact Osama.

Just as we are supposed to believe that Osama Bin Laden mastermind and orchestrated the 9/11 Demolition of the World Trade Center Towers in NYC as well as a strategic section of the Pentagon in Washington DC.

There are so many official lies throughout history it boggles the mind to think that officially anything is true!

The Geopolitical NWO agenda, it’s insiders and players, and “orchestrated” events demonstrate that history has been, is, and will be whatever “they” say it is and this is what will carry over through the generations to come. That is to say the survivors in generations to come.

It is obvious now that the final stage is set and “in play” so the political lines are drawn between insiders, their minions and designated enemies, a self deluded public mesmerized by MSM propaganda and orchestrated news and information, and a minority of people who know the genuine story, the real facts and bigger picture.

Seems realistic to prepare for the inevitable and assist others by knowing and understanding what is happening and what leads to. The truth being our only religion. Surviving as best we can as we witness current events unfolding.

Be fearless in the certainty of ones perceptions and a calming, constructive influence on everyone in our sphere of relationships and associations.



It needs to be understood that the name of the Geopolitical Game Plan is proactive. It does not wait for events to happen, it creates those events and orchestrates a response which is treated in the Public Media as real time current events. In all public announcements this creation is then “The Reality” and addressed as so. Main Steam Media then makes this the daily news that becomes the reality of the people.



Anthropomorphic egocentricity but by the axiom form follows function in what a human being is by intelligent design the mind body to the works of the hands we manufacture machines as servo mechanisms to create our artificial world and it would follow that extra terrestrial races would require a similar form follows function by intelligent design so we would expect them to be humanoid as well.

That is not to say there are no other ways to create forms and worlds as we can see the creative process at work using morphogenetic fields and fluid dynamics as best witnessed in our own reproduction process basically being a sea water solution filled with all the ingredients required to generate a life form suspended in salt water and acted upon by creative fields of energy instead of hands. Just demonstrates how manufacturing might be accomplished in other ways.

But here we are all confused about what we are when it is so simple to see what we are by what we do and how we do it. We are designed primarily to create operate and maintain civilizations. That is ultra simplified but axiomatic. Form Follows Function by intelligent design. With that basic understanding we can extrapolate pretty much all the rest as we are already doing that anyway!

Like E pi scanning landscapes for artificial [archeological architectural] patterns form follows function applies as well because it is intelligent. We would assume that there is no scarcity of humanoid activity detectable terrestrially or extra terrestrially.

It is like we are born lost and the adventure is to find our way home. That is what makes life interesting. As we go about finding our way we encounter many unexpected things.

The fact of the spirit mind body connection to the world is a given. The creation is that of a person and personal expression manifestation and experience is part and parcel of that creation. The same would hold true throughout this world or any other. Self consciousness is the crown of creation and is what makes us uniquely what we are.

The greatest mystery that confronts us is the mystery of the soul perhaps of the ego as well being that rarified character that supposedly endures even after body death and seems to be the center point of all religions.



Global Depopulation Program.

(Needs editing and references)

500 Million People will have died from smoking related illnesses within ten years.

It is estimated that the entire Native African population will have succumbed to AIDs in that time.

The Muslim population now being targeted in the Middle East and Afghanistan is deliberately being saturated with depleted uranium shot shells the radioactive fallout from which carries a similar burden on the long term as AIDs.

There is a chain of evidence showing how AIDS was engineered as a Biological weapon and how it was deployed against a targeted population group where it would be most effective by its demographic profile. It also was deployed against the Gay (male) population with similar intent. Initial dissemination of this disease employed AIDS infected vaccines dispensed by the WHO as controls for Hepatitis and Small Pox fundamentally treating those conditions worldwide by infecting targeted population groups with another biologically specific and untreatable disease.

Biologically and Genetically engineered population group specific pathogens such as virus strains of AIDS, HIV, SARS, WNV, Swine Flu H1N1, and the NDM Gene – are covertly disseminated through such agencies as the CDC and WHO and are to be expected as “in-play” as part of depopulation/population control strategies and tactics. It only takes a “flash in the pan” for a virus to mutate or a bacterial strain to develop resistance to all deployed antibiotics and an uncontrollable pandemic will rapidly sweep targeted populations of earth in a matter of weeks.


