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Oil $200 A barrel Soon?      “And now the rest of the story……”

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On the: Jeff Rense Show 03-08-11 Hour 2

My Transcript of the interview re-capping the mp3 on 03-16-11:

Jeff: Ok, glad you are along, back with us tonight is a man who made his first radio appearance right here when he began to talk about the plans of big oil and the globalists and what they intended to do with and to all of us. He is Lindsey Williams, Pasteur Williams of course worked on the Alaska pipeline for years and got to know the movers and shakers literally of the world’s oil cartels and has ever since then had a pipeline so to speak no pun intended right to some of those very very important individuals one whom recently died one who is still alive and Lindsey is back to night to not crow about what he has brought us but to reiterate the news that he has been presenting and bring us up to date with other developments  as they have come to pass. Hello Lindsey and welcome back!

Lindsey:  Jeff thank you I feel so honored to have been allowed by the providence of God to be on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline rub shoulders with the elite of the world and have an opportunity for three years time … ah… to sit across the dinner table from them know them in such a way that they have given me information over the years and now to be here on your show tonight to be able to explain what  is really happening  in the Middle East with the Muslim Brotherhood and the rest of the story…. Right now while you and I are on the air I was just given the message a few moments ago that in Europe they are paying eight dollars and sixty three cents a gallon for gasoline … not a gallon but a liter … right now!

Jeff: Per liter! That is eight and a half bucks per liter folks …. That’s amazing! And we’re complaining about three fifty a gallon? Yeah good point! Oil by the way is 105 and holding  and as you know we discussed this over the years oil costs about a dollar a barrel to get out of the ground once the well is in once the infrastructure is there etc. and … where does the other 104 dollars and change go?  It goes to the crooks and gangsters that run the business. Big business!  Big Oil! So where is it going to go Lindsey? It’s 104… what do you think?

Lindsey:  Well… this weekend starting… Friday the Muslim Brotherhood has scheduled a “Day of Rage” … now it will actually go from Friday through about Monday … they have scheduled a “Day of Rage” in Saudi Arabia ah…. Bahrain they have moved in tanks they have moved in soldiers … the … kings are scared to death…  and today I was amazed that Goldman Sachs of all people , and you know that whenever they say it you know that amongst them are some of the elite, and Goldman Sachs said today that  if the Muslim Brotherhood “Day of Rage” was successful this weekend that we could see could see crude oil go to over two hundred dollars a barrel and they were advising those who are involved in  oil futures  to note the fact that it could go to two hundred dollars a barrel if the Muslim Brotherhood “Day of Rage” is successful.

Jeff: Now let’s keep a couple things in mind folks the Muslim Brotherhood is far from an amalgamated group of radicals it’s a fragmented basically smallish organization when taken in its totality that it is obviously tied to British Intelligence to some degree or other …. It has called for a “Day of Rage” in Saudi Arabia … we know that.  What most people don’t know I picked up in one story the other day is that it is scheduled for Friday … they tried to kick things off yesterday in the southern part of Saudi Arabia and the demonstrations failed miserably, virtually no one showed up and the military is out in full strength. The Saudis are not going to play games, in fact they are so serious about this that and their primary oil point is in Bahrain they told the Bahrainis that unless they stopped the protests over there that they the Saudis would come into Bahrain and stop it for them! So they’re deadly serious about putting anything down – they’ve watched what’s happened in Tunisia they’ve watched what’s happened in Egypt  they’re seeing what’s happened in Libya which is an armed insurrection not a peaceful protest this is a … an obvious military intervention already on the ground with American British and probably French military advisors…  etc. and they are pushing now for a “No Fly Zone” which is utterly illegal –  utterly illegal and if we put any more troops any more troops officially on the ground and Americans stand for it well I guess again they deserve what they get. So the “Day of Rage”, Lindsey, was supposed to start yesterday – where’s the rage? There is no rage in Saudi Arabia! There was no problem in Libya … you remember the interview folks … I’ve mentioned it before I’ll go over it again – they had an interview with people on the street in Tripoli when this… this crap in Libya first started …. And they had one very intelligent man … I don’t know what he did for a living but he said “What’s the problem?” “We’re happy here in Libya, no one is hungry, no one is starving, we get interest free loans from the government whenever we want , we schools, we have a university” … he couldn’t understand it! The answer of course is this is an armed international attempted Coup d’état  to take Libya’s oil and Gaddafi’s personal wealth – the London banksters are after that already, they’ve frozen the assets and they will keep it all – so they’re looting Libya and taking  the oil that’s what this is all about.  Go ahead Lindsey please.

