[HCV-P] Daily Stats (Corrected 04/13)

[HCV-P] Daily Stats for 0413 show (2.1%) Decrease in US [HCV] death rate (%)! Just the analytic facts. President Trump’s Administration must be doing something very right! You’d think that these stats would be considered by all common sense members of congress and the mass media. Unfortunately this isn’t what this [DS] ‘Planned-Demic’ is all about. This is the [NWO] ‘Totalitarian Two Step’ planned takeover for total global control.

Comprehensive stat analysis trend reqs a (6) wk plot.

Now (2+) wks of daily stats shows a ‘normal’ (gradual

rise due to admin stat tabulation) revealing seasonal

[Flu] trends w/ no surprises. The ‘crisis’ is ‘artificial’!

200409 Daily [HCV] stats: (Projected Turning Point)

Reported Confirmed Cases / Deaths / Recovered

< [D] (Dec – > dr) > [I] (Inc + < dr) (dr = % death rate)

*RI > (Rate of Increase) / RD < (Rate of Decrease)

(0.0013% US Pop confirmed w/ [HCV] w/a (0.000047% dr)

Totals: 0413 [US] Tested 2816674 Hospitalized 92523

2004130800 = 19.2% (US % WW deaths) [I< 0.50%]

[WW] Reported 1864639/115286/440922 (dr> 6.18%)

[US] Reported 557663/22116/41871 (dr< 3.97%)

[DR] 0413 [US] (Deaths) 22116 (s) [RI< 0.08%/06.8%]

2004120800 = 18.7% (US % WW deaths) [I< 0.80%]

[WW] Reported 1797899/110042/412117 (dr> 6.12%)

[US] Reported 530006/20614/32314 (dr< 3.89%)

[DR]0412 [US] (Deaths) 20614 (s) [RI< 0.15%/08.9%]

2004110800 = 17.9% (US % WW deaths) [I< 0.70%]

[WW] Reported 1721353/104800/389651 (dr <6.09%)

[US] Reported 501701/18781/29192 (dr < 3.74%)

[DR]0411 [US] (Deaths) 18781 (s) [RI< 0.16%/10.9%]

2004100800 = 17.2% (US % WW deaths) [I < 1.90%]

[WW] Reported 1619495/97200/365142 (dr < 6.00%)

[US] Reported 467184/16736/26522 (dr < 3.58%)

[DR]0409 [US] (Deaths) 16736 (s) [RI< 0.16%/11.5%]

2004090800 = 15.6% (US % WW deaths) [I < 0.10%]

[WW] Reported 1494055/89435/336780 (dr > 5.99%)

[US] Reported 432439/14808/24125 (dr < 3.42%)

[DR] 0409 [US] (Deaths) 14808 (s) [RI< 0.19%/12.8%]

2004080800 = 15.5% (US % WW deaths) [I > 1.10%]

[WW] Reported 1447466/83471/308215 (dr > 5.77%)

[US] Reported 399979/12911/22539 (dr > 3.23%)

[DR] 0408 [US] (Deaths) 12911 (s) [RI > 0.24%/14.7%]

2004070800 = 14.4% (US % WW deaths) [I> 0.70%]

[WW] Reported 1363365/76420/292425 (dr > 5.60%)

[US] Reported 368533/11008/19972 (dr > 2.99%)

[DR] 0407 [US] (Deaths) 11008 (s) [RI > 0.13%/12.3%]

2004060800 = 13.7% (US % WW deaths) [I> 0.90%]

[WW] Reported 1289380/70590/270372 (dr < 5.47%)

[US] Reported 337971/9654/17582 (dr < 2.86%)

[DR] 0406 [US] (Deaths) 9654 (s) [RI< 0.17%/11.9%]

2004050800 = 12.8% (US % WW deaths) [I> 1.00%]

[WW] Reported 1225360/66542/252615 (dr < 5.43%)

[US] Reported 312249/8503/15021 (dr < 2.72%)

[DR] 0405 [US] (Deaths) 8503 (s) [RI> 0.15%/15.8%]

2004040800 = 11.8% (US % WW deaths) [I> 0.80%]

[WW] Reported 1140327/60874/233930 (dr < 5.34%)

[US] Reported 278537/7163/9920 (dr < 2.57%)

[DR] 0404 [US] (Deaths) 7163 (s) [RI> 0.10%/15.3%]

2004030800 = 11.0% (US % WW deaths) [D> 0.50%]

[WW] Reported 1041126/55092/22122 (dr < 5.29%)

[US] Reported 245658/6069/9311 (dr < 2.47%)

[DR] 0403 [US] (Deaths) 6069 (s) [RI< 0.09%/15.1%]

2004020800 = 10.5% (US % WW deaths) [I> 1.07%]

[WW] Reported 962977/49236/202935 (dr < 5.11%)

[US] Reported 216768/5151/8710 (dr < 2.38%)

[DR] 0402 [US] (Deaths) 5151 (s) [RI< 0.23%/20.8%]

2004010800 = 9.43% (US % of WW deaths) [I> 1.05%)

