World History X

World History X
Excerpts from World History X By Brent Pearson 2009
This is a conversation with my father, Christopher Pearson,  an ex Scientologist and an ex naval *USN and served in Vietnam. He is a man who spent the better part of his Life searching for answers *as to the Creation and meaning of Life on Earth after a UFO experience when he was a teenager in Rochester, *NY 1965. He experimented with many drugs and many religions and came into contact with material that explains our existence, the role of the Human Race, where it came from and where it’s going. I was born a Scientologist and have only recently expressed my doubts about it to a few people. In this conversation we expose religion’s many forms. We discuss the Devil and his Illusion. In this conversation we discuss the Essence of Hypnotism.
What about Exoconsciousness?
This means that our, the way our sense of Reality encompasses the fact that we are not alone as a Race amongst many different intelligent Races most more advanced than we are and before that has been totally denied. Once you incorporate that the Human Race is coming of age in the Milky Way so to speak in many different ways throughout the galaxy and this sector the Consciousness factor has to evolve. We are taking these things under consideration. In Reality we have to realize the cosmic Reality we are dealing with and however that modifies our sense of Reality, the Truth of it how that will affect us and the decisions we make collectively and politically it radically changes the idea of various oppositions and political groups in the World fighting each other for political reasons because in the bigger picture that is completely insane – that’s just psychotic activity. It doesn’t make any sense to do that. So in the political structure this is what Exopolitics is about what has to change in order to reflect this higher Reality now. And it has to reflect interaction with the greater community of Beings in the Universe. Now it’s being taken seriously. Russia is taking it seriously France England Brazil Canada Argentina Japan China is taking it seriously India. It’s becoming a very significant issue. I don’t know how that impacts the common person but it is something to know about. I find it fascinating. And that is my Reality I see this. That is my Reality – my expectation of the future. We are experiencing a transcendental process as an entire species or we will die. It’s collective suicide not to change into this higher Reality.
If you stay alive you are going to see this stuff coming up over the horizon more and more. You have to negotiate this stuff on a personal level how does it change your perspective on the things stressing you out, on relationships, on misery, pain and suffering, all fundamentally due to Ignorance. It has a potential of tremendous impact in resolving all these issues Human Beings are suffering from needlessly. Most of the suffering is a disease of the Mind precipitated from the fact that Human Beings are not looking at this bigger picture and this makes them liable to so many misunderstandings, confusions, upsets, and so on that don’t even have to be there. So you are having trouble with your relationships and caught up in arguing about conflicts of interests endlessly and if you were to put this into a bigger perspective all of that would fall by the way side. It just wouldn’t be sensible to persist with that way of Thinking. Still on a personal level what the xxxx does it mean? I don’t know. It doesn’t really mean much of anything until the World’s leaders start reflecting this in their activities and *their geopolitical planning and congressional parliamentary debates, until then there is not going to be any productive leadership. It is waiting to happen and it better because that is the way to Truth and advancement. There is no other way and if it doesn’t happen then the Human Race has had it – it will be like the dinosaurs, obsolete. I don’t really care but this is what I think about. This is what I see.
Holistic healing
I believe that the body is capable of healing itself if you give it a proper diet, fasting as treatment, and providing lots of pure fresh water. The entire body’s internal systems require fresh water to function properly in maintaining the health of the body. These simple things will cure 90 percent of all disease. You don’t need all these fancy machines and pharmaceutical drugs and products. None of this stuff is necessary so it has to be taking place for another reason. You are not going to the doctor for a treatment you are going to the doctor to participate in something that doesn’t have anything to do with physical health but rather whole socio economic infrastructure based on totally unnecessary modes of medical treatments.
When they talk about health care….
Let me give you an example of something you can relate to there is a Pyramid scheme having to do with something called Bodywise also emulating another scheme going back to something called HerbaLife. *(losing weight) They are selling all of these expensive herbal products as part of their weight loss programs and when you enlist in this Program it tells you this is what you should eat which has nothing to do with the products that they are selling and they don’t tell you about the activity of homeostasis in the body like they don’t tell you that the first 30 pounds you will lose is water weight and if you just fix your diet you will lose 30 pounds just like that without all these other products which they tag on the end of this program – hundreds of dollars of HerbaLife or Bodywise products that have nothing to do with losing 30 pounds in 30 days and this is the way they make a fortune. Fact is if your body is too acidic it takes in water like a sponge retaining all this water weight and all you have to do is eat vegetables that you can purchase for pennies out of your local grocery store and you will get rid of 30 pounds of water just like without anything else from HerbaLife or Bodywise yet they make a fortune just recommending that you should eat some fruits and veggies easily and inexpensively obtained from your local food market.
