CUT TO THE CHASE: Using Fear as a Cataclysm Survival Tool

CUT TO THE CHASE: Using Fear as a Cataclysm Survival Tool

Author Michael Clarkson

via 2012 and Planet X News Blog by Janice on 3/29/11

Editor’s Note: I have reviewed Marshall’s material over the years and I feel it is informative and valuable although I do not subscribe to his movement because it centers around him as a “New Messiah” leader type of  “borderline fascism” and …. well he kicked me off his discussion board awhile back. Just as well! But I do support his work and encourage others to study it in concert with many other valuable perspectives on the 2012 issues. …. Chris

Nuclear reactors melting down in Japan and massive fish kills appearing in the Los Angeles area  constitute real and present dangers.  The prospect of global cataclysm is no longer a matter for armchair  speculation.  It is now real and and fear is taking hold.

The brave people of Japan have shown us how they raise to the challenge, but as the prospect of huge swaths of Japan are becoming unlivable, even they will have their limits.  But what about us in the West?  Are we in the West as brave as the Japanese?  Or more to the point, are we able to cope with a horrifically fearful calamity with their sense of resolve.

For years, Marshall has told his readers, “Fear is the knife’s edge of death.  Follow your fears and you inevitably stumble upon a blade.” That being said, fear is a primal instinct that can only be controlled or suppressed with years of personal preparation. We do not have those years, but we have something just as effective today.

This is the point of this interview with poltergeist researcher and the author of The Poltergeist Phenomenon, Michael Clarkson. As a result of his research, he discovered a simple way to handle fear.  Not by following it to bad conclusion, but rather, by having the self awareness to use it to survive.  When you finish listening to this interview, you’ll know how to do it today.  Quickly and effectively.

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