Convergence 2012

State of Maya 2012
There is no escaping the mass deceptions of this world and whether we choose to remain ignorant or apprised of their true nature we share our victimization just by being a part of it as human beings. A genuine revelation makes all the difference by giving us powerful reference points by which to perceive the truth of what “actually is” in contrast to what we are being “officially” indoctrinated and mentally programmed to believe. Realizing the true nature of this deception boils down to some very obvious and simple facts.
This is what I am intentionally demonstrating on my blog 2012Convergence.com with some of following points:
A first point, and in my experience a point of personal initiation, is the UFO/ET reality which not only demonstrates that we are definitely not alone, nor have we ever been alone, but also the existence of more advanced sciences and technologies that are obviously being suppressed by the powers that rule over our worldly establishments – in order for these self appointed “elites” to continue their established medieval feudalistic hegemony over the entire human race.
A second point is that we are being deceived by the political establishment and being deliberately lied to by our elected officials and authority figures. Not only is the fact that significant advanced sciences and technologies have been available [that would revolutionize our world] for well over a century but the existing sciences that are being taught in general education and universities are fundamentally and deliberately falsified in many aspects – just as false and censored as they have ever been, by historic degree, since the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church. Current critical sciences and technologies have been obsolete for well over a hundred years.
A third point is the sophistication of a geopolitical conspiracy of such an order of magnitude by an “elite” who are perpetrating this mass deception for their own purposes and obsessions with power, greed, and wars – to such a degree utterly incomprehensible to the average person on the street.
A fourth point is a further elaboration of how this deception has infiltrated all of the established infrastructures and is responsible for imponderable personal and mass destruction and not only human suffering amongst the indigenous people of the Earth but also of the entire spectrum of sentient life on this planet and elsewhere in the universe.
A fifth point of consideration is the True Nature of Reality and the Spirit which is being violently perverted and viciously suppressed.
One must contrast the true nature of things against the artificial establishments that are currently exploiting the truth. These include the Educational System and Mass Media, the Medical and Health Establishments, the Social and Political Establishments, the Scientific and Technological Infrastructures, Public Utilities, Agencies of Energy Transportation, Food production and distribution, Economic and Financial Oligarchies – to name a few.
The people of this world need genuine beneficial leadership and viable evolving self-sustaining communities. Virtually every attempt at establishing this has been perverted and suppressed at every level of our current political, social and economic structure. “The People” of this world are living with a “Geopolitical” malignant cancer that is virtually feeding off the life blood of all living things on this planet – and it is near term terminal.
This is what is best referred to as the “End of this World” – because of this impending evil the “End of the World” as we know it is literally true and inevitable – that is unless there is a truly “Miraculous Act of God” there is no escaping this geopolitical “End of the World” by anyone including the proverbial “Vampires” who are ruling over it.
A further point has to do with the nature of the universe itself. This geological history of our planet and life on Earth has been one of incomprehensibly catastrophic extinction level events that have over geological time eliminated 99% of all the living species that have ever evolved before our present time. This geological/cosmic record is written into the very fabric and stone of our planet as well as what we can now witness in images and data coming to us from our space probes.
A further deception is the suppression of 99% of all the images and data from these scientific expeditions – images and data that, should one be fortunate enough to get a glimpse of it, would reveal that the true nature of our world and universe is at least 99% more astonishing in what is revealed – in contrast to what little is being released and indoctrinated as the “official” news for the general public’s consumption.
All of these points can be easily demonstrated provided there is an earnest interest to know what the “Bigger Picture” is all about – the images and data of this information is available, at least for a little while longer, through the World Wide Web and Internet before the impending “Official” censorship – and for just a few search keystrokes – but the real key is having a means to evaluate what is truth from what is deliberate fabrication, disinformation and censorship.
One must establish a base of hard core facts by which to evaluate and pilot through the deliberately generated mass confusion of misinformation “out there” and with this base the deception becomes more than clear in all its aspects.
I cannot imagine how anyone could consider personal salvation and enlightenment possible without first realizing the deceptive nature and current conditions of human life on Earth. It seems to me that enlightenment could only come from a fundamental understanding of what is really going on in this world and the “Bigger Picture” which comprises the reality of our actual interpersonal and spiritual situations. Only then would one acquire the wisdom to “liberate” by means of an appropriate meditation and cultivation practice – otherwise one is just steeping themself into further self-delusion and denial.
