Satanic Evil Personified

I knew these creatures like the Bush’s and the Clinton’s and the Obama’s and the Biden’s and their [DS] ilk (Adam Schiff along with his Congressional host come to mind) and acolytes (like ‘The Squad’) they are really demonic spawn inside as psychopaths with [PR] ‘cover stories’ seen at face value – just an appearance as politicians and the like. Being pathological liars whose power derives from their convincing and compelling deceptions – they are in fact just lying to your face through their teeth. They are actually guilty of the most incomprehensible crimes against humanity all the while maintaining an ‘altruistic facade’ custom profiled for public consumption along with their constituencies. Now President Trump is revealing these psychopathic demons for all the world to see – and this is why they are obsessively attacking him with all the devious power that they imagine that they’ve got; and as they have habitually entrenched themselves in strategic positions in the society and especially in the government posing as the ‘epitome of culture’ – they can now be seen to be just demons in disguise. With exposure we are beginning to see them as they really are – satanic evil personified!

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