Imam Hussein

Why Arab States align themselves with Israel against Shias?

by shabana syed

On tenth day of Ashura Muslims and in particular Shias commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson about whom he said “Hussein is from me and I am from Hussein”.

Pictures of Shias beating themselves with hands and chains will be beamed around the world by western media, happy to perpetuate the myth that Muslims are violent.

And this year Americans in particular will be paying a closer attention, after the Oscar winning Jewish Director Oliver Stone’s son Sean Stone astonished America by articulating his conversion to being a Shia and accused Piers Morgan who tried to portray him as some nutter, ‘a warmonger’ while defending Iran.

What the TV screens will not be showing is the grief and pain felt by the Shias for the death of a leader about whom Mahatma Ghandi said “I learnt from Hussein on how to achieve victory while being oppressed”.

Shias are also mourning a time in history when the Prophets message and teachings were subverted by the forces against humanity, which not only attempted to wipe out the whole of the Prophets family, but ensured that every direct descendant who followed the 11 Imams were all systematically put into prisons and murdered.

The followers of the ahlalbayt (the 12 infallible Imams) as they are called have tried throughout years of persecution to keep the practices of the Prophet alive as well as the incident where Prophet Mohammed stood in Ghadeer e Qum where he picked up Imam Ali’s hand and said “to whomever I am the Mawla (supreme authority) so is Ali the Mawla” in front of over 120,000 pilgrims (a historically recorded event)

Today Shia’s have grown in strength because of the rise of Iran after the Iranian revolution in 1979, however the need to ‘wipe them out’ is still continuing.

According to Director for External Affairs at ‘The Moshe Dayan Centre for Middle Eastern and African Studies’ Shias is the real threat. In 2009 he said:

“Israel is now a strange partner of the Sunni Arab states,”

Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan however this alliance according to him is an “alliance of anxiety for Israel” as the Sunni Arabs are not as confident as the Shias and Iran and as a result he believes that Israel cannot rely on the Sunni states in the same way that the Sunni states can rely on Israel.

This alliance must come as a real surprise to critics of Israel, who are aware the lengths the Zionists have gone to pump millions into Islamophobic think tanks and organisations like (Rand, Centre for Social Cohesion) and through the pro Israel media to misrepresent Islam and ferment hatred.

Their propaganda has been so successful that a 2011 Pew research poll found that 40% of US adults think that Islam is more likely to encourage violence than other religions. Even though a Europol study of terrorism found 99.6% of terrorist attacks from 2006 to 2008 were committed by non Muslims.

However the issue of misrepresentation not only involves Muslims but all who question the status quo, as European groups realised at the height of the Occupy Wall Street movement which according to the media had nothing to do with Zionists bankers and the Federal Reserve Bank, but rather people annoyed at losing their jobs.

In order to understand why Arab States are in an unspoken alliance with Israel, we need to look at the growth of sectarianism and why Shias are seen as the biggest threat.

In a documentary about Iraq war, an American soldier said something on the lines of…

“We don’t have a problem with the Sunnis it’s the Shias who we are afraid of its something to do with their leader who was killed centuries ago and they are willing to lay their life down for him”.

Of course the leader he was talking about was no mere man, Imam Hussein who stood against oppression and tyranny with only 72 men against thousands strong army, and set an example that ‘might is not right-right is might’.

The story of Imam Hussein’s martyrdom at Karbala is the story of Jihad. The term Jihad is confusing today, as the essence has been filtered out by warped Muslim rulers and western propaganda maligning the term making it synonymous with terrorism.

This can be seen in Britain alone where Muslims groups are tripping over themselves to denounce Jihad while British Islamic clerics like Abu Qatada who has been revealed by The Times in 2004 to be a MI5 double agent, encourages violent jihad?

Jihad actually means to stand up against oppression and tyranny.

The problem facing humanity, is that if we are expecting the UN to stop the atrocities against defenseless Palestinians or the Rohingyas in Burma or stop America’s proxy wars on Iraq, Pakistan, Libya and now Syria where Washington is directly responsible for recruiting, arming, funding mercenaries and death squads, we are fooling ourselves as the UN is as described by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor at Veterans Today a “cheap con”  “…where 5 nations have total veto power over any real action”.

As people around the world clamor for justice the UN which was set up to protect the rights of nations has become what Iran’s leader Imam Khameni has described it as:

“ illogical, unjust and completely undemocratic structure and mechanism. ….It is through abusing this improper mechanism that America and its accomplices have managed to disguise their bullying as noble concepts and impose it on the world”.

As Israel carried out another attack on Gaza Daniel Mabsout writing in ‘ De-Liberation’ said: “It is the continuation of the war on Syria and is being cooked in Israeli/NATO kitchens and its goal is the liquidation of the Palestinian cause by targeting its armed Resistance”

On the issue of Arab rulers he states: “…the Arab League that is a dead corpse became as busy as a beehive concerning Syria: gathering and rallying and threatening and expelling. And now they will continue their conspiracy by covering for Israel”.

The paradox here is why Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Gulf States which are dictatorships, aligning themselves with Israel and US and funding the so called Arab Spring? To implement democracy?

Or is it that instead of democracy all they are doing is leaving a bloody trail of death and destruction to establish a greater Israel which will be easier to implement once Shia Iran has been dismantled. Which probably suits all parties concerned.

Why the Arab states are aligning themselves with Israel and the West can be explained clearly in a book titled ‘Terrorism and the illuminate’ a three thousand year history by David Livingstone’.

Livingstone explains how in ‘their typical strategy of “divide and rule”, the British, through their Masonic agent, sought to undermine the Ottoman Empire.’

He writes that it was not legal in Islam to fight another Muslim therefore “the British devised a method that would create a new interpretation of Islam that would sanction such murder, but under the guise of “Jihad”.

“This new interpretation became known as Wahhabism and was founded by British agent, Mohammed Abdul Wahhab.”

Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahab was born in 1703 in Najd, Saudi Arabia. A region where Prophet Mohammed, had predicted would emerge only  “disturbances, disorder and the horns of Satan”.

According to Livingstone Abdul Wahhab traveled and settled in Bagdad where he married a rich woman.

Livingstone quotes another historian Stephen Schwartz in the “The two faces of Islam” and that “Mir’at al Harramin, a Turkish work by Ayyub Sabri Pashawritten in 1888, states that in Basra, Abdul Wahab had come into contact with a British spy named Hempher who “inspired in him the tricks and lies that he had learned from the British Ministry of the Commonwealth”.

The details of this relationship are outlined in a little known document by the name of ‘The Memoirs of Mr. Hempher:  – A British Spy to the Middle East’, first published in a series in the German paper Spiegel, The Memoirs outlines the autobiographical account of Hempher, who claims to have acted as a spy on behalf of the British government, with the mission of seeking ways of undermining the Ottoman Empire. Hempher claims, “we were designing long term plans to wage discord ignorance poverty and even diseases in these countries”.

He outlines how the strategy was to obstruct education and “Aggravate economic decline through sabotage”. “Accustom statesmen to such indulgences as sex, sports, alcohol, gambling, and interest banking. Then, in order to make the new generation hostile towards their rulers and scholars, expose them for their corruption.” Also “In order to spread the misconception that Islam is chauvinistic towards women, they must encourage the misinterpretation of the verse in the Koran” regarding women.

One of the main reforms implemented through Wahab’s mouth was to discourage people from visiting sacred sites, relics, graves saying visiting them was tantamount to apostasy.

Wahab was financed by the British to carry out the task. Wahab settled around 1744 in Dir‟iyya, an oasis controlled by Muhammad Ibn. Saud (1746-1765) where he made a pact with Ibn Saud pledging British financial assistance and arms for his military support in the propagation and enforcement of Wahabism. The alliance was cemented by Ibn Saud’s marriage to the daughter of Abdul-Wahab, the beginning of frequent intermarriage between the two families that continues to the present.

Saudi Arabia’s oil wealth made possible the dissemination of Wahabi ideas through religious propaganda and financial assistance to mosques and schools from Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Philippines the Middle East, and so on.

