[DS] Orchestrations

So let me see if I’ve got this right – it is being ‘officially’ stated the number of these [DS] orchestrated mass shootings has been increased over the course of the Trump Administration to suggest that it’s because of Trump’s Presidential Rhetoric that this violence is increasing – but not to say it’s the [DS] doubling down on its psycho-political orchestrations against Trump? Now there’s some psycho-political ‘Projecting’ mumbo jumbo for ya followed by [DS] ‘Gaslighting’ narratives presented by scripted CNN MSM PBS etc. Fake News Mockingbird Press releases to control the public mindset. I ask you – how cool is that!?! And now it’s Schumer again – as if we didn’t see that coming! It’s all part of the demonicratic playbook. Over and over the same pathological pattern. Just need to connect the dots to see where this is going. Another mass distraction to be repeated as deemed necessary to the psycho-emotional effect. How many times now to date? The people respond emotionally as expected. Not logical. Going to be interesting to see how this time pans out….. These mass shooting events are not just about the 2nd Amendment it’s now about associating [DS]targeted ‘opposition’ individuals and groups such as Qanon or others designated as ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ etc. with acts of terrorism and violence. Such events being staged and scripted for CNN MSM PBS Fake News Mockingbird Press releases. So, we have False Flags staged and scripted and edited Fake News orchestrations with many loose ends that need to be censored. It’s now Brave New World Productions Inc.! With every ‘official’ [DS] ‘source’ of ‘Scripted Authoritative Gaslighting Projection’ routines being orchestrated to forward a tactical [DS] mind control agenda.

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