Last Days [iP5]15

The external scene of American Politics

AOC is demented scripted nonsense. She should be expelled from congress for her seditiously demented content and fined for all the money she is expecting to make off her demented nonsense at the taxpayers expense. Time’s a wasting…

Pelosi is obviously a drunk. Operating the House and DNC [DUI] – so inebriated in her seditious mumbling madness – must be a law about demonicrats driving the ship of state while under the influence of drugs (heroin and cocaine) and especially alcohol at the taxpayers expense. Seditiously turning all legitimate proposals for critical funding – now even humanitarian aid – into ‘poison pill’ insinuations just because they come from the President is an understatement. Pelosi has already exposed herself and her seditious hypocrisy time and time again. It’s time she be officially called out. Her obsession is to fundamentally ‘poison pill’ every legitimate initiative of the Trump Administration in order to obstruct and cripple the pressing business of the Nation. The clock’s ticking on it’s scales of justice.

Obama and Clinton (and their ilk) are Hollywood Celebrities as they appear in many movies and TV shows with cameo appearances. What an insidious web of psychopathic ‘cultural’ role models. We have a Criminocracy! That is the Swamp. How do you purge these demonicratic infiltrations out of the existing social modalities?

The Demonicrats Clintons Obamas et’al know what they have done. Now it’s time for the citizens who for decades have been deceived to know the forensic facts in prosecutorial detail. Unfortunately their webs of deception have infiltrated the cultural establishment’s venues of public information and education (issuing a mind controlled culture) and the undoing will result in a deconstructive cultural unraveling. The Nation needs Constitutional and MAGA leadership for a viable long-term reconstruction. I pray that the Nation is really up to the task – as the current government and society is utterly infested with glorified psycho-criminal satanic miscreants and psychopaths as role models. It’s about time for supreme justice!

Well, it would seem the leaker committed treason if true and the NYT is complicit with treason – nothing new. But…. If it’s true you can bet Russia, China, and others have the same capabilities against any prospective targets. So – it looks like another Fake News Narrative [FNN] of the NYT and MSM in their scripted propaganda war upon the Trump Administration and the American Republic.

USA Inc. literally. [DS] a Crown Corporation. The U.S. Constitution must be immediately reinstated and all these seditious psycho-criminal infiltrations must be revealed, indicted, prosecuted and purged.

The U.S. Election System must be held as a sacred trust. These demonicrats must be prohibited from committing election fraud under penalty of treason. The U.S. Election System must be sanctified and policed at every polling station and all voter rolls must be legitimately verified with a factual census confirming citizenship. Alinsky’s seditious ‘Rules for Radicals’ do not apply in any venue of the election process.

We are witnessing a mass demonic infiltration flagrantly promoted and advertised by the MSM / PBS Corporate Social Media. This reality is overwhelmingly obvious! Equal rights and non-discrimination for those possessed by demons?

We need to establish the National Sovereignty first. Right now the Nation is infiltrated with [DS = Crown = Queen] interests and just who i.e.: is the proprietary on designated Wilderness Lands. Using the term “Public” is a misnomer – a scam. Much more transparency is needed before giving the country away to foreign interests.

All time and No time in Infinity there is only the Present Living Moment – a focal point ‘Zero to Infinity’ circular logic and the human mind. Who will be the Great Teacher to Come? One human to ten billion humans in-between each the personification of the ego composite. One must wonder about the Soul and Intuition. Self-realization?

We have seen this miscreant (demonicratic) power lust mindset throughout history – it creeps in and insinuates itself into the best laid constitutions of civilizations and nations like a malignant cancer. QED the ongoing demonicratic miscreant spectacle of premeditated obstruction of the critical business of the Nation.

QED see channel recently released videos. What a cast of characters insinuating into the education system.

The ongoing Demonicratic miscreant spectacle premeditated obstruction of the critical business of the Nation.

A sane sober rational responsible constitutional patriotic replacement speaker of the house dead set on ‘cleaning up the house’ of all its seditious and criminal vested interests.

What would one expect from the Demonicrats? Same playbook they have been dramatizing for years now. They are playing on a zombie mind controlable constituency of miscreant emotions. All ‘projection’ of their own psycho-political high crimes and misdemeanors copiously springled with sedition. Demonicrats can’t help being Demonicrats. Fake News is the icing on their demonic (psycho-politcal) birthday cake.

What scientists? You mean the [DS] PR propaganda agent hacks who represent themselves as scientists to a cultivated unwitting public?

Would be the most maliciously stupid act one might imagine (by in kind psycho-politcal actors like Bolton and Pompeo). These are agencies playing the game on global markets.

Joe Biden – what can one say? This is the same mind numbing rhetoric of the Obama administration and Clinton. The same [BS] proffered to a [NLP] mind controlled public and its cultivated constituency. These are all pathological liars – that is their ‘Art’ of Political Science. Hypnotizing their gullible constuencies to have Hope and Believe (in change) through their scripted horsesh.t. Biden is an International Criminal. If you want another psycho-political criminal for Presdent – well demonicrats go ahead and vote for him – what you see is not exactly what you’ll get!

I lived this for a quarter of a century. You don’t have the faintest idea what you are talking about. Actually it’s much more insidious than this. But it’s useful to get the facts aligned in a full spectrum context. The Occult realm is far more demonic than all the classical myths, yet the human ego is at the very epicenter of this psychological distraction.

Instigating war against Iran? This is an obvious False Flag Operation [FFO] and we know where these operations are coming from no matter NBC and Scaler/EMP now DEW, and with 9/11 being the most recent [FF] Poster Child. The real news would point to the common denominators. The same pattern is seen in the MSM pattern of subsequent propaganda narratives. Let’s all get a little brighter in connecting the dots…. This would be the most maliciously stupid act one might imagine (by in kind psycho-politcal actors like Bolton and Pompeo). These agencies are playing the game on global markets.

Speak out about what Schiff – what the hell are you referring to? This is always a psychological ploy to ‘fill in the blank’s with just what Schiff is referring to which in fact is a ghost, a phatom, a figment of whatever one’s imagination might conjure – Schiff needs to be called out and openly prosecuted for his premeditated sedition.

You are misrepresenting what the President said. Go listen to the interview again. He said he would listen and if warranted inform the FBI as a matter of principle. Listening to someone is not equal to ‘taking’ influence from an external source. The president is also insinuating others like the Clintons and Obamas who have actually and factually done this in the most criminal ways along with couplicit heads of the FBI and CIA. The point is well and most concisely made!

What is witnessing is a cultivated mass mind trance state expediently effected through the MSM (and PBS) – it’s not about the reality ‘on the ground’ and never will be – it’s the cultivating technology of mass mind control. Money is just a side attraction being a somewhat more archaic kind. The objective isn’t ‘reality’!

It’s becoming evermore evident that the U.S. Government is at war within itself and as we see reflected in down on the ground civil events i.e.: especially along the Southern Border. We see the warring factions in Congress and what each is fighting for reiterated in the daily fake and alt news. We experience in the streets. It’s time for this war to be officially declared on the basis of what each side is grandstanding for. The U.S. Constitution is being put to its ultimate test and now what will be is inevitable. It’s what it was designed for……

I think ‘Decades Ahead’ is an understatement. Commercial Technology is controlled by technological suppression and pseudo-technological exploitation for millenia. Public awareness needs to come out of its technologically mind controlled trance state mentality in order to see the bigger picture.

Stockman is clinging to an utterly corrupted financial system which cannot be ‘fixed’ without ‘Constitutionally’ legitimate restructurung and with all perps and complicitors responsible for the existing ponzi scheme debacle stripped of their ill begotten loot.

AOC scripted leftist lunatic needs to be fined for all the distraction and waste of taxpayer funds, should be fined and demoted from any responsible committees – then awarded a couple of years of community service in an insurgency active southern border town.

Pelosi is obviously a drunk. Operating the House and DNC [DUI] – so inebriated in her seditious mumbling madness – must be a law about demonicrats driving the ship of state while under the influence of drugs (heroin and cocaine) and especially alcohol at the taxpayers expense.