The Pineal gland and the calcification
I did all the things that you are not supposed to do because they alter your Perception and allow you to see things that you wouldn’t ordinarily see.
There’s no doubt about that. But everyone reacts differently. It’s sort of scientific for me. I do it purposefully to see things that I wouldn’t be able to see ordinarily. Other people use it to get high. I do it to open up my senses. You have to understand the suppression, the calcification with the pineal gland.
The Pineal gland and the calcification?
Hubbard talked about this. Also in T.Lobsang Rampa’s “The Third Eye” where Tibetan Buddhists of an advanced degree had a surgical procedure to remove the calcification around the pineal gland. (A splinter of wood treated / soaked in an herbal solution was inserted through the forehead into the area of the pineal gland). It was calcified by a certain Genetic process *engineered to reduce its perceptual capacities. It’s like giving your eyes a cataract. It makes you perceptually blind. This procedure was made to reduce the perceptual range to the five senses that we are aware of. Hubbard talked about this in Scientology in the “Whole Track” and “A History of Man.” But *Tibetan Buddhists talked about this way before he had anything to say about it. They were able to take this * deficiency away with a certain number of their people. This is the Third Eye. Do you know anything about the Dalai Lama? He is still here. He is still talking around the World. This is not an easy thing to study. It’s a master’s degree in education at any college or university Program, four years plus another four years to get your doctorate and your post doctorate.
Do you think I should have gone to college?
I don’t particularly care what you do. There are six and half billion people on this planet. And you are only one of them. I do care about your health because you are my son, as crazy as that sounds. You have to take a transcendental perspective on this. I am not trying to save the World.
Do you think the World can be saved?
It’s not a matter of saving the World. It’s a ridiculous idea. It’s not about that at all.
Some of this is really funny.
It should be. It’s supposed to be funny. Anyone who thinks their purpose is to save this World, that’s the number one delusion of all Time. It’s totally ridiculous. You couldn’t be crazier if somebody paid you *to be. It’s not up to you to save this World. It’s not even part of the equation. Egotistical! Save Life in the Universe, that’s ridiculous.
Can we talk about secret societies?
They happen to be a part of Life, *an essential part of World history. You need to be able to take these factors into consideration for your Understanding of Reality. But that’s only part of the process. Once you get a grip on that, which is so obvious and in your face, *and until you understand that you are just pissing into the wind. I can only give you the guidelines.
How far back does this go?
What kind of a question is that?
You keep saying that it goes back beyond the Pharaohs.
It goes back about five hundred thousand years. But actually it goes back even further. It’s just that the current Reality is hinged on *a manufactured history of the Human Race.
Which began five hundred thousand years ago as far as we know?
As far as the Old Testament goes, as far as the Vedic literature goes.
In the Veda we still have remnants of that information?
I Think it’s just obvious if you look around and are *really perceiving the World around, it’s obvious. It’s not about believing. Who do you think you are? What is happening with you? And I’m telling you it comes from at least five hundred thousand years ago. That form, this particular cultural Reality into which you were born.
I’m trying to figure this out.
If you are asking questions you have a spark of intelligence then you are looking at this from a perspective of possible progression. I have all the Time in the World and you are my son. If you have a question I will try and answer. You are the one that has to realize this. That is your body, your Reality, your situation. I can only give you my advice, *and that is the entirety of Buddhism and Zen, with good will and charity, a clear Mind, and a good state of heart. You have to go in that direction. It’s not my responsibility it’s yours and there is nothing *more I can do. You have to do this for yourself.
You were talking earlier about the Third Eye
Do you understand anything about the Third Eye?
I went to a lecture and this young woman started talking about the reptilian brain.
Do you know anything about chakras?
She talked about that too. I’ve seen diagrams
You have to study it. I can’t explain this to you, they are energy vortexes. There are approximately eight of them, centers of Perception and viable energy that control the basic Life support systems of the body. It’s a very complex thing.
Kundalini yoga uses this right?
You are going way past it. You are jumping the gun if you don’t understand chakras you don’t want to deal with Kundalini, until you understand chakras.
What do *Extraterrestrials have to do with chakras?
