Last Days Part Three [iP5r1ed7]

So, the impeachment hoax goes into next phase. President Trump will be re-elected if only for the entertainment value of his administration! A demonicratic victory in 2020 will result in a civil war bloodbath and total destruction of the American society and economy – how would you choose? That is if you half an analytical brain cell left after the CNN MSN PBS NYT and WaPo saturation mind controlled carpet bombing of the American mindset – how would you choose? Entertainment or Annihilation? That’s what it really boils down to. My choice for 2020 is more than clear!

Maxine is disgusting and an insult to humanity. That’s obvious. Her spewing of hate is a direct indicator of her own negligence and crimes against her own constituencies. She is psychotic by all definitions of the word – mad max – self-indulgence and self-enrichment with psycho-criminal and psycho-political insanity. Pretty much sums Maxine up!

As President Trump intimates – we haven’t seen anything yet – the sheet is about to hit the fan! The human mind was ‘engineered’ to be programmable (the ego) so what you see is what you get through the filtered lens of that programming. Those who are acting out are acting out like puppets according to their mental programming just as their programmers [MSM etc…] (masters) are pulling their strings. They don’t yet realize that they have been programmed. That realization is a first step. No sense in trying to endlessly negotiate with their programming as it will just respond with (egocentric) madness.

In the ideal sense the people’s (citizens) representatives are elected by the citizens to represent the people’s issues and concerns but instead we have the representatives of elitists oligarchs scripting their MSM Mockingbird Presstitutes with pseudo-intellectual narratives orchestrating mainstream social media networks implanting public mindsets telling the people what to think and how to mindlessly act out in society. A total inverse of Constitutional due process and intent. Instead of a government of the people, by the people and for the people we a “The Swamp” which is a [DS] psycho-political mafia of self-serving elitist criminals lining their own pockets at the citizen taxpayer’s expense.

The political disinformation goes both ways, unfortunately. DTjr should be more savvy than this. We know that demonicrats are covering for their psycho-political criminality and this is what needs to be exposed. Russia is not the enemy – in fact we share a common enemy. Criminal psycho-politicians orchestrating their Mass Mind Controlling MSM Mockingbird Presstitutes spewing out fake news and disinformation are the real enemy of the Nation and its citizens. The source of this [DS] anti-constitutional ‘shadow government’ is the real enemy of the people.

What does ‘Ann’ represent? She is covert opposition to the Trump Administration. Speaks like a Conservative acts like a demonicrat. The object here is ‘Draining the Swamp’. The ‘Swamp’ is obstructing every initiative of the Trump Administration that addresses all her talking point criticisms – it is the demonicratic obstruction that is the target and the reason why these critical initiatives are not getting done. If she can’t figure that out then she’s just playing dumb.

Sooner or later it’s all going to trace back to ‘The Crown’ – and bloodlines. What do we mean by bloodlines? The 1982 science of genetics according to DNA and the recently ‘discovered’ genetic code that continuously reproduces the human body. We have the ‘Book of Genesis’ in our Judaic scriptures as a testament to the genetic engineering of Homo Sapiens or the Human Race as we know ourselves to be. An ‘awakening’ of human self-consciousness and its attendant reality. The Human Race was endowed with its non-human progenitor’s genes. This ‘Progenitor’ is re-resented by the Sumerian God Enki in the Sumerian Creation Epic. There are seemingly random distributions of gene expressions and characteristics that ’emulate’ various attributes, talents and abilities of the [ET] Progenitor’s genetic endowments for the building of civilizations and empires under the Progenitor’s Propriety. A customized ‘Bloodline’ of Kings and Queens was established as the designated ruling class. We see this madness today as ‘The Crown’ in Britain today. No doubt a severely degenerated and miscreant genetic line today – a Satanic Brew! The story of humanity.

We now have a working definition for the ‘scum of the earth’ and that would be CNN MSM Mockingbird Media Presstitutes – actors all – simulcasting their [DS] Fake News scripts to mind control the public mindsets with formulated disinformation. CNN MSNBC ABC CBS PBS (even FOX) USA Today NYT WaPo and all their Mockingbird networked affiliates. They are all the #1 Enemies of the State because they are controlling public information and mainstream social media discourse with fake news, prefabricated opinions, public disinformation, censorship, and with seditious memes that corrupt the public mindset. If they were true genuine journalists with any level of personal integrity they would honor their Constitutionally mandated 1st Amendment responsibilities to provide relevant public information for the benefit of citizens of our Nation by relaying real news and real forensic facts – instead they honor only money, celebrity status and more money. They’re all frauds, imposters and hypocrites. The ‘Pundit Class’ – A National Disgrace!

