Last Days [iP5]53

The external scene of American Politics

The truth be told the demonicratic party highlighted by its leftist radicals has nothing but criminal contempt for the U.S. Constitution and its Rule of Law despite their oaths of office. Obviously their seditious ideology supersedes (in their mindset) its established center of authority with a socialist Anti-American (Crown) NWO (globalist) agenda. Theirs is a covertly treasonous mental attitude which must be revealed for what it really represents – certainly not American Citizens or the American Republic. Demonicrats constituency is nothing but a party blinded by hate as witnessed in their oozing seditious commentaries resonating hate all the while projecting that hate onto their political targets in statements completely devoid of real world facts or any forensic reality. They are revealing themselves for what they really are – petty seditious artifacts.

Seems the trigger word is Trump. It’s got to be opposed if Trump supports it even if it’s common sense. We are living in a culture that glorifies criminality, violence, obscenity and occult psychic darkness – witnessed constantly – on the radio, in movies and on tv, in the performing arts and in literature magazines and books – constant promotion and advertising of violence – where video games play an influential part. Original video and virtual reality game entertainments were developed for military training purposes filled with psy-ops type themes. These are conditioning the minds of children and adults into psychotic mindsets. This is more than obvious for forensic analysis. This is a significant problem to be logically addressed as these are major contributors promoting a culture of violence with mental illness and anti-social psychotic behaviors especially where gun violence is glorified.

The psycho-criminal psychopathic mind psycho political puppet of Satan doesn’t know anything but their reality dramatization. They think this is the way it is and the mode of personal (ego-centric) success. Little do they know that this is the illusion of a delusional reality that they think is the successful way to be. Little do they know of their own psychosis. They project their own criminal activity onto others especially their opposition targets because they ‘know’ this is the way everyone else is. Not so! But they can’t see the world any other way. Such psychopathic personalities must be contained for the security and well-being of the common population as well as all the rest of life on earth.

Everything is known. The question is who is controlling that information and what is their intention for doing so. The technology hasn’t come from here or through some pseudo-scientific theory of evolution. Demonicrats and other ‘party’ confederates have no place to go or hide from the information [data] profile that’s known about them. So the question is who is controlling their personal profile information now? The previous establishment has been a psycho-criminal infiltration which exploits order out of chaos; manufactured chaos for their purposes of exploitation – but that establishment is now in a process of deconstruction and disintegration. Now these psycho-criminals will have their day (in the court) of public revelation. Will the human population be rational enough to appreciate what is going on? Continued existence of the human race depends upon this threshold of moral recognition.

AOC Inc. is modeling after the Clinton / Obama Foundation frauds. They never thought she would lose…. AOC is scripted puppet and the scriptwriter will necessarily be in the background despite any PR resignations for civil and federal crimes. Rules for Radicals apply for these characters and their pseudo-ideological obsessions..

Subsequently advised that localities (cities states) of these mass shootings or related type events receive substantial compensatory funds from the Federal Government and this is big financial business. Now it would be very interesting to see what happens (or happened) with these funds as there have been scores of these tragic events. With all the criminal psycho-political deceptions involved (and that we have compelling forensic data on!) it wouldn’t just be a ‘conspiracy theory’ to suggest that the orchestrating of such events also implies significant financial interests in addition to hot targeting of heavily politicized issues. Such premeditated ‘operations’ can be considered that pathological from multiple perspectives.

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