Truth or Consequences

Truth or Consequences

In a RT set of videos of Hillary Clinton’s public statements as United States Secretary of State it became quite clear to me how this geopolitical game operates. It is not about “facts” or “truth” it is about the Globalist’s agenda – a long term Geopolitical plan for the future of Earth. I would recommend the RT Website and reviewing these postings.

In this game truth is utterly relative to one’s stated geopolitical position and as such World History must be viewed as a set of arbitrary consequences of second hand and tertiary causes facts are only a record of what happened and truth only exists at on an a priori basis namely what the Globalist’s envision as the World of the Future and whatever is expedient to their planned social engineering and architecture.

I will refer to this Globalist, as John Coleman details it “Committee of 300” as “They” just so it is known who “They” are and “Their” and “Them” etc. Truth in this sence is what they say it is as the plan is continuously being implemented and the only reality is what they have postulated the future world to be. Perhaps the only negotiations taking place are amongst the various initiated specialists that make up their committees. All the rest is incidental and that includes the past and present facts. There is only one Reality – theirs.  Anything else is incidental to their processes and a means to their ends.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) is their Globalist Dissemination outlet which expands exponentially with every “Big Screen HD” TV implemented in all public spaces and households now with “Big Brother” watching with Super Computer surveillance – as was depicted in “1984” coincidentally the advent of the Personal Computer (PC) revolution now with a 3D A/V Two-Way interactive World Wide Web. This is their “Reality”….  And ours as well!

It was pointed out to me from one source that They operate on a 50 year implementation plan that is constantly being reviewed and in some cases restructured in 25 year recaps; and that this pattern is centuries if not millennia old from very ancient times this has been the pattern. I would expect that it follows astrology at its most primary level – operates on a Celestial Calendar  timeline wise – steeped in ancient Mystery Schools, Cults, and Secret Societies.

Their plan is not negotiable as well as their versions of the “Truth” no matter how hypocritical and utterly deceptive these might appear to be to the uninitiated public and so called secular authorities. War and warfare is a dialectic tool. Global resources, finance, currency and economics, information and programming, science and technology, secrecy and deception, divinity, propaganda and outright lying…. These are their means of their Finite Power and Control.  Their deity is Lucifer (Satan) and they worship and practice Luciferianism (Satanism) in the place of God and the Infinite Way.

Whatever happens, has happened, or will happen in this world you can bet that it was planned by them to happen that way. And so…. Any attempt to evaluate, analyze, and/or understand what is really going on in the world today and in the MSM news must take all of the above and its intellectual ramifications under critical consideration as there can be and will not be any other basis for rational conclusions on any geopolitical level. This is their game! This is their world – created in their image.

The means for resolving and transcending the Globalist status quo on a personal and collective level are not of this world for those few who are in but not of this world. Those who remain here will be either Masters, Servants or Slaves – those who are overwhelmed by indoctrinated self-delusions or victims of circumstance.  Transcendence is the keyword here that unlocks the gate to other future possibilities and realities. Ancient precedent and wisdom still remains accessible on that very same World Wide Web but I would “bookmark” fast and furiously while one still has the chance because that well of information is soon to be capped. Check it out for your own sake while you still can!


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