Greta Thunberg meets Richard Hogg and Antifa – the new Brownshirt’s ‘poster childs’ of the demonic-rats’ radical liberal fascists platform remanufactured for our American times. Cultivating madness with hyperbolic gaslighting projected lunatic emotionalism targeting the most naive and impressionable elements of our society and with public education and university infiltration now over many decades and multiple generations – we have these elemental children splitting school and demonstrating by the millions in the streets deploying prefabricated mantras of concocted insanity sponsored by high tech social media platforms and their corporate MSM [CNN MSNBC PBS etc….] ‘fake news’ and public disinformation broadcasting propaganda networks. To those with eyes to see and intelligence to know – it’s just what this [DS] scam is and where it’s being instigated and enabled from. This is institutionalized ‘Depth Psychological’ [MK-Ultra style] mind control / mental programming [by design] for the premeditated deconstruction and disintegration [Socialism] of our American Heritage as well as Classical World Culture – deploying a ‘dialectic process’ now engendered as the ‘Progressive’ geopolitical order of the day.

Hitler didn’t invent the Brownshirts or NAZI propaganda – he was ‘underwritten’ by those who did; and these same ‘underwriting’ agencies are active today and seemingly dominant in American Politics.

There are several essential ingredients to a righteous conservative [MAGA] platform including:

Building the Wall Controlling Southern Border illegal immigrations and mass migrant infiltrations especially human (drugs and sex) trafficing cartels and terrorist cells as [DS] orchestrated invasions of the USA.

Securing the sacred legitimate voting process with Voter ID and strictly monitored fair elections eliminating illegal voting and seditiously orchestrated voter fraud.

Reigning in the fascist [DS] corporate MSM fake news and public disinformation and instituting real news and public information platforms to inform democratic due process and social enlightenment of the very real and genuinely critical issues that need to be addressed for our times.

Maintaining the strongest and most advance military and uniformed services pursuant to the ideals of the US Constitutional Republic in their sworn oaths of office.

Restructuring of the US monetary system and international trade deals for rebuilding the economy with a viable legal financial standing and rebuilding America’s infrastructure and natural landscape providing millions of real jobs for universally prosperous quality of life with a high tech future.

Draining the Swamp [DS] of criminal syndicates that have progressively infiltrated the US and State Governments with bloated criminal crony bureaucracies that exist only for the financial gain of political hacks and social abusers by re-establishing a Conservative US Constitutional Judiciary.

Purging the corrupted Education and University system of its seditious radical socialist; and so called ‘progressive’ vested interests – purging all the corrupted elements of radical curriculae and its social engineering mind programming and controlling disinformation brainwashing of students with institutional corruption.

The list could go on but these are some of the most essential targets for the [MAGA] Conservative  political platform..

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