Dear Senator Harris

Dear Senator Harris,

Words do not suffice for constructive actions. All kinds of public service and welfare actions run by government bureaucracies staffed by administrators and service office facilities consume 80% of any financial appropriations at the tax-payers expense. What this represents is an exploitative bureaucracy. The most critical issues facing our Constitutional Republic are not only ‘not being addressed’ – these issues are being seditiously obstructed to the end of destroying the American Cultural Heritage. Socialism is a dialectic political ‘deconstructive process’ involved in transformational globalism with an agenda that promotes the eradication of National Sovereignty and its founding Constitutional Principles and Political Philosophy ultimately replacing it with an elitist exceptionalism (i.e.: pseudo-intellectual supremacists and criminals) in an authoritarian slash totalitarian globalist [NWO] dictatorship which will result in an inevitable human [ELE] depopulation reduced to a predetermined quota of Human Slaves to Monolithic Neo-Feudalistic Globalist Corporations. Proposing bills that just offer a lot of ‘free stuff’ to illegal immigrants and a welfare debtor population provided at the working taxpayers expense represents a hypocritical political singularity that will inevitably ‘self destruct’ into a world of violent psycho-criminal social and cultural chaos. Just say No to this!

Best Regards,

Christopher Pearson

Born American Boston Ma. 1950 and a long term witness to the generationally degenerative [DS] processes of America’s demise.

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