Well I Think you have to understand what *Extraterrestrials are in relation to the Human Race, in order to understand that you have to understand that we are connected in the same way. They have chakras we have chakras because we are all basically part of the same lineage. The basic Understanding of the Human being is a genetically engineered Life form developed by scientists and biologists *(Geneticists) immensely skilled and involving twelve *Extraterrestrial Races, at least, sort of a universal contract. The chakra process is common to all of these Races, the chakra energy system *of Human Beings is in common. At the very least you have twelve *Extraterrestrial Races allowed to use this Human Space body to exist here *on Earth under *its biological and ecological conditions. You and I are maybe part of one *Extraterrestrial component *that is mixed with all these others and we share all have and share all these characteristics of different characters and Races, of carnivores, Reptilians, vegetarians, etc.
Does the reptilian dominate?
They dominate because it is one of their *basic characteristics to do so. They are Effective in doing this.
Who signifies them?
Israel predominately, the Zionists, they control the banks. They are the queens, the kings, the pharaohs. It’s called *the Blue Bloods. They have these dominant characteristics. It’s the same *racial characteristic David Icke is talking about when he talks about dominant characteristics. I am not a reptilian. All of the *dominating people types, especially the Zionists, are Reptilians. This is what they do. The people they dominate don’t do these things *as it is not part of their natures and they can’t even imagine that they or anyone else could. I understand what’s happening.
Why do you understand it?
Because I’ve studied it for years and years and years, how many Times do you put your hand on a hot burning stove before you realize you shouldn’t do it anymore because it’s going to burn your fingers? I have a number of those *learning experiences. What to do about that? That’s what we are *doing right now – we are just talking about that.
They invented Catholicism too?
Absolutely, what do you know about Catholicism? What do you know about it? Catholic means state religion. That is the definition of Catholic. That’s what the Word Catholic means. The purpose behind it was a group of really dominant people, the roman emperors, post Caesar, the Roman Empire, they had contact *with and integrated with every *known culture on the planet. It’s called Pax Romana, currently called Pax Americana. Post Caesar in 300 AD *it is the Roman Emperor Constantine who was critical *to inventing and fabricating Christianity as a *new state religion. It couldn’t be Jewish.
Because the Jews could not take over the Roman Empire, it had to be something else. So it became the Holy Roman Empire, Jesus Christ became the new messiah. It took 400 years of bickering amongst the *Roman Presbyters over what were “God’s Words” and what weren’t God’s Words. *Took 400 years to finalize that agreement. And they finally agreed upon it to make the Holy *Bible, The Roman Catholic Church and the new Holy Roman Empire which was then challenged by Advent of Islam which consequently appropriated all the forbidden Greek literature and Culture, everything – then being suppressed by the Roman Catholic Church. Baghdad became the cultural capital of the World and it stayed that way for centuries Because the Roman Empire was disintegrating and Christianity was supposed to hold it together by *suppressing all of these earlier traditions. That particular postulate is still rampant in the United States today. 800 AD to 2009 CE, for over 1200 years that *fabricated postulate of the Roman Catholic Church has dominated geopolitically, as contract between the Holy Roman Imperial government and the Jews.
I thought you said the Jews were a smoke screen.
You have to study your xxxx history. Edward Gibbon talked about this stuff in intricate detail. Hubbard refers to Gibbon all the Time.
See Appendix Note: III Jews/Zionists
The decline and fall
The decline and fall of the Roman Empire, I have it on tape, in book form, not only on tape but read by numerous people. The fact is if you haven’t studied this then how would you know what the xxxx you were talking about. If you haven’t read Gibbon how do you expect to understand what’s going on. In 325 AD The *Romans intensely involved with the Jews and a whole series of characters called The Presbyters, a bunch of wild and crazy people, were called together to negotiate *the Creation of a new state (Catholic) religion under the direction and supervision of emperor Constantine, The Councilors of Nicaea. From 325 AD to 800 AD., over 400 years of negotiations to actually come to an agreement of what the *so called New Testament would be. The Old Testament was the Jewish Talmud. In 800 AD this agreement was finally published as the Holy Bible becoming the unquestioned Word of God and the ultimate doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church as Islam arose in the Middle-east just prior to the official publication of the Holy Bible – Islam became the chief adversary of Roman Catholicism and its new Holy Roman Empire. The Greek, the Vedic, the culture of the Jews – all these traditions went to the Middle-East for safe keeping. That became Islam and they are still fighting to this very day, because the Roman Empire has never been able to conquer Persia, *which now comprises Iran and the Areas Surrounding the Black Sea. They have *prevailed in that area and succeeded from being taken over by the Roman’s new Imperial dispensations. The Roman Empire never forgave them for that. There is no way they can conquer Iran. It is impossible.