If there’s a problem with funding the government this may be a contributing reason: Ukraine is ‘Ground Zero’ for Obama Era demonicratic corruption – of the DNC and HRC’s Clinton (money laundering – i.e.: U.S. Taxpayer Dollars used as aid and loan guarantees) Foundation ‘quid pro quo’ ‘pay for play’ international diplomacy. To be clear, these entities are embezzling U.S. Taxpayer Dollars for huge kickbacks from these deals, in the billions, into their fraudulent ‘Foundations’ and private financial corporations which they are sharing with and enriching their criminal cronies and their sons and daughters. This is stealing from the American people in order to line their own pockets – which is obviously Treason. Their ‘impeachment’ coup against the duly elected and sitting President Trump and his Administration is at the very least an attempt to cover up and bury the previous administrations high crimes and misdemeanors with complicit [DS] Mainstream Media Mockingbird Presstitutes of Fake News that’s in their pocket. This is what ‘The Swamp’ is all about.

YT Censorship has started in designated search algorithms like today’s search for ‘impeachment’ updates yields stale-dated returns – a change from yesterday’s returns which were current in terms of hours now it’s weeks and months old. We’ll see if this is trending. Majority of your YT Vids are timed out in a couple of seconds. YT is Censoring something new this morning also in search algorithms FYI.

Ambassador Sondland stated that it was his ‘presumption’ that there was ‘something’ and that earlier he had gotten the opinion that there was ‘something’ he had read in the NYT – you know ‘Nancy’s – “Wrap up Smear” tactic’ posted in the NYT. What’s established is the President communicated to him directly he ‘wanted Nothing’ no quid pro quo, no bribery, no extortion no ‘Nothing’. So how about we stop with the malicious fake news crap and end this total waste of America’s time and taxpayer’s money and now get down to doing ‘something’ real for the Nation – like some honest business of state for a change and dispense with all this seditious nonsense?

If anyone is going to wake up they’ve got to realize what the MSM is doing to the public mindset. Media Corporations are mind controlling the general population and those who are behind these Media Corporations are also controlling public education and higher education curriculum. Once one becomes aware of the real facts of their reality these distinctions become very clear and you can see exactly what ‘they’ are doing.

What was really happening while all this impeachment distraction was diverting our attention away? The Global Infrastructure – the International Corporations and their networks – what are they constantly building for the future while we are sleepwalking through an artificially effected ‘trance state’ virtual reality? The contrast renders this ‘impeachment’ drama in Congress a parade of fools for the public mind entrainment.

Do we really understand what is happening here in regards to the ‘Bigger Picture’; a picture that includes all that we don’t see because it isn’t mentioned in the mainstream MSM news and social media because we aren’t supposed to know of it.

It’s interesting to note that the Iranian Press is reporting on American politics with the liberal demonicratic bias. This should give one a clue as to who’s who and what’s what in geopolitics.

Joe Biden is such a pathological liar he must be making BHO blush! Projection much? They’re all pathological liars – that’s their psycho-political op basis – they call it ‘political science’ demonicratic style. Knowing the facts (truth) exposes their arts of deception – alas they thrive on ignorance and self-delusion.

Their ‘evil’ is a self-reflective projection that instigates an evil reaction from others simply because it’s an obscene and hateful thing – for which an ‘evil’ constituency provides and then condemns what itself instigates into hate crimes as a psycho-political stratagem. It’s the same with such hosts of negative emotional reactions and self-destructive acts.

The psycho-emotional expressions of all these Fake News and Late Show Comedicks – talking heads – they are the same. It’s a dead pan giveaway to the creature behind their [PR] masks; Public Disinformation and Deception is the name of their game. This is the perennial enemy of the people – [DS] disinformation agents – agent provocateurs – they present themselves as CNN MSM MSNBC ABC CBS PBS NYT WaPo USA Today along with their complicit social media network affiliates. Mockingbird Media Presstitutes all simulcasting their Fake News across the nation (and the world) – all dramatizing their scripts with the same psycho-emotional expressions. It’s plain as can be what’s really going on with them. Time to break this [DS] induced ‘Trance State’ reality – time to awaken to the Truth of it!