[WW] Reported 873767/43288/184771 (dr < 4.95%)

[US] Reported 189633/4081/7136 (dr < 2.15%)

[DR] 0401 [US] (Deaths) 4081 (s) [RI> 0.22%/22.3%]

2003310800 = 8.38% (US % of WW deaths) [I> 1.05%)

[WW] Reported 801400/38743/172657 (dr < 4.83%)

[US] Reported 164610/3170/5945 (dr < 1.93%)

[DR] 0331 [US] (Deaths) 3170 (s) [RI> 0.14%/18.9%]

2003300800 = 7.33% (US % of WW deaths) [I > .49%]

[WW] Reported 741030/35097/156838 (dr < 4.74%)

[US] Reported 143527/2572/4865 (dr < 1.79%)

[DR] 0330 [US] (Deaths) 2572 (s) [RI< 0.03%/14.8%]

2003290800 = 6.84% (US % of WW deaths) [(m)ean]

[WW] Reported 684652/32113/145696 (dr < 4.69%)

[US] = Reported 124763/2191/2612 (dr < 1.76%)

[DR] 0329 [US] (Deaths) 2191 (RI/RD*(s)tat) [(m)ean]

*RI > (Rate of Increase) / RD < (Rate of Decrease)

Note: China’s (‘epicenter’ of [HCV-P]) reported stats not reliable but included as base reference point in [WW] stats. Stats don’t account for ‘false tests’; or those who are infected but are not yet tested or confirmed because they’re asymptomatic or have not otherwise presented or reported their symptoms. Percentage increases are in no small part attributable to developing statistical data collection procedures. Also there’s no distinction of the actual ’cause of death’ with those who had critical preexisting medical conditions. In actuality this heavily promoted ‘Plandemic’ is intrinsically no more or less consequential than a common [FLU]* but it’s getting exponential [MSM] ‘mockingbird’ promotion in concert with Global response. The available statistical data correlated w/ forensic facts clearly demonstrates [HCV] to be a premeditated Globalist [DS Crown] Operation (a staged ‘Plandemic’) for the ‘Collateral Expedience’ of strategically implementing its totalitarian geopolitical [NWO] Agenda.

CNN MSM PBS NPR NYT WaPo USAt [DS] scripted ‘mockingbirds’ fake news and public misinformation w/ gross exaggerations of the [HCV] ‘planned-demic’ are far more dangerous than the [HCV] epidemic itself. Forensic stats show the real news data points putting real world facts into proper perspective.

*[FLU] Ref. compare last years [US] stats and data:


(Approx 34 million cases/35,000 deaths [dr > 0.10%])

CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2018–2019 season included an estimated 35.5 million people getting sick with influenza, 16.5 million people going to a health care provider for their illness, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths from influenza (Table 1). The number of influenza-associated illnesses that occurred last season was similar to the estimated number of influenza-associated illnesses during the 2012–2013 influenza season when an estimated 34 million people had symptomatic influenza illness.

The insidiousness of this ‘Planned-Demic’ is in the mass confusion it is generating with its complicit CNN MSM PBS scripted propaganda in regard to actual causes involved using [HCV-P] as a smokescreen for all the underlying collateral effects mostly due to worldwide and [US] social economic shutdown liberally mixed with deliberately misinformed mass panic and hysteria. Forensic analysis differentiates and discriminates actual causes for ‘critical effects’ from what would be expected during past seasonal Flu statistics. This is a [DS] ‘pre-scripted’ artificially induced and effected pandemic designed for totalitarian [NWO] geopolitical instrumentality.

It’s obvious that the seasonal flu’s has considerable death rate but has never received such a global crisis ‘rapid response’ world and [US] economic shutdown public lockdown infrastructure preparedness with massive 24/7 MSM Fake News and [DS] propaganda saturation w/ real-time statistical data point tabulation.

CDC Tables for [FLU] past 10yrs [US] (deaths):

2010-2011 = (37,000) / 2011-2012 = (12,000) /

2012-2013 = (43,000) / 2013-2014 = (38,000) /

2014-2015 = (51,000) / 2015-2016 = (23,000) /

2016-2017 = (38,000) / 2017-2018 = (61,000)…..

Put into perspective:


[US] ‘Traffic Deaths’ 2018-2019 (>40,000)

Perhaps we should prohibit private motor vehicles?

[US] ‘Cancer Deaths’ 2018-2019 (>609,000)

Perhaps we should prohibit petrochemical industry?

[US] ‘Heart Disease’ 2018-2019 (>809,000)

Perhaps we should prohibit processed food industry?


Suicides 50,000 deaths / Murders 17,000 deaths (2019) estimates

1.4 M people attempted suicide for mostly mental health reasons.

Perhaps we should prohibit violent MSM Movies TV and Fake News?


Number of drug overdose deaths 2018 count was 67,367.

Perhaps we should close the Southern Border?


In US 2018 there were reported 424,066 missing children.

Perhaps we should shut down human sex & child trafficking?