During the Afghan war against the Soviet Union, Saudi financed charities that educated and cared for Afghan refugees in Pakistan. The religious schools educated the boys and later produced the foot soldiers for the Taliban, who seized control of much of Afghanistan during the 1990’s and established a state based on Wahabi doctrine which forbade education and suppression of women.

Osama bin Laden was heavily involved in recruitment and training of Arabs coming to Afghanistan to wage jihad against Soviet occupiers. This was the basis for the terrorist organization Al Qaeda that developed in the 1990s which continues to carry out atrocities.

Which begs the question, if Wahabism is a western doctrine aimed at subverting the growth of real Islam, then who is al Qaeda working for? The answer may explain why Al Qaeda has killed more Muslims then westerners.

It may also explain why the killer of Imam Hussein, Yazid a man known for his debauchery and oppression has a respected position in Wahabi doctrine.

It also explains why it has been important for Britain, US and Israel to continue suppressing the message and teachings of Imam Hussein and his followers.

Their message must be potent if a small group called Hezbollah managed to defeat Israel’s high tech war machine during the Lebanon war in 2006 and how in the same way in the Iranian revolution under Imam Khomeini people stood with nothing but the Koran against bullets, tanks and the best equipped army in the world and managed to throw out an exploiting empire.

“The sacrifice of Imam Hussain is not limited to one country, or nation, but it is the hereditary state of the brotherhood of all mankind.”- 

Dr Rajendra Prasad an Indian politician who became the first President of India

Veterans Today

Veterans Today Military & Foreign Affairs Journal

“The True Voice of the World’s Clandestine Community”


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Declaration of Human Sovereignty

The Declaration of Human Sovereignty was developed by the Human Sovereignty Working Group, a network of people committed to humanity’s survival and the advancement of human sovereignty, freedom, and self-determination, as humanity emerges into the Greater Community of intelligent life.


Regarding Contact with Extraterrestrial Nations and Forces


We, the People of Earth, extend greetings to all races in the Greater Community of the Universe. We acknowledge our common heritage before the Creator of all the Universe, both visible and invisible. We declare the planet Earth as humanity’s Planet of Genesis, our Homeworld, and our sacred inheritance. We pledge henceforth to sustain and preserve the Earth for all generations to come. We call upon all humanity to treat all races everywhere with wisdom and justice, here on Earth and throughout the Universe.

Fundamental Rights

We, the People of Earth, regard the need for freedom to be universal. Therefore, we hold that all individuals in all worlds are created equal and are endowed by the Creator with sacred and inalienable rights. Fundamental among these are the right to live as a free race on their Planet of Genesis, their Homeworld; the right of self-determination, self-sufficiency, and creative expression; the right to life without oppression; and the right to pursue in life a higher purpose and a higher calling that the Creator has provided to all.
Before the Greater Community of the Universe, we, the People of Earth, do now invoke these fundamental rights for ourselves and for our Homeworld, along with certain rights that naturally derive from them, including:
-The right of sovereignty. The People of Earth shall be self-governed and independent, neither subject to nor dependent upon any other authority. No extraterrestrial force shall contravene or abrogate the human sovereignty of this planet.
-The right of planetary sanctity. As our Planet of Genesis, the Earth shall be free from extraterrestrial intervention, intrusion, interference, or exploitation, both mental and physical. No extraterrestrial force shall make close approach, or assume close orbit, or make any landing, or engage in trade, except openly and with the expressed consent of the People of Earth achieved through a democratic means.
-The right of sanctity of biological and genetic material. No extraterrestrial power shall take, possess, or manipulate human biological or genetic material for any purpose whatsoever.
-The right of occupation. As the native people of the one known inhabited planet of this Solar System, we claim this Solar System as our sphere of influence. No extraterrestrial bases may be established on bodies or stations orbiting the Earth, nor on other planets or bodies of this Solar System, except with the expressed consent of the People of Earth.
-The right of peaceful navigation. We claim the right to travel and explore within our Solar System without interference or restraint from extraterrestrial forces, and maintain the right to deny access to this Solar System by any extraterrestrial forces.
We, the People of Earth, consider it our rightful responsibility to assert and defend these fundamental rights, and to give and receive aid consistent with these rights. In the case of any dispute with extraterrestrial forces, the burden of proof of innocence shall fall on those who are not native to Earth.

The Assessment

When in the course of their evolution it becomes necessary for the native people of a planet to unite, to transcend the conflicts and differences that have separated them from one another, and to assume among the powers of the Universe a separate and equal sovereignty, a respectful consideration of that sovereignty requires that they declare the causes which impel them to this present course of action.
Although the Earth has undergone a long history of extraterrestrial visitation, the current situation is that the People of Earth are now suffering the effects of a global extraterrestrial intervention into human affairs. This intervention employs a strategy of deception, manipulation, and exploitation, the goal of which is control over humanity, which will result in the loss of human freedom and self-determination. It is now the sacred right and duty of the People of Earth to oppose, resist, and repel this extraterrestrial intervention, to declare and defend our sovereignty, our freedom, and our independence from all extraterrestrial forces.
Let these violations be considered by those supporting the cause of freedom throughout the Greater Community:
-Intervening extraterrestrial forces have refused to openly disclose and reveal the nature and intent of their activities on and around Earth. This extraterrestrial presence is clandestine, covert, uninvited, and unapproved by the People of Earth. These extraterrestrial forces have concealed their own identity, their political or economic alliances and allegiances, as well as the authorities and powers which they serve.
-As is becoming increasingly apparent from their actions, extraterrestrial forces intend to exploit the Earth, its resources, and its people, and are engaged in a systematic program of colonizing humanity into a subservient client state to be ruled by agents of these extraterrestrial forces. The extraterrestrial intervention and occupation seeks commercial gain, economic power, and the strategic advantage offered by this world in relation to other worlds.
-Extraterrestrial forces have repeatedly and with impunity violated national and international laws of the Earth’s people. These offenses, which still continue today, have included violation of restricted airspace; abduction and transportation of humans without their consent; murder, rape, torture, sexual abuse, interbreeding with humans, and cruel experimentation; theft and trade of human biological and genetic materials; theft and trade of Earth’s natural resources; covert mental and psychological influence; mutilation of humans and animals; tampering with and disabling of military defense systems; and clandestine infiltration into human society.
-Extraterrestrial forces have secretly negotiated treaties and agreements with human individuals and groups, without the informed consent of the People of Earth.
-Extraterrestrial forces have systematically attempted to persuade and mislead humans through extending false hopes and promises of wealth, power, and protection; rescue from planetary catastrophe; membership in a “galactic federation”; and spiritual salvation and enlightenment.
-Extraterrestrial forces have exploited and exacerbated human conflicts to serve their own ends.
-Extraterrestrial forces have been disempowering humanity by leading us to believe that we can only survive with their help and their advanced technology, thus fostering our complete dependence upon them and denying our ability to ensure our own survival.

Demands and Declarations

Accordingly, we, the People of Earth, do hereby declare all previously existing agreements or treaties between any human government, group, or individual and any extraterrestrials to be forthwith null, void, and permanently suspended. We demand that any such previously existing treaties or agreements be fully and publicly disclosed. Any future agreements or treaties between human governments, groups, or individuals and extraterrestrials must be negotiated only with the full consent of the People of Earth, publicly and openly expressed by an international democratic body representing the nations and peoples of Earth.
We demand that all extraterrestrials now cease all operations and activities and immediately vacate and depart from the Earth and its surroundings including the Sun, Earth’s Moon, and all planets of this Solar System. This includes vacating any natural or artificial satellites, as well as all space within the Solar System.
We demand that all extraterrestrial organizations who have established or operated bases on the Earth, its Moon, or anywhere else within this Solar System, dismantle these bases and fully disclose their nature.
We further demand that all living humans who are now in custody of extraterrestrials be returned immediately in good health; further, we demand a full accounting of all humans who have been taken or held by extraterrestrials, including those who have died in captivity. In addition, we demand that all human biological or genetic materials taken from any individuals be accounted for and destroyed, and their intended use be identified. Any devices implanted in living individuals must be identified so that they may be safely removed.
We demand full public disclosure of the purpose and details of the extraterrestrial hybridization program, including the location, identity, and activities of all living human-extraterrestrial hybrids, whether on Earth or elsewhere.
Be it known throughout the Universe that from this time forward, extraterrestrials may only enter our Solar System, approach our Earth, fly in our skies, set foot on our soil, or enter our waters with the explicit consent of the People of Earth.
We, therefore, do solemnly declare that the People of Earth are and should be a free and independent people; that all humans are hereby absolved from all allegiance to extraterrestrial powers, and that all political and economic connections between them and the People of Earth are totally dissolved; that as a free and sovereign race in the Greater Community of the Universe, we assume full power within this Solar System to conclude peace, levy war, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to undertake all other actions which a sovereign planetary race may rightfully and ethically do.

