Nuclear Apocalypse

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Medvedev Warns of Danger of ‘Nuclear Apocalypse’

Excerpt by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Application of the Blair Doctrine

Obama is essentially only implementing the so-called Blair Doctrine, which former British Prime Minister Tony Blair had put forward in his infamous 1999 speech in Chicago during the Kosovo War. Blair asserted at that time that the era of the Peace of Westphalia, and with it the respect for national sovereignty, was over. In its place the “Community of States,” by which he naturally meant the Anglo-American empire, is to have the authority to make military interventions for “humanitarian purposes.” Ever since, this has meant in practice that all states that defy the empire, based upon the special relationship between the United States and Great Britain, will be designated as belonging to the “Axis of Evil,” and regime change will be brought about, be it through military intervention, sanctions, or subversive activities.

The pressing issue now is the destabilization and drive for regime change against Syria and Iran. It is no secret that the so-called opposition in Syria is directed and financed from London, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, and to a great extent consists of al-Qaeda networks, the subject of a present probe in the American Congress. It is likewise known that members of the Israeli secret service have for a long time conducted false-flag sabotage operations in Iran, and may have taken part in the assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists. It is also known that in the Arabian Sea, the eastern Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean, there are enormous American, British, Canadian, and other naval flotillas, which have at their command a potential for nuclear destruction that is orders of magnitude greater than that which would be deployed in a regional conflict in the Near East and Persian Gulf region.

At the latest, in late Summer of last year, when Putin and Medvedev had announced the switch of their offices, the same apparatus that was already responsible for the “Orange Revolution” against Ukraine and diverse other revolutions, had attempted, in vain, to set into motion a so-called “White Revolution” against the Russian government. It must have been clear to everyone that the intention of the British Empire was regime change for Russia as well. In the context of the forward deployment of U.S. ballistic missile defense systems in Europe by the George W. Bush and Obama administrations, along with Obama’s policy of encirclement of China in the Pacific, it is obvious that, for the Russian government, the tripwire has been reached, the absolute limit which can’t be exceeded without catastrophe.

This article appears in the May 25, 2012 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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