This is a coronavirus with an agenda that doesn’t want a cure. It’s on a mission to take over the world under the guise of a plannedemic. Why this or why that doesn’t cut it when this virus has a preplan for the world w/ a [DS] Agenda. This ‘Totalitarian Two Step’ wants to complete it’s ‘designer mission’ come hell or high water despite any darn cure!

Mainstream Media CNN MSM PBS NPR [DS] scripted ‘mockingbirds’ are far more dangerous than the [HCV]. The whole lot of these traitors needs to be arrested and prosecuted for treason and sedition. There can be no doubt whatsoever where these demonicrats are at! They are Public Enemy #1. The demonicratic [MSM] ‘fake news’ has obviously exaggerated this ‘plannedemic’ for psycho-political purposes.

[DS] Corpus reality eh! They’re not ‘lying’ per se, they’re working a cover story which is SOP. It’s a script – and the script is the ‘official reality’ – come hell or high water – their mission is to make the script stick as a premeditated public deception – hey! That’s their job! That’s what they do. So, it’s a bit more complex than just ‘lying’ – it’s MK-Ultra stuff you know. They all have to be on the same page of the ‘official story’ and on a script that’s synchronized. This [DS] ‘official reality’ facade game has been institutionalized for countless decades; ‘infiltrated’ in place of a generic constitutional government of fact based common sense.

This is a [DS] preplanned financial economic reset. It was inevitable. It’s being done undercover of a coronavirus plannedemic as a cover story scripted to justify shutting down an unsustainable financial economic system. What better way to ‘justify’ this global reset? It’s all ‘because of the virus’ – no – this ‘test tube virus’ is the instrument of choice by the [DS] and that was set in motion decades ago. It’s a means for mind controlling the entire global population; especially for mind controlling Americans. It’s the [DS] ‘Totalitarian Two Step’ tactical operation. Why not just come right out and call it like it is?

One needs to consider other consequential deaths due to the shut down of the economy and loss of jobs and livelihoods – suicides and homicides increase as well as other depressive factors. Traffic deaths seem to be much less because there’s much less driving around. It’s not just a [HCV] factor as much as all these other consequences of a lockdown.

It’s now more than obvious this [HCV] virus is a [DS] preplanned ‘scapegoat’ for the health defects of 5G. The virus is more a smokescreen for different elements of an agenda thats being implemented under cover of this ‘plannedemic’. It’s also a mass distraction and diversion away from the 2020 election campaign season. Perhaps the most significant element in this op is the global monetary / financial / economic reset and geopolitical restructuring that is now taking place. The principalities implementing this totalitarian agenda don’t want ‘the people’ to associate health symptoms with 5G or notice that a totalitarian infrastructure is being set in place under the guise of this ‘plannedemic’ – which is another issue in its own right – (including eugenics and selective depopulation) – whatever. There’s certainly a connection between the virus and 5G in this respect. These operations are all geopolitical devices. Like all the past and current world wars they’re geopolitical organizing principles or dynamics – all premeditated and preplanned by the ‘powers that be’. 5G causes respiratory problems amongst other serious health issues.

It’s obvious that China was a ‘target’ (or victim) of this [FF] op – Well you just have to take CNN MSM Fox and the lot at 180 degrees to see who really ‘done’ it. Bothers me that Trump’s Patriotic base is cultivating this line against China – but Trump is just realistically dealing with what his administration inherited – like 9/11 – all this has to be ingeniously deconstructed ‘with’ all the key [DS] players involved. It’s like ‘9D Chess’! No scarcity of dramatic entertainment! The complexity of this ‘thing’ is bordering on incomprehensible.. And all brought to you courtesy of the Internet!

In a ‘preplanned genocide’ using [HCV-P] as statistical index every death (no matter what the forensic cause of it) is a ‘nail’ in the coffin – and the ‘planned-demic’ is the ‘hammer’. This is the way these [DS] [WHO] [CDC] [NWO] psychopaths think.

This [HCV-P] is just a preemptive skirmish – a preparatory experimental foray into what’s to come. To the [DS] [WHO] [CDC] the global populations are a ‘test tube’ for stat and data collection for analysis to advise subsequent phases of the [NWO] Agenda for the future of humanity and the world.

In a ‘preplanned genocide’ using [HCV-P] as statistical index every death (no matter what the forensic cause of it) is a ‘nail’ in the coffin – and the ‘planned-demic’ is the ‘hammer’. This is the way these [DS] [WHO] [CDC] [NWO] psychopaths think.

To the ‘demonicratic hierarchy’ of [DS] psycho-political criminals (traitors) the only crime they apprehend is ‘getting caught’. We know who they are and what they’ve been doing! They’re ‘criminally insane’ psychopaths acting out like cornered animals as they are being exposed with forensic facts; and they become most dangerous when exposed to the Light of Truth. We are fortunate today (in a way) to see them exposed on their MSM mockingbird ‘fake news’ social multi-media platforms that they’ve been monopolizing and socializing on for many decades now. Their [PR] facade and ‘fake biographies’ are now disintegrating under the weight of forensic facts now exposing them for the miscreant lying psycho-criminals that they really are. We’re in the time of ‘Revelations’ and ‘Disclosure’ for which there’s no escape!