Demons Walk Among Us!

Demons walk among us!

For they are the criminals of the worst kind as their crimes are destroying our country, it’s economy and welfare, and are grievously eroding it’s constitution, bill of rights, way of life, and reducing the general population to non-viability, abject poverty, misery, pain and death.

These criminals are described as any individual or corporation that profits in any way from advancing and exploiting the demise of our nation, its physical economy, and its peoples; as well by profiting from the abject slavery, misery and pain inflicted on all other nations and peoples.

The justice department should be fully authorized to pursue and prosecute these criminals to the fullest extent of laws applicable to acts of treason and crimes against humanity – yet all such establishments of law have been infiltrated. These demons intentionally position themselves at all religious, financial and politically pivotal pressure points and have ceaselessly done so throughout history.

But it seems these criminal, megalomanic psychopaths have had their way since the creation of the human race itself; and embody the very basis of its religious, political, and financial structures of power and control; and so there seems to be no remedy no matter how many times well motivated, educated people of goodwill with the best of intentions, aspirations and ideals have challenged their evil combines of this world throughout history.

Inevitably this evil will (must) run its course.

Ultimately it has nowhere to go!

Be not a victim and it cannot victimize.

It is an aberration, a parasite, a cancer which is rapidly consuming its prey.

Be not a host and it cannot survive.

Demons are the artificial cause and reason for all that is wrong with this world and the way its people think.

Demons walk among us!

See and know them for what they really are by what they do.

Confronting this evil is the only way of resolution –

In this world or any other.


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