[Remember that the Spanish, British, and the United States Government deliberately deployed Small Pox in the genocide of the Indigenous Native American populations from first contact up to present time]

Chemical weapons such as the drug LSD 25 for social disruption and mind control programs, also latent toxins such as fluoride with mind control applications, and various nerve affecting and cancer inducing chemicals are deployed and disseminated hand to hand, into water supplies, the food chain, by aerosols into the air and into weather systems.

[A classic case study in point being the governments covert program to intentionally disseminate LSD (initially tested by Military group studies) and then put into effect on a massive scale during the 1960’s primarily to disrupt the United State’s University Students and World Wide Cultural paradigms in particular.]

Depleted uranium has been deployed into the Muslim populations of the Middle East and Afghanistan to a similar effect, as AIDS is not effective against Muslims due to their strict religious, cultural, and lifestyle traditions. It is noted that the Muslim population was evaluated to be the fourth largest population group in the world, and it has a 50% higher birth rate than any other group. Warfare deploying DU munitions provides the one two punch killing hundreds of millions through outright warfare, genocidal long term sanctions, and radioactive fallout saturating these regions that is now causing birth defects at the current rate of 80% in the most saturated regions. The half life of DU is perhaps hundreds of thousands of years.

Now we have the Japan Nuclear Meltdown crisis which is a work in progress that has targeted not only Japan but all of the Americas due to prevailing weather patterns from this region. Plutonium is the keyword on this one as it is considered to be the most toxic substance on earth, as well as radioactive Strontium, Iodine, Cesium and other highly radioactive isotopes generated in its fission process. These particles are rapidly entering into the food chain which will become increasingly contaminated over the long term.

Perhaps the most embracing depopulation program deployed is in the Mass Media control of information, and marketing and advertising which directs the general population groups, population centers, and lifestyles with false and spurious, and or, “omitted” public information and official endorsements of malicious programs. For example statistically in the United States the highest percentage of death rate is due to Doctors and Medical Misdiagnosis and Mistreatment(s) and collateral side effects of prescription drugs.

But on an even more profound level Mass Media misdirection puts the most populated population centers at the greatest risk to natural disasters and catastrophes as demonstrated by the recent Earthquake(s) and Tsunami over the Northern Coastal regions of Japan. Due to imminent Earth Changes all the Coastal Regions of the world where the greatest population densities exist (reside) are simply being left in harm’s way and uninformed. Other regions contain similar imminent threats as in volcanic regions (Yellowstone for example) and related fall out zones. No plan is even intended to officially inform, prepare, or save the populations in these regions.

It is also speculated of the new Scaler and HAARP technologies and installations that Earth Changing events as well as Sociological events are being actively and deliberately precipitated by these means.

Public information and preparedness plans come through non official sources and must be accomplished on a one to one basis. In other words each person must become informed and prepared – on their own. With the bulk of the population remaining ignorant and self deluded as the point of (their) no return draws nigh.



The question arises regarding the United States Space Ship Fleet that how could such a project remain hidden from Public scrutiny and Congressional oversight?

The answer to that is that it really isn’t hidden. It just appears to be!

Deploying ET and advanced technology that is estimated 100 years+ over and ahead of conventional technology – these spaceships are utterly self sufficient and do not need an elaborate infrastructure to operate.

They are constructed in modular fashion from existing Aerospace facilities utilizing existing resources, materials, and production facilities currently producing top of the line Conventional military and application products.

Logistically they would not need anything more than what would be expected of secret bases wherever – within mountains, underground, on ground, or undersea.

They incorporate electro-gravitic zero point energy and propulsion technologies and integrated technologies and materials back engineered from ET craft captured (or donated) that are already being utilized in conventional high tech applications such as nano fibers and fiber optics, LCD and ergonomic and thought control systems.

One might speculate that the several trillions of dollars “missing and unaccounted for” from the U.S. treasury and Congressional Budgets most like went to these black ops projects over the past century and recent decades.

And with the given security conspiracies regarding UFOs ET disclosure, Geopolitical agendas, and the 2012 issues….. Well the logical pieces to this puzzle fall inconveniently in place!

There is a point at which science fiction and fact merge into reality as it really is behind the veil of Mass Media manipulated and controlled entertainment and information.