Does that have anything to do with what you were telling me about Jerusalem?
Jerusalem is a Control Center that moved from the Mesopotamian Space center that was wiped out by the flood, to control the flow of *Extraterrestrial traffic. Annihilated by a disaster *known as the flood buried under mountains and mountains of mud. The actual landing point is beyond the Control Center, replaced from Cairo to Jerusalem. If you go into Iraq and *Sumeria and you dig down hundreds and hundreds of feet *into the sand you will find 7 Generations of cities *buried within 175 feet of Earth. That’s what we are talking about when we are talking about the flood, the *Sumerian and the Anunnaki civilization. To this very day that Control Center is being controlled by the Israelis, Zionists. I don’t think you understand what I am saying this is the way the World works. This is why after WWII, it is probably the reason behind WWII – it has nothing to do with Hitler and the Nazis it has to do with the Creation of the state of Israel. That is what WWII is all about. And it worked obviously. Despite the Japanese, despite Mussolini, at the expense of every Human being on the face of the Earth, every single American in the war was dying for the State of Israel. It is an abomination beyond belief. The reason is Because Jerusalem is the *old Space port from the last Times of the Anunnaki civilization. They see *Human civilization, as with the Zionists during WWII, that their value of Human Life is nothing more than that of a cockroach. That is the statement *from the Talmud. Palestinians, Gaza, these people need to be annihilated. That is their position. And the same thing goes for Americans. We have no more significance than what we can do to facilitate their cause.
You said also that if we were even close *to the Truth we would be dead.
I haven’t promoted it; the only person I’ve even told anything about this really is you. If I were to promote it I *might not live very long.
Who would come after you?
The same people who killed Kennedy, Martin Luther king, that have killed hundreds of political leaders around the World, scores and scores of military officers who know the Truth, scores and scores of microbiologists, thousands of thousands of *prominent people. It’s a matter of public record. It’s not a matter of me telling you this. This is what they do. They don’t deal in Truth. The minute you start dealing in Truth you become an enemy. And I Think it’s the same with the *Church of Scientology. Out of 6 members of their board of directors only 2 are Scientologists and the other four are members of the internal revenue service, the people you pay xxxx taxes to and *their links to the National Security Agency. They all belong to the Rothschilds and the bank of England. It’s all Jewish, two Scientologists and four Jews running The Church. They got The Church into such trouble in the mid nineteen eighties and The Church made an agreement not to infringe on their policies. Fundamentally The Church of Scientology is owned by the Rothschilds and that is a matter of xxxx fact and the Bank of England. Just at the Time of Hubbard’s death they reached this agreement and David Miscavige represents Israel and I can’t xxxx stand him – he makes me sick and that is all he does for me, because if he didn’t do that The Church of Scientology would be immediately destroyed. They would wipe it out in the blink of an eye. *Utter hypocrisy! If you publish any of this…
Maybe I’ll do it under a different name.
It is not my interest to communicate this. They don’t have any xxxx idea just like you don’t have any idea. Publishing this is so far beyond them that you are just pissing all over yourself because there is no way they are going to be able to comprehend this. So the nice thing to do is to find something transcendental. It’s nice to know about it. But the only thing released to the public is total bullshit. *WWI & II is total bullshit. Nobody has *a clue what the actual causation or consequences of this would be because it’s utterly suppressed and has been for centuries. Here we are we have a paradox, a dilemma because you will just end up pissing on your *own shoes. We have to go about this in a different way.
What, burn it right after we write it?
No you can put it out there but you’re just joining a whole crowd of people who aren’t getting anywhere.
David Icke?
David Icke is doing his thing and he is cool. But he is going to arrive at the same place that I am at and he is making statements to that Effect.
What about Quetzalcoatl?
When the Spanish came here after Columbus and they ran into this civilization that was here. The short term antiquity Mexican Maya Inca Aztec the civilization that preceded them was the Olmec in Central and South America contemporaneous with the *Egyptian, and civilizations of the Old Testament. The Maya Aztec and Inca are all centuries removed from the original Olmec, as incredible as the *Pre-Egyptians were at building Pyramids. We *can’t even do this today – explain what they were capable of. But when the Spanish conquistadors came it contradicted everything they were talking about. *So they set out to obliterate any remnants of it.
