Scientology Minister Accused of Molesting Thetans
My final statement on this subject:
Scientology [so defined as The Science of Knowing How to Know] is representative of a pseudo-scientifically articulated religion and stands as a clear understanding of this subject. It is an experimental institution basically, one that gets its “test subjects” [PCs] to pay for all of it! In its founder’s own words it is basically “Qualifications Division Earth” [Homo Sapiens qualified into: “Homo Novis” – or “New Man”] with the object of producing “Clears and OT’s” as they are defined by LRH. A Clear would be a perfect Human Being [in a universe where absolutes can not in truth be attained because it was created that way!] Homo Sapiens is a Hybrid species – it has been genetically engineered to accommodate, lets say, 12 Extra Terrestrial [ET] races [the number is uncertain] to inhabit a body that can survive in Earth’s [Biological/Ecological] Environment – like a space suit it is best illustrated as a vehicle for example: a car in which ET races/beings [OTs] are the drivers of that car – the human body is the instrument that makes it possible for them to “Operate” on Earth. The postulated “Clear and Operating Thetan” are the postulated final “Qualification” of Homo Sapiens into its most ideal form. What it basically means is it is creating a perfect slave or robot through the processing of perfecting this state – being Scientology’s “Clearing” technology. Absolutes being unattainable this is really just a postulated “Ideal State” which could never exist in reality but is developed for the hybrid human being which is constantly and experimentally being rendered to near subservient perfection. Homo Sapiens was initially designed to be a hybrid worker race on earth by the ET’s that colonized it eons ago and this “experiment” has been evolved throughout history as we know it into the form of civilization that we have today. Clearing is just an extension of this ongoing process. What it results in, in its postulated final form, is a perfect slave or “citizen”. As I see it! Whether this is considered a good or bad thing is really up to the person involved….Chris
Update September 10, 2012: Jason Beghe and Scientology
Jason Beghe YouTube
On Tom Cruise
Scientology Running Scared
I just watched Marvel Comic’s “Thor” and noted a distinct resemblance between the fictional character “Loki” and COB David Miscavige!
See also Scientology and The Nation of Islam [NOI] Connection and World Islam as below:
Update September 2012: On Islam, NAM Summit 2012, and Scientology
The point of this “momentous event” is only tangential to Scientology on a long shot. Did you read it? Do you have any idea what the “NAM” is and what it represents in the world? This address wasn’t event touched upon by the Western Press and blatantly reveals its modus operandi in a world dominated by PRAC which is a continuing fabrication. We were on the brink of an approaching thermonuclear war this very week. The NAM Summit just threw a wrench into the works of that [NATO] plan and perhaps postponed the ever ready Israeli attack on Iran and has bought us a few more week’s reprieve. I am observing all of the powers and principalities and how they play out in this culminating chapter and seeing how they will integrate in its aftermath. Scientology is only an aspect of this scenario and it most certainly isn’t the whole picture. These are observations based on myriad sources that render a jig saw puzzle where you fit the pieces together to get the bigger picture. I do not associate with Scientologists or Anti-Scientologists (my family members included) because this particular “conflict” of interest is all based upon lies from either side. I find it interesting but it is not my focus. I am just angry about the ignorance involved with all related parties as these world events unfold into their illusions of reality. I just want to make a complete a record of all of this before the shit hits the fan for real. The role of the RCC [Roman Catholic [state religion] Church] took 8 centuries to “gel” in those old world years and then it was challenged by the advent of Islam. Such things move incredibly fast today but are founded on the same principles. I think that it takes a whole lot of research and study to be able to negotiate what is truth and what is lies. Without that study how would one even know that such a precedent exists especially when the most critical facts are state secrets and considered matters of national security. As I stated I’m just sharing and pending revelation and cognition that would dispel all of this. Gets me a little anxious at times!
Note: Masters of “The Occult”, meaning of “hidden or secret knowledge and sciences”, have operated a “political” game throughout history by displaying seemingly special powers, even Godlike powers, through a special fore-knowledge of natural and celestial events that they “pronounce” over the ignorance of the general public – rendering a hypnotically induced “effective power” for which they claim themselves as cause. It’s a great game if you can get away with it! We have the tools and sources of information today to realize how this “mind set” or what has been described as “Satanic” power has played out over past civilizations and thousands of generations. Still it will be a minority that will understand.
Prior to his creation of Dianetics Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard was engaged with Jack Parsons of the JPL (Cal-Tech Jet Propulsion Laboratory – in Pasadena) in an occult practice (see hypnotism, trance state, and depth psychology) as the American advocates of British Aleister Crowley’s “Magick in Theory and Practice” in which the ultimate manifestation of his “Great Work” was to be accomplished first in the United States and then the world. This is all a matter of a well-documented history of events leading up to the establishment of The Church of Scientology and now legally entrenched in its Religious Technology Center – RTC.
The “Great Work” is embodied in an aspiration to achieve the immortality of a Satanic spirit with God like powers over all human beings collectively integrated within  the creation of a Luciferian “New Era” global civilization through a modern rendition of the “Old World’s” Roman Catholic Church.