Recent house ‘impeachment’ hoax testimony has demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt the ‘phantom whistleblower’ is a figment of imagination – which means a lie. On a tangible level the ‘phantom whistleblower’ is a C_A transformation of a covert operation. A [DS] operation designed to smear the President of which all the demonicratic operatives on this Congressional Stage are directly complicit. How stupid do these psycho-politicians consider American Citizens to be? What we are witnessing is utter contempt for everything Patriotic Americans stand for.

To think that the demonicratic house carries on with this ‘impeachment’ fraud abandoning all their Constituted business of protecting National Interests while sending Americans off to fight die and be maimed in foreign wars for what? American Patriots in their minds and hearts serving fighting protecting and defending for God and Country – just what are we witnessing with these seditious house demonicrats in Congress? And who is profiting from all this Traitorous nonsense thats been going on for decades now? The words ‘scum of the earth’ come to mind. I think we need to reconsider what is happening here? Drain the Swamp is right on point! ‘Somethings’ need be done…..

Nice the demonicratic ‘Projection’ mode is now understood. Seems to be the limits of their ‘Impeachment’ imagination is to project their own crimes re-scripted onto President Trump and other targeted members of the Republican Administration. Rule of thumb is: whatever the demonicrats accuse the Trump Administration of is a reverse image of their own crimes as a ‘cover up’ to direct attention elsewhere and an expedient clue to what should be investigated. The demonicrats are banking on the idea that a majority of Americans are stupid enough to buy into their seditious nonsense.

The American Revolution against the Despotic Crown [DS = Despotic State = Deep State] was only a first skirmish in the ongoing establishment of the U.S. Constitutional Republic – a Revolution still going on today after centuries of [DS] Crown infiltration with usurpation of the U.S. Military as a Crown Mercenary Force for its continuing World Wars and Globalist Geopolitical Agenda. Current events signify a watershed moment in American history with the final confrontation occurring within the U.S. Congress between [DS] Crown infiltrated ‘agent imposters’ (demonic-rats) and Republican Conservative Constitutionalists.

Arrest Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff for Treason = Betrayal after Public Trust = Imaginary Whistleblowers and Fabricated Testimony Before The American People. This decades long damage to the Nation – need to stop this Sedition of Congress; just as the Human and Drug Trafficking Invasion from across the Southern Border – these are apparently one and the same source. It’s not about partisan political power, it’s about the Globalist’s ‘Crown Corporate’ Agenda that’s psycho-criminally antithetical to the original U.S. Constitution. It’s about the real enemy of the American Nation. ‘They’ are demonstrating nothing but contempt for Patriotic American Citizens.

What ‘people’ are now awake? The ‘impeachment’ hoax is for the benefit of the MSM CNN etc. fake news production. How many ‘people’ are forming their opinions from this mainstream [DS] disinformation machine? How will the Barr and Durham AG/IG reports get communicated to the ‘people’ on a bypass of the MSM media monopoly and its alt media censorship? The House is claiming some utterly perverted legal prerogatives as the legal high ground – what authority is going to supersede the House? This critical play is going to require enforcement by Military Tribunals as its last resort. People who are getting their information from alternative sources know the facts but those who are getting their disinformation from MSM CNN sources actually ‘believe’ in an alternate reality – I know because I’m surrounded by them and they are utterly clueless of and don’t even want to know the real facts. Communication here is critical – the real question is how are the real facts going to ‘get through’ to these misinformed millions? The radical left is fundamentally psychotic and there’s no ‘getting through’ to them no matter what the real facts are. So far we are just seeing a ‘rah rah’ for our side but that doesn’t really address the issue. I guess we’ll just have to see how this works out.

How about we learn from the ‘UFO’s’ themselves? First hand experience is worth 50 years of second hand speculations! The ‘Official Stories’ are a ‘Milky Way’ of lies and deceptions. Communication forms are telepathic impressions that compel definitions, like the experiences of the Prophets, these nonlinear forms must be translated into linear ‘conventional’ language forms. It will be interesting how Q addresses this subject. These interactions have been going on for millions of years just in terms of the current Galactic Year.

The ‘Phantom Whistleblower’ contrivance; a figment of Schiff’s imagination – no wonder security for the whistleblower is ‘Top Secret’ and must be protected at any cost. Schiff says he hasn’t met or spoken with the ‘Phantom Whistleblower’ – perhaps the only truth coming out of Schiff’s mouth because the ‘Phantom Whistleblower’ doesn’t really exist! Then we have a host of ‘witnesses’ who are ‘not witnesses’ – with allegation of DJT ‘intimidating a witness’ who isn’t really a witness after all! I must wonder just how much this demonicratic impeachment hoax is costing citizen taxpayers?

