Self-righteous Religionists

Self-righteous Religionists 

No greater monster is created than a inhuman criminal psychopath who adopts a religion for its self-righteous motives and then goes about terrorizing populations in the name of God or Allah. Human history is composed of such creatures – their ruthless barbarism has wreaked havoc across the globe leaving civilizations in ruins. 

There is an insideous combination of abominable alliances between nonhumans and inhuman miscreants as “The Right of Kings” (and Queens) to rule over humankind through the spoils of endless wars. 

Nonhumans and their “Royal Surrogates” who employ criminal psychopaths for nefarious ends prevail because these demonic creatures think in ways that are incomprehensibly unconscionable to normal human beings. 

This is the essence of occult power that is now embodied in a form today of what is known as the “National Security State” with its instrumental “globalist” control of “State Secrets” that involve covert criminal syndicates in combinations of political mafias that dominate and exploit the world’s populations chiefly by controlling financial institutions through “official” counterfeit printing and worldwide distribution of fiat money.

(Occult) “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” (Lord Acton) and such men (and women) are almost always proven to be criminal psychopaths – as a proof that has been tested in laboratory settings. 

This nonhuman breed by its very nature gravitates into the circles of political and financial power to hold sway over the affairs of humankind throughout world history.

Today we are at the opening stages of an inevitable “World War Three” as the grand finale of a miscreant globalist agenda from which there is no material escape. We see the obscene images of this evil power in the mass media propaganda that is saturating every aspect of modern culture.

We see pseudo-religious hordes of madmen instrumentally cultivated for asymetric warfare and being tasked to invade and desimate sovereign nationstates in the name of God or Allah. There is no more insideous task than this and its obscene aftermath is litering the news that is in everyone’s face as we speak.

It is demonic ugliness personified. 

We ask…..

“What will be our reprieve?”

…..but there is no answer.

And so I meditate.


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