People (prospects) are drawn into Scientology with promises of personal “freedom”, immortality, and God like powers but in reality are ultimately assimilated into facilitating only one person’s “freedom”, immortality, and God like powers over all of Earth (and as stated eventually elsewhere on other planets in the universe) that person being L. Ron Hubbard or LRH.
It is interesting to note L. Ron Hubbard’s final years as a “creature” utterly spent and disintegrating as every last atom of his mind and body became “reincarnated” into the expanding organization that he created through the programing (cloning of himself into…)  of each and every “Scientologist” from here unto eternity becoming not a “savior of mankind” but a savior of himself. One can imagine this in the fates of his earlier followers and family members who fell by the wayside so that he could succeed.
This “Great Work” was to be the final “egotistical” accomplishment in the ancient tradition of the occult personified by the “Grand Master” Aleister Crowley of whom L. Ron Hubbard deliberately superseded.
I for one do not want to be cloned as someone else nor do I desire the immortality of my “ego” and its self-illusioned super powers. And I would caution others who might be so tempted not to be taken in with expectations of “spiritual freedom”, personal success, and powers all the while ever so gradually being assimilated into “him” as it if into the “Body of Christ” – mark my words: you will be deceived!
That is the nature and operating principle of “The Beast”.
There are other ways of looking at this.
Seek them before it is too late!
I see only one thing under the hierarchical control of the Scientology organization – total bondage for as long as it exists and an organization like this one can last a very, very long time.
The Church of Scientology is emulating the Roman Catholic Church which is in essence the most occult organization on the planet today. Its beginnings were set forth by the Roman Emperor Constantine and initiated in the year 325 AD which is not a Christian date as it means After the Roman Emperor Caesar. It was later changed to conform to Constantine’s “Christian” Calendar system. Other preexisting dates were transposed into the Calendar we use today. Now Ron in fact claims to be emulating the Roman Catholic Church in a “New Unit of Time” and even claims to have been a Roman Military Officer in his “Mission into Time” adventure. I have no doubt that this is true. But if you have not studied the source references, as perhaps the Historian Edward Gibbon, you would not form any kind of cognition as to what this was all about. If you have no concept of “Pax Romana” then you would have no clue as to what was actually going on at that time. And I am sure you would not be inclined to research it, even more so – discouraged from taking a look at this background material. But there is oh so much more! Much more material beyond even the cursory level of scholastic research! We are invited into “Study Tech” but corralled into limiting our study to only the allowed and prescript-ed venues. Well I went into the “Outer Limits” and the view from there is significantly much much more than a Scientologist is “permitted” yea is even “constrained” to see.  There is no turning back from that expanded point of view. No way. It is what it is as it is. And from that perspective all the Public Relations “PRAC” in the world cannot change the existing facts. Roman Historians were very, very precise in their records – at that very time. That was their job…. And they did it as any legal professionals would today. They recorded everything in minute detail.
Well of course I am just pissing into the wind here because you know all of this already, right? And I must be some kind of a fool for bringing it up. But it is really easy you see because I can roll this off the keyboard for hours on end over and over again – simply because that is what I have learned. It is no problem really. And when you talk to me this is what you are going to get because this is what I know. I do not have a problem with it one way or another, and I do not have a problem with Scientology beyond being threatened by it under its policies and management personalities. There is a tacit threat put in place in these expressions for control purposes. It is not a real threat. But it is a threat in policy and the intention behind that threat is not very nice to put it mildly. There are a very limited number of classical examples that put this sort of thing into perspective. And they are very clear about it. It is not a complicated subject. But in the final analysis we are dealing with a myth, and the power of a myth to exert control over a suggestible and superstitious public. Fear underpins its entire “modus operandi” and this is nothing new. It is fit for those who are ignorant of its occult underpinnings. Even so there are extraordinary things to be learned from this “experiment” in our time. I cannot deny that these things are beneficial. And it is not up to me to say, at this level, what is appropriate because it has all been done before and forms the very classical foundation of our sense of being and purpose, our sense of reality in this world. I just refuse to be enticed, baited, and seduced by it. I choose to remain objective and follow my innate God given intuition instead.