All those talking heads of CNN MSM MSNBC ABC CBS PBS NYT WaPo and Mockingbird Press Celebrities and Social Media Affiliates have auditioned for their parts to deliver Fake News and Public Disinformation Globalist Propaganda without a patriotic conscience. They appear as they are because these psycho-pathologically seditious personalities fit their [DS] scripted role models and characterizations. There is no sense trying to reason with them as they’re all actors on the Corporate Mass Media Stage well rewarded for being Press and Social Media Prostitutes for the Globalist Agenda and they know very well what they are being paid to do. The only solution is to deconstruct this insidious pseudo-reality MSM social matrix. If this insidious MSM propaganda culture isn’t taken down it will end up insidiously mind controlling every facet of everyone’s lives.

“All this for a damn flag” – the NLP king of psycho-politics – hmmmm someone else saw that too! How about that first BHO inaugural spectacle? Trance State Reality so many under its spell cast for 8 years and still. How to break this mindset and bring The People back to Divine Reality unified with a Patriotic common interest to MAGA and the work yet to be done for securing the Future of Humanity. The Plan? Is most compelling!

AOC has got to be an MK-Ultra doll. A programmable puppet! But this is the pseudo-reality that CNN MSM and PBS is mind controlling their viewer’s and public mindsets. I’ve been watching this mindset evolve into what we are witnessing in the streets and in the schools. Hard to imagine that she could be so illogically twisted.

The Mainstream Propaganda Machine has evolved throughout history, through World Wars One and Two, through the Cold War with Hot War contingents Korea Vietnam and Central America, the Gulf African Eurasian Wars, through JFK with host of political assassinations, 9/11 ‘Official Story’ and now with the President Trump ‘Impeachment Inquiry’ scam – CNN MSM and ‘Establishment’ Networks of Fake News Public Dis-Information and Censorship are complicit with these ‘Official Cover Stories’ which are pseudo-reality fabrications that inform public consensus opinions for the purpose of mind controlling the public mindset. This Corporate Mass Communications Multimedia and Social Media combination serves the Enemies of the U.S. Constitutional Republic and the People for which it stands. This Vast Propaganda Machine has evolved over centuries and millennia as the very art of Political Science today as it serves the Globalist Geopolitical Agenda. Those persons and countries that challenge this Demonic Hegemony do not exist for very long! Deconstructing this Satanic structure is going to take a ‘Divine Intervention’ because these cultural entanglements run so deep into the social infrastructure with such devious psycho-criminal complexity that it will take a miracle to expediently reconcile these elements in our current society without the whole world explosively self-destructing.

live action role-playing

A live action role-playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically portray their characters. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world while interacting with each other in character.

We now see what is happening with this ‘Impeachment Production’. With the insidious undercurrent pseudo-reality which the CNN MSM Mockingbird Media Press Fake News and Public Disinformation has been spinning, poisoning the public mindset over the past three years; it’s all being staged and characterized by their ‘pseudo-reality plot’ which is really a reverse image projection of their own criminal story onto President Trump to portray him as the villain in their pseudo-reality construct. All this is now percolating in the ongoing ‘Impeachment Inquiry’ theatrics which are feeding the twisted MSM characterizations to fit the plot. The target here is the American Mind – the public mindset and prospective voters for the 2020 Presidential Election. Schiff intends this ‘Impeachment Inquiry’ to continue no matter its forensic credibility because it’s all about feeding the MSM with evermore freshly contrived material for his media scriptwriters to spin and weave into their ongoing ‘twisted narrative’ storyline.

Future proves Past. History is a process of a moment to moment space time reality continuum as experienced through the circumstantial inertia of a self-conscious viewpoint of perception of a present moment self-identity. RV is relative to the fact that Truth is a particular and peculiar experiential singularity of time place form and event having a uniquely definitive set of cyclical space time coordinates.

