House of Cards

Let’s consider the reality of this impeachment sham. The demonicrats epitomized by Pelosi Schiff Nadler et’al know ‘they’ are lying, making stuff up and leaking bogus material to their fake news networks to corrupt public opinion – ‘they’ know this whole ‘House of Cards’ is a sham. So, it is a two fold political gambit – for the ‘demons’ it provides a tactical distraction from the real news; and for the Trump Administration it is a total exposure of demonicratic criminal corruption. It’s a contest ‘to the death’ of one party or another. Now it’s time for the Supreme Court to exercise its Constitutional powers and put an end to this Congressional travesty once and for all. We are waiting with baited breath for the hand of justice to act on behalf of Constituted legal due process – to move – if the Nation is to survive this psycho-political abuse of everything that is sacred to America! Pelosi is absolutely disgusting…..

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