Elijah Cummings et’al

After years of constant attacks and seditious disparaging of the Trump administration by an utterly obstructive House and Congress – a little justified criticism and factual feedback on those who are continuing this Anti-Trump i.e.: Elijah Cummings et’al gaslighting rhetoric with its insidious pattern of perverting and adultering the facts by taking statements out of context or literally making stuff up; now we see this seditious nonsense all over the CNN MSM PBS MSNBC ABC CBS – the mockingbird press is going at it again but what would we expect? It’s impossible to press real facts and real world analysis with this mainstream complex because it deals selectively with scripted fake news [DS] propaganda and race baiting rhetoric. Makes me ill to observe this ‘garbage talk’ – realizing how it is corrupting [reactively seeding] the public’s [emotional] mindset.

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