Cutting to the Chase


Cutting to the Chase

Homo Sapiens was genetically engineered with a mind that can be likened to a multi dimensional holographic Personal Computer (PC) that is programmable. There are many levels to this program but at one level it is critical to understand that the program can be anything the “programmer” designs it to be. At the most basic level programming is done by one’s circumstantial reality at birth, which also contains a core “religious’ program followed by an educational program, political program, personal program and so on yielding the complex of self identity and a motivated purpose in life. In all forms of engineering and genetic engineering in particular the general scientific rule is “Form Follows Function” by intelligent design. What Human Beings do is a direct manifestation of that principle.

Programming is done at inarticulate, articulate, and intuitive levels with language representing the programming code. Language operates at a hypnotic level in this programming process. The essential mechanism of language is hypnotism as it can be defined. The resulting effect is that of a Personal Self operating in concert with other people who are programmed as well. What has been called “The Matrix”.

This is the modus operandi of all artificially created organizations whatever their genre being political, religious, philosophical, or fanatical…. the programmed person sees this reality as being essential and critical to their survival and sense of well being. No form of organization exists outside of this paradigm.

Now the trick is to realize that it is only a program and any and all programs no matter how suggestive and compelling can be De-programmed and Re-programmed to yield a different point of view, different perspectives. It is this realization that sets one free as it is said “The Truth will set you Free” that is the way to transcend entrapment and enslavement to any given, assumed, or coerced program. One very effective form of reverse programming can be experienced in the teachings and practices of Buddhism Vipassana and Zen Meditation which can and will lead one to Enlightenment and Liberation from any and all forms of dogmatic programming.

This is why “deprogramming” is the nemesis of organized religious and political – fascist – fundamentalist -authoritarian – totalitarian (specifically as types) institutions and their base of Power and Control enforced at the hypnotic level where people are programmed and compelled to participate in order to survive with bracketed Pain and Pleasure, Reward and Penalty, life or death, survive or succumb elements to ensure they walk the narrow path proscribed by the program – because it is possible to break down this illusion, deception, facade.

One should have a choice at least in the Spirit of Free Will, Freedom and Democracy but can only have this with Knowledge of the factors listed above. With this understanding you have a choice and do not need to fear consequences. The Truth Will Set You Free!!!!

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