Most humans so obsessed with their egocentric psychological programming don’t realize that they are first generation robots. The human body is biorobotics. So now our programmers take it a step further and now the first generation has something experimental consider. All the [AI] elements come from within themselves – being artificially remanufactured. I guess we ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The next giant leap for quantum computing……..

She’s got my future vote! Personal integrity and Conservatism seem to fit like hand in glove. The Demonicrats with the likes of the Obamas, Clintons (and now AOC) are all seditious fakery with a hidden evil agenda. So refreshing to see voices like Candace Owens. So refreshing! Let’s see this movement of Personal Integrity and Conservatism grow into the predominant geopolitical wave of the future……

The Obamas and whats-her-name, the Tavistock NLP Psycho-political crime syndicate cartel. Primetime example of the Mainstream Trance State Mentality. Time for indictments and prosecutions for the treason (public betrayal) that these satanic media personalities represent.

The Hegalian Dialectic verily applies to the context of this video. I grew up close to the Rockefellers (Nelson and David) vicarious family relationships. The deal is this Agenda has been propelling the world into it’s near future reality such as we are now experiencing where any parochial, classical or revolutionary alternative opposition notwithstanding is a dynamic ‘side effect’. In the end it comes down to the Purpose for humanity in the Cosmic Scheme of things. Who is managing the Purpose for humanity. Individualism is the stepchild of this.

One is prompted to pause and consider more forensically what is going on with AI managed social media. We see here that the aborning social media forming cyber communities are all now coming under totalitarian geopolitical controls. We knew this was coming just as the tentacles of the Crown [DS] insinuated its control over the United States of Amerca – still considered colonial property of The Queen under Admiralty Law. The ‘new frontier’ of WWW global social media dilemma is now being corralled by the Crown’s [DS] web of installed corporate ‘sheriffs’ and ‘marshalls’ over the corporate web’s constituency rights, rules and regulations.

Who the f..k cares what this psycho-political puppet lunatic AOC thinks about anything? This scripted creature is getting too much FaceTime publicity. Get on with something sensible, something responsible – and that is just not something to be found in this Demonicratic distraction.

Obviously AOC speaks from her own idiot self-projection as she considers Constitutionalists and Patriots (assuming her own oath of office) which support the US Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the US political experiment considered as the most enlightened political movement of our age – to be nothing more than ‘sea sponge’ brained politics. AOC her self is nothing more than a seditiously enabled village idiot.

AJ is proving to be part of a ‘divide and conquer’ operation to diminish the patriot movement. Age old Imperial strategy.

UK Garbage talk. How about GB stepping up to secure the US Southern Border (remember: the Crown’s Opium Wars?), or relieve the BOE ponzi scheme to bankrupt the US financial system, or purge the American Bar of the Crown’s criminal infiltration of the US Justice system, or the Crown’s illegal immigrant migration invasion of the US? A ‘Special Relationship’? Yeah right!

Patience is the virtue in routing out the [DS] roots that run deep into decades of seditious domestic and foreign policy operations. It is expedient to dig out the [DS] roots through obviously ‘tentative appointments’ of the superficial agents of its agenda. Trump is now exercising a revolving door policy that’s running the course on these kingpins who have been [DS] operatives – as the most efficient means of legitimately unwinding their treasonous complicites for all to see.

The World War has arrived in the Americas. It will be a time for the Department of Defense to do its Constitutionally appointed job. The Southern Border is the ‘line in the sand’ even if it means a war with Mexico and all the rest of the South of the Border insurgencies.

As a no-name American citizen I would be arrested on the drop of a hat for commiting a crime or misdemeanor. But here we see obvious crimes of sedition and treason by the very factors of the U.S. legislative body and the State. These are crimes of an abominable nature and the evidence is more than clear. Why is it that these obvious criminals are not being arrested but allowed to continue their seditious acts against the U.S. Constitutional Republic and the People for which it stands? Why no arrests, no indictments, no prosecutions of what is now more than obvious?

Problem with the emergency crisis at the southern border and Congress failing to act responsibly is this is a deliberately manufactured crisis – precisely due to an anti-American agenda to create caravans of migration as a geopolitical invasion force. Failure to act is not an oversight it is intentional especially by the Demonicratic principals sabotaging the legitimate business of the state. This is sedition and treason designed to destroy the sovereignty of the United States.

Would be the best program if it’s funding and operations are kept fully transparent and free from any criminal or bureaucratic exploitation. It’s a good place to start. There is abundant work to be done to participate with nature in fostering a healthy and viable environment for all life on Earth.

The thing with Bilderbergers is that they are acting so far above the geopolitical sectors that public scrutiny is not only not allowed it is considered a public disturbance that needs to be censored and arrested. These royal elitists hold their ultimate agenda for planet Earth and all the rest of its human populations are to be subservient and kept ignorant and existentially confused – for the ‘Order out of Chaos’ manifestos that are to be their lords and masters. The key is organization with leadership. It’s the leadership position that is wanting. Trump becomes the centerpiece of leadership.

Schiff has nothing but contempt for the American People and is Self-projecting his own cowardice on being found out for his high crimes and misdemeanors, sedition and treason against the American Constitutional Republic. What would you expect? I suppose American Veterans and all American Uniformed Services including Southern Border Patrols are all cowards as well – right Adam?

The so called Deep State [DS] is a very deep infrastructure that’s been developing for a very long time. What we see in Congress is orchestrated political theater – the most critical aspect is its effected facade of secrecy cloaked ‘matters’ of the National Security State. Not open to public or any ‘outsider’s’ scrutiny especially regarding matters of arbitrary ‘disclosure’ of much deeper realities that the Mainstream Public is covertly prohibited from knowing much less reconciling within its understanding of current events.

Lotsa Love comin’ from the Demonicrates in this celebration of hate!

Like all the Demonicratic operatives Mueller is showing his true colors past, present and future. He’s always been ‘The Snake’ in the grass of [DS] legal jurisdiction what else would one expect?

‘We’ (Mueller Witchhunt) concluded that ‘we’ can’t conclude that there isn’t a crime because we haven’t found any evidence of a crime but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any evidence of a crime ‘out there’ somewhere – we just haven’t found it yet – but others (demonicrats) should keep looking all the while feeding false statement leaks to the Mainstream Fake News so the MSM and PBS keeps reporting about the crime that hasn’t been found yet. Now, that’s a Progressive Legal Precedent worthy of Impeachment if there ever was one!

The entire secular world is a fraud (artificial reality) within which virtually anything ever written is a fraud (artificial reality) so all things being equal I’m just glad the Clintons are not occupying the White House. Trump is doing what he says he’s doing and that’s refreshing politics for a change. Perhaps real disclosure is in the cards.

Well let’s see how the President’s ‘Declassification’ agenda goes – one step at a time as MIC corporate social media is an extension of the [DS] agenda that’s been occulting behind its classification schemes. Obviously the social media must conform to the public revelations of declassification. We are no doubt in The Time of Revelations and of Biblical Proportions – the course of human history will proceed just as this momentum unfolds. The Beast is [AI] and the Trumpets are the loudspeakers of the Global Internet and instantaneous worldwide mass news and information communicating the critical messages of our times.

May was complicit with the Russian Collusion Hoax demonicratic coup against a duly elected American President. Goes right back to the Crown.

These criminal psycho-politicians are doing them selves in on their own account. No sympathy is appropriate as they are premeditativelly destroying this Nation and the lives of millions of people. They pose ‘sympathy exciters’ as public relations theater. Compassion is not something these psychopaths even feel for their fellow human beings. It’s all just an act before justice will be done.

I’m aware of Ramtha going back a quarter of a century or more. It’s interesting that Richard Dolan’s significant other is an advanced student of Ramtha ‘s School and these guys are on the frontlines of the Disclosure UFO’s ET’s the Deep State Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization. An interesting connection for Q and Qanon. Would be more or less inevitable considering the weight of these subjects on the current ‘real’ reality facing this administration. I’m a CE5 from before Steven Greer even coined the term so it is of interest to me how these elements are going to be integrated with this ‘Great Awakening’ …..