What does that have to do with Quetzalcoatl?
It is their heritage going back to the Old Testament. The conquistadors actually contacted the offshoots of the Olmec civilization. 50 Generations of people wiped out, only the remnants of a civilization that had been there 2000 years before. Quetzalcoatl was the leader at the Time the conquistadors came there. He was actually expecting them.
Why was he so special?
Because he was the king, the leader at the point of the Spanish contact, he was the president, the emperor, the czar. You know what I’m saying. But his position was preceded by almost 2000 years of culture obliterated from the history we are being taught. That’s what the Roman Catholics were doing, that’s what the conquistadors were doing at the Time under orders from the Pope to wipe out any evidence of anything that contradicted the vision of Christianity. That is why they wiped out the Central and South American culture. When they arrived, this guy was the leader and was expecting this contact. This is the fact, *consider all the sports they were playing basketball, baseball, soccer, football – were from the games they were playing in Central and South America. They had great big arenas and we adapted them to basketball, baseball, football and soccer, not only that, they were the precursors to the celestial calendar that we are using today. But all these *celestial calendar days have *Christian Holy Days super imposed over them by the Catholic Church. Take a look around. It’s all a result of what they were doing in the Holy Roman Empire.
Let’s take a break.
It’s only like the tip of the iceberg. It’s like the chakras before Kundalini. It’s so xxxx funny. We’re just pissing in the toilet. I sure wish I had some pot or some hashish Because it would open a few doors but I can’t do that Because I’d get fired and evicted and be totally Useless to anybody. But I smoked more pot I used to eat hashish like Hershey candy bars.
I’m going to have a cup of tea.
I get stoned when I want.
Bourbon helps me keep my Mind. If you were to do some of the actions I might recommend to you, if you were to try Vipassana, the experience is beyond anything you could ever imagine to experience in Dianetics. If you choose to follow the whole Program through Scientology is totally, totally gone, beyond anything you might experience in 25 years. Within ten days I experienced something I wouldn’t have had unless I could spend 2 hundred thousand dollars, something I’ve been wrangling with since Vietnam. You can go and do it as long as they accept you there. You just have to participate in the Program for ten days, they feed you, they give you room and *board, it’s not religious, it’s not Spiritual, it’s a scientific process that opens up your Perceptions to the exact nature of *your being in this World, between you and the body. They offer this for free for ten days. And you can walk away with nothing but your experience. If you can make it through, not everyone could *(you can walk out at any time and just leave); they separate the boys and the girls until the final day of the course and silence is the fundamental rule – *you don’t speak to or make eye contact with anyone except the teacher and his assistants throughout the course and until the last day. Scientology can’t hold a candle to that experience in a million xxxx years. Scientology became a criminal exploitation of Ignorance.
Half dreaming talking about Scientology
That night he went on about Scientology and about his own lineage he said, you figure out your lineage I’ll figure out mine. He talked about his Time in the Sea Org working for days and days and how I was born and how my mother moved to Flag in Clearwater. He tried to get transferred there to be with us but they said his post was irreplaceable, he was asked if he was anti Management. He told them that he would do this for years and years because that’s what he promised, I promised something that wasn’t anything. He talked about having himself put on the RPF, the Rehabilitation Project Force, at Flag to be near his family and when he got there he became the *RPF Boson. He was in charge of all these people working for days and days, *even weeks without sleep. He said that people were getting hurt and sick and losing their Minds and fingers in elevator shafts. Just after Hubbard died, during Christmas he was supposed to build the largest Christmas tree in Florida, or perhaps it was the largest in the US, perhaps in the World. That’s what they do! he told me astonished. He said how he just left and met up with his brother in Washington D.C. How he moved to *Peaks Island ME and invited (provided an opportunity to) my mother to come and move there with me and how she agreed but at the last minute she backed out.
He talked about his real father *Hal Mack who lost his Mind in WWII. He survived Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge and was awarded a metal for surviving. He Loved the Germans as a people and a culture and went crazy because he was ordered to kill them. He would leave loaded weapons around the house and *his mother, my grandmother, who was a *figure skater while auditioning with the Ice Capades in Rochester NY, left *Hal for Ronald Pearson, an artist/craftsman in metal, silversmith, goldsmith, blacksmith and jeweler connected to the School for American Craftsman at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). She probably Thought it was not safe for him as a child to live *in Hal’s environment.