Lindsey:  Well Jeff, I had the privilege of appearing on your show about oh I guess it was five months ago and I…I want you to verify this in just a moment … and I appeared on your show and I said I had been told that there is going to be a conflict in the Middle East within four to five months. You remember that?

Jeff: Of course I do.

Lindsey: Yes.

Jeff: Absolutely correct. Yeah. Go back and listen to it in the archives.

Lindsey:  And all of this is done by design. Yeah every bit of this is done by design all of it is done by plan I knew five months in advance that there was going to be a conflict over there in fact everyone thought it was going to be with Iran and I went to my source and I said “Is it going to be in Iran?” He would not answer me and he would not use the word Iran – he said “There’s going to be a conflict in the Middle East”, I did not know it was going to be in Egypt but all I knew was it was going to happen. Now this has happened so many times over these thirty five years because two of the people that I rub shoulders with years ago have been giving me information when I asked them for it or when they wanted to tell it to me over these past thirty five years and as a result every time they’ve told me I have dared to risk my reputation and there have been times that talk show hosts, such as you Jeff, have literally risked your reputation by allowing me to be on your show to say these things and I think probably the most prominent one that most everyone will remember will be approximately three years ago when one of these individuals called me up on the phone and he said..ahh “Chaplain the price of crude oil is going from one hundred and forty seven dollars a barrel to fifty dollars a barrel” and I dared to say it – I said it – I ….

Jeff: You said it right here…. Yeah I know!

Lindsey:  And I dared to risk my reputation and there were a few people that were bold enough, such as you Jeff, to allow me on your program and I said it …. It’s going….. and it did exactly two months later as they had told me it would it went not only to fifty dollars a barrel but it went to forty three dollars a barrel. Now at the same time these same elite, my friends that I rubbed shoulders with many many years ago said to me “Chaplain the price of crude oil is going to stay that way for two to two and one half years between seventy eighty dollars a barrel it did! And I said it two months before it happened not because Lindsey Williams has got anything to do with it but listen I am just an ordinary everyday guy that puts on my britches just like anybody else on a given day. It was only because these people told me this and then when it decided to go back up again, Jeff I said that I’d been told that the price of crude oil was gonna go from a hundred and fifty to two hundred dollars a barrel and it’s headed there very rapidly … already eight dollars and sixty three cents in Europe … its gone up to nearly four dollars a gallon all over America and folks we are headed for some things and Jeff I…I..kinda… you know in about forty five minutes left if you would like me to give a condensed version of what I have been told and what’s going to happen and what the end of it is then at least you’ll be aware so that you can do something about it. Now I do not say any of this to frighten you – I say it only to warn you so that you can make preparation for your own household and in so doing you can spare yourself many many heartaches Jeff.

Jeff: Very well said and I agree we’ll do that in just a couple of minutes. I’ve got a very thoughtful and ah.. I think important email from someone, ah…Ken, Ken thank you for that … we’ll read that to Lindsey after the break and get him to respond to it, it’s got some good points and questions Lindsey ah… the primary issue here is we have a lot of oil – there’s no question about that – we have … let me rephrase that  – we have as much oil as we could ever want right here at home! There’s no doubt about it. Zero. What we’re lacking, however, here… is the capacity to refine it. We haven’t built a refinery in twenty five years I’ll bet… it’s something like that. It takes years to build a refinery. So… yeah we can pull the oil out of the ground here if someone were to ever give the green light which isn’t going to happen but how would we refine it? That’s a problem…. Anyway we’ll get into this and some other things as we continue in just a couple of minutes with Lindsey Williams.