Concluding Statement

Let it be understood that in making this Declaration of Human Sovereignty, we, the People of Earth, affirm our future and destiny as a free race within a Greater Community of intelligent life. We recognize that we are a part of this Greater Community and that we are destined over time to encounter many different races from beyond our world.
To them and to all others, we hereby declare that our intention is not conquest or domination in space. We declare that the rights and privileges that we affirm here for ourselves, we also affirm for all races of beings whom we might encounter.
In making our Declaration of Human Sovereignty, we proclaim our rights, responsibilities, and privileges as a free race in order that we may pursue greater unity, peace, and cooperation within the human family without unwanted or unwarranted intrusion and interference by any outside nation or force from the Greater Community. We make this proclamation as an expression of our Divine right and honorable intent for the human family and for all races in the Universe who seek to be free.


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Great Waves of Change

Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead

 Marshall Vian Summers

For one who has perception
a mere sign is enough.
 For one who does not heed,
 a thousand explanations are not enough.
Hajji Bektash Wali Persian Mystic 1209-1271


Humanity has crossed a critical threshold where we will have to adapt to a whole new set of circumstances. This will require a united effort between governments and peoples to bring new levels of skill, technology and cooperation to meet the requirements of living in a radically changing world.
At the core of this united effort are the courage and the ability within people to see what is coming, to know what to do and to act wisely in the face of increasing uncertainty and upheaval. Nature has given us this courage and this set of abilities, but they have become latent and forgotten within the human family. More than anything else, it is these abilities that will determine how, and even if, humanity will prepare for the Great Waves of change and the kind of world we will all have to face as a result.
In facing the Great Waves of change, preparation is the key. The preparation is not merely about fortifying your outer life or attempting to build a sustainable lifestyle. Instead, it is about preparing for a whole new reality. This new reality will require that you become self-reliant and able to call upon a deeper strength within yourself and within others, a strength that few people are yet aware of. This strength is within you now and has been with you all along. This book will reveal to you where it can be found and how it can be used.
The preparation begins with what you see in the world and what you are aware of within yourself. As you proceed, the preparation strengthens your ability to be perceptive, resourceful and wise in responding to changing and unpredictable circumstances.
If you can recognize the reality and the power of the Great Waves to impact your life, this will naturally begin a long process of re-evaluation regarding how you live, where you live, your use of resources, the strength or weakness of your relationships in helping you to prepare and the direction your life really needs to follow.
In facing great change and uncertainty, particularly if it has not been anticipated, people do not rely upon logic and reason as much as upon assumptions, habits and the behavior of the people around them. This is why the inner preparation is so important. Without this inner preparation, people will tend to wait until the last moment to react when their options will be few, if any. When many people respond in this way, there is chaos.
We each have a greater intelligence within us called Knowledge that is not afraid of the future or the challenge of changing our lives. This native intelligence has the power to move us or to restrain us when necessary and to enable us to find the people and the opportunities that hold the greatest promise for our lives. The significance, power and application of this greater intelligence go far beyond our notions of intuition and instinct. Here the Great Waves of change, though dangerous and largely unforeseen, hold the ultimate opportunity for those who can prepare to reclaim this deeper intelligence to secure their lives and to find their unique contribution to a world in need.
Here you will find, presented in the most clear and uncompromising manner, the gravity of the Great Waves of change and the kinds of fundamental decisions each of us will have to face and to make if we are to wisely prepare. There are two minds within us: a worldly mind that is shaped by the prevailing beliefs and attitudes of our families and culture and a deeper, more powerful mind that is free from these influences. Which voice within us we respond to and choose to follow will make all the difference in our ability to see, to know and to act wisely when others around us seem unable or unwilling to do so.
This book confronts us with dangerous scenarios that are the logical outcome of our collective failure to respond adequately to the Great Waves of change that are already beginning to impact our world. It speaks to the fundamental question, “How will you know what to do in the difficult times ahead?” Governments cannot tell you. Scientists cannot tell you. Religious leaders cannot tell you. How will you answer this question for yourself? This book shows you how.
The message of The Great Waves of Change is direct and challenging. Its assault upon human ignorance, assumptions and arrogance is unrelenting. Yet this book gives us real vision about the kind of world we will have to face and where, above all other things, we will find the source of our strength, wisdom and courage to navigate the difficult times ahead. Those difficult times have now begun. The Great Waves of change are upon us.
Marshall Vian Summers Seattle, 2009
 Summers, Marshall Vian (2011-08-15).
The Great Waves of Change: Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead (Kindle Locations 166-176).
New Knowledge Library.
Kindle Edition.
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The Rest of the Story

Lindsey Williams 2012

The Metaphysics of Petroleum
The Petro Dollar Paradox
See  Lindsey Williams 2011
Relevant September 13th, 2012:  The Federal Reserve Announces QE3
My thanks to Fred Sternbach, one of my high school friends, who later opened a bar at the crossroads – I believe at Junction City to service the Pipeline Workers when this project first started back in the 1970’s. It is because of him that I have had a continuing interest in this project and just what it signifies to America and the World. ….Chris
 Lindsey Williams was  Chaplin on the Alaskan Pipeline Project [for 3 years circa 1970’s]
[Transcribed by Chris]

“What you are about to hear on the Jeff Rense Show tonight cannot be found written in any financial newsletter anywhere. You definitely will not get it on the Liberal Media nor on the television set and unless a person has some elitist on the inside who is willing to tell them these things it will never be known.

Now since this definitely will determine your dinner table and relate to your family in a very special manner in the next few months’ time I’m urging every person in the listening audience to get a pencil and paper – you must write down some of the facts I’m going to give you tonight. Because when you put this puzzle together you will be utterly dumbfounded!

Now you already know the pieces of this puzzle. Every person out there in your show tonight listening Jeff, you have heard pieces of this somewhere but no one ever put the puzzle together for you and neither was it put together for me until, well, let me begin where it began just a matter of a few weeks ago I received an email from my elitist friends, now uhm, Jeff knows who this person is, uhm, I can’t give his name because he is still alive, he’s retired, senior executive of Atlantic Richfield, but this gentleman contacted me by email and what he said was so simple that to the average person it would have never registered.

But what it said was the Liberty Rig in Prudhoe, Alaska stopped drilling!

When I read that it said everything to me. It was almost as if it had leaped off of the page. Uhm, it… it was so important until … it almost sent cold chills up and down my spine!

Now briefly let me tell you what the Liberty Rig is and then give you what I did at that point in calling my friend, and when I tell you what he told me you will know the entire story about Syria – yes! I know these sound like simple words but I learned, long time ago, to hear the buzzwords of “The Elite” and when I think something is that way I merely pick up the telephone and call them and go from that point.

This led to Syria, it led to the Bakken Oil Reserve, it led to why they had stopped the drilling at Prudhoe Bay Alaska, it led back to a statement that had to do with the Gulf of Mexico and the big oil spill that took place there – which you well remember that contaminated the Gulf and even into the Gulf Stream which has affected weather patterns in the Scandinavian countries. This also led to the statement that was given to me by a Mr. Ken Fromm back.. oh…  nearly three years ago – and that is – well actually about two years ago before he passed away – by the end of 2012 the dollar will be dead and he did not say it would be nonexistent – he said it would be dead.

And I have learned so often to listen to every single word that these people say because they don’t have idle words out there.