Yes I would say the existence of a U.S. Spaceship Fleet is a 100 % given and the evidence for it is right in front of our faces every day. All one needs to do is look!



Recommendation: Beyond the Matrix by Patricia Cori

Contemplative Meditation and Prayer

I would suggest that the Biblical story of creation, genesis, actually reveals an opening of consciousness, that the big bang is actually a cognitive explosion.

The scientific approach is objective reality, bearing witness and participation in this unfolding cognitive process, but it is not “out there” it is “within” expressing its inner creative power through the one into the world of the many.

Metaphysically it is actually the reverse. Consciousness, life, intelligent creation comes from within and it is from within that we must seek our “God” and Divine reality. The other dimensions or “Ten-Dimensional Hyperspace” all of this is not “out there” as out there is a projection, an illusion. Like Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass….. Objective reality is only a reflection of reality that exists within a cosmic consciousness.

What we seek as seekers is to be found within. Through a process of self realization we find all that we are looking for and as we cognite along that process of self realization unfolding into our personal consciousness and experience we are inherently contributing to the collective consciousness, the collective mind of all other beings.

I see this happening continuously now.

But it starts as one becomes aware of their inner voice and begins to understand what that voice is speaking. It is likened to an Oracle within and it is from this recognition that the source of all creation and being, of all consciousness and intelligence, emanates from within.

If we seek for the truth “out there” dictating to us from an external source we are experiencing a hypnotic illusion, an effect, and the province of the “ego” in a self deluded sense, the realms of Maya. The effect seemingly generated from “without” as an illusory and deceptive, external, artificial source.

The Kingdom of Heaven lies “within” is well spoken!

Our way of contribution and healing through prayer is a subjective process, like in meditation when we manifest realizations and cognitions, also through study and research, along with direct experience, the work is accomplished metaphysically. It will find its own paths to expression into the world. One’s anxiety about telling others of your experience is unnecessary and if you really think about it there is no way another would understand what you are telling them unless they experience a similar process in their own lives. Your cognitive realization is all that is needed to make a beneficial difference and it does that in a very mystical way. I have witnessed this over and over again with my subjective reality which has unfolded and evolved over the past 50 years. I can attest that the above does work and you don’t have to establish a publishing company or school of thought to teach to the world. The work has already been done through your experience alone.

This is called contemplative meditation and prayer. It is not a petition to God for something needed or wanted or desired. It is a cognitive process of self realization that expresses itself through you from within you and unfolds its benefit into the world from the collective mind or “field” to which all others are connected. Your result will be reflected and find it’s unique expression into the world through the works of others demonstrating it in ways for which they are best suited, even better suited than you! I have witnessed this again and again throughout the course of my experiences over the past 50 years.



For all that I have come to know it appears the oldest occult trick in the universe is to establish a via between the person and their divine source.

This is accomplished through a fine art of deception redirecting a person’s attention by use of hypnotic suggestion to an external source of knowledge power and means convincing people that it is only through this external source that can survive and attain salvation.

The metaphysics of this process needs to be understood for what it is.

The actual source of all life, intelligence, cognition, consciousness and knowing comes from within.

It is a direct connection inherent in all being, life forms, and existence.

There is no via!

There was a very profound American movement in 19th century called “New Thought” precipitated by hypno-theraputic treatments developed by Phineas Qwimby (spelling?), who was a clockmaker from Belfast Maine.

How the divine relationship works.

Exemplified in all life forms.

What is prayer, it is not a petition to god for something wanted, not a request.

It works by realization and self realization from a meditative posture that releases all distractions and preconceptions allowing the divine to reveal itself through self realization, realization, and cognition.

The divine acts through realization and expresses itself through you.

The contribution of study and cognition in divine realization works at the level of the collective mind and is shared and expressed by all at this level.

Prayer would be better defined as that contribution from you and your realizations added to the collective field of knowledge and experience.

The collective field is kept activated by all the sentient beings and their expressions in the world.

When a catastrophic extinction level event occurs on a planet the collective field is consummately diminished even blacked out for a time.


Fair Game policy by L. Ron Hubbard QED


After successfully baiting OSA’s (Scientology’s “Office of Special Affairs”) Special Op Internet team not only was my main home PC hacked with all the obvious symptoms requiring a full restoration and security fix, by the Word Press Main Server was hacked into as well. Security bulletin was posted on Word Press’s Main Page for the 13th and early morning today. My Blog Site is now experiencing a viewing anomaly which was not there 24 hours ago!