Okay… welcome back…ah… it’s a great pleasure to have Lindsey Williams once again feel like I’ve known Lindsey for a long time – guess I have! When was the first time you were on Lindsey? Twelve years ago?

Lindsey:  Ah…Jeff…I imagine it’s been probably ten years.

Jeff:  Oh easy yeah. Alright here’s an email let me see here hmmm… ok…. Alright… I’ll just read it.

“Jeff I see you are having Lindsey Williams on again tonight I’ve heard his latest predictions on a couple of other programs and one question sticks out like a sore thumb which no one seems to question. Lindsey will talk about the U.S. being on an emergency program to double cross the Arabs and start producing vast amounts of oil out of domestic wells to satisfy the petroleum needs for this country. How does he or anyone else think they are going to refine all of that oil and then distribute it? We have no refineries in this country to speak of and they take at least five years to build on an accelerated program. In addition if no-one will be taking the dollar how would we pipeline it to a coast move it to another country have it refined and then bring it back?”

The more you think about this latest revelation the more you have to consider unusual information. We just don’t know where it’s going. So what about this issue of refining the oil that we have here? Now you’ve made that quite clear over the years. There’s no question in my mind that you’re 100% correct. We’re sitting on a sea of oil – there’s so much oil here we could never use it all. Never! Ever – ever! It’s the Earth’s Blood in a way and it is produced continually and forced to the surface where it aggregates and collects into underground pools we call oil fields. Then we pump it out. So what about this issue of refineries? Did your folks ever talk to you about them?

Lindsey: Um… we have not built a refinery in over twenty years. And you are correct there would be a shortfall if we had to produce from our own soil and the refineries abroad would not allow that oil to come into the United States of America. But Jeff… keep in mind that’s exactly what the New World Order wants – is to bring America to its knees – so that under their auspices of the New World Order they can bring America to the point that they want it in the future – of building it under their way of thinking  and doing things. So it’s all a part and yes they have talked to me about the fact that we do not have the capabilities of refining ……

Jeff: No-one’s talking about them!  No-one’s talking about building a refinery that I’ve heard in years.

Lindsey: That’s correct.

Jeff: Could be because the “controllers” don’t want us to have any more. There is the choke point. Right there.

Lindsey: You’re exactly right. And they’re going to get what they want barring the intervention… the Divine intervention they will get what they want.

Jeff: They always do. What else are you hearing Lindsey from people who call you up and say “Yeah I’ve got friends in the industry and blah blah blah blah blan blah and you know we don’t get our oil from the Middle East so what does it matter to us we get it from Mexico and South America and our own supply for the most part.

Lindsey: America gets more of its crude oil from Saudi Arabia than from any other one country. Not all of it. But more than any other. And ah… the Muslim Brotherhood has vowed that they will continue until they have accomplished something in Saudi Arabia. Whenever that happens America is going to see exactly what’s taking place in Europe right now – we will see the price of crude oil go up but this is what they want it has to happen that way in order to destroy the American dollar’s purchasing power and when the American dollar’s is destroyed the T-Bills and Federal Reserve Issues go with it. These countries who have bought our securities thinking that the dollar was as sound as any currency on the face of the Earth are going to realize that they have been double crossed and when they do… oh my goodness what is going to happen Jeff?