So let’s begin, first of all, what is the Liberty Rig? Please! I hope you have that pencil and paper handy. You need to write it down. Write down Liberty Rig, write down Prudhoe Bay Alaska, which is the big oil field up on the Arctic Ocean, America’s Oil Field, and then write down “BP Oil Company”.  Oh what… what a story this tells.

First of all the Liberty Rig, you will find it on You Tube there are pictures there, it is nothing that’s hidden. BP Oil Company had built the largest drilling rig, the most… should I say, to handle the most pressure, it exceeds any oil rig that has ever been built on the Face of the Earth and it came by way of flotilla to Prudhoe Bay Alaska one year ago this summer. They set it up on Gull Island and the only place you will find out anything about Gull Island is in my book “The Energy Non-Crisis” and there is a chapter there which Ken Fromm personally wrote after he was fired from Atlantic Richfield, which is a story within itself, but I don’t have time to tell it tonight, and the book is out of print but if you really want it you can go onto Amazon Kindle and get it.

Now the Liberty Rig was moved to Gull Island, read that chapter in my book “Energy Non-Crisis” entitled “If Gull Island Doesn’t Blow Your Mind This Will”.

Thirty-five years ago I watched the largest Oil Pool ever discovered on the Face of the Earth brought in, proven, and ordered classified within 24 hours. I was told by Mr. Fromm himself that, back then thirty-five years ago, [1976] to be exact, I was told by him “Chaplain, we will never release this oil until we have the price of crude oil where we want it to go”… please write that down – this is so important! “We will never release this oil from the largest oil pool ever discovered on the face of the earth until we have the price of crude oil where we want it to go”. I asked him “Mr. Fromm – where do you want it to go?” He refused to tell me and in [1976] crude oil was $32.00 a barrel.

They later told me where they wanted it to go – they wanted it to go to $150.00 [+] a barrel. This is so significant with what happened to the Liberty Rig.

One year ago they moved it there; they began drilling on Gull Island. They stopped drilling only a matter of days ago. That rig has drilled to quite a depth already – they are going down over 40,000/feet – they know what’s there – they are going into Abiotic Oil* they are not going into fossil fuel, it is abiotic oil -which Russia found with their [core ST3] wells back in the 70’s and the Liberty Rig has been drilling, they right now, BP Oil Company has [invested] in the Liberty Rig over one-billion dollars. Did you hear this! You did hear me correctly. They have already invested in the rig, in getting it there, and in drilling for one year; they have over one-billion dollars. That is not peanuts and they did not shut it down because of their health. They shut it down for – well as Paul Harvey used to say – “The Rest of the Story”.

Now you know what Liberty Rig is. You can go on You Tube and find the pictures and details of the Liberty Rig. [It’s huge –Jeff] Yeah! There is nothing like it on the face of the earth.

Now when I got that message from my elitist friend I immediately picked up the telephone and I said “what in this world is going on?” Are you ready? Here’s what he told me: he said “Chaplain, we have temporarily shut down drilling on the Liberty Rig for two reasons.”

The first reason is the most important: Folks, this is going to affect your dinner table. They do not want the Liberty Rig to go through that strata of oil so that they would have to admit that it’s there. They already know it’s there! But they don’t want to go through that strata of oil until they have crude oil to $150.00 a barrel minimum which means you will pay $6-$7.00/a gallon at the gas pump and the ““elite”” are, oh this is.. write this figure down… the ““elite”” right now are six-months behind in their plan.

The next thing that was said to me was so vitally important: Why are the “elite”’s behind six-months? Why have they postponed any further drilling on the Liberty Rig until they get the price of crude oil up to $150.00/ a barrel? It was supposed to already have been there!

Now, Jeff, I was on your show many months ago and I made the statement that the price of crude oil is going to $150.00/ a barrel and I know many of you remember when I said that and you’re thinking right now “come on Mr. Williams you missed this one!”  Ahh… no I didn’t! The “elite” missed it! No, really, ahh.. I’m going to have to put it that way because they did.

Now, some of you remember that about a year and three or four months ago, ahh, well, four or five months ago, [Break] Jeff, you always have your listeners very briefly so that some of them will understand where I am coming from otherwise they’re gonna wonder when, how in the world is this guy talking off of the top of his hat?

Ahh, numbers of years ago by the providence of God I had the privilege of being invited to be the Chaplain to the “elite” of the world and for three-years I lived with these people. That was thirty-five years ago. Over the years I’ve kept in touch with them. From time to time they tell me things that I’m able to tell to the world that can spare your household great heartache. That’s what I’m trying to explain tonight…  is the world of the “elite” as it stands right now tonight on the 28th of this month [August 2012] at this very moment: what is it that is in the world of the “elite”? 

Let’s go back now to, you remember well, when we went into Egypt our State Department, oh…this… this was so sad. What business do we have to depose any leader? We went in to this, into Egypt, deposed Mubarak, gave Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood – at the time I sensed that there’s something drastic was happening in the ““elite”s” world and I called my elitist friend and I asked him what in the world was going on. At the time he told me every plan that they had from that day forward for about the next year to two-years as far as the Middle East is concerned and I was so startled that I did a three-hour DVD series entitled “The Middle East – the Rest of the Story”.

Now, if you’d like to back up my story please go on You Tube to retired General Wesley Clark if you have not listened to and viewed his speech in which he says he walked into the State Department one day and they casually said to him just as if it were a flippant, ahh, event “we are going to take over certain nations within x-number of years” and when I was told, after the Egypt event, what was going to happen… and when I first saw retired General Wesley Clark’s presentation I sat there literally spellbound because what retired General Wesley Clark found out a number of years ago was exactly what they told me a little over a year ago and I put in my DVD series and I had never heard Wesley Clark up until that point, I did not know what he had said but it’s almost to the letter what he said that the State Department told him was going to happen so I went to my friend and I said “what’s going to happen?”

He said first of all “Mubarak” well that’d already been overthrown. He said next “Libya”. Then he went right on down the line. He came to “Syria”. He told me their timetable. I gave that timetable over a year ago so you can’t say it wasn’t out there before it happened. And when they got to Syria – first of all Libya and Gaddafi put them back two-months. Gaddafi didn’t give in as fast as the ““elite”” wanted him to and so they weren’t able to give it to the Muslim Brotherhood as quickly as they wanted it. And every bit of this is done in cahoots with our State Department through our President. Wesley Clark was told it was going to happen. And the ““elite”” knew it because they were the ones that were doing it in order to create such chaos in the Middle East that they could take the price of crude oil to $150.00/a barrel.

Then they came to their “Waterloo”! That’s right! The ““elite”” don’t always get their way. They came to Syria and they thought that Assad would just be an easy overthrow but he wasn’t! It has been year… day after day they have tried to fight him, our State Department now is admitting that they are supporting the “rebels” – this is so sad that the United States of America is doing what we are doing and I hope you’re keeping up with some of this on the National News [where] they’re really admitting to some of it now.

The “elite” are behind six-months in Syria, two-months because of Libya; they’re approximately eight-months behind in their plan of getting the price of crude oil to $150.00/a barrel; they had to shut down drilling with the Liberty Rig because they did not want to go through that strata until they got the price of crude oil where they wanted it to go and I am very very concerned at this point because the “elite” are desperate! No really! I’m trying my best to explain to you the mindset and the thought patterns of these people as to what they are doing.

They intended to create massive chaos in the Middle East, maybe even shut down the Strait of Hormuz where approximately 30-40% of the crude oil goes through on any given day in order to create the oil crisis they wanted and…. Whenever you hear retired General Wesley Clark you are going to hear a statement that I hope you take it to heart. People have criticized me over the past year since I created my DVD Series “The Middle East – The Rest of the Story” and said “Chaplin, Saudi Arabia will never be overthrown” . Whenever you view General Wesley Clark’s presentation on You Tube you will hear him say that the last country that the “elite” will give to the Muslim Brotherhood that will be overthrown is Saudi Arabia and when I heard that it almost sent cold chills up and down my spine because this is what my “elitist” friend told me a little over a year ago.

Now we’ve come to the point that they’re about six-months behind, two or three things are happening and this is going to affect your life. The Bakken Field in North and South Dakota and Montana are well underway to production. I was up in that part of the country this summer. I heard what was going on personally… I went up and looked around. I met with some of the people who are working on the oil field. It is going full speed ahead. The “elite” can’t stop it because there are too many wildcatters up there. They wish they could but there’s one thing they could stop. They could stop the Liberty Rig until they get the price of crude oil where they want it.