Personal Email:
To Brent – what I would say.  With Celina I intended for Brent to be born into Scientology because I considered that the best place for my son to be with the rest of the world, in my opinion,  seemingly going crazy. It was also a test to see if Scientology really was what it claimed to be. As I consider it today it most definitely (ultimately) is not what it promotes itself to be and this also runs true in the programmed personalities of “Scientologists” their advocates and families. Still I have invested all I had for approximately a third of my expected lifetime, sacrificing my veteran’s benefits and the 8 years of college that they would have paid for, as well as all my savings and prior dreams to – in order to participate as a Sea Org Member working to make Scientology “what it claimed to be” from 1969 to 1998 and by then I had to just walk away knowing that I’d been deceived, and only imagining the effect this all has had on my son Brent. Brent has taken on the specious “ethical” perspective of his mother especially regarding relationships and money – take whatever you can out of self interest, promise a return or to repay, but never deliver what you promise, and justify doing things this way for the “greater good” of Scientology, although with Brent “Scientology” translates into the greater “imagined” good of self interest. I have sponsored Brent’s Scientology education and related items with about $50,000 from my hard earned pay over his school years as well as another $50,000 in car loans, venture capital and equipment, and personal loans when he requested – always on the promise that he would repay me – but in the course of time never did all the while I suspect anticipating that I would continue to “loan” him more – for whenever he felt the need he could always, like his mom “reg” me by insinuating my personal character deficiencies and ever so subtly pushing the “button” of my subjective sense of “ruin” for letting him down. I can’t continue to do this anymore. Should I make a list of all those things and my reasons for coming to this conclusion? Or why, for my own sanity and well-being, I must make this decision now? All this complexity, misunderstanding, and intrigue over all these years has taken a substantial toll on my physical and mental health, and sense of well-being. At this time in life I must concentrate on rehabilitating myself. There are still “dreams” I want to pursue before I fade and just pass away. Brent is 30 now and must be prepared to take care of himself and any of his “significant” others. I have provided him with all the wisdom of my life’s journey. It is time for him to take his life and what he is doing with it seriously for himself.
April 23rd, 2011
As I browse over all this material generated by ex scientologists and staff members especially by those who have defected from the inner circle of cob David Miscavige the question arises as to why they just did not get rid of him, replace, fire him instead of leaving the Church of Scientology and it’s Sea Organization.
The answer presents itself in the way the Church of Scientology re incorporated itself following the disestablishment of the Guardians Office, the Federal Court case against those who were the legal guardians prior to 1980 and subsequently restructured through Author Services into a new corporation named the RTC the Religious Technology Center after a historically extensive Federal case which sentenced 11 of the original executives of the Church of Scientology including L. Ron Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue to 11 years in Federal Prison on conspiracy charges. 
David Miscavige was given power of attorney over all of these proceedings and holds that status in the newly formed corporation as Chairman of the Board. He cannot be replaced removed etc. Without due process of the laws of incorporation which stand as a firm agreement between the RTC Church of Scientology International and the Federal Government of the United States of America. In fact out of the 6 board members of the RTC Church of Scientology International 4 are Federal Agents.
So this leaves David Miscavige with full dictatorial powers over his RTC Church of Scientology International Corporation within the purview of its laws of incorporation and contracts with the U.S Government. I have never seen or studied this agreement but can only imagine that significant parts of it are held in strict confidence and secrecy perhaps only known to David Miscavige himself!
So we have a vast intrigue in this story precipitated by the FBI executing the biggest “raids” in the entire history of the FBI against the Church of Scientology headquarters in Washington DC and Los Angeles CA circa 1977 resulting in the Federal case United States v. Mary Sue Hubbard et al., 493 F. sup. 209 (D.D.C. 1979).
I was there involved at the very time working at a central relay office  in New York City and personally handling many of the communications and receiving a few of the interested parties  on route to Washington DC for the trials. I also transcribed a statement from one of the defendants for publication within the Church of Scientology.
But of course anything I might say is all “Lies” according to David Miscavige’s public media guard dog Tommy Davis! Ironically the people who were there and involved know what they were involved in and what happened from their specialized points of interaction and views.
April 18th, 2011
PN041811  (Needs further editing)
There are several prerequisites to any psychological treatment which involve circumstantial health and medical predispositions which must be addressed before specialized psychoanalytic or psychiatric treatment would commence.
In the case of Dianetics and Scientology a myth is indoctrinated that all the problems of the person can be effectively resolved through its Psychoanalytic “Hypnotic” Neuro-Linguistic – Techniques leaving the client (termed “pre-clear”) with the idea (suggestion) that technical processing  as prescribed by “Ron” is the only and ultimate solution to all human psychological, psychosomatic, and medical (with a legal disclaimer)  problems.
At this point of agreement the client (pre-clear) sacrifices all other options and considerations; and in the course of treatment all of their income as well – in the belief that their “case” will be ultimately resolved somewhere at the “end of it all” perhaps decades, even lifetimes later; the expected anticipated “end result” – which never really happens because there is always something more to be done (formulated and promoted as sequential “breakthroughs”)  – when a cup of pure fresh water might have sufficed as the correct treatment from the very start!
One can only imagine the potentials of exploitation inherent in such indoctrinated ideas and belief systems. All the while indoctrination as a Scientologist goes on and on and on ever evolving into something that was never anticipated from the start. But it is all rationalized because of the gradient approach – bit by bit – one’s total sense of person becomes transformed into a “new person” which will be forever directed across the “Bridge to Total Freedom” along this route to “Ron’s World” the “New World”  – which to Scientologists there would be no perceived options otherwise and no turning back.
A sociological model emulating the “Old World” establishment of the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire but evolved into a new form that finds the middle road between the Holy Bible, Creation, and Darwin’s “Evolution of the Species” pseudo-scientifically  and technologically brought up to date – replacing “Jesus” with “Ron” to fit our “modern” times!