Pelosi is obviously a drunk. Operating the House and DNC [DUI] – so inebriated in her seditious mumbling madness – must be a law about demonicrats driving the ship of state while under the influence of drugs (heroin and cocaine) and especially alcohol at the taxpayers expense.

Those projecting this requirement must first be totally transparent with their own tax returns. The actual criminals in Congress (and we know who you are) are weaponising the IRS against their political opponents as well as anyone who would dare to challenge them on their own political and criminal abuses. The criminals speak loudest in accusation because they themselves have so much to hide from any legal scrutiny.

It sure looks like the war is in progress utilizing asymmetric warfare techniques along many fronts such as weaponized [AI] 5G / Scaler [NBC] biotoxins and weather modifications with population migrations and an instigated civil war within Congress tactically disseminated out into the public social media over mainstream i.e.: MSM / PBS scripted fake news and [DS] disinformation – our Nation is being attacked upon many fronts from within and from without. All these signs are indicators amidst converging times of Biblical proportions.

This is a cultivated trance state mentality like ‘everybody knows the impeachment imperative’ but it’s based on absolutely nothing. What is the definition of delusional? The entire Demonicratic platform is a platter of lies. Its constituency is a basket case full of psyops scripted mind controlled zombies. Are we to believe that half of the American public is a basket of mental cases? What happened to common sense? The seditious MSM / PBS fake news saturation needs to be shut down and flushed down the clinic’s insinkerator.

Ah yes cannabis. So, is this a good or bad thing? It’s a bad thing if Mosanto is given carte blanche to genetically engineer strains that actually inhibit it’s medical and psychological benefits. Interesting video. Future Shock is that this ego-fantasy reality we have been mentally programmed to ‘believe’ is reality is unreal – a fabrication – a trance-state reality orchestrated by demonic interests. Is this really going to work? You’ve got my vote for what it’s worth!

The problem with this ‘conspiracy theory’ nonsense is that the actual conspiracy is beyond human comprehension. It can be speculated and characterized in a zillion different ways – yet all this speculation just clouds (obscure, occults etc.) any clear perception of the facts. This seems to be the anatomy of Political Science today. The Art of Public Disinformation and Brainwashing. To lie bold faced in violation of one’s moral and ethical conscience. The problem resides in psycho-pathologial (anti-American) demonic mindsets being propagated to a trance-state mass media hypnotized public being cultivated as a Demonicratic constituency subservient to Demonic Principalities beyond space and time as we experience and know it.

This is why we have a Constitution and a body of laws – the rule of law – aligned to the Spirit of ’76. Now we have a Demonicratic agenda ([DS] / Crown) acting to deconstruct the U.S. Constitutional Republic. Who would want to deconstruct the Republic? What is their motive? Who or what are these seditious agencies serving? These people are a clear and present Treason as everyone in this political arena has pledged an oath to serve and protect the U.S. Constitutional Republic (so help me God) – but they are obviously enemies of the state of our union.

It’s so interesting and so obvious that the ‘obstruction’ issue is being viewed by the predominant opposing agendas. The anti-American or anti-Constitution agenda personified by the Demonicrats (as I would describe them) defines ‘obstruction’ according to their hidden agenda. The Conservative platform considers anything Anti-American to be their opposition agenda. So it’s up to the public to decide what is real or what is not – notwithstanding that the principal powers that be are actually calling all the shots.

We are witnessing (experiencing) a time of Revelations and this is the process. Here the principals are actors on a stage acting out their parts which exemplify the ‘State of the Union’ today. The institutional corruption is as thick as the swamp itself and has been infiltrating from its source for centuries. This is a real turning point in history and things are now getting surrealistically dramatic in the real news and factual information. The thing is that this is really unfolding from the pivot point of President Trump – affecting the entire world! Imagine that!

The Legal profession, like the Fed monetary system, is a Crown Operation. The ‘Bar’ is beholding to the Crown just as the Fed is beholding to the Bank of England. These Crown operations have been systematically infiltrating the U.S. Government from the highest levels down through Congress and into the public through the MSM / PBS which are the Crown’s scripted propaganda machine saturating disinformation and fake news into the public mind since 1776!

What is being revealed is the ‘insider’ malignancy that’s been SOP as it has infiltrated the Government from the highest levels on down through Congress and into the MSM / PBS Propaganda machine of scripted disinformation and fake news that’s been saturating the public mind since its assassination of JFK (and so many others). Now we have an ‘outsider’ with a new SOP tasked with a monumental reconciliation of the real history of this treason which goes all the way back to the British Crown and 1776! I can’t see anyone but President Trump being anywhere close to dealing with this current scene.

My take is that the show is about to begin right here in the good ole USA in Congress. The outward projection of force is SOP in terms of current foreign relations. There’s a Civil War about to explode in Congress and along the Southern Border. Iran is a proxy. I would focus on what is happening in DC and in the MSM / PBS propaganda scripted ‘fake news’ and public disinformation.

Now it’s ‘Iran did it’ season. False Flag [FF] agenda. Now we know who is the master of [FF] ops all over the world – like 9/11? or the gas attacks on Syrian civilians? An ages old tactic. Whatever you hear on the MSM propaganda machine must be it! Slimers will prevail in the cultivated delusory public mindset. How do you resolve such mass stupidity?

No Nancy and Jerry – your seditious abuse of power to obstruct and sabotage the due process of our government is what’s ‘completely outrageous’.

Absolutely a fraud but it’s much more than that – it’s seditiously premeditated high treason. Question now is if there is a real means to prosecute it. The entire government is corrupted from the top to the bottom. The MSM and PBS is only promoting the false (scripted) narratives that cover for these criminals while pointing the finger of public attention away from the actual perps. Guess we will see how this works out. Been waiting for this ‘justice’ moment for decades now.

How about a ‘merit based’ Congress for a change? How can ‘merit based’ be a condescending term? A just reason with common sense credentials – is somehow a ‘bad thing’ now?

How about arresting Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Warner, Hillary and Obama; all these and their anti-constitutional crisis actors and co-conspirators are obviously seditious traitors actively obstructing the proper venue and due process for our Congress. These miscreants need to be locked up now now now so the Nation can get back to its Constitutional mandates and a viable future.

The Demonicratic Imperative – Rules for Radicals Supreme Law of the Land; make illegal aliens and foreign nationals (including ET), felons, terrorists and children eligible to vote; give multiple voting privileges to multiple personality types and valances ie: LGBTQ’s etc. for each sexual persuasion (up to 5 votes per multiple personality entity) now that’s a Progressive party for you! A party that’s out to get your vote all the while making any U.S. Conservative’s votes ‘ineligible’ (on strictly prejudicial grounds) in 2020 and beyond.

Trump is not putting citizens in harms way – he is mitigating circumstances and trends that preceded his administration. You got some better plan until the Fed along with its premeditated treason against America and its citizens is deconstructed and a new economic infrastructure is created? What would be your plan for this under such preexisting circumstances? The existing economic monetary order is nothing by corruption instigated by a psycho-political criminal elite – and this [DS] corruption must be rooted out from every nook and cranny of the current system.

Southern Border a Good Place for TSA rather than harrassing American Citzens in the Airports while every drug and human trafficking terrorist freely rampages across the Southern Border. The TSA should earn its keep doing some real work for a change. But, I wouldn’t trust Jeh Johnson as far as you could throw him. He is a MIC operative [DS] through and through with ulterior motives and agenda.

Until the Voting System Integrity is made a sacred trust by all parties concerned with the criminal interests promoting voter fraud and illegal voting by design being eliminated this ‘movement’ to reform the Electoral System is only a seditious action by criminal interests to influence our elections.

Until the Voting System Integrity is made a sacred trust by all parties concerned with the criminal interests promoting voter fraud and illegal voting by design being eliminated this ‘movement’ to reform the Electoral System is only a seditious action by criminal interests to influence our elections. Perhaps we should allow those who have a multiple personality distinction to vote more than once for each of their distinctive personalities – or bisexuals vote twice for male and female or whatever? Leave it to the Demonicrats to push for these kinds of bills in Congress…..

The Demonicratic Party will vote against anything the Trump Administration puts forward. This is what Rules for Radicalists do. Destroy intelligent civilization, destroy the U.S. Constitution. Destroy any and all responsible opposition views. These psycho-politicians need to be removed before our Nation is destroyed!

