The Secret History of the Jesuits

Secret Societies – The Vatican and the New World Order

“The most dangerous of men are those who appear very religious, especially when they are organized and in a position of authority. They have the deep respect of the people who are ignorant of their ungodly push for power behind the scenes.
These religious men, who pretend to love God, will resort to murder, incite revolution and wars if necessary to help their cause. They are crafty, intelligent, smooth religious politicians who live in a shadowy world of secrets, intrigue, and phony holiness.”
 Dr. Alberto Rivera – Excerpted from his Introduction to  “The Secret History of the Jesuits”

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This posting is in three parts. Part One is the following transcript by way of a preview to “The Secret History of the Jesuits” and Part Two is an introduction to the referenced book. Part Three is my commentary – what I mean by posting this…..Chris

Part One: Preview

By Leo Lyon Zagami 2011 [Transcribed and annotated by Chris 2012]

Today I want to welcome the viewers of Arcana Revelations and The Enigma Channel in an exclusive from The Heart of the Vatican power.

We are in front of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre. Together with the Knights of Malta, which we have previously covered in our Revelations, they are the most powerful Order of the Vatican and amongst the two that are totally interlinked with the Vatican and recognized as their own Orders. 

Now the Order of the Holy Sepulchre has not the sovereign state like the Knights of Malta but is very interlinked with another religious order of great power – we’re talking today also about the Jesuits. In fact the street is called Via Dei Cavalieri Di Santo Sepolcro is street, the official street of the Knighthood of the Holy Sepulchre and it goes straight into another important road and we find ourselves in front of one of the most important institutions of the Catholic Faith – the Jesuit Headquarters – the Headquarters of La Casa Generalizia of the Jesuit Order.

Now I would like my cameraman to follow me so we can discover The Secrets of the Vatican today on Arcana Revelations.

So we are in front of la Compagnia Di Gesu Curia Generalizia this is the Headquarters of the Jesuit General which is now Adolf Nicolas but at the moment this Jesuit General is, let’s say, playing, not a secondary role, together they are guiding the Jesuit Order in a new era called “The Era of the Two Generals” and here in Borgo Santo Spirito, to also give you an image from the headquarters so you can link it directly with what we just saw the Knighthood of the Holy Sepulchre and literally witness with your own eyes how close these two orders are.  One, obviously, is also for people who are not necessarily people – clergy because the Knighthood of the Holy Sepulchre is also open to not clergy but the Jesuit Order is a specific order and they are considered to nowadays still the scientists of the Vatican.

Now it wasn’t always like this. There was a period in history in which the Jesuits were actually kicked out of the Vatican because of their practices – because of what they have done in the previous century by promoting Neotemplarism within Freemasonry and kind of giving back even to some of the aspects of one of the most powerful rites of Freemasonry The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. So for a brief time in history the Jesuits Order was actually considered an illegal order. They were cast out of the Vatican until 1815. In this period of time they didn’t stay just in the shadows without doing anything.

They actually assumed even more power by helping Adam Weishaupt creating the Order of the Illuminati and in 1782 they actually promoted the birth of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite which will, let’s say, summarize all their efforts to promote Neotemplarism. This is because the Jesuits, since the foundation with Ignatius of Loyola who was himself an Alumbrados himself was somebody who came from the tradition of the Illuminati and also from the tradition of the Knights Templar wanted to promote this Military Chivalric aspect within the people who were not directly involved, maybe, with the Vatican but through Freemasonry they could have then this close link.

We also saw, thanks to our cameraman, I would invite him to show again here the Casa Generalizia in relation to Saint Peters that we are really at the strategic position – we are at the strategic position within the Vatican establishment. As I said we are right next to the Order of the Holy Sepulchre we are also in a street which is also filled with a special feel – it’s a feel that we want to renovate, a feel of the Holy Spirit which has to protect us in this moment of history.