Now that I have my honorary PhD. in Metaphysics it is impossible to go back into such occult realms of the “dominant thesis” of the day. What is as it is, is the Divine (Unconditional) Love, Life, and  (Ineffable) Truth transcending all thoughts and words, and all pseudo- scientific paradigms  and mind control systems; and where freedom from ignorance steeped within the mass mesmeric self deluded illusion of this artificial world (Maya) is the true freedom that we seek.
I have found what I was looking for!
Getting tangled up in object specific semantics is the “trap” because it all seems so logical – yet it is not about mind over survival, it is about mind over creative manifestation.
The primary axiom of science is “Form Follows Function” in Divine (intelligent) Creation  along with its dynamics of reproduction; and what you “see” and “experience” is only the effect, a Finite Reality. It is the Cause that is hidden because it can not be seen by and of itself  otherwise than knowing of that which is doing the creating and the seeing from as it is as from a source of Infinite Consciousness.
Man, (as in man-ufacture, man-ipulation, man-ual, man-oeuver, man-power, man-age-ment, man-date and maid service, as the instrument or tool for “uses” in a man-made artificial creative process), was genetically engineered by “The Gods” of antiquity and exists for the purpose of man-infesting, experiencing, recreating, and maintaining – Civilizations!
Perhaps better defined as “mind over hands.” What you see is what you get!
When you focus on survival as the dynamic principle of existence you are defining a “man-trap” in a pseudo scientifically rendered disguise. Under those terms, as has been abundantly demonstrated, you manifest a hierarchal state of power, authority, mind control, and behavioral control laws and conditions subordinated to the “survival of the fittest.” Sound familiar?
This is what the occult is traditionally all about – occluded knowledge of the Truth and Hidden Powers over the processes, rituals, methods, practices and science of manifestation retained in “Secret Societies” and “Mystery Schools”. The main part of protection lies in the fact that those not initiated into these Occult Secrets will not understand a word of it no matter how it is explained to them. And I am sure that in that sense I am just shooting myself in the foot for mentioning it!
That is ok. This communication is directed to those who do know what I am talking about and I feel confident that they are “getting it” as I intend that “they” do.
April 16th, 2011
Dear All,
The Church of Scientology runs a malicious campaign to censor and interfere with any keyword material being communicated over the internet.
I know the exact program that they are running and who is running it, at least who was running it in years past.
With those who know hacker technology it is possible of course to infect targeted sites and internet addresses with viruses and trojans that maliciously interfere with the distribution of information.
My recent postings on my blog site have resulted in this level of infiltration and have infected my pc, internet connections, web browsers, and as well passed false flag warnings to anyone attempting to click on my blog site and links associated with my postings.
This is a demonstration of how this works and who is involved in covert surveillance and their counter measures taken to discourage freedom of expression and dissemination of information they consider injurious to their plans and public image.
This is just a heads up.
If you are experiencing these false flag warnings and your internet security program blocks access to my blog site or associated links. All you need to do is copy the links and paste them into the address bar on your browser in order to access them.
If this is too much trouble for you, well ….. it is your choice to simply ignore it all and go back to sleep.
Big Brother is catching up with us all and the Internet is a critical component to this evolution.
The opportunity for free access to information in its pure and unadulterated forms is dwindling as we speak.
In several months it may vanish altogether when the inevitable “State of Emergency” is declared.
My advice is to take advantage of this while you can so that when this happens you will be better informed and able to make better decisions.
Editor’s Note: Scientology is a sociological experiment, or project initiated in the public sector to develop mind and social control techniques independent of any “official” governmental sociological research and development projects. If the government were to be overtly developing such a program as Scientology it would fall under intense scrutiny, criticism, and resistance from the public sector and its representatives in Congresses around the world. Even so Scientology as a Public corporation has received considerable scrutiny, criticism, and resistance from the public sector and its representatives in Congresses around the world but has to day remained “unassociated” with any official agenda. It is definitely an agenda that will be integrated at some near point (starting with a Declared State of Emergency) into the official agenda as is best portrayed by such prophetic works as 1984 and Brave New World which are prescient “models” of the New World Order and its public level surveillance, security, and compliance strategies. The writing is clearly on the wall and understood by those who know what it means. For those who don’t know information is still available to help you better understand this agenda and postulated future reality. I can only suggest you take a few hours to check it out. The coming times will better be served by those who know what is actually happening.
