The Soul [iP5r1a]

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Jiva – Wikipedia

Bhagavad Gita – Wikipedia

“The position of isvara is that of supreme consciousness. The jivas, or the living entities, being parts and parcels of the Supreme Lord, are also conscious.

In the first six chapters of Bhagavad-gita, the knower of the body, the living entity, and the position by which he can understand the Supreme Lord are described. In the middle six chapters of the Gita, the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the relationship between the individual soul and the Supersoul in regard to devotional service are described. The superior position of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the subordinate position of the individual soul are definitely defined in these chapters. The living entities are subordinate under all circumstances, but in their forgetfulness they are suffering. When enlightened by pious activities, they approach the Supreme Lord in different capacities-as the distressed, those in want of money, the inquisitive, and those in search of knowledge. That is also described. Now, starting with the Thirteenth Chapter, how the living entity comes into contact with material nature, how he is delivered by the Supreme Lord through the different methods of fruitive activities, cultivation of knowledge, and the discharge of devotional service are explained. Although the living entity is completely different from the material body, he somehow becomes related. This also is explained.”

Recall in Scientology the ‘genetic entity’ which holds the biological form of the body and registers its biological and instinctual requirements. Then we have the ‘Thetan’ or the ‘Soul’ as agency of the will (willful intentional self-determination the doer) and ‘Oversoul’ (witnessing the seer knower) and we have the Body Oriented and Conditioned Personality Psychological Complex – of the ’ego’.

It is interesting that ‘‘body’’ is referred to as a field; perhaps likened to Rupert Sheldrake’s ’Morphogenetic Field’ or ’Field of Formative Causation’ made manifest through a structured process of ’Morphic Resonance’. One might consider these states as the Soul’s resonant residence! The Field involves and integrates all ’idiosyncratic factors’ of the body’s uniquely predisposed environmental (particular and peculiar) circumstances of existence ’Karma’ as dynamic existential factors of Field Resonance.

Ātman (Hinduism) – Wikipedia

“Knowing Ātman, also referred to as self-knowledge, is one of the defining themes of all major orthodox schools of Hinduism, but they diverge on how. In Hinduism, self-knowledge is the knowledge and understanding of Atman, what it is, and what it is not. Hinduism considers Atman as distinct from the ever-evolving individual personality characterized with Ahamkara (ego, non-spiritual psychological I-ness Me-ness), habits, prejudices, desires, impulses, delusions, fads, behaviors, pleasures, sufferings and fears. Human personality and Ahamkara shift, evolve or change with time, state the schools of Hinduism; while, Atman doesn’t. Atman, state these schools, is the unchanging, eternal, innermost radiant self that is unaffected by personality, unaffected by ego of oneself, unaffected by ego of others; Atman is that which is ever-free, never-bound, one that seeks, realizes and is the realized purpose, meaning, liberation in life. Puchalski states, “the ultimate goal of Hindu religious life is to transcend individually, to realize one’s own true nature”, the inner essence of oneself, which is divine and pure.”


I was born into a preexisting set of circumstances. This is REALITY Fact #1. The implied purpose is to be that personal worldly entanglement because that’s the primary reality just as it is being prompted by one’s unique circumstances of birth. One must then assume that this is the nature of Karma which itself implies a Karmic Resolution. In fact this is an empirical imperative not only instinctual survival but as the Laws of Karma applying to the very facts of one’s being in the first place. REALITY Fact #2 implies one’s understanding of the world’s consequential conditions of existence. Reality Fact #3 is the acquisition of Self-Knowledge as an experiential process of Self-Inquiry throughout the course of one’s adventures in the world. This becomes one’s fundamental purpose for their lifetime in the world. Myriad temptations test one’s resolve not to be led astray into self-delusions and carnal bondage. REALITY Fact #4 is Death and what comes after. Acceptance of one’s circumstantial facts allows one to practice in accordance with the wisdom of these factors just as they are and not as illusionary aspects of dreams or personal fantasies. REALITY Fact #5 is the Immanently Transcendent Reality of Self-Realization and the Infinite Reality of GOD.

I have come to realize and understand that the Supreme Consciousness enables my self-conscious experience and confers its understanding according to the uniquely patterned circumstantial reality of my experience and my understanding of what it means – this is all imparted by God. This is how I know what I know! It’s simply this. Being of my being, Knowing of my knowing, the Infinite underlying power of my abilities to see, do, create and experience anything. GOD is Infinite and where all the Powers of Creation Ultimately Abide!

The scale of our progress involves lower conditional states of being and for my own part that which colors my experiences with a collage of personal defects such is the circumstantial or Karmic foundation upon which I’m traveling a seemingly very rocky road – everything I do is way far from perfection. I would suppose a lifelong learning curve customized in a way that no one else on this earth would or could understand. Acceptance of the Laws of Karma immanently invested in every experiential breath that I take; where patience and tolerance are virtues to accept things as they really are, not apologetically to excuse some self-imagined defect – but because it’s seemingly defective only due to a lack of understanding of the Divine Nature of Experience, any experience no matter how perceived. The moment past is what it is – as a matter of fact. Acceptance is invested in each and every Singularity of Creation ad finitum. Regret is a Fools Parade!

… be continued

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