Lindsey Williams 03-08-11

Dear Lindsey,

I am about two thirds of the way through a transcription of your talk with Jeff on 03-08-11 but am a bit stumped by a few place names that I can’t quite make the verbal literal connection!

Can’t tell you how important this dialogue with Jeff appears to me in the context of my own lifelong research into what is going on in this amazing and terrible world that we are living in.

I will gladly send a copy of the transcript to you ( and Jeff) once I have a few designations clarified – right now the 4 oil fields in the United States the first one mentioned is obscure can’t make it out from the verbal content.

I have ordered some time ago your “and now the rest of the story” DVD and am awaiting receiving it through my mail service.

I left upstate NY in 1968 to serve in the United States Navy – with service in Vietnam through 1973. My teenage friend Fred Sternbach had gone to Alaska and opened a Bar and Club of some sort at Junction City apparently the only one then for the pipeline crews. He married an Alaskan princess Loretta now Sternbach while his mother Ruth was doing anthropological research there and Fred just seems to have disappeared.  As Alaska is one of those places where it is a “small world” when it comes to people and connections perhaps you are familiar with Fred’s establishment?

My background goes significantly much deeper than the Oil Company “elites” but yet is very humble in its attempt to embrace all of the information relative to 2012 of which the Oil is only one of several significant factors.

I beg to differ with Jeff in that Oil is definitely a “biotic” not “a-biotic” substance and is a byproduct of life processes on Earth since its creation.

To me life is the  pre-eminent quality from which all substance is a by product that is that God is Life and the Creator of all things there really could be no “a-biotic” formulation.

And that there is a purpose to everything created in that “form follows function” by intelligent creative design.

The elite as you speak of them are true to form as “second creators” of artificial (human creative capacity) design.

And of course the world of these “elites” is the artificial result of this level of creation for better or for worse!

For good or for evil!

Still Lindsey – your dialogue is extraordinary and I want to record it.


Christopher Pearson
Los Angeles California

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