Now the Jesuits were not the only ones who helped the New World Order come into fruition. Together with the most eminent Kabbalists and Jewish scholars they kind of joined forces during the course of the last two and a half centuries – two centuries and by doing so they have creating a very strong link. This strong link that we can find after the Second Vatican Council by the creation of a faculty for Jewish studies in the University en Lateranense – university which is the official University of the Vatican – the most important one – in this faculty dedicated to Cardinal Bea. Cardinal Bea was himself an eminent cardinal who was responsible for The Second Vatican Council and for the edicts that were promoted by The Second Vatican Council.

So within the University of Ingolstadt together with Adam Weishaupt to the creation of the Illuminati Order – to this day the Jesuit doesn’t want to discuss this link and actually they don’t want to discuss any of the links also with Freemasonry or The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Why is that? Because after they came back into the Vatican in 1815 they kind of separated their image from this moment of history that obviously shows how important they were also within the formation of the high degree system of Freemasonry and also within the Jacobite Revolution  and the support for the Stewart family.

We are now discussing today from the Heart of the Vatican, as I said, at the beginning of the special – we are in Borgo Santo Spirito but we are also in front, as you can see from that flag over there, and from the entrance to the – the crosses – the four crosses in the center cross the traditional of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre – we are really at the center of the Vatican power.

Nowadays how does this relate to New World Order, how does it relate to what’s going on? We can say that after the Second Vatican Council the Vatican has lost a lot of power. Now as I said how does this relate to the creation of the New World Order and to where we are now in history? For all our viewers I want to summarize a bit this situation especially regarding certain statements that have been made in the Conspiracy Movement, in the Truth Movement regarding Albert Pike and Mazzini and this exchange of mails that basically forecasted the Three World Wars. In reality this document exists but the creator of this document is not Albert Pike – the creator of this document is instead is a Jesuit agent, an Illuminati agent by the name of Leo Taxil.

Leo Taxil is recognized as the official, as the legitimate creator of these prophecies and of these mystifications that contain also a certain amount of truth. But where did Leo Taxil find that truth – that is so in detail about how the First, Second, and Third World War will be triggered between a war between the Muslims and the Zionists? Now, the truth comes from this place here – from the – La Casa Generalizia of the Jesuits. And why is that? Because, as I said, Leo Taxil was more than a Freemason because as a Freemason he didn’t achieve much notoriety really – he was regarded, and he is still regarded as an anti-masonic propagandist. He was, though, really considered by the Catholic Church – even the Pope respected very much his revelations against Freemasonry – and when Leo Taxil officially came out and said “all this is rubbish” it obviously created a situation of up rise against him from all sides – from both the Vatican, Freemasonry, the Knighthoods and whoever was involved in this charade of his mystification.

In the meantime Leo Taxil had sold many many hundreds of thousands of books and became a bestseller of his time in his publications. He even created a fictional character called Diana Vaughan. This Diana Vaughan was so important for the Freemasons at that time that it received even an honorary Thirty Three Degree by the Supreme Council which was in Palermo and Diana Vaughan didn’t even exist!

It’s important for us though today here to materialize [realize] that those prophecies contained in the letters [supposed letters] [supposed letters because the certainty that they were from Albert Pike is not dead] but we have instead the certainty that they were from Leo Taxil. Leo Taxil, a Jesuit agent, must have known this privileged information from his supervisors – from the people who were actually employing him in this big elaborate scam – this big elaborate scam that in the end damaged both the Freemasonry and also the Catholic Church but in reality it was functional for an operation of disinformation led by the Illuminati.

So the core of Jesuits and Kabbalists managed within two and a half centuries to literally overflow the Catholic Church. The establishment of the Catholic Church was literally infiltrated with Cardinal Bea, who was actually a Jew, but and a Mossad agent within the Court of the Pope present at the Second Vatican Council. We have then the fact that now we have all these Arab Revolutions, this turmoil in the world and how does this link with where we are now? This links with where we are now because we have been discussing also the forgery of Leo Taxil who was himself a Jesuit agent and this forgery talks about a Third World War that will be triggered between the Zionist and their archenemy, of always, which is Islam.