The current financial system cannot be sustained much longer as its on a rocket curve to oblivion. The so called debt is a criminal conspiracy that will have to be deconstructed at an appropriate moment soon to come. Spending according to this hyper debt bubble is inevitable until the current financial system ends and a new financial system takes its place. “Paying off the Debt” is possible only by declaring it null and void in an event yet to come. The question becomes just ‘who’ do we as a sovereign nation owe this debt to and the answer to that is – legally no one as the current financial system is a criminal ponzi scheme that’s anti Constitutional. Making spurious commentary serves no useful purpose when what is about to happen is inevitable. Real debt in the private and public sector needs to be legitimately reconciled – person to person – but the Fed is, as it always was, Unconstitutional and therefore ultimately illegitimate – the criminals who are perpetrating this massive crime against humanity should be fully prosecuted and ultimately stripped of all their ill begotten wealth with the proceeds being returned to the people who they’ve been stealing it from now for centuries.

Hmmmm let me see now, in any logical sensible rational context – Adam Schiff ‘Invented the Whistleblower’ and since this really is just a figment of his imagination – well of course he never really met or spoke with the whistleblower because the whistleblower per se doesn’t actually exist. So now these psycho-political demonicrats are planning to bring in some [DS] (MK Ultra styled) ‘psychs’ to testify about DJT’s mental state? Pelosi is a seditious drunk who’s obviously suffering from multiple forms of mental illness; and then there’s HRC who’s obviously a raving criminally insane psychotic based on forensic evidence. We must pause for a moment and think this psycho-political madness through! How does any of this Congressional MSM spectacle make common sense?

School Shootings are a [DS] Orchestrated distraction. Expect much more of this kind of covert operation in the weeks to come.

Turkey was initially stealing Syrian oil through ISIS networks remember when Russia was asked by Assad to assist and its initial action was to ‘take out’ this oil tanker truck line going into Turkey under the aegis of Erdogan’s son. Seems like ‘sons’ of psycho-political players are in vogue! The current scene with this Syrian oil is still pending during which the U.S. Military is securing this oil pipeline. The rules of the terrorist game are being changed under the Trump Administration but it’s not an overnight process. I would support the Trump Administration at the very least as there is no other rational option at this time.

There are many levels of perception involved with what is going on in the world today. This impeachment focus on the psycho-political circus spectacle in Congress must be considered from the perspective of myriad converging complicities many outside the public political arena. The public mindset is being mind controlled by dominant media corporations which are strategic partners in promoting the Globalist Agenda; an agenda that is antithetical to Conservative Constitutional National Interests and citizen patriots. MSM especially CNN with its Mockingbird Media orchestrated fake news public disinformation and scripted propaganda is promoting a ‘pseudo-reality’ for what a majority of the people see and from which they assimilate their opinions irrespective of forensic facts or real world logic. This Seditious Corporate Media must be regulated by U.S. Constitutional authority in order to safeguard 1st Amendment protections for the educational benefit of The People and not the Globalist Agenda.

It’s evident that Schiff is orchestrating his ‘impeachment inquiry’ for the MSM Mockingbird Media to spin the spectacle into his pseudo reality for MSM viewing public to manufacture a demonicratic consensus mindset. The real target is this apparatus of mass mind control theatrics, including this scripted Congressional stage – and who is controlling it. Schiff is a [DS] puppet. He is doing what the [DS] is ‘compelling’ him to do. He’s not the ‘architect’ of this impeachment scam. He needs to testify under oath and unlimited bipartisan cross examination.

Still ‘paradoxed’ by the human body issue. The human body exists in the biological ecological environment for which it’s suitable and isn’t viable in ‘outer space’ no matter what the contrivance. Conventional ‘Star Trek’ adventures really don’t cut the reality and even still the environments on other planets are not suitable for the human body type to survive in. These factors seem ultimately prohibitive. We would like to see a presentation that honestly addresses this issue!

With the current state of high-tech planetary multi-media telecommunications networking spanning the Global ‘World Wide Web’ we can see clearly now the ‘Demonic Intervention’ involved with the [DS] Psycho-Political Apparatus. One can attribute this ‘Demonic Infiltration’ to whatever suits their imagination whether it be ‘Extraterrestrial’ or ‘Extra-Dimensional’ in modern parlance or ‘Mythological’ in the classical scriptural history it’s what we’ve got revealing itself today, especially in the U.S. Congress in this ‘Presidential Impeachment Hoax’. In Classical terms ‘Satanic’ influence is embodied by the ‘Lord of Illusions’ (mind control) which finds its power through lies and deceptions as its psycho-political modus operandi – to ‘Rule by Deception and Secrecy’ versus to ‘Rule under God’ which is the power of the Truth and Life of Divine Creation. These distinctions are being made obvious to all with ‘ears to hear and eyes to see’ through the current flow of Public Information.


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