Last Days Part Four [iP5ed1]

Last Days Part Four [iP5ed1]

Reviewing what is transpiring over the past few years with this demonicratic impeachment scam and its CNN MSM Mockingbird Rhetoric what I see is a deeply imbedded [DS] fake news and public disinformation culture – all these seditious talking heads are some kind of miscreant twilight zone that has permeated American society. All these nonsense talking points pontificated in endless performances in the daily news and on the talk shows and SNL type comedians endless discussions and debates about fundamentally nothing more than seditiously prefabricated nonsense. What kind of a culture is this? It’s utterly offensive and degrading. Utterly despicable! What kind of a future for America is being projected by such an abysmal standard. Endless authoritarian gaslighting babble. A ‘Tower of Babel’ of elitist pseudo-intellectual psycho-pathological political criminal corruption. How does one ‘throw the off switch’ to put an end to it?

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