Now to trigger this war they had to implement some kind of change in the area because the dictators who were functional to the Middle East back in the days like for example Saddam Hussein and Mubarak we had also but not least Gaddafi – were functional to the New World Order only up until now. Now things have changed! We are in 2011 approaching 2012 and we are going into a period of great tribulation for mankind and these dictators were actually bringing a sort of stability that was contrary to what the New World Order had in mind.

The New World Order needed those dictators to actually bring those populations effectively under some form of massive control up until now. Now instead they need these populations to be under a sort of chaotic control which will never be established by the so-called democracies imposed by the West and for that reason, one by one, they took them out of the picture. They were all people who in the past had worked with the CIA – people like Saddam Hussein were functional to the CIA until the needed him and the same for Muammar Gaddafi – who actually was the person who vetoed the exile proposition of Saddam Hussein – by doing this he condemned him to death. So after all these favors that these dictators did to the West we are now in a different moment of history – a different moment of history where we are approaching an even more chaotic situation in the Middle East.

The Middle East in this moment of time will be brought towards a confrontation direct with Israel. This confrontation with Israel couldn’t be brought to fruition if not by creating massive turmoil with all the so-called Arab Spring Revolutions. [Pictured: M. Fethullah Gulen’s book “Toward Global Civilization of Love & Tolerance forward by Thomas Michel, S.J. Rome, 25 May 2004 see chapter in the book “New World Order”] as you can see Father Thomas Michel, who is the Secretary for Inter-Religious Dialogue of the Society of Jesus of the Jesuits, is linked instead with one of the most powerful Muslim leaders of today. His name is Fethullah Gulen and he wants a New World Order.

Now it’s important to also see that the here in the back of this book we have not only a few words by Thomas Michel, who also wrote the foreword for this book, but also by a guy called Greg Barton – Greg Barton is a senior member of the CIA. So the turmoil of today in the Middle East is a kind of a warming up and the leading position in this turmoil against Israel is taken by Turkey and behind Prime Minister Erdogan is this man called Fethullah Gulen who is in turn connected to the Jesuits.

But let’s be very specific about this situation Fethullah Gulen is also a very good friend of Hillary Clinton and all of this chaos and turmoil in the Middle East – these revolutions are carefully piloted by an Occult directorate and this Occult Directorate is moving this scene towards a Third World War just as forecasted by Leo Taxil in the fake prophecies made in this letter written to Albert Pike to Giuseppe Mazzini which is a fake but contains great truths on the Three World Wars that obviously were to happen in the future because this letter appeared officially in the 1780’s at the public level and actually some say that it was probably reformulated a bit after Leo Taxil had originally written it down. In any case when it appeared for a brief time in the public in 1924, and that was the only time it was ever shown out of any Masonic archives or any archives of any kind, we can really confirm that this prophecy of Muslims going direct confrontation [conflict] with the Zionists at the time in 1924 when the State of Israel didn’t even exist was already forecasted. So everything, every revolution in mankind has been planned by the Occult Governments of Illuminati and their assets.

Who are these Illuminati? The Illuminati are a part, a corrupt part we can say, of the Vatican mostly relating to the Jesuits and the Order of the Holy Sepulchre then we have the leading position of the Jewish Rabbis and Israel in all this. So, what’s happening is this growing turmoil at the same time we can also notice that Israel is having, itself, social problems within the establishment so they need an external confrontation to bring peace back in their own country. For the last few months in Israel, in the cities in Israel we have had this growing movement which some as is said [assayed] what is going on in the Arab countries. But let’s not be tricked by it. It’s all carefully orchestrated and they all will be brought to a very very catastrophic conclusion and this catastrophic conclusion was to be the making of the Judeo/Christian prophecies of Armageddon of Majido or the Final Confrontation within Israel territory of the End of Times.

Not everything that the Jesuits or their Jewish counterpart the Zionists – the Kabbalists who are on top of the Jewish establishment has been negative. We have arrived to this point of history nowadays also thanks to them. We have a modern society unfortunately corrupt by greed, power, and materialism – that means that their progression is only towards matter and not spiritual endeavor and faith – real faith. So for that reason today in this Street of the Holy Spirit I want [really] re-launch a message of hope to humanity.