Jeff: I agree. It will be interesting and this interesting time could start as early as next week if ah…  if there is enough built in entrenched organizational capability in Saudi Arabia to force these people to go out into the streets where they are going to be stomped like bugs by the military but they could still bring enough trouble and grief to that country to drive oil up another forty fifty a barrel easy. So we’ll see what happens. This Friday is the “Day of Rage” of course it’s funny how they name it the “Day of Rage” when there has been no rage expressed by the Saudi people at all! None! Just like in Libya. Things were not the best but they’ve been that way for decades and people were happy. So what do you have now? You have the Americans and the French and the British talking about a “No Fly Zone” and working on it in United Nations hopefully the Russians and the Chinese will give it the veto and the Security Council should it get to that level ah… the Russians and the Chinese have both already said either nyet or not a good idea and I don’t speak Chinese to the idea of a “No Fly Zone” which is not just a “No Fly Zone” what it means is aerial warfare against the government military of Muammar Gaddafi – it means destroying all of his surface to air missile installations – all of his radar and command and control centers – it means a lot of fighting um…. So don’t … don’t be misled by that sanguine term “No Fly Zone” there’s a lot more to it than that. Lindsey go right ahead please.

Lindsey: You know the amazing part of all this also Jeff is the fact that China will never be affected by this. Let the Middle East turn into a powder keg – let Saudi Arabia be affected and not be able to supply for America and our American dollar everything but become worthless and China won’t be affected at all they have already an agreement with the world’s largest supplier of crude oil which is Russia which as of last year bypassed Saudi Arabia in world oil production because of their super deep wells that went to over 40,000 feet – numbers of years ago they started drilling them – they have them – many of them now and as a result they can supply to China all of the crude oil and natural gas that they want by an agreement whereby they will not use the American dollar for the sale and trade which has destroyed the reserve currency status of the United States of America. Every bit of this fits so perfectly together with what I saw years ago when I was told that the price of crude oil must go to a certain point before they would open up America’s oil fields. And I reported in my book “The Energy Non-Crisis” the day that Gull Island was brought in that the gentleman said to me “Chaplain, we will not bring this oil” … it was … you remember it was ah… already classified within 24 hours.

Jeff:  24 hours … that’s what you said that’s right yup – yup …. Hold on Lindsey we have to pause we’ll come right back. And don’t forget what the Chinese just said yesterday or was it this morning that they have enough coal to turn their country into the Saudi Arabia of the world! That’s how confident they are – are energy independent. Be right back.

Okay and we’re back talking to Lindsey Williams about the oil – the energy crisis non-crisis – the oil non-crisis crisis. It gets crazier all the time, that’s for darn sure. Lindsey what are you hearing out there though from Americans who talk to you about your sources and what you were told and all… the whole thing? Are you getting critical sniping? Are you getting praise and thanks? Are people saying thanks to you we’ve made preparations – we saw this coming – we see the squeeze – what are you hearing Lindsey?

Lindsey: Hearing everything in fact if you’d like to see for yourself just go on the web and type in Lindsey Williams – you will get everything from East to West ah… it’s all there. But the thing that is so amazing is – every single prediction that the elite told me has taken place exactly as they said. There is so much more to this Jeff than meets the eye. Let me give a brief history lesson and then bring you up to why this is happening in the Middle East – what is going to happen – and where it’s all headed.