There is a purposeful cause and effect underlying our being here in the first place – and a logical analytical factor would involve sorting out this world of lies and deception in the creation of a more enlightened civilization – one that provides an evolutionary foundation for the enlightenment and liberation of all sentient life in the universe.
The following scheme is what appears to be the most obvious scenario baring some as yet unrealized Miraculous Act of God. All of these points when considered in detail reveal the areas of our worldly reality that have to change. There can be no question about this once these simple analysis points are understood for what they actually mean.
This information is not at all pleasant but I do not see how it could be beneficial otherwise.
Chris, December 25th, 2012
2012 Convergence update : Winter Solstice 2012 End of Time   You Tube Presentation!
(: It is time to get un-serious about the Global December 21st, Celebrations! 🙂

To the reader:(old serious version follows):

The news issues and abstracts that you  will find on this blog site do not appear to the Western [NATO] Main Stream Mass Media as significant articles and are only referenced tangentially if at all in reporting current events that are of the most critical importance to understanding what is happening in the world today.
Please look through every aspect of this site but note that it is up to you to fill in the blanks according to your point of view. I have just pointed out the landmarks along the trail. What you might consider as left undone or undeveloped – is your job to complete…..Chris
See my other blogs for further clarification:
Keyword Essays    2012 Worldviews   2012 Transcendence   2012 New School
Dead – Logic
Aha! Moment also Present Moment
” THE SELF-AWARE UNIVERSE – How Consciousness Creates The Material World ” By Amit Goswami, Ph.D. is a case in point! [See DVD The Quantum Activist] Within the first few sentences to the introduction of his book [many others follow] there comes a revelation that is within anyone’s reach because it is most fundamental to the very nature of consciousness and being. Present time is that point of cognitive perception – knowing observation and experience of time place form and event – followed by a cascade of comprehension yielding a personal understanding of the true nature and purpose of the reality in which we live and find ourselves to be – ever expanding and unfolding in our own unique sense of universal continuity from each moment of our existence to the next  – guided only by logic and our decisions to evermore seek the divine meaning of our lives and all life. Within this utter simplicity is present all the answers to life’s questions that we could possibly imagine!  …..Chris
See: http://cosmicconvergence.org/
The following is a list of subjects and topics that are critical to any analysis of current events. See also my Keyword Essays list below for a summary of words critical to the understanding of this analysis. Although incomplete in its current form there would be sufficient prompts to the reader’s intellect to complete this study on their own terms. This is an unfinished work but provides a logical framework with which to evaluate the current scene in our world today. All the work has been done for the reader to facilitate this evaluation……..Chris April 15th, 2012
CE-5 link: http://www.cseti.org/ce5.htm
The urgency of our times is best understood in the following framework or context:
Add: The G20 – NWO elite and their echelon intelligence agencies are as aware if not much more of the 2012 scenario(s). So it must be understood that the public sector groups engaged in negotiating this issue will need to align their concepts with this critical factor taken into account. There is much confusion and tunnel vision expressed in day to day posts. It must be stated that the figures at the very top know and have known (for centuries) about 2012 and have been using their brightest and best to research and model consequences and outcomes at all levels. Consider a few things that they have already taken into account as current events unfold.
This geopolitical scene should also be considered in terms of the ET issues. ET’s would be included in “those that know” and certainly their relations with Humanity necessarily take into full account the 2012 scenario(s) as well (as the NWO elite). Perhaps “they” will not make any official statements until this catastrophic period has passed?
For example:
Current sophisticated combat operations are controlled by satellite command and control facilities that are vulnerable to impending cosmic liabilities.
If this so called modern combat system is to maximize its effectiveness it will necessarily need to act before the more cosmic ELE factors come into play.
Thus ARMAGEDDON is an inevitability. The current structure will be obsolete once the more cosmic factors start within the next 4 years. It must act within the next few years to have maximum effectiveness.
All geopolitical strategic plays will need to have been made and forces/bases positioned in order to deal with what follows on the celestial scale.
APOCALYPSE 2012 is the cosmic side of this issue.
The current geopolitical paradigm I suppose most represented by Al Gore and Company is tactical rather than true. It will be replaced by the post 2012 reality but not until these other (staged) geopolitical cycles run their course.
This 2012 date is called CONVERGENCE because the past and the present world paradigms will be forever changed by the reality as fore-casted.
Any attempt to understand current events outside of this framework is ultimately fruitless.
I have listed the factors involved. And these will bring about the NEW PARADIGM in terms of their actualities.