We are here in front of the Case De Generalizia, and I want to show, waiting for the Jesuit General to come out. We are not sure when he is going to come out and we are not sure we will be able to show you the Jesuit General today but, God knows, and if we do manage this has been definitely a special to show you the Heart of the Vatican power within Rome, to talk about what’s going on. Let’s not forget also that the Jesuits have been together with their Rosicrucian core of a certain mystical galore within the high grades of Freemasonry. It was the Jesuits who also forced upon the Protestant countries this Rosicrucian flavor if you want to call it like this from the times that Ignatius of Loyola and the Queen of Sweden involved in alchemical circle in a Rosicrucian College here in Rome so we are really talking about the heart of what is going on at all levels – at the spiritual level, at the mystic level, at an occult level and at the geopolitical level.

The Vatican knows that something is changing – there is prophesies that have been revealed in Medjugorie, in Fatima, in Ludes, and in other places – prophecies of great power where the Holy Mary plays a great role. She is warning mankind of the great trials and tribulations of the years ahead. The Vatican itself has revealed to their own members of their own Secret Service within the Vatican establishment to get ready – there might be some great changes. And the changes are also being announced by Brzezinski who used to be an advisor for Jimmy Carter, a National Security Adviser and then these days is still one of the key advisers for international politics for Barack Obama. Brzezinski said on the 7th of July 2011 so just a couple of months ago “society is not happy – we are about to approach a period of uncertainty and of growing turmoil which will lead to possible riots, revolution, civil unrest.” Exactly one month later we have the riots in London – the riots in London and fifteen days later on the 22nd of July on the Feast of Mary Magdalene we have instead witnessed the terrible events with [Name?] the Freemason [Name?] Vicar of the Swedish Rite which in turn is also linked to this old Christian establishment and their New World Order in conjunction with the Zionists.

So, as a tool mostly of the Zionists we can say the Jesuits are today one of the main driving forces of this New World Order though we have also good people in the Vatican who trying to oppose all this and one of them is the Order, the Temple of the Holy Spirit which is headed by [Name?] who used to be the head for the Vatican Security in fact the personal head for John Paul II so a very important figure. And there is also other Cardinals, Bishops, who want to try to make a change because, from the revelations from the Holy Mary they understand that it is time to really change and to do something. The Jesuit Order has said what they are doing is planning a massive conference in 2012 in North America where they will be discussing the future, not only of the faith, but of humanity.

All of this was for today a special of Arcana Revelations from Borgo Santo Spirito in front of the Jesuit Headquarters we visited, also we went in front of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre Headquarters and we are here ready to invite you to our next special of Arcana Revelations always on Enigma TV and I hope soon I will also have some books ready in the English language to introduce to you in more detail to the topics that we discussed here on Arcana Revelations.

 Arcana Revelations and Enigma TV

Part Two: Introduction

  The Secret History of the Jesuits

Book by Edmond Paris – Chick Publications

Introduction by

Dr. Alberto Rivera

The most dangerous of men are those who appear very religious, especially when they are organized and in a position of authority. They have the deep respect of the people who are ignorant of their ungodly push for power behind the scenes.

These religious men, who pretend to love God, will resort to murder, incite revolution and wars if necessary to help their cause. They are crafty, intelligent, smooth religious politicians who live in a shadowy world of secrets, intrigue, and phony holiness.

This pattern, seen in The Secret History of the Jesuits, spiritually speaking can be seen in the Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees at the time of Jesus Christ. This same evil spirit directed the Roman emperors to issue the ten murderous decrees to persecute the early Christian church.

The “Early Fathers” observed most of the ancient Babylonian system plus Jewish theology and Greek philosophy. They all perverted most of the teachings of Christ and His apostles. They paved the way for the Roman Catholic machine that was to come into existence. Piously, they attacked, perverted, added to and took away from the Bible.

