Last Days [iP5]50

The external scene of American Politics

The demonicratic HRC / DNC [Bush Clinton Obama] ‘party’ is demonstrating its true colors of vested criminal interests, sedition and treason against the U.S. Constitutional Republic; American Citizens; and the philosophical principles for which this Nation stands. We have radical socialists with public miscreants and a sexually deviant, psychologically disturbed, severely mentally ill and grossly misinformed constituency being brainwashed and mind controlled with anti-human anti-constitutional propaganda for decades now staged by [DS] [CIA] mainstream mockingbird press and social media gaslighting with ‘psychological projection’ being its party line voice defiling the rule of law and common sense. It is time for a reformation with full disclosure of the real world and cosmic reality that many now know represents the future of humanity and life on this earth. Psycho-political criminals need to be extricated in order to bring about a moral and ethical restitution of American Society and National Heritage. The criminal interests represented by the DNC need to be revealed, purged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of civil law. There is no better time than now to do this job.

Cancer is big business – as well as a population control device. Curing cancer requires addressing that vested interest as a significant portion of the economy runs off of its perpetuation. The cure has been known all along. The medical healthcare and pharmaceutical industries exploit illness from cradle to grave – so this factor of crimes against humanity needs to be addressed as the priority.

Demonicrats don’t have a legitimate platform. The nonsense being debated is nonsense that appeals to a MSM ‘cultivated’ delusional constituency that remains ignorant of real world, forensic and scientific facts. Demonicrats are an insult to the common intelligence. This pseudo-political presentation is a contest between psycho-criminal insanity or patriotic constitutional integrity.

‘They’ are like us perhaps because we are like them and we are all together in this local universe? Perhaps we all share common or ET DNA? The biggest secret is mind controlling the populations whether here or ‘out there’ – it’s not a new theme. It just is the way it is. Human beings are waking up to their core reality. Seems like a good time for an awakening. The problem is the overload of strategic or ‘official’ disinformation. We need to extricate the psycho-criminals both near and far – as criminals will be criminals wherever in the universe. Psycho Criminality didn’t start with human beings. The psychopaths come in many exotic flavors.

First thing to realize is that these Muslim Radicals as well as other forms of radicals do not ascribe to the rules of law because their faith or ideology is above such things. One does what they figure is expedient no matter if it is breaking the laws of whatever land they may find themselves operating in. The rules of law don’t apply to them and the only crime is getting caught and publicly exposed – in which case their supportive party of demonicrats will give them sanctuary – now even in Congress. These are criminal psycho-politicians and the rules of law do not apply to them – but perhaps a military tribunal would be well suited.

Lets continue to be stupid about the facts and about the real time crisis at the southern border. Obstruct obstruct obstruct. Such nonsense. Is it now considered patriotic to be as stupid as you can be? Obstruction obstruction obstruction is the order of the demonicratic platform. All these propositions are founded in seditious obstruction. Forget it! Just do what needs to be done and stop all this nonsense.

Squad Member Tlaib is the very personification of emotional ignorance. Such a fraud! She has absolutely no idea what she is talking about not dissimilar to Special Counsel Mueller. She is running a script and she thinks this has some kind of political power. She is deluded by whatever mind control program she has been subjected to.

Forget ‘Democrat’ it’s Demonicrat today. These are literally demons – little ‘Rules for Radicals’ demons whatever …. the gate has been opened letting these little demons in! Now is the time for Revelation and for all we can see it is happening and Trump is catalyzing it as we speak. Amen!

We might compare the government with organized crime. Certainly organized crime has a leading part to play in it. The FBI and CIA appear to be fronts for organized crime and its inter-weave with the [MIC] Military Industrial Complex and the Fed [Follow the Money]. These operatives have spun a web of legal protection or immunity as it might be for a special ‘elite’ class of political operatives who are above the law of the land, the Constitution and its Rules of Law. This is a secret society club. Today we are seeing these criminals and others complicit revealed for who they really are and what they really represent. I think it’s amazing that the U.S. Constitution has survived and at this critical moment in geopolitical time is providing the means by which this criminal infusion with its special relationship within the government bureaucracy can and will be sorted out. This is the real test, the real game in town now. Trump’s Administration has taken the lead in Making America Great Again. It was Great in its Revolutionary Influence as was exemplified by the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and its establishment embodied by the U.S. Constitution as a Political Philosophy for the World. It has been infiltrated over the last 250 years by external [Crown] interests but a core remained throughout preparing for the time we are experiencing today.

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