Now, there’s another item I want you to look at. You’ll find this likewise. [Break] I am warning you the “elite” are desperate and… when these people get desperate they do desperate things.  Ahh… the “elite” are desperate; Mr. Obama is desperate. I am very concerned with what I’m hearing from my “elitist” friend that in order to get the price of crude oil where they want it to go to $150.00/a barrel they may shut down the Strait of Hormuz. I am not saying there’s going to be war with Iran nor Israel. I do not know what method they will use but I know that they must get the price of crude oil up and they need to get it up soon; and Syria and Assad have set them back because… you remember that Mr. Putin of Russia stepped in and he put a real wrench in their works. He said “don’t you dare touch Syria – don’t you go in there and bother Assad – if you do Russia will step in” and as a result the United States backed off. I’ve never known Hillary Clinton to back off like that before in my life. Great Britan backed off. The United Nations backed off. We started going in from the backdoor and supporting ahh… and this past week I couldn’t believe it I… I’m still sitting here dumbfounded.

I heard it with my own… I very seldom ever listen to the voice of the President; I can hardly stand it anymore, but this one time I ahh… I think I was driving on the road someplace back to my office and I actually heard him say “Mr. Assad! Don’t you dare use chemical weapons against your people.” Folks, does this sound like what you heard a few years ago from George Bush when he said “weapons of mass destruction” and we must go in and take them out. He knew all the time there were no weapons of mass destruction there. Now our President is using the same ploy again. “Chemical Weapons! Mr. Assad don’t you dare use…” for some reason the “elite” have not been able to assassinate this guy and Syria has set them back all these months. As a result they could shut down only one thing at this point and that’s the Liberty Rig until they can get that price up.

But the thing that so concerns me is since they’ve had trouble getting the price where they want it they may use drastic methods and what else will take place I don’t have the slightest idea. The only thing I can think of that would cause the price of crude oil to that high overnight would be if they shut down the Strait of Hormuz. Now, $150.00/a barrel is the minimum they want it and they have indicated the possibility of up to $200.00/a barrel. Ahh… as you notice gas prices have gone up quite a bit lately in fact they went up 8 or 10 cents I guess just within the past week because all of the platforms in the Gulf of Mexico have been shut down because of the hurricane that’s going through there right now so they’ve gotten the price up somewhat but they still have not created the mass chaos that they want in order to get it to the price that they wanted at $150.00/a barrel.

Now, as you remember, they [intended] the Middle East chaos to grow so great and oh… you cannot imagine how happy I was to hear General Wesley Clark say something that I’ve been so criticized about and that is that eventually the chaos will be caused also in Saudi  Arabia – it’s only a matter of time – you mark my word. This, Wesley Clark said it, I predicted it over a year ago; I’m gonna go on record as probably saying it for the first time tonight – “You watch Saudi Arabia!” you’re going to begin to see the Muslim Brotherhood do strange things there until Saudi family has some problems and Saudi Arabia will see conflicts internally – it will happen eventually as they work hard to get the price of crude oil where they want it to go.

Now, there’s a second reason why they’ve shut down the Liberty Rig from drilling temporarily… now notice that word “temporarily”. Please go to the statement that BP Oil Company made you’ll find it somewhere on the Internet because somebody sent it to me the other day in fact I think my “elitist” friend sent it to me. And in that statement there is a brief paragraph in fact this statement is so carefully worded that they even copyrighted it. And whenever you read a statement there is a brief paragraph and it states something similar to this: “we wish to be assured that what happened in the Gulf of Mexico will not happen in the Arctic Ocean where the Liberty Rig is drilling.” When I saw that I went back again and I said “what is going on?” Are you ready? They had gone down far enough already, as I mentioned to you they are going down over 40,000 feet.

Now just imagine this for a moment: you’re flying in a commercial jet airliner – you’re going across America. It gets up to cruising altitude. You look down at the ground – how far is that? That’s 40-45,000 feet. That is the distance that they’re drilling to hit abiotic oil in the super deep well on Gull Island at Prudhoe with the Liberty Rig and they’ve already gone down far enough that they are anticipating pressures whenever they go through that strata the highest that have ever been discovered on the face of the earth to the point that they were concerned – that they had to close the rig down for a period of time anyway because of the Middle East – they are concerned and they are beefing up the Liberty Rig to be able to ahh… to stand 50-60,000 pounds per square inch which is almost unheard of on any oil field of artesian pressure but they’re beefing up the rig to stand those pressures. Do you realize that if that Liberty Rig had happen what happened in the Gulf of Mexico that it would contaminate the entire Arctic Ocean and would affect the weather patterns of the entire world. 

They are concerned that this doesn’t happen and that one statement when I saw it I immediately said “OK… what does this mean?” I knew it was a buzzword and basically I found out that they are beefing up the rig. And you’ll find some of this in BP Oil Company’s ahh… communiques that their putting out that their doing this in order to see to it that nothing happens.

So, in a nutshell, please get prepared for energy price increases. You are going to see them in the very near future. You may see some drastic things take place in the Middle East – I don’t know what they can do with Assad and Syria because of Russia and Russia has said “don’t you dare touch’em”  [Break]

Russia, as of last year, became the Number 1 producer of crude oil on the face of the earth bypassing Saudi Arabia. Ahh… Mr. Putin is very much involved in this and he himself is the owner of much of the ahh… oil production in Russia. I think this is one of the reasons he was reelected even though many of the people did not like him. Russia has not flexed her muscles since the Cold War. This is the first time Russia has stepped out and said “America do not touch Syria.” Ahh… if Russia has no choice but to keep her threat – she can’t back down. There’s too much at stake. Uhm… there’s been no threat made like this since the Cold War so as a result she doesn’t dare back down.

If our State Department continues to be pushed by the “elite” – now please notice these words – our State Department is the one that’s being pushed into doing this by the “elite” of the world and because of the oil crisis and many other things involved. Now, if our State Department continues to push and ahh… supporting the “rebels” and sending in, as you just mentioned, ahh… different adverse methods over there to try to get rid of Assad – Russia may keep her promise and if so …. Oh my goodness! I can’t even conceive of the conflicts that are going to be involved.

Now, since we are coming down to the last few minutes here may I tell you one or two other things my “elitist” friends have said and maybe some other time I can get into the rest of it but… may I ask you to please! It is time for your final preparation. Everybody out there in the listening audience I cannot tell you what to do. But I can tell you when it’s going to happen. Yes… you did hear me correctly. I very seldom make a statement like this. I can tell you when it’s going to happen. I can tell you all the signs that will tell you when it’s going to happen.  My “elitist” friend, not too long ago, said to me “Chaplain, do you want to protect your household and to spare yourself a lot of heartache?” he said “let me tell you what to watch for.”

First of all he told me what not to watch for. He said “don’t pay any attention to Wall Street and the New York Stock Market” he said “it’s not an indication of anything.” He said “don’t pay any attention what-so-ever to the EURO or the European Union” he said “that likewise is not an indication of anything and neither is crude oil prices even though they are going to take them up” he said “the sign and the indicator that you will know months in advance, at least weeks in advance before there is going to be a financial disaster of some type take place in the world, and it is going to happen, I’m not saying it’s happening by the end of the year. I did not say that. I saying I’m giving you the signs to tell when it’s going to happen so that maybe months or weeks in advance…” they basically said to me “Chaplain, we will tell you – you do with this information as you wish.” But out of respect for the three years I gave of my life as their Chaplain they have been kind enough to tell me how to protect my own family.

And I have taken time to make that final preparation. Here’s what you need to watch for: pay attention only to the Derivative Market. The Derivative Market was created nearly 50 years ago for the purpose of bringing down the financial condition of the world whenever they are ready for it to happen. They are not ready yet. I do not think it will take place in the next few months but it is very close. They are creating massive debt all over the world right now and here are the signs that they said: Whenever you see a crack in the Derivative Market you will need to be out of all paper immediately of every kind because you remember that I told you “if it is written on a piece of paper it is worth the paper it is written on” so I asked them “I’m not that literate about Derivatives” well I was told to do a crash course and I did.

