Congressional Bad Actors

Geez I wonder if we are now witnessing the reality of a long term hidden agenda that’s utterly anti-Constitutional and anti-American from its very inception many generations ago. This is the ‘Face’ we see appearing in Congress today; an ugly face now being revealed for the [DS] monstrosity that it represents. Common Sense must recognize what’s really happening here, that is if any form of Common Sense is to prevail in a Congressional Mad-House now presenting us with this Impeachment Hoax; a scam that’s intended to undo the last Presidential Election. It’s a primitive play being performed by a cast with a chorus of some seriously bad actors, not just the conspiring criminals that they are, but with the worst and most offensive ‘acting out’ one could imagine. America requires and deserves a much better Congress than the theatrical travesty ‘now playing’ before us.

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