Last Days Part Four [iP5ed2]

The mainstream [MSM] fake news and social media is a mass mind and thought control operation overseen and run by Globalist Corporations. It goes back in illustration to the Pesharium which defines three levels of scriptural interpretation of which the secular or common level is an orchestrated or traditional fairy tale. Same thing goes for its modern equivalent with techniques of ‘official’ or ‘accredited’ information sharing today. Depth Psychological Propaganda and Advertising is its foundation. Our National Security and State Secrets platforms control what the public is allowed to know and think; now with a zillion channels of mindless disinformation that keeps the public mind in perpetual ‘want’ and mental chaos. All the ‘official’ cover stories for World Wars and False Flag Operations Political Assassinations Climate Hoaxes and Pseudo Scientific Academia and the like are operative in our current scenes. What we are witnessing in our Congress especially in the House ‘Impeachment Hoaxes’ is demonstrating this millennia old process of public mind and thought control. The climax of this operation will result in a violent deconstruction of traditional and cultural forms of human ethics and morality. Our world is the invention of these principalities and no matter what the people think their thoughts are not their own. What will prevail against this worldwide psychological subjugation? That remains the quintessential mystery of our times. The Time of ‘Revelations’ is at hand!

The question still remains – how are you going to show the public what is really going on? The problem is the MSM [DS] controlled media mockingbird fake news and public disinformation which has been saturating the public mindset with deliberate distortions. Those who are addicted to the [DS] MSM mind control programming need to become aware of the real news and fact based public information. How do you take down the MSM – how do you take down Hollywood? How do you shut them down and replace them with real news and fact based public information? That’s where the correct target resides.

In the 50’s (Post WW2) we had a pseudo scientific basis for common sense. True much of science was suppressed but the scientific method was in vogue and so there appeared to be some sanity in the public debate. Today we have the ‘miscreant’ (identity politics) in the public debate – which is the very definition of insanity. This is no accident – this madness has been cultivated by the [DS] over several decades and propagated by the [DS] public and social MSM (CNN MSNBC ABC CBS PBS NYT WaPo and all their Mockingbird Press and Media Affiliates) to the extent of an aborning disintegration of the United States as a Constitutional Republic with a final enslavement of its people through thought and mind control social media devices. This is the challenge of our present time; it’s demonic by the very definition of the word; Satanic by the very traditions of Biblical Scripture imbibed over the course of millennia. We are not threatened by ‘Space Aliens’ but rather by Demons in our midst who have always been there throughout human history. We are threatened by [DS] ‘demonicrats’ who are monopolizing in our cultural, social and political institutions.

Time for the Supreme Court to act upon Constitutional grounds – what is obvious to anyone apprised of the facts with at least one braincell operational. What’s going on in the House is a National Disgrace.

Here the demonicratic accusation is that Trump ordered an investigation into Joe Biden “for political purposes” and yet this is the entirety of what the impeachment scam is all about – to get dirt on and make up false stories about – in order to discredit the Trump Administration and corrupt public opinion regarding their political opponents? Once again this is Projection 101 and for some obscure reason they can’t be held accountable for their statements and actions but the president must be held accountable for any and all of their fabricated fake news false accusations against him? The radical lunatics are psychotic regardless – so no form of forensic fact or logical reasoning would impinge upon their malevolent madness. This whole charade is a National Disgrace.

We must assume that the caricatures we see emulating as these House demonicrats most specifically Nancy Pelosi Adam Schiff Jerry Nadler Chuck Schumer and all those on the forefront of this House Impeach 45 scam are all criminally psychotic. Except in their world the common law doesn’t apply to them because they’re on a psycho-pathological mission to destroy any sense of political or social sanity in the spirit of Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’, which is about as anti-Constitutional as it gets! How then are these psychotic creatures even empowered to be in The Peoples Congress? They represent only the most vulgar criminality anyone could possibly imagine and yet they claim the merits and morals of the U.S. Constitution? Certainly the average American has watched enough movies to know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are right? These caricatures are imposters. They lie, they deceive and they betray the citizens of our country in order to enrich themselves, their families and associates at the citizens expense. They are all globalist carpetbaggers who represent occult (secret/hidden) interests. Perhaps now is the right time to sort these caricatures out! In a court of law with all the forensic facts and credible witnesses at the table for everyone to see – to see them for what they really are!