It really at its beginning … quickly now I’ll go through this. In 1901 the Oil Boom started in Beaumont Texas with Spindle Top oil plume went up about 200 feet and that was the first gusher ever in the world. But at that same time there were four major oil companies that had their beginning Texaco, Shell, Standard Oil, and Chevron. 1903 Henry Ford built his first assembly line automobile so this put oil as the … at the head of the list – Mercedes in Germany built their first assembly line automobile. Back in those days Americans were paying 15 to 25 cents a gallon for gasoline. Oil was discovered just shortly after that in the Middle East …ah… prior to that the Arabs had been nothing but nomads roaming the deserts riding camels and all of a sudden they found that there was oil there but they didn’t have the wherewithal, they didn’t have the money, they didn’t have the finances to build those oil fields and the American oil companies that had become now quite well to do Texaco, Shell, Standard Oil, and Chevron literally divided up the Middle East. Now, I sat and talked with some of the elite friends at when I was at Prudhoe Bay many years ago – we sat and talked about this by the hours and they tried to explain to me how this happened. So these American oil companies went to the Middle East and said we will build your pipelines for you, we’ll build your wells ….ah….we will build it now and after we do then you pay us back for what we put into it and they did. And that’s the way it worked with… Mr. Ken Fromm (?)  the gentleman who just recently has been such a friend and told me so many things over the years – he actually under the auspices of Atlantic Richfield went to the United Arab Emirates and Dubai and that part of the world and was responsible for producing their oil fields. Now shortly after that these people they had paid back what the oil companies had done for them – they now were becoming rich – and about 19 and 68 Mr. Henry Kissinger was National Security Advisor with Nixon I believe if my research is correct and then he was Secretary of State under Ford – he went abroad to all of these oil producing countries that now were becoming of age and he said to them I’d like to cut you a deal …ah… we will buy your oil but we will not produce our own oil fields – this is so significant – and I would have never known it until these people told me – we will not produce America’s oil fields – we will buy your oil and what … what we’d like you to do is take a certain portion of what we buy oil from you with and you turn around and buy our Federal Reserve Issues – our T-Bills – our Securities. They had planned even back in 19 and 68 they knew that we were coming to the financial crisis of today that we would have the financial shortfalls that we have – that we would have the national debt that we have – now here’s why they did this because who cares about the national debt? That means nothing – we know it will never be paid back – it’s not the debt of 14 trillion dollars that’s important – it is the interest on that debt that must be paid – and how do you pay that interest? Kissinger knew this. He knew that he had to con these come lately rich people into buying the T-Bills and the Federal Reserve Issues in order to pay the interest on the national debt and they fell for it. Later when China became of age they fell for it and they hold, China holds a trillion dollars of American paper – these ah… Middle East oil companies (countries) they hold trillions of dollars worth of American paper – not to long after that was OPEC – OPEC came along and of course you know what happened then the ah… Middle East people thought that they owned the world that they could control everything. Then America’s oil field came along 1970 it was announced oil in Alaska 74 through 76 the Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline was built 19 and 76 I was utterly amazed – I watched – and it’s recorded in my book “The Energy Non-Crisis” which is of course no longer in print but if you can get a copy ah… you can find it – in … I recorded the largest oil find on the face of the earth is ever been recorded to date and that I was there that day along with about 8 other 9 other six or seven I don’t know oil company officials watched it happen and at the time I said to one these elite that was in the room that day I said “Why don’t you give this oil to the American people?” “Why don’t you let them have it from their own soil?” “Give us cheap gasoline” “Let us have the Great American Dream” I’ll never forget what he said – I didn’t know the significance of it back then – he said “Chaplain – we will not let the American people have this oil from their own soil” and he was talking about Gull Island he was talking about the Arctic Wildlife Refuge and some other areas he knew about that I didn’t even know about at the time he said “We will not give this oil to the American people until we have the price of crude oil where we want it to go”. 