Battle Lines Being Drawn

Obviously the Deep State [DS = MIC = Crown] infiltration has created a psycho-criminal culture of unelected players corporate demigods and psycho-political operatives with the most sophisticated and insidious propaganda machine of all times intent on controlling consensus reality within this undercurrent of modern civilization. It is essential to protect defend and forward the U.S. Constitutional Republic as a Government of the People by the People and for the People under God as the Creator of the most just living principle for the future of Humanity and, most critically, as a patriotic bastion against this aborning fascist [AI] neo-feudalistic corporatocracy comprised of megalomaniacal [satanic] demigods and psycho-criminal constituencies hell bent on total [Full Spectrum] domination of our world. For those with eyes to see – this is what’s at stake in the current geopolitical climate – it’s a battle for one’s mind – a choice between psychological deception or cultural enlightenment – a battle between Freedom or Slavery. These deceivers know all the tricks and stratagems of mind control and depth psychological programming as we now witness these battle lines being drawn. This is the choice in the upcoming 2020 democratic election; it’s simply a clear choice between Good and Evil as has been written in scriptures throughout the History of Humanity on our planet.

About 2012 Convergence

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