Reconciling False Reality

Um…. I don’t know about all this skepticism. We do know OBL died from serious health problems December 2001. So, it’s clear BHO faked his ‘taking out’ in 2011 as well as murdering the Seal Team that did the fake op so they couldn’t testify. We also know that 9/11 was a [FF] ‘inside job’ and that OBL didn’t do it – obviously. But now you can track this ‘officialdom’ back through the pretexts of WW 1&2 as well as most other wars with all of these pretexts becoming ‘official’ history. This is the culture we are living in today. Trump must walk a tightrope through all of this ‘official’ deception. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel? We’ve got to get our history story straight otherwise millions including all the American Servicemen would historically have died in vain. This is the reality (or false reality) of the world we are living in. How would you unravel all of this into a beneficial outcome?

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