1980.. I wrote my book “The Energy Non-Crisis” and it wasn’t too long after that that I found out where they wanted the price of crude oil to go – and keep in mind it was thirty two dollars a barrel back in those days – I found out they wanted to go to exactly where it is today. Now, this brings us to the Middle East. Why the crisis all of a sudden?…. Why did they tell me five months in advance that there was going to be a crisis in the Middle East? Because they were ready to pull the string…. they were ready to draw in their New World Order to its completion by the end of 2012 and in order to do it they had to cause a major crisis in the Middle East and to shut down much of the oil supply going to the rest of the world and to the United States of America. Why? It is very obvious …. We will never pay back the National Debt …. There’s no way that we can continue because nations now are no longer coming to the Federal Reserve and buying our T-Bills and our Federal Reserve Issues so they had to create the crisis in the Middle East …. They’re financing the Muslim Brotherhood …. The elite are! They told me one time “we finance the democrats, we finance the republicans, we finance all of the ecology groups” I said “Why?” …. They said “regardless of which ones out there in the forefront we still get what we want” They are that wealthy. They created the crisis in the Middle East for the purpose of bringing the price of crude oil to where they told me nearly thirty years ago it was going to two hundred dollars a barrel and mark my words the crisis in the Middle East is going to continue to spread. When it gets to Saudi Arabia America’s oil supply is going to be devastated. It will take the price of gasoline at the gas pump to a point that they will all but collapse the dollar. Now they have a timeline. The dollar will be dead by the end of 2012. I did not say non-existent! I said the dollar will be dead, as he told me, by the end of 2012. Now… why is this happening? You have to get rid of the National Debt and there is only one way to do it and that’s default. Watch it now! What will happen when the dollar collapses before or by the end of 2012? The T-Bills, the securities, (Jeff: “Goodbye!”) the paper (Jeff: “Sure”) the paper that they hold will all and at the same time fall and collapse at the same time and these Middle East oil producing countries will realize that they have been double crossed …. That they were swindled by Mr. Henry Kissinger years ago …. They will be literally livid and at this point the National Debt for all practical purposes we will default on it those T-Bills …. What China holds I know China’s not an oil producer but China holds a trillion dollars of American paper  (Jeff: “That’s right”) You remember Jeff I came on your show I said I’d been told if it’s written on a piece of paper it’s worth the paper it’s written on. Every bit of this is a plan to bring in the New World Order. Now at the same time you note that gold and silver prices correspond perfectly with the increase of the price of oil. And in order for the oil to go up to two hundred dollars a barrel the crisis in the Middle East had to take place then this destroys the value of the dollar it brings about a default on the T-Bills and the Federal Reserve Issues at the same time price of gold …. You think it’s high now! You haven’t seen anything yet …. And silver. You… you’ve to see two and three and maybe even four thousand dollars an ounce on gold. Why? They have to bring in a new worldwide currency – it will be gold backed. I was told this some time ago. They’ll gold back the world currency … why? Because they’ve taken the price of gold to the point that it will warrant them being able to back it by gold. Can’t you see the total picture of what these people are doing in bringing in the “Day of Rage” in Saudi Arabia which Saudi Arabia is the biggest supplier of oil in the United States of America? And when they have done all of this….  you’ll beg  ‘em …. you’ll plead with them to give you oil.  (Jeff: “well….we’ll see”) You’ll beg for a new currency when your children are crying. They’re going to open up four oil fields. And this is where all of this started with me about two and a half weeks ago when I received a communiqué from the Mr. X of my book “The Energy Non-Crisis”  that is still living and at the top of it…. it said “you’d better sit down”.  And in a nutshell I was able to put all of these pieces together as to what the elite are doing and you are going to see them open four oil fields in the United States of America … and you will say “Oh they’re our savior… they’ve brought us out of this mess …. The New World Order is just what we need …. They’ll give us a new currency …. And everything now will be fine” and you’ll be more than happy to accept what they have for you. The four oil fields are: Number one the Bakken  (Jeff: “Sure”) it’s in …. And this oil field holds ah…. Five …. Well let’s see a…a…a… I won’t even take time for the figures here cause we’re running out of time and….