Scientology is an idiosyncratic organization based on the God like figure portrayed of its founder and strict adherence to his teachings. As such there is no way it could be reproduced in any other form. No one else could emulate it as it is. And so it stands alone such as it is. A common staff member or public Scientologist is not aware of the hierarchical preponderance of policy letters and directives circumscribing their participation and advancement in the group and they are as well sheltered and prohibited from any “external influences” that might enter in a critical thought or doubt about just what they are participating in. It is precisely why Scientology cannot permit any external critical analysis that I would raise a “red flag”. There is something logically wrong with this picture. Scientology’s characteristic response to any criticism is to do everything possible to introvert the critic into their own flawed, imperfect, and aberrated character despite the fact that these are petty issues common to all of us. And these so called imperfections, aberrations, and flaws are part and parcel of the Divine creative process that renders all created (finite) objects unique. There really are no imperfections, no aberrations, no flaws to be corrected. These are simply the circumstantial factors of our very unique being as a person in this world but for which Scientology as well as many other churches and corporations exploit as their very stock and trade and without which their organizations would not be viable and could not exist. It deploys Public Relations strategies and Front Groups with exaggerated imagery and “Photo/Video Ops”, success stories and statistics;  and specializes in positioning itself with carefully surveyed societal “buttons” and host celebrities in order to manufacture its appeal and expand its illusion to a naive audience where-ever it might be found  worldwide.
To Be or not To Be
Under construction:
Aleister Crowley and L. Ron Hubbard

.:. The Hubbard is Bare .:. by Jeff Jacobson

from Brother Blue‘s Mysteriously Missing Pages
reposted by watcher website

Like Father, Like Son ::: Vox Stellarum
Aleister Crowley L. Ron Hubbard

Go to the above link for the comprehensive article/page …. for some reason I can not reproduce it here. There is much much more to this story but I post this just for starters expecting anyone interested in the full story can follow the thread!  ….. Chris

In the previous posts regarding Magick, Hypnotism, Mesmerism,  Meditation, and Vipassana I have tentatively sketched a pattern by which one can cognitively view their dynamics and compare them for the best beneficial result. Of these I would recommend Joel Goldsmith’s “Infinite Way” teachings and meditation technique, and most emphatically recommend Vipassana which is the Buddha’s primary meditation technique taught in its original form and purity due to its simplicity and extraordinary results. Vipassana is “Free” to anyone and is taught and practiced worldwide with significant social import….. Chris

What Can I say? Damned if I do, Damned if I don’t : That is Scientology!
Fair Game policy by L. Ron Hubbard QED 
After successfully baiting OSA’s Special Op Internet team not only was my main home PC hacked with all the obvious symptoms requiring a full restoration and security fix, but the Word Press Main Server was hacked into as well.  Security bulletin was posted on Word Press’s Main Page for the 13th and early morning today. My Blog Site is now experiencing a viewing anomaly which was not there 24 hours ago! From many accounts this is “what they do” and was patently demonstrated yesterday. I am familiar with this phenomenon from previous “run ins” in similar form.
Scientology is emulating all the characteristics of fascist repressive dictatorial regimes for example: the RCC (and its Inquisitions), Mafioso,  Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Napoleon, and Right Wing Extremist Dictatorships installed in Central and South America by U.S. Foreign Interests.
I have never deliberately, intentionally, or otherwise caused damage or harm to Scientology. But I did bait them experimentally over the past few weeks to have them respond in a way that would reveal their Internet surveillance operation and counter-measures – although I must say this response was more dramatic than I’d expected! A Scientologist would have you believe that you do not know your own thoughts or intentions! Well I know my own thoughts and intentions and the above statement is true despite what a Scientologist would have you believe on my behalf.
There is a premeditated and intrinsic “malice aforethought” indicated in their policies toward anyone critical of Scientology. Their current Public Relations (PR) routine is to declare all criticisms or accusations as utterly lies and false, and to call those persons “terrorists” (how original is that I ask you?!?!) and liars even when the things being criticized and/or accused are clearly evidential and demonstrably true.
The thing that draws one into this is the blatant nature of it. It’s unmistakable when one comes into contact with this information. In a normal, educated, and socially responsible person it simply compels one to say and/or do something about it even if doing so was never their focus or intention before such contact.
It is cautioned not to think Scientology is benign in its programmed responses as it emulates National Security level procedures and intent in similarly dramatic ways. The top guys would kill their critics if they legally could do so, and they have done so in some documented cases despite the law. In their opinion they are above the law. So they are extremely serious and mean serious business!
The seeming good is a proprietary good intended for staff and public resources and efficacious to the implementation, application and programming of the tech and admin goals and purposes. The good into society is expedient to infiltration of institutions, expansion of Scientology’s domain, and for promotional purposes.
The shades of gray as to what is good are blurred but indicate overall that it is not for the good of the individual but rather for the good of the corporation and the chosen elitists controlling this hierarchal creature. What we can imagine is collateral good, or coerced good (as in the case of statistical management and production quotas per ethics conditions formulae), self-service good affected to keep from being penalized for “down-stats”.
Common staff and public consider themselves “doing good” and are not evil people. They are the front group of the organization. It is what lies behind and above them that is evil and there is nothing new about this type of organizational structure as it is common in politics and in all governing bodies around the world today, also in the banking and financial industry etc.
What you find at the top is a pyramid of power and control (same dominant power game as everywhere else on earth!) where you have foundational wealth, special privilege indulgence, and ceremonial extravaganzas. What are the indicators of “good” in these forms? Is it individual or collective good?
“Satan get behind me!” big time!