Here is what you need to watch for: Whenever you see a crack in the Derivative Market it will be evidenced by currency wars. Oh! Are we getting in trouble with QE3! I wish I had a whole program to do QE3 with you Jeff – this is so dangerous you can’t even comprehend the ramifications of QE3 if the Federal Reserve decides to go with it because it is going to cause animosity with other countries that will bring about currency wars that is going to be horrible between China and Brazil and the countries that have already made up a pot of bricks and that needs to be a story within itself.

Secondly: Currency wars will bring on trade wars you should be able to hear this even on the National News when it happens if you know what to listen for and you know the buzzwords you can understand the trade wars when they start.

And thirdly: they said “Chaplain a crack in the Derivative Market will be evidenced by interest rates being announced by the Federal Reserve to begin rising.” Now, if you wait until the Federal Reserve announces a rise in interest rates – which Mr. Bernanke has already said that he will not allow it to happen until 2014. That’s right! He said this… “don’t you bet on it!” They’re in dire straits right now and if and when the Federal Reserve ever announces interest rise it’s all over. It’s done for. If you’re not out of paper by that time, I have been told, forget it, you’re going to lose it.

Now, here’s what I did. I said I’ve got to tell the American people every way I can. Just awhile back we produced a three and a half hour new DVD Series entitled “Secrets of the Elite” but I couldn’t know about all of this at the time. As a result, just recently, I produced a CD that goes with that “Secrets of the Elite” DVD set and in the CD, it’s an hour and twelve minutes and I tell everything that the “elite” told me as to how to know in advance before the collapse is going to happen what I should do as the head of my household and what actions I should take in light of the times as I see them happen – they have explained it all to me, they have given me everything necessary for my household to be protected and as a result I have decided I must tell the American people. We produced it in the three hour DVD series of “Secrets of the Elite” and in the hour and twelve minute of the CD that I give you as a gift with that now because I felt that we had to tell the story as to how you can know and know it in advance before it takes place.

So Jeff basically in a nutshell the “elite” have told me so much lately that is so vitally important to the household and the family of every person out there in your listening audience and I am so appreciative that you would allow me tonight to at least be able to explain these things very briefly even though I’ve done it in about four hours on DVD and CD at least you have an overview of what the “elite” have said to me Jeff.

When Greece for all practical purposes defaulted there were many of the news writers that said the EURO is going to crash and I made the statement at the time because my “elite” friends had told me that “don’t pay any attention to it. When Greece defaults it’s not going to make any difference what-so-ever we’re not ready for the EURO to crash yet and the other countries that are about to collapse – don’t pay any attention to them” the “elite” are not going to allow the European Union, the EURO nor the Dollar to collapse until they have created more debt in the world. They want debt to be so critical in every state, in every city, in every county, with every pension fund, with the United States Government debt – they want it to be so critical that when they finally do decide to step in with their New World Order takeover, whenever they decide to do it they will have everyone in such a state that your children will be begging and crying for food because the dollar that you have will have lost its purchasing power to the point that you can’t buy what’s needed for your family and they want you to be able to beg them… folks you cannot give in to the “elite” anymore! The “elite” have your number. 

Everyone out there in the listening audience I plead with you! You let them put through the Patriot Act and you didn’t rise up and doing anything about it! You let them put through ahh… Medicare, you let them put through the Obama-care Bill and you didn’t rise up and do anything about it! The “elite” have gotten the message that they have you where they want you! So Jeff they basically are intentionally postponing the total collapse until they get such massive debt that you won’t be able to get out.

I do not expect that through the rest of this year – I’m not making this as a prediction; I do not say that my “elitist” friend told me that, I’m just saying that I kinda have a sense in what I’m hearing because they’re behind in Syria and they want to open up this North Slope thing – they want to get crude oil where they want it to go as part of their plan to be able to help them do what they want to do with the Dollar and it being dead by the end of the year – not nonexistent but dead and in all of this you have a window of opportunity right now as the average person to take time to make that final preparation to get out of paper of every kind as fast as you can and they have said to me “Chaplain, secure your assets”. Whatever you haven’t done and you feel you need to do it for your family – do it immediately. Like yesterday!

The “elite” said to me there will be no shortage of food and water in the grocery stores – there will be plenty. And I could not understand what they were saying until I asked a question because you have understand the mindset of these people basically they were saying the purchasing power of the Dollar is going to decline so greatly that even though the food is on the shelves in the grocery store you will go hungry because will not have the currency and the ability to be able to purchase it. I bought a gallon of gas in 1966 for 35 cents a gallon – today I paid over $4.00/gallon at the gas pump. It’s still 4 quarts to the gallon – the gasoline has not changed one iota it has not gone up one penny – the Dollar in its purchasing power has gone down. The only thing that has changed is the destruction of our currency by the Federal Reserve which is all intentional. You can see from this how that they can bring about the Death of the Dollar. Not the fact that the Dollar won’t exist – but when you can’t purchase what you need at the grocery store or at the gas pump with gasoline up to $150.00/a barrel [and] gas $6.00 or $7.00/a gallon this basically is the name of the game is control Jeff.”

End of talk.

See [*] Abiotic Oil

[Talk show on August 28th, 2012]

Lindsey Williams – New Globalist Revelations


Keyword “Elite”: as included in Lindsey Williams’s dialogue.

General Wesley Clark‘s You Tube spot.

*. I [Chris] don’t believe [buy into] this “Abiotic Oil” thesis although I do believe that there is abundant “crude oil” there. Abiotic Oil is a very loose [atheistic] hypothesis that has no real evidence in fact. It is just an idea put forth by a Russian [atheist] scientist during the Cold War.

It is used today as controversial and dialectic in approaching the political ramifications of Petro Power in our world today.

Oil is Oil, and it is a byproduct of photosynthesis – that is: that oil is “Biotic” not “Abiotic” because photosynthesis is a biological function and the chemistry of petroleum is definitely “Mother Nature’s Kitchen”. The amount/magnitude of primordial biomass just within primordial Earth’s oceans is beyond what “modern” science and people can grasp/comprehend even today. The Abiotic hypothesis refuses to take into account basic biochemistry and the geological history of Earth Ages; and of at least 7 major catastrophic extinction level events that demark and define it. We must expand our mental and consciousness [ESP] capabilities – to embrace what has happened on this planet over the course of at least a billion years.

In the ancient understanding of the Prehistoric “Civilization of Wu” the Earth collided with another planet whose oceans were composed of petroleum and they spilled over onto our oceans of water – because of this “collision of planets” – and then were diffused [sedimentary wise] into geologic strata as oil is lighter than water over vast periods of time they were buried into the deposits that we are developing today. It does not come as any surprise to me that we are finding oil reservoirs at 40+ thousand feet deep as well as “Salt Domes”.  Humans just cannot really comprehend geologic scales of this magnitude. But even those deposits spilled over from that other planet were of biotic chemistry and origin!

In the “Gaia Hypothesis” by James Lovelock circa 1980-2009 the biochemistry of Earth is most clearly explained into its ecologies and it is based on these most simple but profound observations through which  we can see the natural “topography” of life on earth and how it relates to the living environment and biochemistry in particular!

I have proffered my “opinion” to both Jeff Rense and Lindsey Williams receiving only a response from Jeff, stating that he is a proponent of the “Abiotic Oil” hypothesis – which I fully appreciate.

Even so, and not-with-standing all the fabricated controversy, this is what I know. Oil is “Biotic” and is synthesized within all living things.


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Paradox 2012

Paradox 2012

The average American is “contained” within their life long conditioned self-delusions which are artificially manifested into tangible realities. These manifestations are then mistaken for truth and philosophical facts. Lifelong brainwashing along with constant Mass Media Propaganda, Programming, and Indoctrination renders their minds incapable of seeing anything, no matter how factual or compelling, outside of their illusionary frames of reference as such things are to them invisible, or incredible, and incomprehensible. No matter how scientifically the objects in question are presented they only result in a general denial of them or ridicule at best. That is about as far as it goes!

