Congressional ‘Balls of Yarns’

We don’t seem to have a real congress. It looks like a sort of absurd stock exchange for political currency and concessions of money and power with nothing to do with representing or serving the people or the nation. There’s networks for organized crime and pay to plays aligned to advancing a dark agenda which is anti-american and anti-constitutional and appears to me signifies that the Enemies of this Nation have infiltrated into the very body of congress today. I don’t see any way forward for the country but through a timely Declaration of Martial Law under the direction of a strong righteous leadership; and such leaders so far in the field don’t get any better than Donald Trump in this regard. The current congress is irredeemable beyond revealing its corruption to the people for taking appropriate justice and this appears to be an ongoing process manifesting now as a massive Shakespearean ‘Theater of the Absurd’. Patience is a virtue as what is revealing has to be un-raveled from impossibly tangled ‘balls of yarns’, as these tangled facts are made known there’s no doubt all of this is being taken into account and analyzed for the most appropriate and expedient due process.

About 2012 Convergence

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