Larry Klayman should agressively prosecute the Corporate Mainstream Mass Social Media Complex. Until this utterly corrupt public fake news and social disinformation modality is turned on its head (and plowed under) the United States can expect an ever increasing spectacle of miscreant civil war as the MSM [aka MIC/DS/Crown] propaganda machine instigates its malignant miscreant zombified hysterical lunatic public mindset. We need a Just Social Media Community that provides the real facts not this incessant stream of seditious fake news manufacturing by a CIA scripted mass mind control apparatus. Give the people the real news and let a responsibly informed public decide the fate of these criminal psycho-political traitors that have been deliberately infesting our government for decades now.

Can you say False Flag [FF] opportunity? This is currently in the MSM ‘Spotlight’ so the whole scene is being orchestrated. You want to place your bets?

On my way to the Y gym circa 0515hrs this morning I was stopped on a major RR Crossing running through the San Fernando Valley. It was a miles long freight train going West toward Oxnard and the Pacific Coastal Routes – full of Military Tanks. All tanks headed west to the Pacific Coast. Interesting to say the least!

The Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Left Demonicratic zombies are practicing the Chinese / Google Model for a Neo-Feudalistic Corporatocracy controlled by an Elitist Socialism and a Social Media characterization score for Politically Correct ‘Newspeak’. It is time to wipe this malignant cancer out of the American System as inherent in the U.S. Constitutional Republic. They took it for granted that HRC would win in the 2016 Election. She didn’t win. Now it’s all Damage Control! So – where’s the Clintons, like where’s Hillary? Where’s the Obamas?

Ocasio-Cortez displays some of the same speaking mannerisms and protocols of Obama, and with the same implied ‘sincerity’ which we now know was actually treason in disguise. It’s all an act seditiously scripted from the get go.

If the Congressional especially House Demonicratic sedition continues to sabotage the Trump Administration and its Legitimate and Critical matters of State – no one in Congress especially the House should get paid. In fact they should be fined everyday this seditious nonsense continues.

As we know the premeditated intention driving the Mueller Report was sedition from the very start; so one can just go around in legalistic circular logic until the cows come home. It was never and couldn’t ever be a legitimate process from the get go – so it just needs to be called out for what actually is – Treason – and all its interested parties must be rounded up and prosecuted for real high crimes.

Clinton’s DNC sure HRC would win the 2016 election and all of this criminal psycho-political operation against Trump would be swept under the rug and which itself is just the tip of the iceberg that is the Clinton / Obama Foundations and their treasonous ‘pay to play’ state department foreign and domestic policy. Now it’s Damage Control but ‘they’ never expected to lose – bringing us to the present congressional fiasco. The Case against Clintons has been proven in the 1980’s. The ‘case is over’ but where are the prosecutions? Where are the prison bars? It’s been 35 years of ‘case closed’ but no prosecutions!

John Kerry we know the demonicrats so clearly demonstrate orchestrated sedition against a duly elected legal president and administration. He a [DS] elitist who proclaims the Trump Administration is illegitimate in terms of a [DS] Agenda that has been running The United States and its Legal Citizens into the ground for decades now. It is time to deconstruct this [DS] apparatus and prosecute the traitors that are part of it.

It’s curious how the forces influencing the cultural mindset are evolving the differences between you and me. I say that figuratively but it is true as well. I witness the trends from a multitude of sources to get the clearest picture of what is going in my mind; studying numerous ‘opinions’, thousands of books and continuing articles – now multimedia as the Internet has evolved. This is what I do, I study other peoples experiences and the stories that they share about the product of their lives. This is my interest. From that I am compelled to respond to what I find just as this characterizes what I see and how I interact with other people.

There are all these dramatized justifications when the reality is that these demonicrats (practicing Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals) have only one objective and that is to Destroy President Trump and the Constitutional Republic for which he stands. All the rest is a twisted game, a soap opera game show for the public consumption. One is up against a massive mob reaction by Tavistock Mind Controlled Zombies – literally as can be seen in the news today – raving lunatic liberal radicals who are completely mindless – one must wonder just who is the effective audience?

Seems the intrigue builds into an event staged during Ramadan. Let’s see, how many times now? There should be a deployment to the Southern Border because that’s where the invasion force is coming now. Where is the Southern Border deployment?

The Global Warming / Climate Change campaign is a Geopolitical Hoax, a, shamans wet dream, a pseudo-scientific cocktail, a stratagem for Globalist Control combined with a “carbon tax” reminiscent of the “tea tax” or the “salt tax” contrived by the Crown to extort tax monies from its colonial possessions. This is a key organizing stratagem to establish Globalist Control over its New World Order.

The Demonicrats are “Rules for Radicals” obstructionists weaponized against their political opponents. They have an obvious agenda to overthrow the U.S. Constitutional Republic. That is their psycho-politcal agenda. This malignant cancer has infiltrated Congress, the House in particular, with a complicit MSM [DS] scripted news and propaganda. There are really dark agencies involved in this ongoing political theater. It is time to expose them to the light of day!

Zuckerberg needs to be prosecuted for high treason. Period! This caricature of a person is the personification of demented evil.

Every Demonicrat in Congress should be fired for treason. And prosecuted for treason. They are just wasting the tax payer’s dollars. No raise – a raise under the current scene in Congress is preposterous!

The mental anatomy of Demonicrats – Psychological projection is a defense mechanism in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. This mental dramatization incorporates blame shifting; Or for a more pertinent example, a seditious psycho-politician who is habitually and covertly treasonous, being guilty as hell of high crimes and misdemeanors, may constantly accuse others of being criminal by publicly, through their agencies of propaganda [MSM], project their own crimes onto political targets.

What we have witnessed is that all Demonicrats speak with a forked tongue to the extent of sublimated obscenity. There are lies and there are facts. The facts tell the real story – authoritative nonsense is just a political canard. Jordan speaks the facts, obviously!

This world is a looney bin – a cosmic house of mirrors. Virtually every component of human society is a psyop – including this. The human mind brackets all the complexity and confusion into a tangible focus in order to make decisions and act. All this cosmic disinformation simply overloads one’s capacity to think. Temptations to believe abound. So I guess we’ll see what happens from our respective points of view.

The bigger picture is the continuation of a crime that was committed in 1913. Unraveling that crime with the least amount of hardship is the ‘Art of the Deal’. People who make their fortunes off the great financial casino are going to lose. The entire financial monetary system is going to change radically and all this nonsense will be water under the bridge. This market is destined to crash no matter who is President of the United States. It’s a matter of how this is going to play out. Seeing the world through the lens of this psycho-criminal system is kaleidoscopic misinformation.

The Demonicrats are dramatizing criminal psychopaths. What they are doing demonstrates pathological behaviour. This is clear as a bell when one analyzes their pernicious actions. Their intent is to impeach the duly elected POTUS by any means because the 2016 election didn’t turn out as they planned. Their every action against the sitting POTUS is seditious aforethought so all this pompous nonsensical justification displayed in the U.S. Congress (especially the House which the Demonicratic majority holds) is intended as staged pernicious grandstanding designed for the MSM [DS] Presstitutes which presents its [DS] scripted fake news and disinformation for mind controlling a gullible public mindset. It is time to put an end to this evil before it destroys our Nation.

Now, what concerns me is the focus on this Washington DC ‘Soap Opera’ theatrics. There are glaring ‘outpoints’ on both sides of this drama. There’s nothing much in the media, both MSM and ALT, about what’s really going on behind the scenes of this mass media distraction. We are, in fact, really just witnessing a movie presented to the public. There are monumental players operating behind the scenes invisible to the public eye. So many ‘outpoints’ apparently only visible to a forensic analyst.

Pelosi’s inebriated canard. She is running scared! The thing is Pelosi and the Clinton / Obama ‘Demonicrats’ are obsessed with their anti-American / anti-Constitutional Globalist [DS / Crown] NWO Agenda. Just look at the parade of real facts that clearly demonstrate an avalanche of psycho-political corruption. This criminal cartel needs to be rooted out like a malignant cancer metastasizing to the very heart of our Republic. It is now or never. Godspeed real Justice for the sake of our Nation!

