Ground Troops May Never Be Necessary

Ground Troops May Never Be Necessary


17:16, 26/03/2011

This war is not about oil. That is a simplified understanding of the situation, applying old and lazy thinking to a new circumstance. The fall of the Libyan government appears to me to be an important step in the overall scheme to topple the monarchs and dictators of the Mideast, and to supplant them with a unified threat to the Western Powers. What appears to be democratic movements, will likely turn out to be the rise of a Caliphate that will sell itself to the Middle Easterners as a bulwark against the invasive and controlling Anglo-American allied powers. This will unavoidably lead to a dollar/financial crisis, energy-availability and expense crisis, and a global conflict that is purposed to synthesize a global form of government in its aftermath.  

Ground troops may not be needed in Libya as Many of Gaddafi’s forces are pan-African mercenaries who are being bombed from the air, who will want to return home, and who may not have confidence that they will ultimately receive their timely compensation with Gaddafi’s assets being frozen abroad. All it will take is someone close to Gaddafi to have a little courage and a bullet, and this game is over.

PS: This is a comment to RIANOVOSTI article that I posted as:

Ground operation in Libya could start in April – Russian intelligence

It is a pretty intuitive response!


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