I think that just about covers my thoughts for today!
To Be or not To Be
That is the Question!
It is all a matter of definition.
Who Am I?  What Am I?
First Two Crimes: “Being There and Communicating.”
Just like “Ron” to put the most occult principle right out there in plain sight! He even said if you want to hide something put it in plain view where no-one will expect it to be.
In the occult world and in metaphysics it is the Logos that defines the Power and it is within the dynamics of language that it finds it’s instrument of manifestation.
If you want to get rid of your “case” the first rule is: Don’t Be a Scientologist. If you want to be a Scientologist and play that game then by all means – that is your right. I don’t have a problem with that but just know that there is a way out and it does not have to be the way through. My words can save you a whole lot of time, money and grief!
A Scientologist has a “case” by definition. It is similar to if you don’t want to be a patient: Don’t go see a Doctor!
Being a Scientologist means that Ron has defined every little particle of your life and through “Training and Processing” (programming) on all that he has written you are becoming that as you progress on up Ron’s “Grade Chart” on your “Road To Freedom” across “The Bridge” to Ron’s world.
If this is your reality and you agree to do this then you become that definition and manifest it as your life. If along the way you have a problem with that there is Ron’s “Ethics” and “Conditions (of existence)” to steer you back to the “straight and narrow.”
This is how “Occult Powers” “Magick (In Theory and Practice) ” the “Logos” and it’s instrument “Language” works and how our artificial world of illusions is manifested as reality.
First you get caught in the “Spider’s Web” out of ignorance yes but also because of “The Trap” that is “Put There” to catch you. It is a predator’s pan-determined game plan and “they” are the “Elite” that are running the show. they will exploit your ignorance to the max!
I definitely had a “case” while participating in Scientology. I no longer have a “case” because I’m no longer “being there and communicating” or doing that! Believe me the solution to one’s “case” is precisely this “as it is!”
This is a universal principle of which Scientology is a prime case in point. The whole artificial world manifested as we know and experience it is a demonstration of these metaphysical principles. It is possible to “Be in this world but Not of it” found in the Christ teachings.
The inherent paradox or “Catch 22″ arises out of ignorance or a preexisting “Trance State” which was laid in in ancient times and maintained in present times by the same occult principals operating in the world today.
One can post a warning and a heads up with the intention of alerting others and by providing a means for which they might untangle themselves from this paradox but in the end each person is unfortunately on their own. To most my explanation would only sound like gibberish and consequently fall on deaf ears. But to a few it will have meaning.
I am doing this in a spirit of goodwill because I have been there and done that over the course of the last 40+ years of my life and desire to make that experience, knowledge and wisdom available to others as is the tradition of all way showers and teachers past present and future.
Is there a crime involved in this? Only to those who operate in secret and have something to hide from the general public in order to protect their basis of power and control.
My best advice……
So Be It!
All of the Above and Below (see addendum)
Well I got my “Flow 0″ back that is to say –
Self (in relation) to Who I Really Am.
A Meditation.
I Am.
Not an actor on the stage following a script.
Not a personality hijacked by a program.
Not a mind mesmerized by self-delusion.
Not a definition or a word.
Not an ego.
I Am Who I Am.
In the connection between Self and Godself.
Now Be still and listen to the voice of God within.
Illumination dissolves all material ties and binds men together with the golden chains of spiritual understanding; it acknowledges only the leadership of the Christ; it has no ritual or rule but the divine, impersonal, universal love, no other worship than the inner Flame that is ever lit at the shrine of Spirit.
This union is the free state of spiritual brotherhood. The only restraint is the discipline of Soul; therefore, we know liberty without license; we are a united universe without physical limits, a divine service to God without ceremony or creed. The illumined walk without fear – by Grace.
– Joel S. Goldsmith
In ancient times what was called magic mastered by magi and magicians is now called science as mastered by scientists and technicians.
Our modern world is all about multi dimensional and physical manifestation. Which in the ancient world was “Magick In Theory and Practice.”
What was once commonly regarded superstitiously as mysticism in those ancient times, especially in the absence of the Internet and World Wide Web, is now known to be the result of an ancient agenda and its implementation programs.
The paradox of bloodlines and kingship is not in a spiritual “beast” but an agenda and its programs passed from generation to generation to the initiated elites within the context of secret societies and their institutions.
The “beast” is actually an agenda and its program of manifestation. This would also represent the true meaning of the “Anti Christ.” It is an agenda and its long term implementation programs, institutionalized, organized as an organization, a “Church” and now computerized!
For me Scientology is a muse.
For you (a Scientologist) to read or hear “these” words (i.e. OT III Materials before you are authorized) and think “these” thoughts you would be turned into a “pillar of salt”. It is an implicit threat!
Interesting where this “pillar of salt” phrase comes from variously interpreted from the Old Testament writings on the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah – which as it turns out are two ancient (man-made) cities which were destroyed by decree by the “Gods” with nuclear bombs (weapons of mass destruction). What happens even in our own Atom Bomb experience is that anyone subject to the initial flash (star-burst) of the detonation is physically disintegrated instantly leaving only a “pillar of salt” as the remains of their human bodies.