It seems that Californian popular sentiment conforms to the brainwashing that’s being done by Demonic Corporate Mass Media and Hollywood Saturation Propaganda i.e.: CNN MSM PBS etc. Mockingbird Press Social Media Fake News and Public Disinformation as it has terminally contaminated their constituency’s brains with such irrational nonsense. What we are declaring is real news and factual public information – the forensic facts of due process – the truth – to present the facts in courts of law, in public information events, over public mass media presentations – and let the forensic facts speak to the public’s intrinsic common sense. Right now the majority commentary on this platform is utterly psychotic and devoid of real world facts or reason; and if this psychosis becomes the majority mindset the U.S. Constitutional Republic as written and its proclaimed inalienable rights of human kind is doomed to a Globalist Neo-Feudalistic Corporate Thought (mind) Controlled Slavery into a hellish end. These are the stakes in the 2020 Presidential Re-Election. I can’t believe that the majority of people in California are that irredeemably stupid. I don’t believe it – they just need to awaken from their implanted ‘Trance State’ mindset to see the truth before it’s too late!

If this demonicratic legion is pushing the U.S. into a Constitutional Crisis due to its own criminal corruption – there would be legitimate grounds for declaring Martial Law and Military Tribunals – as this is a matter of sedition and treason that has infiltrated the Congress to this point of existential confrontation. CNN and MSM is entirely complicit so the modes of delivering the real news and public information need to supersede the Corrupt News Networks – the Corporate News Networks which are the mouthpieces for the [DS] Swamp corruption and their criminal vested interests.

The House demonic-rats impeachment and media scam is the most disgusting public event I’ve witnessed since the Obama’s first inauguration spectacle. There were disgusting events in previous administrations but today this demonic-rat-ic obscenity is the worst and a total insult to Patriotic American Citizens bar none. President Trump knows exactly what kind of corruption he’s dealing with – he knows what’s true and what’s false – so he sees through all their lies and seditious treason because he knows the forensic facts. The question is how will the citizens know the forensic facts with demonically controlled MSM Fake News and Public Disinformation Mockingbird Press and Social Media Censorship saturating the public mind with lies and simply ‘made up stuff’ that continuously portrays the Trump Administration in an erroneous bad light? It’s now a matter of getting the real news and forensic facts – the truth – into the public spotlight on a bypass of the Corrupt News Networks (CNN aka ‘The Swamp’ etc.) – this is the challenge immediately ahead.

You demand Schiff’s phone records what you’ll get is a fraudulent copy. Is there no one in Congress that has a quanta of rationality? Doesn’t look like it! They are all threatened by something we aren’t supposed to have a clue about. Time to find out what ‘it’ is!

The Congress especially the House is predominantly psychotic with criminal vested interests. Great – so it’s all right on script. This world is a narrative manifestation. Language, like computer programming, is a binary codification as it’s language that brings on worldly manifestation. DNA is a binary codification. The ‘dichotomies’ of creation. Now, how about Q? Decodes? – whatever is happening is right on script. Individual interpretation according one’s level of understanding is a wild variable from person to person but is statistical quanta in masses. I observe the mystical imagery in ‘Revelations’ as equivalent in technological forms especially information systems telecommunication media and artificial intelligence with aborning quantum computing. It all matches with real-time correspondences. There is no doubt we are in the thick of it today! Understanding is imparted or imbibed through Divine Resonance.

Markets will crash on their own fraudulent account – anything – event – can trigger the crash but it won’t be the event that causes the crash as the crash is implicit with the monetary policy. The crash was inevitable from the start in 1913. Just a matter of how far this criminal Ponzi scheme could be promoted as U.S. monetary policy.

Great – so it’s all right on script. This world is a manifestation. Language, like computer programming, is a binary codification – as it is language that brings about worldly manifestation. DNA is a binary codification. The ‘dichotomies’ of creation. Now, how about Q? Decodes? – whatever is happening is right on script. Individual interpretation according one’s level of understanding is a wild variable from person to person but a statistical quanta in masses. I see the mystical imagery in Revelations as equivalent in technological forms especially informations systems telecommunication media and artificial intelligence with aborning quantum computing. It all matches with real-time correspondences. There is no doubt we are in the thick of it today! Understanding is imparted or imbibed through Divine Resonance.

Rules for Radicals versus the U.S. Constitution (which provides for a Congress) and legal due process in which these demonicratic radicals don’t legitimately abide. These seditious illegal and radical participants should be forcibly evicted from Congress by any and all legal means and prosecuted for their crimes of imposture.