He later fell asleep after taking about four more shots of bourbon. He woke up a few Times talking on and on about Sawsen and her family, how he helped them all get out of Iraq and that they were safe. He talked about Saddam Hussein. He said that they were safe a few dozen Times. He continued to talk and I told him I needed to go to sleep.
Where am I? He asked me when he woke. You are in your living room, I told him. 30 seconds ago I didn’t know where I was in the Universe, lord help me if I come in here with a shotgun. A xxxx shotgun. I could blow a hole in anyone. No more shotgun jokes, I said, you’re starting to scare me. I’m not gonna shoot you, he said. We talked about my relationship and he told me that the most elegant beautiful people in World are being slaughtered left and right. Society seems to be resting on all this stuff, all these desires.
A more recent analysis of just what Scientology is has confirmed to me various considerations I have had about it for many years. For me the clarification is simply this: Ron Hubbard engineered and created the infrastructure of Scientology to secure his own immortality. I guess he was given an ultimatum (by his walk in being) that this was the plan. Perhaps there was an insufferable ultimatum issued to him and he was clever enough to insulate himself from it by creating Scientology and its Organizations to serve his personal urgency. Scientologists are not working for their own purposes and freedom, they are working for Ron’s purposes and freedom. I recall a good college roommate of Ron’s , Robert Heinlein – a very popular Science Fiction writer in my time (thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of reading his books!) and in response to what is a Scientologist Robert called them “Rondroids” quite aptly from my point of view. I had and do not have any intention of being a “Rondroid” or in serving this utterly egotistical point of view.
Have you ever seen the crop circles?
They are so beautiful and so relevant. And it couldn’t be those two jokers from the *English pub. That the CIA had finally figured it all figured out!
They got these two guys from a pub?
Yeah they said they finally solved the mystery, put it in the press. They said they found these two guys. The only problem was that they keep happening all over the World in their magnificent *inexplicable detail.
So how do you explain the crop circles then?
They are sort of like alien graffiti. I had a number of Thoughts about it, like maybe they are alien children doing this as an art form – *sort of an ET doodling or something. They are obviously done with energy waves. Focusing energy patterns in a similar way that you would Use a laser, except it doesn’t burn anything it just causes a flattening. It’s done with energy, a hyper dimensional holographic Effect. We look at things from a three dimensional point of view, maybe it can be explained from an eight dimensional point of view. They are extraordinary, they are so extraordinary.
What do you Think originally drew you to Scientology?
It was my UFO experience, seeking answers to what was going on after that. It’s a really intense communication that takes your entire Life to understand.
You told me a little bit about it, you were driving
*That was the second one by Mountain Home *Air Force Base. *I was driving a semi west and spotted this Light in the upper corner of my right windshield  it stayed with me until I started to slow down observing its motion off to the right and backwards it slowed down even more and moved in around behind me where it actually pulled me over like a police car stopping at the rear of my trailer this array of lights of different sizes and colors as an indistinct structure about the size of a small helicopter. When I got out of the truck and walked toward this bundle of lights I got, perhaps, *within maybe five, ten yards and it started moving away as I was getting closer to it. From the first moment I became aware of it, it was communicating to me with two-way impressions. It sat perhaps 50 yards away on *the plateau.
For how long?
Just a few minutes, the whole thing lasted about ten minutes which is a long Time. Normally you see it and it’s gone.
What was the first experience?
The first one was definitely the most impressive. That was a big ship. I was with my friends *(Rob and Randy Hess, and Dave Wohlrab) coming back from a school aquatics event Rob was driving *his gold Ford Mustang convertible and we were coming back in the fall, a clear night at a point in the fall when the leaves are mostly off the trees. We pulled into the  horse farm driveway, *interestingly the highest point in Monroe County NY. As we were getting out of the car in the dark my attention was drawn to the tree line. It looked like Christmas tree Lights and I said look at that! I had to get out there to see what was causing that affect. The Lights were blinking and there were about a hundred Lights over an architectural site that I had worked on. *A huge dark circular object motionless and silent suspended in the air over this site – with Lights blinking in an evenly rotating pattern around its circumference. I went running down the *dirt road ecstatic. It just blew my Mind right out. I felt like *I’d been shipwrecked or stranded on a desert island and all of a sudden you find a ship anchored *in the cove and you try anything to get their attention. I wanted them to get me out of this place and it started to move quietly *and there was this intense feeling of energy. The moment was energized. The craft then headed off to the south west and all the Lights just sort of converged to a point and disappeared off the horizon. And these other guys were actually terrified by it. We *called the police and made a phone report and I later wrote a report and sent it to NICAP (the National Investigations Committee for Aerial Phenomena). They were afraid of it, hiding behind the ridge-line, being very cautious. We never talked about it again. They don’t talk about it. I’m the only one who talks about it. I don’t know why that is. So you know I went into the *US Navy working on airfields and an aircraft carrier, working around airplanes. I became familiar with all the different kinds of aircraft and you know we don’t have anything that compares to that *UFO craft. It defied all contemporary science.