What this means is that the average American, as a species, is about to become obsolete, like the dinosaurs of old, in the aftermath of  approaching cultural, political, economic, and natural cataclysms.

It is being generous to point this out as a prerequisite understanding of what is happening in our world today and to provide well sourced information that a few may benefit from. There is a substantial minority of Americans who are well aware of all of this but they are soon to be targeted as “the enemy” to the status quo by those who maintain their power and profit by keeping the majority self-deluded, ignorant, and psychically under wraps.

A demonstration of this predicament can be observed within the Democratic National Convention ongoing as we speak. This is a clear sign of the times and of things to come in very short order.

I can only share what I have learned so that others might benefit and prepare for what is happening and where all of this is going to end up. Within the year all that I am sharing will become a matter of fact.


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NAM Summit in Tehran

NAM Summit in Tehran

The following is the full text of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s inaugural address delivered at the 16th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit in Tehran on August 30, 2012.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful,

All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the Two Worlds, and may peace and blessings be upon the greatest and trustworthy Messenger and on his pure progeny, his select companions, and all the prophets and divine envoys.

I welcome you honorable guests, the leaders and delegations representing the member states of the Non-Aligned Movement, and all the other participants of this great international summit.

We have gathered here to continue a movement with God’s guidance and assistance and to give it new life and momentum on the basis of the current conditions and needs in the world. The movement was founded almost six decades ago thanks to the intelligence, time awareness, and courage of a few caring and responsible political leaders who were aware of the conditions and circumstances of their time.

Our guests have gathered here from different geographical locations, far and near, and they belong to different nationalities and races with different ideological, cultural, historical and inherited characteristics, but just as Ahmad Sukarno, one of the founders of this movement said in the famous Bandung Conference in the year 1956, the basis of establishing the Non-Aligned Movement is not geographical or racial and religious unity, but rather unity of needs. At that time, the member states of the Non-Aligned Movement were in need of a bond that could safeguard them against authoritarian, arrogant and insatiable networks and today with the progress and spread of the instruments of hegemony, this need still exists.

I would like to point out another truth. Islam has taught us that in spite of their racial, linguistic and cultural differences, human beings share the same nature, which calls them to purity, justice, benevolence, compassion and cooperation. It is this universal human nature which – if it can safely steer away from misleading motives – guides human beings to monotheism and understanding of God’s transcendent essence.

This brilliant truth has such potential that can form the foundation of societies which are free and proud and at the same time enjoy progress and justice. It can extend the light of spirituality to all material and worldly endeavors of humankind and can create a paradise on earth for human beings in advance of the other-worldly paradise, which has been promised by divine religions. And it is this common and universal truth that can form the foundation of brotherly cooperation among the nations that do not share any similarities in terms of outward structures, historical background and geographical location.

Whenever international cooperation is based on such a foundation, governments will build their relations with each other not on the basis of fear and threats, or greed and unilateral interests, or mediation of treacherous and venal individuals, but on the basis of wholesome and shared interests and more importantly, the interests of humanity. In this way, governments can relieve their awakened consciences and put the minds of their peoples at ease.

This ideal order is the exact opposite of the hegemonic order, which has been upheld, propagandized and led by hegemonic Western powers in the recent centuries and by the domineering and aggressive government of America today.

Dear guests, today after the passage of nearly six decades, the main ideals of the Non-Aligned Movement remain alive and steady: ideals such as anti-colonialism, political, economic and cultural independence, non-alignment with any power blocs, and improving solidarity and cooperation among the member states. The realities of today’s world fall short of those values, but the collective will and comprehensive efforts to go beyond the realities and materialize these ideals, though full of challenges, are promising and rewarding.

In the recent past, we have witnessed the failure of the policies of the Cold War era and the unilateralism that followed it. Having learnt lessons from this historical experience, the world is in transition towards a new international order and the Non-Aligned Movement can and should play a new role. This new order should be based on public participation and equal rights for all nations. And as members of this movement, our solidarity is an obvious necessity in the current era for establishing this new order.

Fortunately, the outlook of global developments promises a multifaceted system in which the traditional power blocs are replaced with a group of countries, cultures and civilizations from different economic, social and political origins. The striking events that we have witnessed over the past three decades clearly show that the emergence of new powers has coincided with the decline of the traditional powers. This gradual transition of power provides the non-aligned countries with an opportunity to play a significant and worthy role on the world stage and prepare the ground for a just and truly participatory global management. In spite of varying perspectives and orientations, we member states of this movement have managed to preserve our solidarity and bond over a long period of time within the framework of the shared ideals and this is not a simple and small achievement. This bond can prepare the ground for transitioning to a just and humane order.

Current global conditions provide the Non-Aligned Movement with an opportunity that might never arise again. Our view is that the control room of the world should not be managed by the dictatorial will of a few Western countries. It should be possible to establish and ensure a participatory system for managing international affairs, one that is global and democratic. This is what is needed by all the countries that have been directly or indirectly harmed as a result of the transgression of a few bullying and hegemonic countries.

The UN Security Council has an illogical, unjust and completely undemocratic structure and mechanism. This is a flagrant form of dictatorship, which is antiquated and obsolete and whose expiry date has passed. It is through abusing this improper mechanism that America and its accomplices have managed to disguise their bullying as noble concepts and impose them on the world. They protect the interests of the West in the name of “human rights.” They interfere militarily in other countries in the name of “democracy.” They target defenseless people in villages and cities with their bombs and weapons in the name of “fighting terrorism.” From their perspective, humanity is divided into first-, second- and third-class citizens. Human life is considered cheap in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and expensive in America and Western Europe. The security of America and Europe is considered important, while the security of the rest of humanity is considered unimportant. Torture and assassination are permissible and can be completely overlooked if they are carried out by America, the Zionists and their puppets. It does not trouble their conscience that they have secret prisons in various places on different continents, in which defenseless prisoners who have no legal representation and have not been tried in a court of law are treated in the most hideous and detestable way. Good and evil are defined in a completely one-sided and selective way. They impose their interests on the nations of the world in the name of “international law.” They impose their domineering and illegal words in the name of “international community.” Using their exclusive and organized media network, they disguise their lies as the truth, their falsehood as true, and their oppression as efforts to promote justice. In contrast, they brand as lies every true statement that exposes their deceit and label every legitimate demand as roguish.

Friends, this flawed and harmful situation cannot continue. Everybody has become tired of this faulty international structure. The 99-percent movement of the American people against the centers of wealth and power in America and the popular protests in Western Europe against the economic policies of their governments show that the people are losing their patience with this situation. It is necessary to remedy this irrational situation. Firm, logical and comprehensive bonds between member states of the Non-Aligned Movement can have a profound effect on finding and administering a remedy.

Honorable audience, international peace and security are among the critical issues of today’s world and the elimination of catastrophic weapons of mass destruction is an urgent necessity and a universal demand. In today’s world, security is a shared need where there is no room for discrimination. Those who stockpile their anti-human weapons in their arsenals do not have the right to declare themselves as standard-bearers of global security. Undoubtedly, this will not bring about security for themselves either. It is most unfortunate to see that countries possessing the largest nuclear arsenals have no serious and genuine intention of removing these deadly weapons from their military doctrines and they still consider such weapons as an instrument that dispels threats and as an important standard that defines their political and international position. This conception needs to be completely rejected and condemned.

Nuclear weapons neither ensure security, nor do they consolidate political power; rather they are a threat to both security and political power. The events that took place in the 1990s showed that the possession of such weapons could not even safeguard a regime like the former Soviet Union. And today we see certain countries which are exposed to waves of deadly insecurity despite possessing atomic bombs.

The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the use of nuclear, chemical and similar weapons as a great and unforgivable sin. We proposed the idea of “Middle East free of nuclear weapons” and we are committed to it. This does not mean forgoing our right to peaceful use of nuclear power and production of nuclear fuel. On the basis of international laws, peaceful use of nuclear energy is a right of every country. All should be able to employ this wholesome source of energy for various vital uses of their country and people, without having to depend on others for exercising this right. Some Western countries, themselves possessing nuclear weapons and guilty of this illegal action, want to monopolize the production of nuclear fuel. Surreptitious moves are under way to consolidate a permanent monopoly over production and sale of nuclear fuel in centers carrying an international label but in fact within the control of a few Western countries.

