Who Has The Ultimate Authority?

What ‘people’ are now awake? The ‘impeachment’ hoax is for the benefit of the MSM CNN etc. fake news production. How many ‘people’ are forming their opinions from this mainstream [DS] disinformation machine? How will the Barr and Durham AG/IG reports get communicated to the ‘people’ on a bypass of the MSM media monopoly and its alt media censorship? The House is claiming some utterly perverted legal prerogatives as the legal high ground – what authority is going to supersede the House? This critical play is going to require enforcement by Military Tribunals as its last resort. People who are getting their information from alternative sources know the facts but those who are getting their disinformation from MSM CNN sources actually ‘believe’ in an alternate reality – I know because I’m surrounded by them and they are utterly clueless of and don’t even want to know the real facts. Communication here is critical – the real question is how are the real facts going to ‘get through’ to these misinformed millions? The radical left is fundamentally psychotic and there’s no ‘getting through’ to them no matter what the real facts are. So far we are just seeing a ‘rah rah’ for our side but that doesn’t really address the issue. I guess we’ll just have to see how this works out.

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