Paradox 2012

Paradox 2012

The average American is “contained” within their life long conditioned self-delusions which are artificially manifested into tangible realities. These manifestations are then mistaken for truth and philosophical facts. Lifelong brainwashing along with constant Mass Media Propaganda, Programming, and Indoctrination renders their minds incapable of seeing anything, no matter how factual or compelling, outside of their illusionary frames of reference as such things are to them invisible, or incredible, and incomprehensible. No matter how scientifically the objects in question are presented they only result in a general denial of them or ridicule at best. That is about as far as it goes!

What this means is that the average American, as a species, is about to become obsolete, like the dinosaurs of old, in the aftermath of  approaching cultural, political, economic, and natural cataclysms.

It is being generous to point this out as a prerequisite understanding of what is happening in our world today and to provide well sourced information that a few may benefit from. There is a substantial minority of Americans who are well aware of all of this but they are soon to be targeted as “the enemy” to the status quo by those who maintain their power and profit by keeping the majority self-deluded, ignorant, and psychically under wraps.

A demonstration of this predicament can be observed within the Democratic National Convention ongoing as we speak. This is a clear sign of the times and of things to come in very short order.

I can only share what I have learned so that others might benefit and prepare for what is happening and where all of this is going to end up. Within the year all that I am sharing will become a matter of fact.


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