This religious anti-Christ spirit working through them is seen again when Ignatius de Loyola created the Jesuits to secretly accomplish two major goals for the Roman Catholic Institution: 1) universal political power, and 2) a universal church, in fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation 6, 13, 17 and 18.

By the time Ignatius de Loyola arrived on the scene, the Protestant Reformation had seriously damaged the Roman Catholic system. Ignatius de Loyola came to the conclusion that the only way his “church” could survive was by enforcing the canons and doctrines on the temporal power of the pope and the Roman Catholic institution; not by just destroying the physical life of the people alone as the Dominican priests were doing through the Inquisition, but by infiltration and penetration into every sector of life.

Protestantism must be conquered and used for the benefit of the popes. That was Ignatius de Loyola’s personal proposal, among others, to Pope Paul III. Jesuits immediately went to work secretly infiltrating ALL the Protestant groups including their families, places of work, hospitals, schools, colleges, etc. Today, the Jesuits have almost completed that mission.

The Bible puts the power of a local church into the hands of a Godly pastor. But the cunning Jesuits successfully managed over the years to remove that power into the hands of denomination headquarters, and have now pushed almost all of the Protestant denominations into the arms of the Vatican. This is exactly what Ignatius de Loyola set out to accomplish: a universal church and the end of Protestantism.

As you read The Secret History of the Jesuits, you will see there is a parallel between the religious and political sectors. The author, Mr. Paris, reveals the penetration and infiltration of the Jesuits into the governments and nations of the world to manipulate the course of history by setting up dictatorships, and weakening democracies such as the United States of America, by paving the way for social, political, moral, military, educational and religious anarchy.

The Man, Edmond Paris

In the prophetical works of the Book of Revelation, Ed-mond Paris became a martyr for Jesus. In exposing such a conspiracy, he put his life at stake for truth of the prophetical signs to be known. Edmond Paris never knew me, but I knew him without meeting him personally when I, with other Jesuits under the extreme oath and induction, was being briefed on the names of institutions and individuals in Europe who were dangerous to the goals of the Roman Catholic Institution. His name was given to us.

Works by Edmond Paris

• Le Vatican Contre la France (The Vatican Against France)

• Genocide in The Satellite Croatia

• The Vatican Against Europe

The Edmond Paris works on Roman Catholicism brought about the pledge on the part of the Jesuits to: 1) destroy him, 2) destroy his reputation, including his family, and 3) destroy his work. And even now these great works of Edmond Paris are being tampered with, but we are praying that God will continue to preserve them when they are most needed for the salvation of Roman Catholic people.

Yours for the salvation of the Roman Catholic people.

Dr. Alberto Rivera

Ex-Jesuit Priest

 Paris, Edmond (2011-04-25). Secret History of the Jesuits [Annotated] (Kindle Location 68). Chick Publications, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Part Three: Commentary

[1] What I am demonstrating in this posting is a point of causation that reveals the occult forces involved in shaping Western European history as we have been educated into believing it to be. In this sense what is referred to as “occult” means the hidden hands and powers behind the scenes since the “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” up to the present time by way of explaining the current course of this history as an accounting for the events that we are witnessing in the world today. This demonstration dovetails with all the other subjects and topics that I have posted on the 2012 Convergence site over the past few years – the whole of which represents a jig saw puzzle for which all these pieces fit together revealing the Bigger Picture and just what it actually means. In comprehending this Bigger Picture one can forecast current events as they are forming the future conditions to be expected for humanity in the world to come and through this understanding the reader might be better prepared to make more realistic decisions regarding the present and future survival of their loved ones in a very confusing and rapidly changing world

This is my intention at any rate. I don’t expect anyone to read all of this actually but it is a personal process of revelation and my site represents a simple sharing of my notes for whatever value they might be worth…..Chris

[2] These are the players on the world stage from our neck of the woods.
Europe NATO Roman Catholics Britain and US NATO Protestants Israelis Zionist Jews and
Saudi Arabia Wahhabi and Salafist Sunnis.
These factions are all psycho-pathologically insane!
May Allah/God help us all!…..Chris

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