Satanist Insider Gloats Over Dire Prospects

Satanist Insider Gloats Over Dire Prospects

April 1, 2011

The Alpha Lodge and its system of Magick have helped many individuals to advance towards their Godhead. In this we continue to use the dregs of society to achieve Our aims. So what? Doesn’t everybody?

Editors Note: This is Aleister Crowley’s “Magick in Theory and Practice” (Alias “Creation of Human Ability”) group. The proverbial “forerunner” to what is now more advanced as “Scientology” in its essence. FYI Read on!

Currently it is again time to reallocate the wealth of the world. We are doing this through an economic depression the likes, depth and suffering of which no one has yet seen. Think of the Great Depression only more so: longer and deeper. But we will never wholly rid ourselves of the herd, because that would yield a poor return on Our investments. Try to imagine the agony and ecstasy of Our will to be; the Usher of Desecration and the coming of Vindex.

Honestly I feel some compassion. Aiwass states in Liber Al “…Compassion is the vice of kings: stamp down the wretched & the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world.”

And I am a King to my Prince! That said, humanity desperately needs to be cleansed and freed from the worthless, the wretched and the weak. I have lived a truly great life and yet I feel the weight of my years. My Deities have given me many things. I honestly have no regrets of which to speak. I feel like I’m living a prophecy. Not a biblical prophecy, but one based on forethought and unadulterated truth.

‘Now is my time to seek the glory of my Gods that I may one day walk with Satan, in His world and with His bride.’

What’s happening in Libya is a diversion. People are being tortured and killed in the Gaza Strip but no one gives a damn about that, do they? It’s called cognitive dissonance or the cataract of denial. Same in Japan.

Everyone is worried about radiation but no one mentions Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Hardly anyone knows that Xtains dropped the bombs on Japan more than six months after the Japanese government was desperately trying to end the war. Those who followed their loving saviour couldn’t drop ‘the bomb’ on white people.

In Libya what’s going on is a stage show to hide what’s happening in Saudi Arabia and it’s all about oil and the American dollar. And just by the by, it won’t save the dollar and America is doomed. We organized that by giving the plebes what they want. Although the masses hate the thought of being controlled, most wish to be controlled. Freedom, power and sovereignty are only words to them!

It’s O.K. when followers of the 2000 years dead, gay, Jewish bastard torture, maim, kill and engage in unspeakable acts of pointless cruelty, but somehow we of the left-hand path are evil! It’s the will of Ialdabaoth when Palestinian kids are incinerated with white phosphorous bombs or Japanese babies were vaporized by nukes, but it’s evil when we exploit, initiate and sacrifice! Yours is a hate filled, vengeful deity killing all before him, babies included: see Leviticus 26:16-39 or Joshua 7:19-26.

Our Prince is a realistic God who answers those which call upon Him. He is ‘contradictory defiance: challenging in its purest…archetypal, shape-shifting form. His is the forbidden fascination that creates, nourishes, destroys and redeems. The Prince of the Earth, the Lord of the Air, the Darkness of the Deep, and the God of Fire! The terrifying and majestic Other, reflected in the unimaginable.’

We give the filth what they whim that they want! The Manipulators of the Alpha Lodge are some of the most obsequious, kind and helpful individuals you’ll ever meet. We help the sheeple firm up their ideals and notions until these are so rigid they can be broken like glass.

The best way to control is through co-operation. In America we gave them the lightweight Kenyan as a precursor to the one who’s coming. And we’ll continue to give them the presidents they want.

In Australia we let the white trash think they chose Julia, but she isn’t even their prime minister and Australia has no valid parliament. This was orchestrated in order for the Australian government to be more easily manipulated by those that we’re kept in the loop.

It’s all in the open! There’s less reason to hide. Do Aussies care? They’re too interested in another Royal wedding. You think that we’re not intimately associated with the British establishment and royal family? You think Churchill the Druid wasn’t in our hands? The war is now almost over. There is and will be no opposition to; no battles against Our future. We control the political parties; the economists; the educational curricula; the media and many of the evangelical churches. If I was stupid enough to name some names I wouldn’t be believed anyway. The young are already Ours.

Sheeple don’t play to win. They have been dealt cards to a circus act game they don’t know how to play, so they act safe whilst feeling morally superior to the winners: irrational beings capable of semi-rational thought. Their strength is a function of their morality: the more they have, the weaker they are.

One of Our axioms is that even if you tell the truth, perhaps because you tell the truth, no one will believe you. The masses have a strong, but nurtured, imagination coupled with the inability to distinguish the existential conditions of their lives from their hopes, fears, wishes and dreams. The common man is a domesticated primate who lives (if you can call it that) in Limbo. We control the zoo.

By working tirelessly, quietly, secretively and intelligently the disciples of the world and the apostles of apostasy can finally taste the culmination of their dreams. The idealist will always lose to the men and women of passion and commitment with a goal. The idealist works for the ‘right’ reasons, but we enjoy Our work. The future stretches before Us as Our Prince’s.

We will seek Our happiness in victory but never in peace!


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