From many accounts this is “what they do” and was patently demonstrated yesterday. I am familiar with this phenomenon from previous “run ins” in similar form.

Scientology is emulating all the characteristics of fascist repressive dictatorial regimes for example: the RCC (and its Inquisitions), Mafioso, Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Napoleon, and Right Wing Extremist Dictatorships installed in Central and South America by U.S. Foreign Interests.

I have never deliberately, intentionally, or otherwise caused damage or harm to Scientology. But I did bait them experimentally over the past few weeks to respond in a way that would reveal their Internet surveillance operation and counter-measures – although I must say this response was more dramatic than I’d expected!

There is a premeditated and intrinsic “malice aforethought” indicated in their policies toward anyone critical of Scientology. Their current Public Relations (PR) routine is to declare all criticisms or accusations as utterly lies and false, and to call those persons “terrorists” (how original is that I ask you?!?!) and liars even when the things being criticized and/or accused are clearly evidential and demonstrably true.

The thing that draws one into this is the blatant nature of it. It’s unmistakable when one comes into contact with this information. In a normal, educated, and socially responsible person it simply compels one to say and/or do something about it even if doing so was never their focus or intention before such contact.

It is cautioned not to think Scientology is benign in its programmed responses as it emulates National Security level procedures and intent in similarly dramatic ways. The top guys would kill their critics if they legally could do so, and they have done so in some documented cases despite the law. In their opinion they are above the law. So they are extremely serious and mean serious business!

The seeming good is a proprietary good intended for staff and public resources and efficacious to the implementation, application and programming of the tech and admin goals and purposes. The good into society is expedient to infiltration of institutions, expansion of Scientology’s domain, and for promotional purposes.

The shades of gray as to what is good are blurred but indicate overall that it is not for the good of the individual but rather for the good of the corporation and the chosen elitists controlling this hierarchal creature. What we can imagine is collateral good, or coerced good (as in the case of statistical management and production quotas per ethics conditions formulae), self-service good affected to keep from being penalized for “down-stats” (not doing enough “good”!).

Common staff and public consider themselves “doing good” and are not evil people. They are the front group of the organization. It is what lies behind and above them that is evil and there is nothing new about this type of organizational structure as it is common in politics and in all governing bodies around the world today, also in the banking and financial industry etc.

What you find at the top is a pyramid of power and control (same dominant power game as everywhere else on earth!) where you have foundational wealth, special privilege indulgence, and ceremonial extravaganzas. What are the indicators of “good” in these forms? Is it individual or collective good?

“Satan get behind me!” big time!

I think that just about covers my thoughts for today!



I Joel Goldsmith has expressed it best that the outer world that we perceive empirically is just an illusion. Addressing that world with some sense of correcting something that one sees is wrong with it (or others) is like shadow boxing. How do you explain our participation in this worldly paradox when it just doesn’t work as we might imagine and no matter what we do, who we communicate with, how we attempt to explain what we are seeing and experiencing the end result is just an effect. Why would we even consider that we must do something about it? Joel demonstrates this in a much simpler way. One that clarifies our actual relationship to the world in contrast to our perceptual self delusions.

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    • Thank you – feel free to pass it on! That is what it is for….

      • Dear Jorge,
        Thank you for your kind understanding and I really appreciate your thoughtful comments regarding my article. I have followed Marshall’s New Message since it was first published and studied all his books over the years. This is what I have been doing with many converging subjects. Involvement with the New Message and Free School forums over the past few weeks was disappointing but as it is said “students will be students” and my initial observation was that they are simply naive. That changed to they are simply antagonistic to anything that they believe is sacrilegious to their new religion and its teachings. It was like I’d steeped into a hornet’s nest! Your point of view is very sensible and appreciated. Just for information – I was stationed at the US Naval Air Base in Rota Spain in 1969 – 1970 also in the Mediterranean aboard the USS Saratoga later deployed to Vietnam from 1970 – 1973. Have checked to see how things have changed in Rota and Spain over the subsequent years. Frequently have thoughts of revisiting – perhaps sometime!
        Please stay in touch and keep me posted on how things are going,

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