The Metaphysics of Petroleum

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Introduction – MySpace 2010 Message to Jeff Rense

Abiotic Oil?!?

Jeff Rense really wears me out on this perspective. Now I am no molecular chemist but I know the difference between organic and inorganic molecules. The idea that the core of the Earth through some “mysterious” process generates an endless supply of petroleum (crude oil)- Mysterious is the keyword here because anything with such a mysterious source is not scientific especially when it is scientifically known and proven where crude oil comes from – at least to those that know. The fact that it is a byproduct of geologically explicit biosphereic “Extinction Level Events” (ELEs) as Jeff sees it impossible that oil as we know it could have come from dinosaur bones and tree branches etc. without taking into account the biomass continuously accumulated over hundreds of millions of years in primordial seas – refered to as the “primordial soup” etc. In the mid 80′s I recall a description of  a “wood log burning in a fireplace” found in Buckminster Fuller’s book “Critical Path” (1982) where he describes the effect of a burning log as “sunlight unwinding from the wood” as I remember and that is to the point on this “Abiotic Oil” issue. Crude Oil is stewed in “Mother Nature’s Kitchen” and is a totally organic recipe. In some of the primordial extinction level events up to 90% of life on Earth was extinguished. As a result of the geologically recorded series of these ELE events our world today contains less than 1% of all the species that have lived here from those times. What happened to all that biomass? Oil happened silly! Duh…. Corn/Peanut/Olive/Sesame/Soy/etc etc and Animal Fats (oil) as well as oil produced from algae and plankton /Fish /Whales etc. organically being farmed for oil today did not come from some mysterious process generating it in the Earth’s core. It is initially a biological product of the process of photosynthesis (just as the word says) and when we burn oil we are witnessing the “sunlight unwinding” from it… just as Bucky observed! Oil is more akin to Jelly Fish than molten iron and magma (never saw crude oil flowing out of a volcano!). ELEs and Catastrophic Geological contortions buried all that putrefying biomass and under such tremendous pressures and hundreds of millions of years it fermented or “cracked” (was chemically altered)….just as we must un-crack it today to get petroleum products.


As a metaphysical consideration it is not only the sunlight energy that is stored through the biological processes of photosynthesis and the metabolic processes of life forms plants and animals but as well the psychic records of cosmological and geological extinction level (catastrophic) events by which petroleum is derived and from which our current oil based civilization dramatizes in its behavioral psychology. War and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) being prime examples.

Crude oil is formed as a consequence of violently catastrophic events which have impacted the surface of our planet and which are clearly recorded in geologic sequences (strata) and observable in surface features and terrains all around us today.

I am going to just free associate a few points here one in particular from James Lovelock’s “Gaia Hypothesis” which describes the Earth’s biosphere which includes the atmosphere, surface lands, oceans (waters) and upper crust of our planet in a particularly graphic way. Imagine a 15 inch diameter globe of the Earth. As a dimensional ration the biosphere in actuality is about 15-20 miles thick sitting on top of an extremely hot molten magma strata of immense magnitude with a molten iron core of extreme magnetic and gravitational fields and forces at the center of which is a uranium ball about five miles in diameter. If we depict the biosphere as projected onto the surface of our 15 inch globe it would represent the thickness of the ink layer depicting the geographical features on the surface of the Earth. What we consider from our Human point of view as a very solid ground beneath our feet is really could be compared to a plastic egg shell enclosing the liquid contents of an egg. The surface is held in place by gravity like ice on the surface of a pond. With life active on the surface it could be compared to a photo active/synthetic medium not dissimilar to a living multi dimensional holographic Polaroid Film constantly being developed into the picture of reality that we experience as life on Earth past present and future.

Catastrophic cosmic/geologic events in several cases resulting in massive extinction levels up to 95% have, as demonstrated, occurred leaving biomass lighter than water material at least as abundant as the seas themselves eventually buried under specific geological layers of earth encapsulated and subjected to intense anaerobic pressures and temperatures (chemical cracking) over hundreds of millions of years resulting in immense deposits of petroleum crude oil. We are not talking about surface fossil dinosaur bones and tree branches we are talking about the life in primordial oceans and inland salt and fresh water seas from photo plankton to giant squids! These primordial seas were utterly saturated with life.

And so now a days with the advent of the Oil Age and all that it signifies to our modern way of life as an energy source, as the source of petro chemicals and plastics (products of chemically un-cracking what was naturally chemically cracked) and what they mean to our Civilization we also have a psychic consequence which reflects the violence of these catastrophic periods from which Oil has derived.

Buckminster Fuller described the fire of a burning log as the “sunlight unwinding from the wood” and we should as well consider that there is much more psychic effect unwinding from the oil (gasoline etc) when we burn it! The whole violently explosive nature of extinction level events is also unwinding from the oil resulting in a sublimation of human behavior analogous to these events.

One needs to do their own research and reflection as to just what petroleum means to us today not only at the level of an energy source, petro chemical materials including plastics, but also as a hallucinogenic drug state of mind effect. Perhaps this might explain in some way why the New World Order Power and Control crowd acts the way it does and why human nature seems steeped in such ongoing violence and inhumanity to one’s fellow humans. And even perhaps a good definition, in modern terms, of hell – fire and brimstone!

We are presently entering into another (cyclic period) of an imminent catastrophic extinction level event called 2012. Perhaps this perspective will give you a better understanding of what this means past, present, and future and how you can best prepare yourself for the things to come. What is inevitable should not be feared especially when fear itself is mostly a product of not knowing, of the unknown. Well here is the known for your consideration and understanding. May we evolve as a species into a more peaceful and blissful future!


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