Dear Demonicrats – Who is this ‘We’ or ‘Americans’ or ‘The People’ that ‘know’ the “President is lying”, our “AG is lying”, his “Administration is lying”? Of course that would be the ‘We’ that know the MSM Fake News scripted propaganda over the past two years and all related demonicratic false narratives in Congress – is nothing but a package of seditious lies, lies and more lies presented as non-substantiated ‘facts’ (innuendo slander carnard) and is in fact Treason against the American People, a betrayal of their Trust, and Treason against the U.S. Constitutional Republic; sedition as sponsored by the Globalist Agenda [DS / Crown] for a Neo-Feudalistic Corporatocracy – now this is what ‘We’ now really know. It is time for a reckoning

Mueller has been ‘hiding’ behind his seditious investigation for the duration. I would want him to face the light of day and answer forensic questions but – a hearing in the House would be only a poison pill at the hands of the demonicrats – it would be a continuing political circus act.

How do you refer any legal or constitutional issue to the legislature when those legislators controlling the ‘House’ – the demonicrats I would label them – are the ones who are the criminals, who have a seditious agenda and are guilty by clear evidence of high crimes and treason? Wherefore goes your referral? Where is the authoritative oversight over a seditious House of Congress? This is the very question of the hour!

Pelosi is operating with seditious intent along with the rest of her demonicrats. Just witness the way she presents herself between shots of her favorite liquor! It’s as if she is playing the victim (of her own criminal high treason) – so beleaguered by the ‘Evil Trump’ guy she is. Total prevaricated dramatization. How much longer must American Citizens bear with this malicious nonsense which is deliberately sabotaging the critical business of state and nation? Who has the authority and power to pull the plug on this obscenity?

It was borne out in information regarding the CIA’s political assassination programs that plans are developed 2 years in advance of using the assassination card against political targets including the POTUS if it was deemed that that target was moving geopolitical events in the ‘wrong direction’ according to the [DS / Crown] agenda. The planning follows and parallels the target and is designed to dovetail with certain ‘staged’ events which integrate its cover story to the public. JFK was not the only target, there were hundreds at that time and the program has continued onto today. One must wonder what is being planned as the ‘ultimate solution’ to Donald Trump! Trump knows this.

Letting teenagers vote along with illegal aliens and felons is a blatant affront to American Citizens and the wisdom of the ages. To even have a proposal like this on the floor of congress is an indicator of the ‘State of Congress’ not the Nation. And the state of Congress, specifically the House, is comparable to a psychiatric institution filled with raving psychotics, lunatics and political zombies. In a word – an insane asylum.

The DARPA Project Complex is going as it was originally planned. It’s a tyrannical agenda from its inception. Here we are in the 5G Digital world today being orchestrated by the Beast of [AI] Artificial Intelligence. The so-called [DS] owns all of it. Our contest is with the Principalities that are cultivating and controlling this Geopolitical Apparatus for the Globalized Enslavement of the Human Race (not just parochial Americans) – what is required is an Executive Order by our current Commander in Chief – an precise order that addresses the MIC [DS] transhumanist monster and pulls the plug on these demonic psychopaths that have been orchestrating this agenda over millenia and countless human generations. Is President Trump up to this task? We will know only when this Executive Order is pronounced with all of the specifics that we recognize regarding this critical situation.

We are not living in such an ‘everyday world’ and I have direct experience with these so-called exotic things that are happening in this world yesterday and today. The very state and future of this world is a vast enigma. There is no wisdom in dismissing such things so lightly. To do so represents an occult agenda designed to whitewash the truth of it!

The biggest obstacle is the Globalist / Socialist [DS / Crown] Agenda’s MSM Propaganda Fake News and Public Disinformation Networks that compose and script the ‘Mainstream’ public news and information sources. Executive and Judicial action needs to be taken against public and social media censorship by these [DS] companies and corporations, including U.S.A. Inc., that are seeding mass confusion and civil conflicts – these criminal syndicates must be shut down as their criminality and sedition is not ‘free speech’ it is active treason against the U.S. Constitutional Republic. Connected and of equal interest to (and with) the Critical Emergency of mass mob invasion along our Southern Border.

The Mueller Operational Agenda was to stage an Impeachment process against a duly elected sitting president. It was an act of treason and must be prosecuted as such. The underlying crime and its criminal syndicate is more than clear to anyone apprised of the real facts. There is no question about this – the only question is how will this treason be prosecuted?

The question is who is mustering (who is ‘colluding’) these demonicratic
inquisitors in their prosecutorial posturings (most grotesquely represented by this Crazy Mazie Hirono) – they are all ‘on the same page’ bullbaiting slander narratives for impeachment to their presstitutes as the underlying agenda for these bogus judicial hearings. HRC’s ‘talking points’ are insinuated through and through. The coup to impeach Trump is obviously a controlled and ‘organized’ operation (narrative) – perhaps Obama with Clinton? Who’s at the top of it?

The U.S. Military was appropriated by the Crown (Queen) in 1913. It has been a colonial mercenary force since then. It was the Khazarian / Hessians at [HM]’s Service before that (especially against the U.S after 1776). This is the ‘War Culture’ we see today. Just sayin’……. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees!

Putting all this in due perspective the MSM Fake News (clearly demonstrated) [DS] Propaganda has not presented the real news ever so the gullible public has no clue of the real facts of evidence now being revealed. This is the mind controlled ‘cultivated public’ that the seditious MSM addresses with a continuation of its obviously false narratives apparent only if one is apprised of the real facts. This seditious [DS] propaganda machine needs to be utterly deconstructed… And it appears this is in-progress!

It’s been Propaganda, Lies, and Fakery since 1913. Nothing new about that criminal reality of the God of Mammon. So you profit from all this? That makes you complicit! Getting tired of all this rabble rousing. How would you deconstruct this obvious travesty (The Fed) that is making you rich? Needs to be done very diplomatically……

The criminal speaks loudest in accusation. How about we get HRC / Clinton / Obama tax returns as well as do a forensic audit of the Clinton / Obama Foundations and their ‘Pay to Play’ State Departments – a full spectrum audit – to see the clear light of day on this seditious high treason?

Regarding Mueller. He’s ‘The Fixer’ Special Council. Consider his role in 9/11. This ‘Official Narrative’ is part of the entire evolution of American Politics. Goes right back to the ‘Crown’ and its ongoing influence over the American Republic on into the present times. Mueller’s got a pivotal role to play in this Shakespearean Play!

What’s most obvious in light of the clear facts of this case is a premeditated design by the Demonicrats to ‘seed’ bogus nonsense to their Presstitutes to continue this seditious spin in the MSM fake news media. This DNC media complex needs to be dismantled. This would be a priority to break the back of this seditious Corporate [DS] Media Propaganda Matrix as a Public Service.

We are in the midst of a ‘Post Civil War’ Constitutional Crisis emblematic of this moment in the history of our Republic!

This is what really happened……

Nadler needs to be muzzled his criminal nonsense needs to be censored – the investigation needs to be turned on his seditious intentions for every fumbling word that comes out of his psychopathic mouth.

When you take this upper echelon criminal conspiracy to its justifiable limits in relation to the JFK et’al assassinations and the epitome of False Flags 9/11 with a full spectrum forensic investigation and analysis – then perhaps we might suggest that something legitimately ‘serious’ is actually being done. One step at a time and maybe…….

As an American I can see your point(s) in a most paradoxical perspective. This is now the Trump Administration and its propaganda for the U.S. Inc. position in/on Syria in alignment with Israel Agenda. Making it Real compared to What? Exactly!

Generational Child Sex Trafficking gone MSM – ‘Making it Real Compared to What?’ – demonic infiltration of social modernity. These are the times – these are the images. And it’s only going to get ever more psycho-pathological ‘Tic Tock’ while these ‘crossover’ societal modalities go viral. Demons will do what demons do!

