Libya intervention new Bay of Pigs

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has announced that the United States has ‘no time line’ with regard to Libya, an indication of a ground invasion that would contravene UN resolution.

Press TV talks with Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian in Washington about the developing quagmire and conflict between Western countries over crisis-hit Libya, and the secret role played by the CIA on the ground.

Press TV: The UN resolution 1973 has a clause, I think clause number four, that prevents the move to approve boots on the ground in regard to the no fly zone over Libya. When we look at the about-face the US has just done in regards to US Defense Secretary Gates announcement of considering ‘no time line’ when it comes to Libya, how do you see the long term objectives or outcome?

Dr. Tarpley: Well, the UN resolution is a monstrosity and should be considered as a dead letter by everybody. It is in flagrant violation of UN charter. The charter specifies that the only time you can have Chapter 7 military intervention is for the question of international peace and security, which is not at issue with Libya.
This represents an absolute inadmissible interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state and therefore it is null and void and should be ignored.

It’s unfortunate that the Russians and the Chinese did not give us a profile in courage in voting against it, but nevertheless, the main countries in the world, those five that voted against it are principle economic centers… It’s also being violated everyday – one of the things in the UN resolution is that there is supposed to be an arms embargo in Libya, but the CIA in the US in supporting this gaggle of rebels in Benghazi is actually smuggling weapons or doing it openly with the help of the Egyptian military junta, the weapons are coming across that border.

People need to see this is the new ‘Bay of Pigs’. It is Obama’s Bay of Pigs. What you have fighting in Benghazi and Tobruk and Ghana is essentially a CIA secret army. It is assembled of some Islamists in Benghazi- characters like Mustafa Jalil and Yunis, two former Egyptian ministers are the leaders of that group; you’ve got Senussi – a mystical cult that fought the Italians in the 20s and 30s; and you have military officers that we’ve just learned were linked with the French DGSE (France’s external intelligence agency) through a guy called Mesmari.

They are facing military defeat! It’s a bit like the anti-Castro Cubans invading Cuba back in 1961.

The difference is when Alan Dulles of the CIA went to President Kennedy and said we have to save our secret army on the beaches of the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy said “No. And by the way you’re fired.” In this case the CIA obviously told Obama to the extent they tell him anything. They told him we’ve got this unbeatable secret army; we’re going to overthrow Gaddafi and set up a puppet state, steal the oil and carve Libya into two parts – In this case Obama, since he’s a weakling and a coward said, ‘Fine. Go ahead and we’ll bomb Libya’ in a really desperate attempt to save this militarily unviable operation that they’ve got going.

There is a feature also for the French and the British. The French and the British of course are incorrigible imperialists and colonialists in their own right; we’re dealing with the Suez 1956 group. Part of what is happening is that Obama is now pulling back.

If you look at the surface you may say well Obama’s pulling back because he doesn’t want to spoil his image as a peace angel, the Nobel Prize winner; he can’t be a warmonger quite that openly. But this is now introducing an element of total chaos with the British fighting the French, the Italians fighting the British and the French, the Turks and Norwegians dropping out; it’s a kind of imperialist monkey trap where not only will Libya suffer from this, but the French, the British and the Italians will also have a military quagmire on their hands while the US pulls away if this strategy is carried out.

Press TV: One US congressman said they consult the Arab League and consulted the UN, but they did not consult the US congress. Looking at the cost of this war at a cost of anywhere between 100 to 200 million dollars per day. In terms of the internal situation in the US – considering what’s happening in Wisconsin and spreading to other states – How is this going to be justifiable?

Dr. Tarpley: The American people are sick of war, sick of imperialism, sick of their government’s constant meddling in the affairs of other countries and we have a parade of talking heads on Wall Street media giving advice to imperialism and I think a lot of us are saying, ”No, it’s time to get out of Libya; to stop attacking Libya; to get out of Iraq and out of Afghanistan, and out of Pakistan”, which is a war that Obama declared back in since 2009 West Point speech. There are actually four wars now.

So yes there are voices in congress talking about war crimes; talking about the violation of the constitution. I’d like to see them bring a Bill of Impeachment against Obama right away. Above all, I would like to see somebody come forward in the Democratic party like Senator Feingold or at this point anybody to come forward and challenge Obama- he is a warmonger; he is a Wall Street puppet; he is a union buster and it’s time for political action in that regard.

The no fly zone is estimated to cost 15 billion dollars per year and with that money we could be funding domestic social programs.

Ataturk told the Turks, give up the Ottoman Empire, it’s bad for you. De Gaul told the French empire is bad for you. Empire is bad for the US – it means high unemployment; declining standards of living, barbarism in public life, reactionary politicians, dominating up and down etc. This would be a stronger and more prosperous country without the empire. We would have economic development and it’s time to make a big change in that regard.


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