What year was this?
That was in fall of 1965, probably in October.
I made a report and then the citizen’s group *(NICAP) reporting to congress which was subsequently taken over by the Majestic 12. Admiral *(Roscoe H) Hillenkoetter (RHH) took over that group. I was exchanging correspondence with NICAP and received their *congressional report in the mimeograph format. I got very interested in the subject. When *RHH took it over as I continued contact with this group while in the US Navy, he turned the whole NICAP publication thing into the Playboy Magazine (or Penthouse) of the UFO genre. All kinds of promotional stuff, in coffee cups and t-shirts, spun it off in a different direction. It lost all credibility, Generating confusion. The scientific direction became spurious, for sensationalism and entertainment value only. The actual subject *became classified above top secret. It seems only twelve *(authorized?) people were privy to this information and they were determined to turn the public Reality of it into a fantasy, a fabrication. It’s an old story. Admiral James Forrestal was also one of the twelve members. The aircraft carrier I was stationed on, the USS Saratoga, relieved the USS Forrestal, named after him, in Vietnam after a very catastrophic fire that occurred on the flight deck. The person responsible for the fire on the USS Forrestal was John McCain. He did what you call a wet burn to impress the pilot that was next in line. The flame hit a one thousand pound bomb, exploded the entire flight deck and killed 140 sailors. The whole flight deck just exploded, the USS Forrestal Fire. John McCain was responsible. His people had to get him off the ship because other *Navy officers and sailors were going to kill him. The Viet Cong could not have done a better job – such a feat would have been impossible for them!
What does this have to do with the Majestic Twelve?
Admiral James Forrestal was one of the twelve and the Forrestal was my sister ship in Vietnam. I was on the USS Saratoga. Anyway James Forrestal was supposedly put in a mental institution to *keep him quiet as he wanted to release this information to the public. Here he supposedly committed suicide by putting a sheet around his neck and jumping out of a window. He was institutionalized because he was adamant about making this thing public. They had to shut him up and get rid of him. Even Eisenhower at one Time was taken and briefed in person by the Majestic Twelve, into a high security hanger where they were keeping a couple of these *recovered disks from UFO crashes. He was personally briefed. Boeing, and selected aerospace military contractors, were the only ones to which the information was given. A lot of the technology we have today *is back engineered into plastics, computers, and Nano technology – came from this and it’s been trickling out into the public, i.e. Apple computers, from these sources, like the Roswell craft. They studied this stuff to see how this works, the controls. They found that the embedded technology was actually invisible *(microscopic). No more than a microscopic spot on a piece of plastic, products reverse engineered from these crashes and from the aliens themselves. The World is changing rapidly from technology copycatted from the crashed flying devices and various relationships with *Extraterrestrial who are aware of these sciences so far advanced to our own. I Think that’s pretty self evident now.
That’s a lot of information.
I haven’t finished writing it up. I can just say if you look in that direction that is what you are going to find. It’s like someone asks you directions and you tell them you turn *(left or right) a hundred miles down an endless dirt road and that’s pretty much how you deal with these subjects and you will find that it’s all scientifically validated. I could rattle them off in the course of speaking and people will come and say you’re full of shit and won’t go see for themselves. Even if you can tell them the references they say you are full of shit. You have to really do your homework. The majority of the people want you to do all the work to convince them. You can’t run a legitimate democracy with people like that because they are not responsible enough and critical information is completely censored from them. It’s just a free for all. And it’s going to turn into Marshal Law as this so called democracy doesn’t work Because the *conditioned public has about the same amount of intelligence as puppet characters on Sesame Street.

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