The whole gang – the HRC/DNC Psycho-politcal Criminal Cartel – re: Pelosi, Mad Maxine Waters, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler and all their seditious cronies should be declared ‘Illegal Immigrant’ status and deported anywhere ‘South of the Border Wall’ there being consigned to a solitary padded cell where they cannot commit anymore High Crimes against the U.S. Constitutional Republic, Legal Americans or themselves!

Now President Trump is guilty of not being guilty of anything in the DNC’s ‘New Inquisition’ of a ‘Nothing Burger’ hoax. No Collusion; No Obstruction – all now seen as contrived and fabricated seditious obstruction of Congressional due process and any constructive business of the state.

To point the finger at the general population is a wrong target. Generations are fostered upon the propaganda enforced upon them from cradle to grave passing on to subsequent generations the public therefore being brainwashed and mind controlled into a pseudo-reality operated by the real culprits of this story. Don’t blame the people for being negligent or in some state of denial when they have been cultivated by the powers that be into this mindset for generations. The finger must point to the correct targets – the occult operators who know exactly what the facts are and what they are doing with this planet and its populations.

To the issue of Biden’s Balls for in your face high crimes is a misnomer. The man is a psycho-pathological liar. Barefaced lying is the man’s stock and trade. It’s got nothing to do with balls and everything to do with the cartel of political-psychopaths that make up the Bush / Clinton / Obama criminal cartel that has been looting and destroying the United States Constitutional Republic for over a quarter of a century now.

It should be evident that it was no accident that the ‘human race went berserk’ into the 20th Century modality of geopolitically orchestrated World Wars – obviously to contain any real science on this matter i.e. authoritative misdirection designed to suppress the progress of real cosmology and truth with artful disinformation as a means to controlling the human mindset.

Schiff needs to be thoroughly investigated and ruthlesslessly prosecuted for his high crimes. First step is to put a muzzle on his seditious mouth.

I would not qualify the demoncratic mob mentality as ‘sincere ignorance’. It represents a criminal state of mind with seditious intent which is in utter contempt of the American people and deliberately cultivates a zombie constituency with a totally scripted fabrication of the ‘State of the Union’. So President Trump is exonerated of all its lies but now we see a paradox in that Trump has vetoed withdrawing support for the Saudi genocide against Yemen and is staying a war against Venezualia; so now how are we to reconcile these blatant inconsistencies in U.S. Foreign Policy?

A Pleiadian soul – perhaps you know of her? Seems familiar with the circle you are traveling in….

Babbling on…. the topic of what is happening this week in the context of global events converging on the Trump Administration – I hear the entire US Navy with Aircraft Carrier Groups and countless subs are now (as of the day) operational. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! The ‘Frog’s Eye Concept’ not withstanding…

Great on shutting down Avenatti – prison is too good for this seditious creep. Now how about the seditious Gloria Allred and her complicit daughter next on the legal hit list? Same seditious camp.

It should be evident that it was no accident that the ‘human race went berserk’ – obviously to contain any real science on this matter i.e. authoritative misdirection designed to suppress the progress of real cosmology with disinformation as a means of controlling the human mindset.

Same tactics used all over the world. British Crown tactics used to control their Empire instigate civil unrest and war to control populations. It’s being cultivated in America just as it has been cultivated all over the world for centuries. Time to track it to its insidious source and call it for what it is!

Can’t stand Oprah any more than the Clintons or Obama Bushies types. The question is more about those who subscribe to these NLP artists – and their Tavistock cultvated mentalities. More a commentary on human nature and its depths of [DS] cultivated mass dementia – mass hypnotic effect – aka CNN MSM and PBS personified. How do you break this magick spell being cast upon its unwitting masses?

The demonicrats make for daily seditious comedies but let’s see a full spectrum disclosure of the Bush / Clinton / Obama cartel’s tax forms with a full spectrum audit of the Clinton Foundation State Department ‘Pay to Play’ transactions as well as all these Corporate Mainstream Media DNC propaganda and public mind control operations. It’s the real criminals that speak loudest in accusation – let’s then point the finger toward these demoncrats for a change – what say you!

Congress has demonstrated absolute irresponsibility due to partisan vested interests. Congress is utterly negligent in doing its Constitutional duty to protect the United States of America and its legal citizens. It has proven itself to be a vast liability to the Nation and it would be a National disaster if Congress was granted any further authority until these criminal vested interests that have infiltrated it are fully exposed, prosecuted and routed out.

Did this person serve? Perhaps he’s got it right in one respect – WW II was a geopolitical gambit orchestrated by the Crown – as is the GND. But that is a little too complex for public issue – even for so called Conservative voices!

Question is: How do you fit 10 billion people through the eye of this cosmic needle? Interesting viewpoint in human space-time reality! Trans-dimensional ‘correspondence’ may be a more practical way to go within the infinite field of consciousness. For example: what is the ‘present moment’ reality continuum (matrix) compared to an event ‘occurring’ 55 million ‘light years’ ago? Such considerations can be overwhelming to the mortal mind!

YT is now censoring follow up videos on this Barr revelation. Now we see the [DS] media disinformation game going cosmic! ‘video not available’ you’ll get across relevent ‘alternative news’ channels.

Now this is where Mr. Hellyer metamorphs into an agent of the New World Order by integrating with the ‘Climate Change’ geopolitical strategem which is fundamental to a totalitarian One World Government – complimented by ‘ET’ Disclosure? All the leading characters are there in the seats abiding him. We need an honest statement: Of what an individual human being is actually worth on the Cosmic Market? If you know what I mean……..

The money system is perhaps the most occult operation on this planet. Despite money ‘magick’ it is an artificial (man or demon made) construct controlled by operators ‘behind the curtain’ of public perception. All the economic problems can (and must) be resolved through legitimate acts of Congress, that is the ‘rule of law’ instituted by a legitimate Constitutional Congress as written in the Constitution. It’s an ancient problem and Congress is now utterly infiltrated by the Crown [DS] and its Banksters of England surrogates. This is Economics 101. No one has defeated this centuries, even millennia old occult operation. This is the challenge of our time. The most critical aspect of this demonic situation is the control of public information, news and public perception world-wide. This is the Time of Revelation and Disclosure as the Earth has Advanced AI driven Global Telecommunication Networks suited for this task. The People need to Wake up to this Reality before these [DS] occult demons who ‘Rule by Secrecy’ through mass deceptions – ‘Torch the Planet’.

The subversion has been going on since 1776. The common denominator is the Crown. The Crown’s operation against Russia, the Crown’s operation against the U.S. Constitutional Republic. It’s the Crown – this is the Deep State apparatus.

Today is a good day to close the border. Mexico is obviously complicit with the premeditated criminal psycho-political invasion of The United States of America. To date Mexico is obviously facilitating this crisis as a major geopolitical player. With an ‘ally’ like this who needs enemies?

One of the highest priorities is to ‘de-swamp’ the US MSM and PBS [DS] mind controlled press and propaganda machine. Democracy only works with a well and properly informed citizenry. The current scene is an insidious fantasy world catering to miscreant mind controlled zombies. The 2020 Election will be a farce unless real-time existential issues are confronted by ‘genuine journalists’ of bonifide forensic integrity and The People are presented with Real News and Public Information in the National Interest.

This seems all for show. The Demonicrats are insidiously covering for their own crimes, sedition and high treason (deceptive betrayal of the American People). The question is: What is the real deal with Donald Trump? He and his inner circle must at least know what I know after 70 years of personal investigation and now ‘Q’ – Question Everything? We know who these psycho-political criminals are, what they’ve done and who they are working for. Why all this nonsensical riotous social media chatter over manipulated tertiary and manufactured facts?

If that doesn’t take the cake three demonicratic psycho-political criminals: Nadler, Schiff and Waters chairing the Judiciary, Intelligence and Financial Services Committees. What a line up for full spectrum sedition. At least it’s now clear as a bell who’s who and what’s what – so obvious – now, when will real judicial action be taken against these evil purps?

The [WH] better get control of the national social media and responsible public news and information. Obviously these seditious ‘establishment’ corporations are working on their affiliate censorship algorithms and covert ‘disabling’ of free speech and ‘alternative’ voices and sources. This is a Constitutional Issue as well as a critical factor of national integrity. These operators are testing their controls over the mainstream propaganda machine in preparation for the 2020 Election process. POTUS knows this only too well; an [EO] is imminently in order to address this mind controlling travesty of the American mindset terminatedly.

