I Have Been a Witness


I have been a witness of these ‘goings on’ since before the JFK assassination (along with over a hundred orchestrated political assassinations of the same period in American history) – it’s clear enough to me what is ‘going on’ with the [DS] Deep State [Crown] apparatus in American politics over these post WW2 decades to the present time. We know who and what they are and what they represent but it hasn’t been until Donald Trump made the Presidential scene that there was any hope that this organized Treason against the American Republic would be revealed and prosecuted for what it really represents = pure demonic evil infiltrating within our U.S. Constitutional gates. Make no mistake about it – this evil is premeditatedly hell bent on destroying the U.S. Constitutional Sovereignty of its Nation State along with the Divine ideals that it represents to Humanity and the World. Since the 60’s there has been an active campaign of dumbing down the American Mind and we can see this travesty in every aspect of American culture today – social chaos dialectically fostered at every turn of the historic page. Just the idea that something can now actually be done about it was way beyond the horizon of previous administrations – as these ‘faux’ Presidents were merely [PR] pawns [Clowns] forwarding this insidious agenda. Make no mistake about it – 2020 is going to be the most interesting year in American politics since the American Declaration of Independence circa 1776! 

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