The HRC Party

It is time to take legal action against this treason. The demonic-rats (the HRC party) do not recognize the facts of President Trump or his administration’s actions and accomplishments in any way shape or form – their only focus is how to nullify and get rid of him no matter the Constitution or the People. HRC is the party of embedded criminal cronyism which never thought it would loose in 2016 and as such its criminal acts and intentions would never be exposed. Their claims and actions against President Trump are flat out projections designed for damage control. To psycho-political criminals due process is whatever they say it is as long as they can get away with it – and this is what we see. This impeachment hoax is a malicious fraud and must be exposed for what it is and shut down by due process. Start right now with arresting Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi for their obvious sedition and treason. It’s time for some ‘Housecleaning’ in Congress and it starts with these two criminals and goes ‘up the lineup’ from there….

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