Hell to Pay

These demonic-rats aka Nancy Pelosi Adam Schiff Chucky Schumer Jerry Nadler and their host of criminally seditious lunatics with their CNN MSM NYT and WaPo scripted fake news Mockingbird Media and Propaganda networks – obviously they must assume Americans are utterly stupid now – that their decades long project of Dumbing Down the American Mind is a fait accompli in their psycho-political mindsets – that Patriots are supposed to just roll over and play dead – psychopaths never do get it right – what these criminally seditious traitors have been doing is becoming so very obvious that the American Public is beginning to wake up and it’s about time! Also about time for some legitimate prosecutions. Looks like that’s the name of the game now. If Common Sense Patriots don’t carry the day America and the World will have much more than hell to pay…..

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