The APOCALYPSE represents the COSMIC 2012 events that follow.
The date 2012 is actually December 21-23rd 2012 or the time of the Winter Solstice.
2013 is the following year in short order and it will be utterly devastating to the world as we know it today.
Only a small fraction of the Human Population will survive subsequent events in what is called THE TRIBULATION, followed thereafter several years by the….
RESURRECTION is the rejuvenation of life on Earth including surviving Humans.
JUDGMENT is the New World Order NWO political dispensation to these survivors.
The RAPTURE is the final product for a New Era of Human life and Civilization on Earth for more sustained peaceful times to come. The Cosmic Season of Violent Change will be passed and life can return to its newly formed status quo for many thousands of years to come.
This is a most logical sequence outlined in ancient times forecasting the events we are witnessing today.
It is fundamental to know that such forecasts are based not on mystical powers of prophesy but on intuitive knowledge and memories of events that have happened many times in ages before our current time.
That is the nature of these long term cycles of action.
These cycles come back around right on (celestial) time.
And the Celestial clockwork is precise over all eternity.
What goes around comes around. Again, and Again, and Again.
And it is coming around once again in our time!
The most fundamental religious conviction about this process is that it is inevitable.
And so there is something to learn from the past and about life and Human life in particular.
It is not about the ego personality which constantly fears for its own self delusional survival in selfish competition with all other personal entities.
The upcoming AGE of AQUARIUS which is based on an actual Celestial Calendar will usher in a new REALITY and sense of collective BEING rather than PERSONAL being where LOVE becomes the predominant sentiment amongst all beings — where the current obsessive ego sense of being will be minimized in favor of a community sense of being and mutual (enlightened) co-operation.
Something to that effect anyway!
What do you think?
Keyword Essays 1985-
Common Sense
for the
New Millennium
in the
21st Century CE
KeyWord Essays
By Christopher Pearson
Started 1985
It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society. When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime.
Thomas Paine (1737-1809), Anglo-American political theorist, writer. The Age of Reason, pt. 1, “The Author’s Profession of Faith” (1794).
I would not presume to speak with such cultured eloquence of the founding times of our United States of America – for it seems that in this modern time most all “common sense” of that time has become lost to the current generations to the point we are now cursed as that bright light of a potential destiny for our people has but faded into an obscurity of profanely rendered history as to what it really was about – and as for now that original context is missing and I by suggesting it would most inevitably be misunderstood.
In our times the classical subject of Logic and Reason has been premeditatively infiltrated with a philosophy of a “chaos theory” which invokes only an organized confusion of one’s mind toward any “common sense” of things in general. Because of this, in order to speak of such things, we must return to a more “nuts-and-bolts” approach in all of its simplicity – a “what you see is what you get” demonstration of what we mean – if  we are to present something genuinely intelligent for others to grasp.
The current situation is this – the facts are these – the “common sense” treatment is thus…….Chris
Keyword Essays
A = Authority and Authorship, The right to write.
B = Body, Beingness, and corporeal manifestation.
C = Consciousness and Self Consciousness.
D = Delusion, Deception, to deceive, to lie, occult powers.
E = Enlightenment and spiritual emancipation.
F = Freedom and Faith
G = God and Allah, Divinity, Truth, and Creation.
H = Happiness and Health, Medical, Mental and Spiritual Well-being.
I = Intellect, Intelligence, and Intuition.
J = Justice, Karmic Law, Civil Law and Inalienable Rights.
K = Knowledge, Process of Knowing.
L = Language, the instrumentality of Language and Definition.
M = Mind and Memory, and Emotions, Survival and Sentience.
N = New World Order [NWO] Globalism and what it means.
O = Origins, Past, Present and Future History of life on Earth.
P = Politics, Geopolitics, Political Science, and Psychopolitics.
Q = Quality of Life, Art and Aesthetics, and Culture.
R = Religion, Mythology and Metaphysics.
S = Science, Study and Discovery, the Scientific Method.
T = Technology, Research and Development.
U = Universes and Dimensional Realities, Space-Time Continuums.
V = Virtue and Characteristics of Humanity
W = Wisdom and Guidance, Logic and Sanity.
X = X-rated, profanity, vulgarity, obscenity and its ilk.
Y = Youth the future of Humanity and Life on Earth.
Z = Zero point and finality, zero population growth ZPG
These essays a-z are being developed on another blog site:


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