Last Days [iP5]30

The external scene of American Politics

Epstein? Can you say CIA (MI6) and its involvement in drug and human trafficking assets? Let’s add arms dealing and proxy armies (terrorists)…… which USA are we talking about? USA Inc. is a Crown Corporation USA Constitutional Republic was conscripted by the Crown in World War One and Two…..

Epstein? Can you say CIA and its involvement in drug and human trafficking assets? Let’s add arms dealing and proxy armies (terrorists)……

Prime example of CNN (and MSM affiliates) ‘Monkey-baiting ‘ press corp tactics. We’ve had a few years of this already – Trump is a master at deflecting it – don’t get sucked into this seditious fray… call it for what it is and get on with real journalism!

Ref: Andrew James Breitbart ‘Righteous Indignation’ Chapter 6 specifically the ‘Frankfurt School’ and it’s insinuation into American Culture and the University System.

The obscene darkness goes much deeper that Epstein and his coterie of clients which relative to this he is a premeditated distraction away from the real and ever present evil which is acting like psycho-politcal quicksand – sucking our current events into a demonicratically entangled socially malignant chaos – the malignant chaos now witnessing in the streets is the very tangible proof of this evil agenda in action. We are seeing real-time zombie mobs ever increasingly attacking every remaining sector of civil society.

The demonicrats and lunatic leftists gaslighting psycho-political playbook seditiously ‘projecting’ their own psycho-criminal crimes onto their opposition political targets – now we arrive at the Epstein case and child sex trafficking in high places. After the crash and burn of a Russian Collusion Hoax – what else is lunatic ‘left’ to saturate the MSM & PBS fake news narratives with? All tell tale indicators are of their own miscreant adventures. Here we go again…….

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