Jeff: No we have time go ahead if you have them at your disposal go ahead and put them out there.

Lindsey: Yeah e… the Bakken oil fields hold five hundred and three billion barrels of known reserves of oil. If only ten percent of that oil were recovered at a hundred and seven dollars a barrel, and it won’t be – it’ll be two hundred dollars a barrel, we would have five point three trillion … do you realize the national debt could be paid but instead of producing it as they know they can … and by the way a.. here it is right here they can produce oil out of the Bakken reserve for sixteen dollars per barrel … they could give it to you at the gas pump for sixty cents a gallon but the aren’t going to do it … they’re going to charge you seven or eight dollars a gallon for it because they’re going to produce it at the rate that they’re taking it because of the crisis in the Middle East  (Jeff: “well….”) at two hundred dollars a barrel.

Jeff: Right. Somebody’s going to have to refine that too but that’s another story … go ahead … so the Bakken field will be one. Alright….

Lindsey: Secondly they’re going to bring in what was in the Stanberry Fort on April the 20th on 2006 hidden one thousand feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains lies the largest un tapped oil reserve in the world it is more than two trillion barrels now a Mr. Bush… President Bush alluded to this August the 8th 2005 and he told how much oil was there eight times for oil than Saudi Arabia eighteen times more oil than Iraq twenty times more oil than Kuwait twenty two times more oil than Iran five hundred times more oil than Yemen. Thirdly … I’m looking forward to this Jeff! I can hardly wait! They have….they have…. they’ve slandered me they’ve tried to everything in their e…r..aa… name to discredit me for thirty five years …. They’re gonna open up Gull Island in Alaska and give you the biggest oil pool on the face of the earth.

Jeff: They ought’a call it Lindsey William’s Island by now …just ah… alright… good! Okay number three and number four?

Lindsey: Number four the Arctic Wildlife Refuge and you say “NO!…. the ecologists will never allow it” I’ll guarantee you when those ecologist’s children are crying for food and when they don’t get enough gasoline to drive to work they will be more than happy to just step back and allow those oil fields to be produced. They create a crisis then they create a solution and every bit of this being done in such a manner that you will beg them to give you what they’re giving ya and every bit of this when I saw this the other day and this individual explained it to me and then I put together why they told me five months in advance this Middle East Crisis would take place and now as you watch it before your eyes go from Egypt to Libya and one Arab country after the other until it brings about a problem so great that they can afford to…. d…… to do away with the National Debt by their methods of doing it so that they can bring in a New World Order Currency. When I first saw this just the other day Jeff… I…I… was so amazed to the point I said I’ve got to do something about it. Well we did! In fact we finished it on yesterday. Ah… I have never done anything like this before. We actually called in a commercial camera crew… ah… I got a very prominent individual to appear with me on set … you’ll see it. We have… we thought we would get all this in one DVD i… in new digital- I mean this i.. is digitally produced. We’ve never done anything like this before. We went one hour we couldn’t stop we went two hours we couldn’t stop. Now this is not CD this is DVD this is quality like you’d see on any one of the networks. And we three solid hours it took us in order to be able to tell the entire story of what’s happening in the Middle East! I sent the ah…. The masters off just today for reproduction we haven’t even shipped out one yet but I beg of you know everything… three hours … I’ve only touched the surface here tonight. We call it “The Middle East The Rest of the Story”. You see it with your own eyes as in Egypt it almost sent cold chills up and down my spine when I saw it and we put it into this. In Egypt you will actually hear  “The Muslim Brotherhood” and thousands of them chanting  “to Jerusalem we go martyrs in the millions” if you haven’t seen this you you’ve got to see it for yourself to believe it and if you know the language of Egypt you’ll be able to understand it “to Jerusalem we go martyrs in the millions” this thing goes so deep and there’s so much to it until we had to try to explain every detail from Gaddafi to what happened in Egypt to now what is happening in the other Middle East countries all of it for the purpose of bringing in The New World Order its currency and its control and the name of the game is control and this is the only way that they could do it Jeff.

Jeff: Well you laid it out there it’s about as pragmatic an approach as I could come up with myself and you’ve been there with the right people at the right time to know. So all I have to say is Bravo! for you when they open Gull Island I hope that happens soon and that will be fun. I would also suggest that the information about the Colorado oil field is not accurate two trillion barrels of oil is a lot of oil and it is the Saudis have eight hundred billion left or something like that. But Venezuela has a projected total estimate of between four and five trillion barrels of recoverable oil that’s on shore and off shore that’s a lot of oil. That’s one of the reasons Hugo Chavez is in the cross hairs of the New World Order Globalists who want to foment all kinds of trouble and overthrow him they tried once and failed much to their chagrin so there’s a lot of oil down there that’s not to say that Colorado isn’t a big fat boy that’s a wonderful oil field. The Bakken Reserve five hundred billion could be a trillion we don’t know for sure they’re still projecting  there. Ah…. We have China though as I said talking about becoming the New Middle East including Saudi Arabia with its coal reserves. I’m not sure what the potential of Canada’s oil sands are up there have you any idea what the total recoverable might be up there? The bottom line….