As witnessed and recorded by their survivors!
Following that train of thought it is also interesting what the story reveals about ancient “Gods” destroying human (man-made) cities with nuclear weapons many thousands of years ago!
Consider these facts for a moment and then somehow synchronize them with Darwin’s “Thesis” of “The Evolution of the Species” (as a product of random mutation over eons of time since the beginning of genetic life on Earth). It does not add up that this “Thesis” has been adopted as an intellectual doctrine – more emphatically as an “anti-religion” philosophy as if it were not a thesis but a scientific truth and philosophical stable datum. My God man – like what’s up with that!
Are these people intelligent or are they not?
Fortunately the facts, as we can know them explicitly today, speak for themselves lending us the opportunity to dispense with this ongoing philosophical insanity.
Like Americans and the 9/11 event, demolition of the World Trade Twin Towers and Building 7 in New York City, the rest of the world knows what actually happened. Americans in general do not know anything more than the MSM (Main Stream Media) presented to them as an “official statement” and abject propaganda to that effect. The rest of the world knows it was a totally fabricated event orchestrated by the Mossad with co-operation from U.S. National Security (black ops) and British (Canadian) complicity.
So too in my experience with Scientology and Scientologists, where the rest of the world knows what Scientologists are prohibited to know (by threats of being turned into a “pillar of salt” if they even got a hint of knowing anything they were not allowed to know) all the while defining Scientology as the “Science of Knowing How To Know”. I mean give me a break! Are we all that stupid or what?
My conclusion is well if you want to survive as an organization or “New Church” in this society “When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do” and that is precisely the case here with Scientology.
I have well described “What The Romans Do” in my array of posts. Enough said!
I only include this “Scientology” bias because my past seems to have caught up with me most recently in this regard and I have been justifiably “cursed”! There is much more to this story I will save it for another time and place.
The conclusion is:
Go in Peace, but KNOW the facts!
Only the Truth will set you free.
There can never be a spiritual crime of “Knowing The Truth”.
God is Truth!
And Love,
Unconditional Love and Understanding!
“...Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy… censorship. When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, ‘This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,’ the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives.” –Robert A. Heinlein, -If This Goes On – May 25, 2005
Chris to: Scientologist,
Got a little side tracked here. I don’t have a huge issue with Scientology and do not regret my years spent. The adventure of reconciling all of this has been utterly amazing and I wouldn’t exchange it for anything – I mean on a subjective level. I have been working to put that “experience” (I rarely mention Scientology because that is not focus or point of my “experience”) I put that “experience” out there for others to benefit from it – but the way people think – it is generally received as some kind of self promotion. To a Scientologist it is all apparently something that Scientology can handle as part of my case. I don’t want to “handle” it! It is an incredible state just as it is…. So this is where there is no duplication. There is a whole lot of valuable data and tech in Scientology but it has been hijacked by a nightmare that is deifying Ron as if he were some kind of a God when he most certainly was (is) not.
You know I was walking to the RPF quarters along the shoreline in Clearwater the night before you info’d me of LRH’s passing. I would often walk along that way because it was peaceful and aesthetic. On this particular night there was an unusually bright full moon in a very clear sky and I sat on a bench gazing at it when all of a sudden I felt this immense rush of relief/release and sensed that something very profound had just happened. Something very momentous. An overwhelming feeling of release not just for me but for the world. And then your announcement and it did not surprise me at all it just made sense out of it. There was no more resistance in the Org to completing my routing form and the Qual Sec signed it off the next day. I too was free to go my way.
I don’t want to have anything to do with Scientology for well studied and personally experienced reasons. Perhaps next life time when all of this one washes away. But Scientology would have to change radically for that to happen! I have already changed and know which direction to go. Life is a struggle but that is the way it is. I don’t have a problem with that. In what I am doing now I am not self promoting and don’t want health wealth and happiness for myself in the world such as it is as that would make me feel extremely selfish. My object is simply to be a good writer/communicator and put my experience and knowledge out there so that others can benefit from it. I am rewarded whenever that happens = but it is a very rare thing.
Scientologist to: Chris,
I was wracking my brains to find a way to reply to you, but it doesn’t matter what I say, you’ve got it figured out up one way, down the other to put down and invalidate and deny anything good coming from me or from any Scientologist.
What you are doing is suppressive. You have severely harmed Scientology, and harming Scientology harms me, and the countless others who try to make sense of what you write.  Scientology and I will be fine.
I am sure you will now say I’m somehow enslaved, but it’s you who are enslaved by your own thoughts, experiences and sins; nothing else.
I hope you realize that some day and make up the damage you’ve created.
Until then, remove me from any and all lists you have.  I don’t wish to receive any more communications like this.  I don’t have time or patience for it now or in the foreseeable future.
Jane Doe Scientologist
Editor’s Note:
A Scientologist’s reaction giving me her best “Tommy Davis” routine via email is typical when the Scientology issue at hand goes from push to shove. I have witnessed and experienced this whole cycle repeatedly and it is a “pat act” to be sure a “routine” procedure run against the person involved.
