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The external scene of American Politics

Notice how these demonicrats have the same psychopathic ‘dead eyes’ as they rant their scripted rants and lies. It’s the same across their constituencies like some lunatic trance state of mind utterly oblivious to the actual facts of real situations on the ground. One for one you can spot them now – quite the thing to behold!

These impeachment initiatives are a seditious fraud. They are a deliberate obstructive sabotage of the real and critical business of state. Actually they are acts of treason and will eventually need to be prosecuted as such.

Absolutely. There is a National Security Crisis going on at the Southern Border for decades now and it is getting insanely worse. This situation logically involves the DOD as that is what the DOD is for: defending the Nation from criminal intrusions – such as what is now happening across the Southern Border by the hundreds of thousands every month.

If one looks over this whole idea of prayer, and various forms of meditation, comparing the traditional idea of a personal connection with God with the modern telecommunications technology, the Internet of Things, and the AI ‘Beast’ of constant mass surveillance Inc. – where one is ubiquitously being recorded in real-time for every aspect of their lives instantaneously involved interactively where all one needs to do now is, as it were, is ‘pray’ out loud into the vicinity of their ‘smart phone’ or [TV] connection to the World Wide Web – and ‘thy will be done’ – these are remarkable comparisons for our times!

Marriage is a [DS] (Deep State) Covert Op! Order out of Chaos personified. Social Engineering. Best business for lawyers and psychiatrists. That is….. Unless you really mean it! But then, how would one really know

The ‘squad’ foursome ‘representatives’ appear as surreally evil sesame street characters – like psycho-political puppets gaslighting on a bad acid script. They need to first figure out where they really are, like what planet they are on etc.-(it’s all about an innate seditious ignorance)- – and then just go home! Words are now woven into twisted narratives taken out of all meaningful context – spun to create innuendo, slander, rumor mongering and fake news headlines – just for ‘PR’ and ‘psycho-emotional’ affect.

OK, I trust you. These are the most logical / critical path perspectives. The question is where is this righteous power coming from? Adequate to dominate the Crown? Still a big question mark. I would estimate that Martial Law is inevitable under the current and evolving circumstances – there will necessarily be a ‘Crossing of the Rubicon’ before the end of 2020!

Epstein and his Island? Can you say [CIA MI6 Mossad] and its involvement in drug and human trafficking assets? Let’s add arms dealing and proxy armies (terrorists) to wage asymmetric warfare against humanity!

So what you are saying is the the Crown’s proxy armies (mercenaries to be exact) have shifted from the Khazarians / Hessians to the Americans (in WW 1&2 etc.) and now to Islamic Extremists (terrorists)? Do we see a common denominator here?

Have we forgotten about all the FEMA Camps and Agenda 21? Whose program is that? The demonicrats are projecting their globalist agenda onto the Trump Administration as matter of habit. Blame others for the consequences of their own programs and dark projections. A strategy for fascistic morons.

Can’t believe any intelligent well informed (obviously not from CNN MSM or PBS) patriotic American citizen wouldn’t support an accurate count or demographic census especially and specifically including the citizenship question. And I’m sure every other sovereign nation on the planet would keep accurate track of citizenship status. Only those that support lawlessness and criminal activities would be opposed to it. It’s a simple legal equation.

Well dah! That’s the whole point of open borders right? Collapse the economy, disintegrate law and order and destroy the national soverignty. In a ‘newspeak’ world that means being ‘patriotic’! Like in Congress today….

ICE Ops: It’s about time – critical for national security and is a direct and executive DOD function. 60 million illegals – drug and human trafficking, criminal and proxy (terrorist) army infiltrations – time for the Congress to get real and do something in the best interests of our Nation!

Epstein? Can you say CIA (MI6) and its involvement in drug and human trafficking assets? Let’s add arms dealing and proxy armies (terrorists)…… which USA are we talking about? USA Inc. is a Crown Corporation USA Constitutional Republic was conscripted by the Crown in World War One and Two…..

Epstein and his Island? Can you say [CIA MI6 Mossad] and its involvement in drug and human trafficking assets? Let’s add arms dealing and proxy armies (terrorists) to wage asymmetric warfare against humanity!

Prime example of CNN (and MSM affiliates) ‘Monkey-baiting ‘ press corp tactics. We’ve had a few years of this already – Trump is a master at deflecting it – don’t get sucked into this seditious fray… call it for what it is and get on with real journalism!

Ref: Andrew James Breitbart ‘Righteous Indignation’ Chapter 6 specifically the ‘Frankfurt School’ and it’s insinuation into American Culture and the University System.

The obscene darkness goes much deeper that Epstein and his coterie of clients which relative to this he is a premeditated distraction away from the real and ever present evil which is acting like psycho-politcal quicksand – sucking our current events into a demonicratically entangled socially malignant chaos – the malignant chaos now witnessing in the streets is the very tangible proof of this evil agenda in action. We are seeing real-time zombie mobs ever increasingly attacking every remaining sector of civil society.

The demonicrats and lunatic leftists gaslighting psycho-political playbook seditiously ‘projecting’ their own psycho-criminal crimes onto their opposition political targets – now we arrive at the Epstein case and child sex trafficking in high places. After the crash and burn of a Russian Collusion Hoax – what else is lunatic ‘left’ to saturate the MSM & PBS fake news narratives with? All tell tale indicators are of their own miscreant adventures. Here we go again…….

I can’t stand CNN – haven’t been able to tolerate Cable MSM channeled TV since 1968. These programs are annoying everywhere in transit stations and vehicles, hospitals and public waiting areas. So bad I just try to avoid all of those ‘situations’ – so yes please – remove it and life would be so much pleasanter!

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