The Swamp Exposed

Ukraine is ‘Ground Zero’ for Obama Era demonicratic corruption – of the DNC and HRC’s Clinton (money laundering – i.e.: U.S. Taxpayer Dollars used as aid and loan guarantees) Foundation ‘quid pro quo’ ‘pay for play’ international diplomacy. To be clear, these entities are embezzling U.S. Taxpayer Dollars for huge kickbacks from these deals, in the billions, into their fraudulent ‘Foundations’ and private financial corporations which they are sharing with their criminal cronies and their sons and daughters. This is stealing from the American people in order to line their own pockets – which is obviously Treason. Their coup against the duly elected and sitting President Trump and his Administration is at the very least an attempt to cover up the previous administrations high crimes and misdemeanors with a complicit Mainstream Media Mockingbird Fake News that’s in their pocket. This is what ‘The Swamp’ is all about.

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