A bitter irony of our era is that the U.S. government, which possesses the largest and deadliest stockpiles of nuclear arms and other weapons of mass destruction and the only country guilty of its use, is today eager to carry the banner of opposition to nuclear proliferation. The U.S. and its Western allies have armed the usurper Zionist regime with nuclear weapons and created a major threat for this sensitive region. Yet the same deceitful group does not tolerate the peaceful use of nuclear energy by independent countries, and even opposes, with all its strength, the production of nuclear fuel for radiopharmaceuticals and other peaceful and humane purposes. Their pretext is fear of production of nuclear weapons. In the case of the Islamic Republic of Iran, they themselves know that they are lying, but lies are sanctioned by the kind of politics that is completely devoid of the slightest trace of spirituality. One who makes nuclear threats in the 21st century and does not feel ashamed, will he feel ashamed of lying?

I stress that the Islamic Republic has never been after nuclear weapons and that it will never give up the right of its people to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Our motto is: “Nuclear energy for all and nuclear weapons for none.” We will insist on each of these two precepts, and we know that breaking the monopoly of certain Western countries on production of nuclear energy in the framework of the Non-Proliferation Treaty is in the interest of all independent countries, including the members of the Non-Aligned Movement.

The Islamic Republic’s successful experience in resistance against the bullying and comprehensive pressures by America and its allies has firmly convinced it that the resistance of a unified and firmly determined nation can overcome all enmities and hostilities and open a glorious path to its lofty goals. The comprehensive advances made by our country in the last two decades are facts for all to see, as repeatedly attested by official international observers. All this has happened under sanctions, economic pressures and propaganda campaigns by networks affiliated with America and Zionism. The sanctions, which were regarded as paralyzing by nonsensical commentators, not only did not and will not paralyze us, but have made our steps steadier, elevated our resolve and strengthened our confidence in the correctness of our analyses and the inborn capacities of our nation. We have with our own eyes repeatedly witnessed divine assistance in these challenges.

Honored guests, I deem it necessary to speak about a very important issue, which though related to our region has dimensions extending far beyond it and which has influenced global policies for several decades. This issue is the agonizing issue of Palestine. The summary of this matter is that on the basis of a horrible Western plot and under the direction of England in the 1940s, an independent country with a clear historical identity called “Palestine” has been taken away from its people through the use of weapons, killings and deception and has been given to a group of people the majority of whom are immigrants from European countries. This great usurpation – which at the outset was accompanied with massacres of defenseless people in towns and villages and their expulsion from their homes and homeland to bordering countries – has continued for more than six decades with similar crimes and continues to this very day. This is one of the most important issues of the human community.

Political and military leaders of the usurping Zionist regime have not avoided any crimes during this time: from killing the people, destroying their homes and farms and arresting and torturing men and women and even their children, to humiliating and insulting that nation and trying to destroy it in order to digest it in the haraam-eating stomach of the Zionist regime, to attacking their refugee camps in Palestine itself and in the neighboring countries where millions of refugees live. Such names as Sabra and Shatila, Qana and Deir Yasin have been etched in the history of our region with the blood of the oppressed Palestinian people.
Even now after 65 years the same kind of crimes marks the treatment of Palestinians remaining in the occupied territories by the ferocious Zionist wolves. They commit new crimes one after the other and create new crises for the region. Hardly a day passes without reports of murder, injury and arrests of the youth who stand up to defend their homeland and their honor and protest against the destruction of their farms and homes. The Zionist regime, which has carried out assassinations and caused conflicts and crimes for decades by waging disastrous wars, killing people, occupying Arab territories and organizing state-sponsored terrorism in the region and in the world, labels the Palestinian people as “terrorists”, the people who have stood up to fight for their rights. And the media networks which belong to Zionism and many of the Western and mercenary media repeat this great lie in violation of ethical values and journalistic commitment, and the political leaders who claim to defend human rights have closed their eyes on all these crimes and support that criminal regime shamelessly and boldly and assume the role of their advocates.

Our standpoint is that Palestine belongs to the Palestinians and that continuing its occupation is a great and intolerable injustice and a major threat to global peace and security. All solutions suggested and followed up by the Westerners and their affiliates for “resolving the problem of Palestine” have been wrong and unsuccessful, and it will remain so in the future. We have put forth a just and entirely democratic solution. All the Palestinians – both the current citizens of Palestine and those who have been forced to immigrate to other countries but have preserved their Palestinian identity, including Muslims, Christians and Jews – should take part in a carefully supervised and confidence-building referendum and choose the political system of their country, and all the Palestinians who have suffered from years of exile should return to their country and take part in this referendum and then help draft a Constitution and hold elections. Peace will then be established.

Now I would like to give a benevolent piece of advice to American politicians who always stood up to defend and support the Zionist regime. So far, this regime has created countless problems for you. It has presented a hateful image of you to the regional peoples, and it has made you look like an accomplice in the crimes of the usurping Zionists. The material and moral costs borne by the American government and people on account of this are staggering, and if this continues, the costs might become even heavier in the future. Think about the Islamic Republic’s proposal of a referendum and with a courageous decision, rescue yourselves from the current impossible situation. Undoubtedly, the people of the region and all free-thinkers across the world will welcome this measure.

Honorable guests, now I would like to return to my initial point. Global conditions are sensitive and the world is passing through a crucial historical juncture. It is anticipated that a new order shall be born. The Non-Aligned Movement, which includes almost two-thirds of the world community, can play a major role in shaping that future. The holding of this major conference in Tehran is itself a significant event to be taken into consideration. By pooling our resources and capacities, we members of this movement can create a new historic and lasting role towards rescuing the world from insecurity, war and hegemony.

This goal can be achieved only through our comprehensive cooperation with each other. There are among us quite a few countries that are very wealthy and countries that enjoy international influence. It is completely possible to find solutions for problems through economic and media cooperation and through passing on experiences that help us improve and make progress. We need to strengthen our determination. We need to remain faithful to our goals. We should not fear the bullying powers when they frown at us, nor should we become happy when they smile at us. We should consider the will of God and the laws of creation as our support. We should learn lessons from what happened to the communist camp two decades ago and from the failure of the policies of so-called “Western liberal democracy” at the present time, whose signs can be seen by everybody in the streets of European countries and America and in the insoluble economic problems of these countries. And finally, we should consider the Islamic Awakening in the region and the fall of the dictatorships in North Africa, which were dependent on America and were accomplices to the Zionist regime, as a great opportunity. We can help improve the “political productivity” of the Non-Aligned Movement in global governance. We can prepare a historic document aimed to bring about a change in this governance and to provide for its administrative tools. We can plan for effective economic cooperation and define paradigms for cultural relations among ourselves. Undoubtedly, establishing an active and motivated secretariat for this organization will be a great and significant help in achieving these goals.

Thank you.


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US-led war on Syria

US-led West unleashes merciless war on Syria

Update: Putin on Syria

Sat Jul 28, 2012 3:50PM GMT

An American author says that Washington and its allies have unleashed a merciless war against Syria, Press TV reports.
“Syria was calm and peaceful until Washington unleashed its dogs last year. Daily violence, mass killing and destruction followed. It is the American
way. Media scoundrels support it,” said Stephen Lendman, writer and radio host from Chicago, in an article published on the Press TV Website on Friday.
“Syria’s conflict isn’t an uprising, revolution or civil war. These characterizations distort reality. There’s nothing civil about what’s ongoing. Washington orchestrated everything. Its bloodstained hands control the conflict.”
Lendman also stated in his article that Washington “tolerates no governments it doesn’t control. Replacing them with puppet regimes is policy.”
Many people, including large numbers of security forces, have been killed in the turmoil in Syria since March 2011.
The anti-Syria Western regimes have been calling for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down.
“The longer conflict persists, the greater his (Assad) support. Who else can Syrians turn to for help? They want no part of becoming another proWestern vassal state. They know the daily horrors Afghans, Iraqis and Libyans face,” Lendman wrote.

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