Any firefighter worth their salt and anyone familiar with demolition would have known ‘on first sight’ that the 9/11 World Trade Center was a controlled demolition special effect spectacle and in retrospect a False Flag ‘Inside Job’ Operation. The majority of the uniformed professionals chose to remain silent and acquiesce to the ‘official story’ still to this day.

There can be no doubt that these ‘migrations’ are tactical in their inception. The border crisis is a premeditated distraction ‘orchestrated’ by geopolitical operators as asymmetric warfare against the U.S. Constitutional Republic, its citizens and the people. Not only does Border Security need epic reinforcement but these ‘orchestrators’ need to be fiercely sought out and prosecuted as active ‘Enemies of the State’.

The ‘Tumor’ is 9/11 [FF] and its manufactured complicity in the New American Political Establishment [DS] going back to the JFK assassination and all the interested parties connected with the Crown’s [U.S.A. Inc.] covert geopolitical operations throughout history. The ‘Change’ would be akin to interpretive Biblical Revelations and [ET] Disclosure of all occulted human history – in short ‘The Truth for a Change’ in place of ‘Rule by Deception’ and the Globalist’s [NWO] Domination of the Planet. What we are witnessing is a setup for World War Three reminiscent of the Crown’s setups for WW 1 and 2. Question is what part is Donald Trump with Zionist Israel really playing in the Crown’s [NWO] Agenda?

You can do your own voice analysis. Voice prints are mainstream now. Should be clear enough that the ‘Ghost Voice’ of RBG and real identification of authenticity would be a snap – but who will investigate this perpetuation of obvious dementia? To continue the hoax mystery just exemplifies the rigged DOJ still prevails in its ongoing public deceptions.

Bannon needs some psychological help. Does he not confront the proven psycho-criminal nature of these obamaesque constituencies? Return to the HRC ‘standard bearer’! What kind of a pathological statement is this? To even suggest it is absolutely pathetic.

Obama is a fraud from the get go. Everyone part of the Obama / Clinton coterie is complicit with a trail of premeditated crimes and sedition against the Republic.

Donald Trump is the first POTUS since JFK that I can ‘tolerate’ observing and listening to. He’s rational, logical, business (as real business acumen) and genuine in one’s intuitive sense. I don’t agree with his Pentagon perogatives but understand his position as Chief Executive and the agencies that surround his administration. I say again we now have a real president for a change and this opportunity should not be squandered by spurious partisan narratives.

Obviously seditious intent cloaked in an affected moralism. Utter nonsense. Some ‘higher authority’ needs to step in and level the ground in genuine access to real news and information in the public interest not some fascist elite corporation’s vested geopolitical agenda.

So interesting the opposition will co-opt the MAGA movement with fraudulent associations – yes follow the money good forensic practice – this is what ‘they do’ as ‘controlled opposition’ seems there is enough real IQ out there to discriminate the disingenuous ops!

Russkys? This perspective pisses me off. Of course we are not supposed to think or consider the real historic facts. The enemy here is ‘within’ – just like 9/11. This bias is strictly ‘cover story’ one mc. There will come a day of reckoning and this is where the real enemy of the Republic resides!

Let me see, AOC was hired for her theatrical skills. Now, who writes and coaches her on her scripts? She is not representing the people – she is performing for her scriptwriters. Pull that string down and see where it leads. A personality that is ‘acting’ as a public representative. Is this the anatomy of her GND? – Bernie’s ‘elitist central’ in a nutshell!

A new multimedia network needs to be established with grassroots affiliates throughout Hometown America to present real journalism in the true spirit of the U.S. Constitutional Republic for responsible public news and public information. Only a righteously informed citizenry can perform constructively in a Democratic Republic for America and what it represents to the World at large.

What we have is classic Tavistock. A mind controlled public versus a mind awake public ever more aware of what is really going on. These liberal zombies are mind controlled puppets acting out their radical programming and unfortunately they can’t help themselves from doing this. Forensic analysis is at point to turn the tide of this societal madness.

It is time for an Executive Order requiring the MSM / PBS Fake News and [DS] propaganda manufacturing machine to cease and desist its prejudicial ‘mind control’ programming.

5G is the evolution of transhumanism and AI Robotics. The Corporate Elite controlling the human and material resources of the planet.

John McCain remember the USS Forestall, the USS Liberty, 9/11 and Benghazi. The man was a closet monster. The definition of Treason itself – Enemy of the Republic – a psycho-political criminal non par. To hell with the MSM/PBS Fake News Mockingbird Press. It is time for the Truth!

This is an example of what one might expect of a truly conservative generation. Much appreciated, refreshing, and spread this mindset far and wide. Compare yourself to the personality of AOC or Omar…. heaven vs hell. Thanks and keep it coming!

The Radical Liberal Demonicrats are anti-constitutional revisionists – it is all premeditated sabotage and replacement of the U.S. Constitutional Republic. They are fundamentally agents to of the Crown. Socialism – ‘Rules for Radicals’ is a premeditated program of social and political deconstruction. They are a seditious criminal organization – as the ‘Mob Rules’ generation.

As Adams tells us, all of what happened in New Zealand appears to him to be a staging of events to provoke more hatred and war and it’s quite clear, the demonization of anything ‘President Trump‘, including black Conservative Candace Owens who one of the shooters mentioned within his rambling ‘manifesto‘ that was pushing for civil war in America. 


Talkin’ WW3 – the battle lines are being drawn right here in the Americas. The geopoliticians are up to their necks in drug and human trafficking. The geopolitical structure of warfare asymmetric warfare – the rules of engagement have evolved into these kinds of scenarios.

It is borderline tolerable to witness the press in these current events – it would be logical that Kellyanne is extraordinary to engage the press and public in the face of the utterly sinister intentions of the mainstream press today.

Trump executes the initiatives of his cabinet and uniformed advisors. That would be logical but not necessarily known to the public – such decisions then become public announcements. I don’t believe Trump is simply arbitrary with his decisions. So rather than a big ? question mark one might expect a deeper look into the actual line of causation.


Quite extraordinary… I can see this evolved generation with consummate relief! Right on the mark. It’s appearing in the Alt Media venues. The Internet Community. Most of the population is stuck in the past and historic unresolved issues. This is truly the evolved generation in their real world environment.

The premetary to the Great Wall of China and others throughout civilized history. An historic moment to anyone who is a student of historic philosophy. I salute the President. We haven’t had a real President for all the years since JFK (and by no accident that is to say…) The most interesting times we are now living in today!

Clinton / Obama era criminal immorality and fraud. Needs justice and a national cleanup across the boards. Infiltrated so deep in the American society. Time for a change for real!

The transgender issue is a seditious prelude to socialized slavery in a dystopic future and antipathetic to the current mission of the DOD.

Looks like subliminal ‘divide and conquer’ is having a field day with this one. The Conservative ‘Constitutional Republic’ is taking 2nd fiddle to Israel and the plights of the Khazarian Mafia. Will someone do their history? The whole anti-semitic thing is a total misdirection not by any random coincidence mind you. Talk about being drawn down into the quicksand of the swamp! Call it the ‘Ann Coulter’ diseased mindset……

Whatever it takes to secure the Southern Border per the requirements of Uniformed Border Specialists – those on the ground at the scene. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue. The facts are clear enough to anyone who is responsibly apprised of them.


A picture is worth a thousand words and this arrogantly repugnant smirk seems to be epidemic amongst Demonicrats like Adam Schiff and Bruce Orr and the whole HRC cartel out to dispose of the duly elected Donald Trump Presidency. This hatefilled ‘smirk’ seems to be their calling card – a psychopathic state of mind that rules the DNC. It’s time to call it for what it is – sedition – incontrovertibly!

The Bill HR1 is a Trojan Horse. Virtually everything coming out of the House today is deceptive and designed to denigrate the Constitution as well as forward a hostile agenda.