Lindsey: In Canada (Jeff: “Yeah”) In Canada I do not know the recoverable reserves I know that they’re large amounts of oil up there and we have no shortage… they have known for years this oil is here (Jeff: “Oh for sure”)  I was told in 1976 that they would not allow it produced until they had the price of oil where they wanted it later on I found out two hundred dollars a barrel and they’re using the crisis in the Middle East in order to bring it about.

Jeff: They are. Now the other thing about all of this is real simple. The Russians proved years and years ago in the late 1960’s deep drilling produced oil every single time even if they went down to 40,000 feet sooner or later they’re going to find oil. So the bottom line is we have a planet literally floating on oil and we’ll never run out of it. The control game is the vicious part. That’s what’s going on in Libya now trying to capture the oil and keep these other reserves hidden. There’s another immense oil deposit off the West Coast of Florida people don’t talk about that they gave the first drilling permits in the 1946-47 period and then immediately prevented those permits… the leases… from being utilized by the oil companies paid for them because they decided for National Security reasons they were not going to pump that oil and they never have. We saw what happened with the BP gusher there’s a tremendous amount of oil in the Gulf. Cornell University’s geology department determined that in one reserve one plot one parcel as they call it one oil lease parcel in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 20 miles wide by 30 miles long there is more oil in that one location since we began using oil on the planet. More oil since the dawn of petroleum came upon us. So there’s oil everywhere and it’s all about control, squeezing the Middle Class, keeping the Lower Class in bondage and bringing the Middle Class lower and lower all the time.  They’re gonna do it Lindsey… you’re quite right. And it’s an ugly thing to see. I frankly do not believe they’re going to pull it off in Saudi Arabia as they would like – I don’t think the people are going to rise up in a “Day of Rage” I think this is going to be a big flop. Ah… but we’ll see – we’ve got three days two days? Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday so we got Wednesday and Thursday and we’ll find out. So we shall see. Ah… are you worried Lindsey? Or is this something that….

Lindsey: Now…I ‘m very concerned  (Jeff: “Alright but you know this – so go ahead”) I agree with you they may not pull off this “Day of Rage” in Saudi Arabia this weekend but they won’t give up. You… understand something you cannot win in religious war there is no way (Jeff: “nor gorilla war”) yeah and what we’ve got we’ve got a bunch of Muslims that believe in Allah and that they’re gonna get a special place in Heaven if they do what they’re doing and give their lives you cannot win against a people dedicated to a religion in what they’re doing that’s the reason we couldn’t win in Iraq it…it was more than just going over there and giving them a democracy or a republic  a…we can’t win against Middle Easterners and kings over there can’t either. I… I ask you please we have had such an amazing response to this “Middle East The Rest of the Story” even though it had not come out at the time I first talked about it. Would you give our toll free number? We had actually put on six operators 24 hours a day we were getting such a response to this so if you would call our toll free number 888-799-6111 or go on the web to or toll free 888-799-6111 these (DVDs) are in digital they are outstandingly produced by a studio “The Middle East The Rest of the Story” 3 DVD’s explaining everything that’s going on over there you’ll see drafts you’ll see the people raging you’ll hear their words you’ll understand what’s happening and why the elite are doing this for the purpose of bringing about what they want. Now there are twelve things you must do and you must do them immediately in fact I’ve actually added one to it – there are 13 things you must do and you can spare yourself heartache you don’t have to lose sleep over this at night. If you know the issues – if you prepare now you have time to do something  about it – so I beg of you to do what is necessary in order that you can spare your dinner table your household you are going to see gasoline prices go up whether you like it or not and it will be brought about because of the crisis in the Middle East  but this is what they want in order to bring in what they’re bringing in Jeff…

Jeff: Thank you Lindsey for being here… ah… give the phone number again real quick and we’ve got to run.

Lindsey: 888-799-6111 Thank you Jeff for letting me be here to give an overview tonight.

Jeff: Always fun to talk to you … informative … been a pleasure… take care of yourself we’ll talk soon Lindsey. (Lindsey: “Thank you”)  Okay goodnight.

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