As I recall it Saddam provided a comprehensive report on all his NBC WMDs but it was the sources of these from the U.S. and UK as well as Russia that needed to be scrubbed for the sake of ‘National Security’ – what was wanted was a fabricated pretext for a U.S. invasion of Iraq and these sources would have given their whole war game scenario away so those portions of Saddam’s report were withheld from worldwide scrutiny. “They” are all liars. We are living the consequences of their lies. It’s time for an expose’ – a time for a real change in their pathological agenda.

The Fed represents the Crown and Bank of England. Such a scam! Americans are then conscripted as a mercenary force to do the Crowns bidding – divide and conquer with perpetual wars and world wars for which not only are Americans conscripted but they are tax burdened to pay for all these foreign wars out of the U.S. Treasury and America’s natural resources. These are not America’s wars – they are Crown wars by design. There is no greater evil in the world today than this!

I suggest you talk to those uniformed services that have been fighting this human and drug trafficking for decades now to see what they need and recommend in this regard. Go down to the border regions and talk with them. See what they need and then do something to provide what they recommend. The source of this problem is clearly demonstrated by the seditious vested interests represented in this ongoing House Impeachment Scam – these criminal interests are the culprits and they need to be fully exposed for who and what they are.

God is Truth. Falsity is the work of Satan – Rule by Deception – Rules for Radicals – MSM Fake News and Public Disinformation for a psycho-criminal geopolitical agenda. What could be clearer than this? The facts are circumstantially relative – but facts are facts and lies are lies. A Legal Constitutional Judiciary is compelled to acknowledge forensic facts as ‘truths’ – as factual statements about time place form and event and not ‘made up stuff’ by deceptive and seditious parties bent on cover ups and for enriching themselves and their relatives at the Peoples expense.

Very interesting – first time I hear some acknowledgment that people who have been following MSM CNN etc. Mockingbird Media don’t know the forensic facts and need some kind of a public introduction in this fashion – just allowing these facts to play out in real-time public exposures with the most expedient timing. It’s coming down to the wire!

I’ll take your word for it! Can’t stand the MSM fake news and public disinformation because when you know the forensic facts it’s so contrived it’s disgusting to the point of ad nausea. But what of this coming IG report seems everyone in the know is expecting to be another demonicratic whitewash because Horowitz is a [DS] ally? Everything coming from the NYT source is wall to wall ‘stupid stick’ – without question – along with Schiffty Nancy Pelosi’s House ‘twilight zone’ proceedings. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the real story is…….

Sounds concocted by HRC’s good friend and partner in crimes against humanity M. Fethullah Gulen. Ask Rudy G. about this character! No doubt G. Soros is in on this #4 ‘impeachment hoax’ too! And no wonder the demons are going after Rudy G. What’s coming next is going to be crazy to the max…..

Alfred Lambremont Webre suggests that Donald Trump is the ‘Anti-Christ’ imagine that! I think that’s totally nuts myself. But all these things are converging in our time and the time appears to be now…..

So what it’s all funny money anyway. It’s a pseudo-economy. Might as well spend it until the bonfire and then establish a new equitable standard. I guess it just is a topic for endless pontification. Nothing equals nothing in the end. DJT is doing something with that nothing until there’s nothing left of it. Then the financial system changes.

One thing is for sure in these recent ‘House’ demonicratic scams – it’s not the people projecting these bogus judicial proceedings. It’s unelected [DS] bureaucrats who have vested interests in their criminal psycho-political game along with their CNN MSM PBS Mockingbird Media that’s fostering popular consensus ‘trance state’ public mindsets with orchestrated saturations of ‘projected’ fake news and public disinformation gaslighting. Just who is behind this seditious apparatus? That’s the 64 billion dollar question of the hour! This election year 2020 will be the most pivotal in American Heritage.

Reviewing what is transpiring over the past few years with this demonicratic impeachment scam and its CNN MSM Mockingbird Rhetoric what I see is a deeply imbedded [DS] fake news and public disinformation culture – all these seditious talking heads are some kind of miscreant twilight zone that has permeated American society. All these nonsense talking points pontificated in endless performances in the daily news and on the talk shows and SNL type comedians endless discussions and debates about fundamentally nothing more than seditiously prefabricated nonsense. What kind of a culture is this? It’s utterly offensive and degrading. Utterly despicable! What kind of a future for America is being projected by such an abysmal standard. Endless authoritarian gaslighting babble. A ‘Tower of Babel’ of elitist pseudo-intellectual psycho-pathological political criminal corruption. How does one ‘throw the off switch’ to put an end to it?

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