We see it with the Demonicrats performance in Congress and on Cable TV, in the performing arts – a massive constituency of mind controllable zombies being programmed to deconstruct the U.S. Constitutional American society. Obviously a fact of human nature being surrealistically exploited by demonic powers that be.

We see it with the Demonicrats performance in Congress and on Cable TV, in the performing arts – a massive constituency of mind controllable zombies being programmed to deconstruct the U.S. Constitutional American Society. Obviously a fact of human nature being surrealistically exploited by demonic powers that be.

It appears we are witnessing the underworld brought into the light through this revelatory process. The psychopathic injustice issue is just the ‘icing on the cake’ revealing all the clues and forensic evidence. The problem the DOJ is now controlled by this corruption. Where then is the oversight? Seems there’s only the President….

We are witnessing the quintessential distinction between light and darkness, and between good and evil – right upfront and in our faces with the current congress – these are the personalities, the characters, the entities and their peculiarities; between psycho-pathology and human compassion; between truth and lies, between facts and deception. These figures presenting in our congress (representatives) speak for themselves, reveal themselves to those with eyes to see.

It is a Presidential prerogative as Commander In Chief. There shouldn’t be a question about this when there is a factual, evidence backed and fully validated State of National Emergency. The current congress is uselessly infected with obstructive psycho-political and criminal interests. A bypass of this ‘status quo’ is essential to matters of national security.

Now that’s amazing for sure. Sheds light on so many probabilities! Q+ is supposed to be Trump. Flynn national security adviser announced Digital Soldiers. All connected through Q. Also call sign for [AF1] – Imagine this!

We know the motive is to defame the President by any means. Got nothing to do with truth or justice. The mockingbird press will make their usual media circus of it. So what’s new? The Demonicrats specialize in lies and sedition. What’s the timing for this?- as the Presidential work is an accomplishment of done deals despite all this absurdly seditious nonsense!

A portrait of fake news in the making! We know the motive is to defame the President by any means. Got nothing to do with truth or justice. The mockingbird press will make their usual media circus of it. So what’s new? The Demonicrats specialize in lies and sedition. What’s the timing for this?- as the Presidential work is an accomplishment of done deals despite all this absurdly seditious nonsense!

So what is the handling for the [DS] (Crown) mockingbird press? How do ‘the people’ become and continue to be informed of the real fact based news and public revelations? Still a big Question Mark? Create an uncorrupted ‘National’ News and PUBLIC INFORMATION SERVICE (not Fox) with a take down of all the [Fake News] venues and social media censorship? The MSM/PBS/YT fake news is clearly seditious and must be prosecuted and disbanded with the mainstream public mindset returned to some semblance of sanity!

People are not starving to death in Venezuela – any hardships are due to the U.S. Sanctions dah! Such a dichotomy of rhetoric as these talks in Hanoi are a very good thing but NK is not stupid with these other issues (weaponized sanctions and hypocritical ‘red flags’ of U.S. Foreign Policy past and present) boiling in the background.

The People should be outraged at the criminal abuse and the premeditated ‘demoncratic obstruction’ of critical issues and solutions before congress stymied by seditious nonsense an utter waste of national resources and due process – with factions maliciously intent on creating social and political chaos (instead of a better future for America) with a pre-scripted MSM mockingbird press continuously obscuring real news and public information with fake news and public disinformation. When The People finally find out the real news and the truth – they will be outraged!

Only if the U.S. continues its current financial system which is a con. Financial systems are artificial systems and can be changed unless the powers that be declare economic warfare on the conned creditor nations. There is no obligation to the Fed criminal cartel that hijacked the Constitutional Financial System in 1913. The whole operation needs to be rendered null and void and this can be done with a responsible Congress not infiltrated with Crown agents. The rhetoric always presupposes that the debt/slave system is somehow legitimate which it is not. All these Fed agencies need to be disposed, relegated to the great cons of history.

If a big event is staged along these lines the President should declare Martial Law as this is clearly a State of Civil War.

It’s not just SGT that [YT] is playing these algorithm games with. I’m an observer and have cultivated my interest sites but I’m getting a lot of nonsense now on subscriber pages with subscriptions appearing that I did not subscribe to, and double traffic – the arbitrary traffic (whoever) is generally related to my cultivated topics but in some absurd way. There is no doubt in my mind that my [YT] account is being deliberately ‘messed with’ and this messing with stuff has been evolving in insidious ways ever more so day by day. Just wanted to put this ‘out there’ because I have no doubt that ‘they’ are watching and listening in and [AI] running amuck- so many obvious indicators to prove it.

Mr Nadler needs to be removed from his post. Totally contrived questioning. Kangaroo Court personified.

When you search for a ‘topic’ on [YT] (and with other Internet Search Engines) you are now presented with (only) [MSM/PBS/CNN] ‘accredited’ sources of news and public information (disinformation to be precise!). This is becoming more than obvious to any ‘intelligent’ (scientific/forensic) researchers. The so called [Alternative Media Sources] are being ‘progressively’ censored; and the game plan for this involves [AI] (artificial intelligence) specifically (insidiously) programed search algorithms. More than obvious and evolving by the day now.

You must understand that the Internet World Wide Web compliments of DARPA that this web of artificial consciousness informs on a multimedia and/or exotic multidimensional level of perception. We are then involved in an exotic mindset that is fundamentally incomprehensible in terms of our past concepts of self-identity. Our participation in this evolving [AI] may or may not be a conscious cognitive assumption; on the other hand it very well be a reactive consequence of these advancing psychic technologies.

The barefaced liars (demonicrats) are exposing themselves for what they really are and what they ‘represent’ (not American Citizens) that’s for sure! Not stupid but psycho-pathological premeditating liars and criminals.

Osama Bin Laden didn’t do ‘9/11’ (he was always a CIA asset) so – yeah great this psychopath ‘bibi’ is finally deposed. Should be prosecuted for ‘9/11’ as well. That would best complete this analysis! Unfortunately ‘bibi’ is back….. yuck!

What we need is public disclosure. The “research” has been being done since at least the 1930’s by black budget ops. I’m a first hand witness ‘upclose and personal’ to the facts of this for 50 years now. It’s a critical “existential” issue. I say it’s time for “Disclosure Now” and its time for truth, integrity and rational civic responsibility in the Congress…

I don’t know why there could be any rationalization of the Demonicratic Agenda. They are ruled by evil intentions and are projecting every bit of their own criminal interests and crimes against the Republic and Humanity onto their political and social targets. It’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ by the book disguised as geopolitical activism.

The choice is between seditious nonsense and Neo-Feudalistic slavery of citizens of the Integrity and Preservation of the U.S. Constitutional Republic. The greatest obstacle is the Mainstream Mockingbird ‘Fabricated News’ Press which is instigating a New Civil War against the American People. This critical issue must be addressed before there will be any integrity in the 2020 Election.

37% most certainly ignorant of the law and obviously deluded by the constant barrage of Mainstream Mockingbird Press Fake News and Public Disinformation Cartel.

Amazing Polly

The ultimate relevancy of so call relative truth or facts? Orientation points. We need most critically to understand who, and what, and why – we really are. Why are we here? What the hell has what is going on all around us go to do with who we are? Interesting question. Thanks for the inspiration!

I don’t know why there could be any rationalization of the Demonicratic Agenda. They are ruled by evil intentions and are projecting every bit of their own criminal interests and crimes against the Republic and Humanity onto their political and social targets. It’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ by the book disguised as geopolitical activism. It’s not that the DNC hasn’t accepted the 2016 election – it’s about a congress that is utterly corrupted with psycho-political criminal interests. It’s a pathological condition. This is the Swamp and any abuse of the law is not a right of congress it’s an grotesque abuse of power and some uncorrupted component of the government must be brought to bear against these abusers.

Trump isn’t ‘proposing’ the border wall. Uniformed Border Specialists and Law Enforcers as well as the DOD are stating unequivocally what is urgently needed to address a critical National Security Crisis – a mob invasion force instigated by design. Detailed facts clearly show this.

Corey’s Digs Investigative Journalism: Reporting Truth
Bloody jewel in crown of British Empire: How India was mistreated during colonial rule
NYT Lynch Mob Mentality – Stephen Lendman

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