Last Days [iP5]35

The external scene of American Politics

Demonicratic House Party – It’s not about Americans or the soverign U.S. Constitutional Republic – it’s about [DS] (Crown) infiltration of Congress that represents Demonic Principaltities that have taken over the Congress in the name (as ‘representatves’) of Americans then surreptitiously conscripting Americans for Globalist Wars and Worldwide Economic exploitation. The problem is in Congress itself; not the Conservative American Patriotic Spirit. Members of Congress take an oath of public office to abide by, protect and preserve the U.S. Constitutional Republic and its Legal Citizens. What we are witnessing now is nothing less than seditious characterizations and outright treason in the very ranking members of Congress as well as in the ranks of the Judiciary. The critical executive question is how to eradicate mass demonic possession without sparking off a New Civil War.

Good luck with the Demonicratic House! Nothing but evil spirits in that ‘majority’. It’s already a ‘hate crime’ to expose and denounce the demonic House Majority and their patent sedition and treason. These demons are clearly revealed and exposed and yet none of them are being censored or impeached for their obvious treason. One must wonder why?

This is the Crown’s way, the [DS] apparatus of the Crown controlling world and domestic events especially through its mass mind control and propaganda MSM PBS and organs of public dissemination. Divide and conquered where ever lines of distinction exist – promote social and civil unrest distressed by constantly keeping the social milieu in a hypnotic trance state of corporately manipulated social chaos long conditioned to be subject to scripted subliminal suggestions of the current fashion.

Notice how these demonicrats have the same psychopathic ‘dead eyes’ as they rant their scripted rants and lies. It’s the same across their constituencies like some lunatic trance state of mind utterly oblivious to the actual facts of real situations on the ground. One for one you can spot them now – quite the thing to behold!

These impeachment initiatives are a seditious fraud. They are a deliberate obstructive sabotage of the real and critical business of state. Actually they are acts of treason and will eventually need to be prosecuted as such.

Absolutely. There is a National Security Crisis going on at the Southern Border for decades now and it is getting insanely worse. This situation logically involves the DOD as that is what the DOD is for: defending the Nation from criminal intrusions – such as what is now happening across the Southern Border by the hundreds of thousands every month.

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