Last Days [iP5]48

The external scene of American Politics

Today we have an incontrovertible demonstration of demons and angels; psychopaths and empaths; non- (anti) humans and compassionate humans (“The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth”) in Biblical proportions; and just so we have their respective political constituencies of demonicratic radical socialists and conservative constitutionalists. These political ongoings represent a dialectic theater of the absurd that’s conflicting in our Congress today. A new Civil War instigating between mindsets of psycho criminality and ethical sanity; and this is not some random mutation; and this is not some accidental function. Today all the mythological characters of history are on full display in the real world – in Congress as well as in the geopolitical World. This is the Time of Revelations!

And then there was Obama. ‘We’ have known the deception since the JFK assassination and Vietnam, since Mena Arkansas Olie North and the Contras, since 9/11 with its subsequent geopolitical and economic wars – Everything about Obama is a lie – like who his real father was (all CIA ‘Manchurian Candidate’) especially his MK Ultra / NLP Inauguration Day – all his hypnotized and trance state constituencies – a real ‘case in point’ – HRC was the last straw! Such an educational and revealing experience – good to see others coming to the light!

It’s obvious now that the demonicrats scripted theatrics of the Mueller Report have nothing to do with legitimacy, the rule of law or the facts – and no matter Mueller’s feeble performance at this weeks hearing – the demonicratic band plays on with the ‘Trump Impeachment’ gaslighting routine. Trump’s guilty of not being guilty and because he’s not guilty he’s obstructing justice. How seditiously moronic is that? Guilty of not being guilty in this gaslighting kangaroo court of a demonicratic House where he’s now obstructing justice by not being guilty of anything he’s being accused of. George Orwell is turning over in his grave!

We see now what it is that we are dealing with now. We see through the lens of classic cultivation in philosophy metaphysics, science and forensic logic that the opposition party, the radical socialistic demonicrats are seditiously dissociative, deconstructive and feeding on the spoils of their platforms like energy vampires feeding on the social and political chaos as they instigate their ‘rules for radicals’ agenda all the while promoting disintegration of the cultural norms we have traditionally experienced to be the foundation of civil society.

The deal is this – the criminal precedent for these enclaves has been cultivated by the previous especially bush clinton obama administrations. The Swamp pervades all levels of Government including the Military and has done so for many decades now – which means that there is no relevant attribution to the Trump Administration which is working relentlessly to bring law and order to the Southern Border Crisis.

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