With all these demonstrations one can only assume that we are dealing with a real life version of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” or “The Invasion – The Visiting” (in which Nicole Kidman played such a revealing part!) where the drama turns from “we just want to make you better” because “we are your best friend” to an evil hissing shrieking vengeful cursing maleficence. Such becomes obvious with objective detachment and when viewed from a distance.
And this certainly is what one should expect if it comes to this so it is better off to know that it isn’t personal it is just “their” standard operating procedure in such cases. Best to just stay away and not chance getting infected detected injected ejected or even worse!
Scientology’s stated goal is to turn everybody into Scientologists and not only take over Earth (the world) but the entire Universe. Really and Truly! Every Scientology Staff or Sea Organization member especially the Scientology Alumni and Vets know that they are the most valuable and important “Beings” on this planet and in the universe with no doubts or reservations. So this is what you are up against when you attempt to communicate and/or confront “them” with the truth on any level.
“They” are true “believers” in every sense of the word! Doing “Ron’s” work and doing what “Ron” says! A very interesting phenomenon to be sure! Occult Authoritarian Fascistic Absolutism in one of it’s most recently refined forms reflecting myriad similar manifestations recorded throughout history. Same product in a “new improved” wrapper!
One can only imagine the programmed “mind behind the mask.”
Much clearer (and safer) from a distance!
Dear Scientologist,
What are you now ? …. An OT IV?
I can understand why earlier level Scientologists are protected from the facts so that they are not distracted from their immediate progress on the Grade Chart.
But when it comes to you and all others who have made it onto the OT Levels on up to OT VIII and beyond I would expect that you are capable to duplicate the facts.
You are no longer in the “Non Interference” zone.
And yet you would still fly off the handle if anyone (such as yours truly) were to mention certain facts – that you would condemn them and think of them as SPs.
I cannot go back now on what I know and the cognitive and “direct” experiences that I have had which integrate into my knowledge base and current wisdom.
It is understandable that you do not have a clue what this, my experience, is all about because you are essentially prohibited from analyzing this data.
I would expect that once you attain OT VI-VIII you would be able to handle it.
Apparently not so!
So why don’t you explain to me why this is such a reactive subject?
I am currently in “No Fear” whatever of having harmed anyone by speaking the truth supported by all publically available facts and first hand witnesses including myself.
What is wrong with the truth anyway?
Food for Thought:
One can just imagine what the PTB/NSA/ONI (Powers That Be/National Security Agency/Office of Naval Intelligence) is doing with all L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics and Scientology materials and organizational experiment! I am sure nothing is hidden from them straight on up through the most secretive levels. It may be that the PTB/NSA/ONI has no issue with all of this because they know not to take it all that seriously. But in any event if there is any Earth shattering “Tech” there to be known they would know about it.
In some sense we could feel confident and secure by the PTB/NSA/ONI’s no comment on LRH (L. Ron Hubbard), CSI (Church of Scientology International) and RTC (Religious Technology Center) as an indicator that there is nothing there to fear one way or another. Perhaps all of this serves their purposes as well. Like well… that they (PTB/NSA/ONI) would find it an interesting sociological/religious experiment. It is certainly not costing them anything. Maybe it is just entertaining!
Commentary on this subject needs to take in all sides and perspectives, including all the above: PTB/NSA/ONI/LRH/CSI/RTC, and that any analysis of it needs to be put it into the most embracive context in order to reveal that it is all just an hypnotically generated illusion.
The best safe guard is steering clear of it once it is better understood for what it really is. Since they (PTB/NSA/ONI/LRH/CSI/RTC) all made some kind of a deal in the United States back in the 80′s well who, in their sane mind, would want to mess around with that?
I ask you!
Language, Logos, and the Occult
Science is pretty much a case in point of “can’t see the forest for the trees” in that the most obvious axiomatic truths are conveniently  overlooked and perhaps deliberately ignored.
Take the subject of language itself as an example. What is language and how did it originate and how does it work as a critical function of the human mind and intellect?
An evolutionary explanation won’t suffice in answering these questions. It is well known today that our current language(s) are merely fragments of a much earlier ancient mother language significantly more advanced and comprehensive than our current versions and with prehistoric roots. Perhaps as old as the genetic code itself!
Language operates in a hypnotic medium at the level of a trance state of mind as a means of interacting with and making sense out the mesmeric world of illusion in which and of which we interact and communicate. Not in anyway dissimilar to a computer program and its software programs and basic machine language and hardware structures.
A matrix to be sure and one intelligently,scientifically, and technologically advanced beyond the limits of human imagination. From these language dynamics come myriad manifestations of civilizations and the artificial world in which we live past present and future.
This is axiomatic. Straight up – face value – in your face – hardcore scientific fact. So why is it overlooked and deliberately ignored by those who profess to be experts on the subject of language and science and by the established authorities that educate our generations into understanding reality as we know it “to be?”
Think about it!

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